1. Darren Brady says:

    Great video thanks.

  2. Isa özdere says:

    it looks like filter ads

  3. daisame says:

    This camera makes me want to start shooting videos

  4. coin paradise says:

    Thanks man👏👏

  5. tgarbu1 says:

    Thank you for making great videos!

  6. demad777 says:

    Is this video cropped or actually shot in this aspect ratio? If so, what camera is used and what aspect ratio?

  7. Lasse Andersen says:

    Nice content 👍

  8. Victor Multanen says:

    I am really expired to start doing money using a small camera!!!

  9. Victor Multanen says:

    thank you for sharing precious advices!

  10. NBA Heroes TV says:

    I want it so bad

  11. 772Living With Lisa says:

    Question…..Anyone have a suggestion on how to best match the pocket to a sony a6300 picture profile? I hate color grading… would like to match them "in camera" or as close as I can get.

  12. Chris M says:

    I use osmo for events and do stills with my Sony A7iii. Best combo when you are doing events and have no time to put camera on gimbal and rebalance esp if you use flash. So yeah can be used for making money.

  13. Jacky Fan says:

    This video gave me a better perspective about the Osmo Pocket than all the other reviews that just bash on the weakness of the camera. Very different ways of thinking compared between pros and prosumers. Thanks Jeven!

  14. slickrick411 says:

    What site do you sell stock video and pictures to?

  15. HPT Deaf Tour In Viet Nam says:

    good like ok

  16. shockwave v1 says:

    can I use this to get decent vlogs just as a stop gap measure till I pour into hi-end gear?

  17. Armstrong Chan says:

    DJI OSMO pocket is spying camera!

  18. AD's Memories says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  19. Ron Brown says:

    Very good information on stock footage, and it seems like the perfect camera for it.

  20. Raymond David says:

    Damn that monitor

  21. GamerSG says:

    Wow, you have green eyes

  22. agm130 says:

    USB type C Extension cable if it doesn't need to be wireless.

  23. Jen Fallat says:

    Great video! Love the info. Subscribed.

  24. Andrew Mullican says:

    I just bought my second Osmo pocket. Love it. Fragile yet awesome. 60 frames a second 4K that scales down. Want waterproof case!

  25. Michael Melling says:

    I saw a comment that a reviewer at either Best Buy or Amazon said that one has to basically agree to give away a lot of privacy information by having no choice but to agree (to it) if one wants to get the camera setup. Also, it's a little bit of a turn off (though not necessarily a deal breaker) that after charging the batteries 400 times one then has to chuck it into the trash can. I do very much like the camera for the most part, incidentally.:-)

  26. Chad Kendall says:

    So with this djis limitations, would it not be better to have a GoPro with a gimbal attached? I’d purchase the dji if it didn’t have the limitations you’ve mentioned

  27. Abhinav Sharma says:

    Drinking game – Whenever he says pocket you gotta drink🍾

  28. Clemens Längle says:

    you can no set up the pro mode without a phone 🙂

  29. Donald Everett says:

    Jeven, this video contains a superb explanation of what the DJI Pocket actually is (not an action camera comparison). Thank you so much. You stand out as worth following. For me, far too many YouTube 'experts' keep putting out videos that are more fluff and bs, because they are in need content, and I believe they just comment on, and comment in ways they see others/yt competitors doing it. AND this whole video is well worth viewing for a compact explanation of the what, how, why – on monetizing video, if that is what somebody is seeking to do, and is new to that kind of approach.

    again, thank you Jeven
    *disclosure: I've never met and do not personally know Jeven, so my *not-so-humble opinion, is just what it is

  30. Richard Deane says:

    Fantastic review and advice. I've learnt so much about the Osmo and filters etc just watching this short film. Yes I'm looking to getting into video a lot more so I've subscribed and look forward to viewing your other vids. Thanks

  31. Arsenio L. says:

    Hi Jeven! Do you use the D-cinema mode on the osmo pocket whwn shooting stock?

  32. Neo Supreme says:

    I do interviews and podcasts. I use the Osmo Pocket as a second camera. I need to get some filters for it.

