Dō, Raw Cookie Dough – The Business of Going Viral

Dō, Raw Cookie Dough – The Business of Going Viral

In a matter of a few days, it was all over everybody’s Facebook and it was exciting but also incredibly scary, because I just thought, how are we going to keep up? One business owner is cooking up a recipe for success with cookie dough. Man, have you made it? Cheers! This is so awesome. I’m Kristen Tomlan. I am the founder and CEO of DO Cookie Dough Confections. We specialize in all things edible cookie dough. This is candyland for adults. It brings everybody back to their childhood. I got the idea for DO when I was with a bunch of my girlfriends. We sat there in the car, passing this tub of cookie dough around, that was the moment where I was this could maybe be the next big thing in desserts. Everybody I’ve ever talked to loves cookie dough, so why can’t we create a shop that’s dedicated to it? After months and months of testing the product, I launched online. We had our kitchen in Midtown. We were just producing everything there and shipping nationwide and doing deliveries within New York. And we started to get this organic walk-in traffic. People found out where we were and wanted cookie dough on the spot. So I thought if they’re willing to come here and buy cookie dough, maybe they will go to a store that is dedicated to it. And I really think that this could be popular. But I had no idea that it would be as popular as it was. The opening weekend, we had a line that went all the way down the block and around the corner and it was insane. I had no idea that people would be willing to wait out in the cold for four hours just to get a taste of what we were serving. We just could barely even keep up. We were blowing through ingredients so quickly. Not only were we running out of cookie dough, we were running out of everything to make it. So, that first weekend we were open, we had to close on Sunday and Monday to get deliveries in and ramp up production, because we had sold out of every single thing that was edible. At the height of the craziness, we were getting through the four hour lines, doing one to two transactions a minute and serving up to 5,000 customers a day. We were basically running around here like crazy people and running on absolutely no sleep. We were barely keeping our heads above water. The lines continued for months and months and months and still today on the weekends, the line will be an hour, hour and a half long. We had to work with the police and the community board to move our line across the street to the park, get out of the neighbor’s way. Now we’ve finally been able to catch up on production and make sure that we have all of our flavors in stock at all times so we’re no longer running out. My business grew exponentially once it went viral. I had started here when we opened this store with 10 employees. Now we have close to 80 different employees. It was exciting and I couldn’t be happier where we are today. Everyone asks, “Why you think it was so popular? Why did everybody go crazy for it?” I think people love the product because it’s kind of like their cookie dough dreams gone wild.


  1. Maude Angus says:

  2. Randy Erwin says:

    What you mean I’m saying not everybody loves cookie dough

  3. Randy Erwin says:

    I don’t know why though they should like it instead of disliking the video

  4. S_O_C_C_E_R_10 says:

    I love cookie dough omg yum

  5. Michelle Garcia says:

    Where is this located?

  6. Mei Yee,lily Kwan says:


  7. ten zin says:

    Ah yes the salmonella cuisine

  8. Victoria O'Rourke says:

    The first place I saw that is from Chloe from dance moms

  9. dragonslayer24 0 says:

    Can u take it home and cook it

  10. Loyalllamalovers ! says:

    Other people: why can’t they just make their own cookie dough and eat it

    Me:because there to lazy to do it themselves and just want so food

  11. xXlaUgHingCooKieXx says:

    I luvvvvvvvv one!!!

  12. Rory Noble says:

    I’ve been here sooo many times it’s so good

  13. Top 10 With Kelly says:


  14. Iris says:

    They actually have to serve this in other countries aswell 😫 I WANT COOKIE DOUGH SO BADLY NOWWWW LOOKS SO GOODDDD

  15. Kitten Mimi says:

    Can you get like normal ice cream there too? Because I think a scoop of cookie dough along with a scoop of ice cream would taste awesome… If it is just cookie dough then it'll get too filling too quickly

  16. Pyro G says:

    *diabetes has joined the chat*

  17. D.a .n.a says:

    Why am I doing this to myself?

  18. Retro Spirit says:

    I went here while I was in NYC and I can confirm it is AMAZING

  19. Emelia Crandall says:

    What city is it in?

  20. Orange Gibus says:

    Dö means die in Swedish 🙂

  21. Taylor Hartley says:

    it’s not really good kinda gross

  22. Marla Nicole says:

    It's safe to eat right? (don't attack me) I guess it is or otherwise it wouldn't be selling

  23. Janine Twist says:

    I wonder if there are eggs in it …………. I doubt there is if it’s edible in such amounts

  24. Kittys Game says:

    I've been there and i can say that their dough is DELICOUS!!!!

  25. xoxo beauty says:

    0:43 the girl second from the right looks like Maria from Yummy mummies but just with blonde hair

  26. apple trees says:

    Nope. Nope. Nope.

  27. Fucking Autism says:

    Dammit to bad I’m in england:(

  28. Dots! says:

    Cookie Monster will love this

  29. Caitlin Clark says:

    its so bad lmao, im australian and i went for a trip to nyc and went out of my way to go there and omg how do yall eat it

  30. ItsHeyBella says:

    Who else hates cookie dough?

  31. A happy Person says:

    Oh my god they need to bring it to England

  32. Joe Mamma says:

    Where I live there is a place like this but it taste really bad

  33. Gacha Mila says:

    You can just make any cookie dough but put the flour in the oven first so it takes the ‘bacteria’ out and doesn’t make you sick 🙂

  34. Yee Ultimate says:

    So you don’t put raw eggs in the mix

  35. REBECCA BERRY says:

    i can’t have gluten and they replaced the cookie dough place bot this company but another one with the only Teavana close others are hours away and teavana is my favorite place and they just took it away and replaced it with something i cant even eat WHY ….