  33. Jay Mac says:

    Pro mode: tap the top left of the screen on the pocket to access the settings
    FPV mode: is meant for experiential filming like on a ride at a theme park or riding in a car with a friend

  34. graygray1960 says:

    Hi Jeven
    Has any one else received scratching on the Osmo camera lens.
    Can you suggest any solutions to prevent scratching.
    After only minimal use 3 hours max I have lens scratching occurring, I have used freewell filters.
    I believe I was diligent in its use.
    Are there any solutions to prevent scratching occurring.

  35. Sandeep Vijayan says:

    The only person who is making money here is the creator of this video.

  36. Ben Kostichka says:

    Sweet! Nice video — Thanks

  37. mrz 1342 says:

    Hi, my question is simple because i need it to record my walking in streets when I’m traveling, no editing no making money no nothing! Just i wanna know how to attach/hold on my shirt/strap/body. P.S. I’m not wearing bag pack or sporty cloths! Something small not heavy simple to use! Please advise.

  38. EI J says:

    Excellent video.

  39. Vanishing Kaizer says:

    I always shoot in 60pfs but I do not use 4k, would that be fine if you gonna sell the video. Where do you sell video like this?

  40. lwazi Mcnite says:

    I want it

  41. Bobby Palacios says:

    Hey everyone

    I used the Osmo Pocket to film most recent post. It’s a new YouTube channel and any feedback would be awesome!

  42. sundancer x says:

    Osmo pocket or Osmo Mobile 3 ?? 🤔

  43. Raw Compound says:

    Thanks for the info! I love my Osmopocket

  44. Daniel Cavanagh says:


  45. Dr Dimento says:

    Thanks for the review and info. However, I don't think much of the quality of the image. My GPH7 is way better in the same settings. Is the imager bigger in the GPH7 than the DJI Osmo Pocket? I don't know, but for sure my H7 has way better images. Moreover, the H7 has more control features and with an Crane M2, the image stabilization is WOW by comparison and talk about cinematic . . that's the ticket. So, this Osmo Pocket is a great thing to have for pocket fun but for real high quality images and rock steady stabilization, the H7 is way better in my opinion AND even without a gimbal.

  46. tushar 1999 says:

    Plz give me…

  47. Sean Webb says:

    You can access pro setting without the app just push the PRO icon in the upper left. 😉 But yes, no zebras or histogram given the small screen size. In my opinion, using the app (with a phone connected) defeats the whole purpose of the camera, to be small. Just my two cents…

  48. TheEsoteric Pilgrim says:

    2:46 you're welcome

  49. Paang Gala says:

    I started following you . You have a very good explanation

  50. Life, Tailored [Andrew Wise] says:

    Jeven, how much do you make from selling the stock footage per month?

  51. Rahul Rajput says:


  52. Little Cookie says:

    You can use the Pro mode without the smartphone.
    You only must klick on the camera in the left corner. Then you can change the pro Settings

  53. Felipe Jimenez says:

    I'll take a shot every time he says pocket.

  54. Edwin van den Akker says:

    I think a comparison video of the Osmo Pocket gimbal camera vs the Osmo Action camera. Even try to put the Osmo Action cam on a gimbal… which doesn't make much sense, but hey…

  55. MECababat says:

    Wow, i wish I could have that one..

  56. Dilip Patel says:

    Is it worth buying DJI osmo pocket now?

  57. MadPaperPeople says:

    no good if you do not have a phone then???

  58. Michael O says:

    Great video, thanks! So, I am going to a trade show. There will be lots of noise, flashing lights, etc, all indoors. What accessories do you recommend to use to record interviews and products on display? What about filters? Thanks!

  59. Bowandandy says:

    I'm very keen on this Osmo pocket ,Would be awesome to win

  60. Saving grace Light says:

    Yesterday I got DJI Osmo it’s so wonderful

  61. Suli-Man says:

    you can have access to pro setting without connecting it to mobile

  62. Marisa Quijano says:

    Awesome i love it. i wish to hane that one

  63. Omer Mansur says:

    Hi Jeven,
    The link for the course is not working. Please can you check

  64. Book Flip says:

    Thanks for the tips.

    One questions, what if the stock photo industry wants 5k (hypothetically speaking) photos, then the 4K video shots would not sell. So one would have to update cameras in order to get high quality b shots, is this thinking incorrect?

  65. Jason Rupp says:

    Awesome idea 🙂

  66. Flo says:

    Nice video and editing ! 👌 I’m doing travel video with the Osmo Pocket feel free to check it out 😊

  67. Robert says:

    you can get microphones for it now🤪

  68. Jeven Dovey says:

    Sign Up for BlackBox and Start Selling Stock Footage:

  69. Peter Kristensen says:

    You shoot in 60 fps. How do you maintain the cinematic look if you use the footage in 24 fps. and 1/120 sec.

  70. Michael Evernden says:

    You have been a great help.

  71. Polash Quadhi says:

    It can be theft easily, they should have put Biometric finger print lock

  72. Travels To Life says:

    Which one I should take? "DJI Osmo Pocket" or "Gopro hero7/8" for travel video?

  73. Fevirly A. Metzen says:

    I just started vlogging… i need one of this..can't afford to buy one.sad

  74. TheEtbetween says:

    He shouldn't be promoting this as a money maker, if this was 5 years ago then yes, its 2019 and cellphone camera are way better!

  75. TheEtbetween says:

    If DJI come with a bigger sensor newer software bigger screen then yes!

  76. rxl007 says:

    Why not just publish ungraded clips as buyers would likely do their own colorgrading ?

  77. Sebastian Willing says:

    Just use a USB-C male/female cable instead of the Wifi module to separate smartphone and Osmo Pocket.

  78. Guilt Azaour says:

    really stable shots that keeps auto-focusing continuously … tell me there is a manual mode….

  79. Chuck Johnson 7 says:

    When you say "make a lot of money selling stock footage," what is '…lot of money… .' to you? Thanks, Chuck

  80. pendu bandarwala says:

    it made him some money to make this review but probably not a lot

  81. Darren Lawrance says:

    Excellent video this is one of the best explanations I watched on how to use the DJI Osmo and how you can earn money from it to well done and thank you 👍👍

  82. Darren Lawrance says:

    I’ve just bought one can’t wait to use it now after watching this 👍👍

  83. Richard Bott Slots says:

    Awesome video…Great information…Firmware now has pro settings on pocket without a phone….I got a pocket to use in the casinos to record my slot play and food videos…Thanks again..

  84. Soumya D says:

    Hi Jeven, I want to win one dji osmo pocket. What is the process?

  85. amein rahim says:

    Love this vid

  86. Mike Jones says:

    Get a gimbal for your gopro, dual use. Pocket is only good for the size

  87. AvalonDreaming says:

    Let me ask a stupid question. Who are you selling the footage to? How much money do you typically make?

  88. maxaversa says:

    Great Content mate. I'm looking to buy this little jewel……I'll add a mic as soon as I get my hands on 🙂

  89. Disis Nachu says:

    Excellent tutoring 🙂

  90. D W says:

    Sell to who?

  91. MELAKA says:

    Planning to buy a DJI OSMO Pocket

  92. NRGRX says:

    I like your perspective bc I know you sell stock footage, so I appreciate your take on this regarding 4K 60. God bless!

  93. Cars Coffee & Real Estate says:

    "In this video I will tell you how to…" … 10 minutes in, I made a course… lmao.. Typical

  94. ILLER Films says:

    Said the whole government name DJI OSMO Pocket 249 times. Definitely sponsored maybe lol

  95. REP GOD says:

    Hey man @ 13:04 u say if its the only cam u wanna use to vlog buy another camera, then a couple seconds later you basically say its a great cam to talk to…nevermind bro im high

  96. Walking Man Video says:

    You need a ' pocket ' counter for how many times you say……..'pocket' Great work man, thanks for sharing.

  97. Ayumi Journey says:

    searching th website and here i go let me think about it since i am a beginner thanks for the great info

  98. ruhul islam says:

    Can I put extra microphone on this camera?

  99. El Paseante says:

    Ey guys, I'm uploading videos recorded with Osmo Pocket. Thanks.

  100. Felipe Medeiros says:


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