  36. Aniea Cody says:

    Could I take it home and bake it?

  37. ConnorIsMe123 says:

    See next week for salmonella poisoning.

  38. Emmie The Greatest says:

    YUM! I loovveeee cookie dough!

  39. gracie says:

    Can you put one in Pittsburgh?😆

  40. Elizabeth French says:

    I've tried theirs but tbh there's a little place in the mall near me that tastes better. Too bad it's not located in New York because they would be making a lot of money.

  41. Arjole says:

    Cookie dough is so good but it makes my stomach hurt. Is there yeast in her dough ?

  42. Steph Steph says:

    Omg I need this

  43. Eliothebeast says:


  44. Mishal Sheikh says:

    Her eyes and shirt matched perfectly!

  45. CookieArtist1010 says:

    Please open a shop in toronto

  46. Provizu says:

    They should sell this in Walmart instead of just the stores like I would definitely get this

  47. Makenna Mitchell says:

    Omg I went in NYC and if you go, I definitely recommend original! It’s soooo delicious 🥴🤤🤤🤤

  48. The Scorpion says:


  49. kayra oltulu says:

    0:42 the photo is so photoshopped

  50. hi hello says:

    What's it's taste like?

  51. Daniel Taveira says:

    It's raw daugh? Someone could explain it.

  52. Cole Windhorst says:

    I went there when I went to New York with my family, my favorite dough by far was sugar cookie

  53. Electro music says:

    Omg a dream come true I love cookie dough

  54. Diego Cervantes says:

    1 cierra tu puño
    2 pide un deseo
    3 dale like
    4 escribe esto en 5 videos
    5 abre tu puño y se cumplirá

  55. Rainbow Trashcan says:

    With how viral it is and how much money they're making, I wouldn't be surprised at all if they started spreading across the US and further

  56. Mubeen Shakera says:

    Where is this cookie dough shop

  57. Mubeen Shakera says:

    And also please open in indai

  58. michikira says:

    Every 6 year old's dream.

  59. Bacon Rytteren says:

    • •

  60. Bailey Smith says:

    Omg I live in Athens I been there before it’s so goooooood

  61. Alissa and Alyza says:

    Wow! I am proud!😃

  62. K A says:

    Does it have flour?

  63. Denisa says:

    I went to this place… it's AMAZING 😍😋

  64. Gina Kyriakopoulos says:

    This is amazing! Good for you guys. So happy for y’all.

  65. Julie Ann Hall says:

    If I went to this store, I'd be way too overwhelmed with which flavor to choose from.😂

  66. Normy McGee says:

    I can't help but feel bad for them, the store looks kind of small, and they are tired.
    But if it makes them happy then they shall make that dough! 😤

  67. Foorgy Infifcio says:

    But isn’t eating raw cookie dough dangerous? Like raw eggs and stuff….

  68. Gabby Gray says:

    Now I need some!

  69. Dorjah Reid says:

    We're is this place to can someone tell me

  70. shian esty says:

    I remember when I was in a trendy cafe in New York ,I found do cookie dough for sale and when I tried it ,😋😘 it was sooo good

  71. Bonita Mojica says:

    Blame the internet

  72. Itay Gofman says:

    went there, rude as fuck were the workers. Pretentious and full of themselves. Not only that it was a waste of flavour.

  73. Slippy Socks says:


  74. xXlaUgHingCooKieXx says:


  75. HannahRavenclaw says:


  76. I have a small penis but says:

    Are the prices good or high?

  77. super_shelly123 :D says:

    I’ve been there it’s so good

  78. Anastasia Ng says:

    U can actually eat cookie dough?

  79. allison quamme says:

    Ya ok.. BUT WHERE edit; I just got to the part where it says where it is.. Lol I'm stupid

  80. Cookie says:

    I need to go there like I can’t die without having been there

  81. Rosanna Riley says:

    Omg I’m drooling 🤤 xxxxx

  82. Veronica MB says:

    Open another store and Vancouver Canada 🇨🇦 plz

  83. lucieboi ._. says:

    Omg ive been there!!


    This will sure contains TONS AND TONS OF CALORIES

  85. sheinhaaa ! says:

    I live in Brooklyn but I can't goo

  86. zea garcia says:


  87. Mille R.L says:

    Please don’t try it, this is only my opinion but I went to nyc and tried it, you get the smallest portion ever (you don’t need more cause it’s so sweet) but 2 were like 11$ and I felt really sick after 4 bites so I threw it out. Remember this is just my opinion:)

  88. Kayla Gib says:

    I’m so lucky I’m going to NYC

  89. Katherine Sullivan says:


  90. Neil Murphy says:

    Just eat regular cookie dough it’s pretty safe

  91. Faked Python Reviews says:

    No god dam surprise yo have 80 workers I would get a job there to congrats on the business

  92. Isastarlife roblox says:

    “Bunch of my girlfriends”?

  93. Wayne M says:

    Another reason why obesity is a problem in America.

  94. GaborBartal says:

    So this video is an ad, strikingly different from Cheddar's videos since then

  95. Sid R. says:

    Dō, a deer a female deer

  96. Deedee Modesty says:

    I couldn't wait for a store of cookie dough

  97. The HolographicSweater says:

    worst seo

  98. Ollie Oscar says:


  99. Summer And Zizou says:

    OmG!! Insider posted a vid about this, i watched then continued scrolling, then found this!!

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