DJ Paul KOM ft. Beanie Sigel – Real Money [Official Video]

DJ Paul KOM ft. Beanie Sigel – Real Money [Official Video]

Wow Wow nice how to get money I’m looking for back is just love the
bacon I literally got to go back and I’m in their belly with a roll so you know
they hate to see me bagging oh cool I’ll hit a food cooling official right here
from the bag and I got a bag I’m never like in the Netherlands I not in my
bracket let me pass over please send it back over to you first in the box
possible the birds come Sandra Bullock I was picking them in the air when it
was saying I couldn’t I used to have this go bust on a powernow busting down
dirt yeah Rexy I need them sooner than later
bang vaccine and the pie light jambalaya a bash today but still no why can’t why
phone she had dubs cuz the players on the scene if you
wanna cross the ground counted you ain’t got G I’m talking
realm I ain’t making no deposits were strong pillow fighting big bill money
money ten thousand grams of **** I’m rich smell my xxxx I don’t see no
neighbors paper stack it’s like labels free and fly them from Mormons cat
Boston in the air go baby I applied and the Vegas people I let me table people
drop it on his pain stops back I bet I break it Punk call it back or the money play


  1. Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties says:

    DJ Paul Need to Collab with Hood Rich Pablo Juan to Perfect this New Flow.
    Wish Ricky Was Still Alive. RIP Lord Scarecrow

  2. Stephen Mcqueen says:

    A rare collabo

  3. Max Steel. says:

    Dj paul the underground guru

  4. Brooke Armstrong says:

    Wow classic

  5. Messiah Akki says:

    This is actually f%ckin fire

  6. Brevard Smith says:

    [Verse 2: Bernie Seagull ]
    I can’t count it because I ain't got it – yeah I'm talkin' no money
    I ain't makin' no deposits, my figgas spent on bills money
    I'm talkin' big bill money, that have you like damn I can’t even afford a value meal money
    Ten thousand grams of government cheese, drinking water cuz I ain’t go no milk money
    I'm talkin' I don't see no kinda paper, I’m borrowing loaves of bread from neighbors
    I can’t see it so I call it Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Paper
    Flights to Vegas paper? I need some toilet paper
    I wish they dropped my mortgage payments, stop playin', I bet yall broke people
    Call it invisible money, because I never see no money
    Connected south and saw that money, shoot me a lifeline money
    Yeah I'm talkin' reckless because I’m checkless
    I'm talkin' real now because I’m not the only one that can't afford money

  7. Damarcus Mitchell says:


  8. PLATINUM ROW 12 says:

    Hello 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥2019

  9. Calvin Modest says:

    Stupid 🥁 my dawg kom

  10. Michael Forte says:

    Thank you DJ Paul

  11. KiN CAMELL says:


    Ps Much Appreciations.

  12. TREAL406 says:

    This Go Rock Hard.

  13. Calvin Pennix says:

    Got Damn Paul whats going shit felt like the 90$ JnS liquer store shit if you from the Mtown

  14. R2TheArTisT says:

    This hard I like that beat too

  15. lay mariachi says:

    Yes ! This that ruff rugged and raw shit !

  16. dantrel81 says:

    WoW! Can't wait til the album

  17. macgmusic says:

    i feel like i could murder a ft. beat fits my flow

  18. lilstrap7041 says:

    I feel sorry for beanie he lost the most powerful thing in his life “HIS VOICE”

  19. lilstrap7041 says:

    How the ad video better than the actual video

  20. Nathan Saldana says:


  21. Lansing Music says:

    If Dj Paul do a song with lil Whoodie that shit would be 🔥

  22. Rob Dee Nashville says:

    Always remember Rob Dee is in Nashville too.

  23. Howard Boyd says:

    Yeeeah they done F_CKED up..PAUL WITH THE 45 SHOOT EM

  24. Howard Boyd says:


  25. Prince Newkirk says:

    No Beans No 🤦🏿‍♂️ #RocafellaBeanie

  26. Tee Vee says:

    Da Killa man

  27. Tyrone Smith says:

    Beanie Sigel fucked up the song y’all need to stop lying

  28. Radii15 says:

    Thought beans said he was done with rap?


    At one point I thought I saw Lord Infamous in this video. No bullshit.

  30. KaeState1 says:

    This shit hard asf!!

  31. Tinesha Cook says:


  32. Rodrick Johnson says:

    The Beansta Nigga

  33. officialghetty says:

    That hook so raw bruh

  34. DER FÜRST says:

    Beat+sound best!
    But da rap parts are so bad-c'mon…i want da old mystic style!!
    Da old style of memphis shit!!
    I miss it!!!

  35. Aaron Averheart says:

    Glad to see Beans,because gay-z is gonna wait until he dies to peace it up. Fake-z. Do get as much as you can out of Beans while he's still with us

  36. TheRealGanjaLady Insta says:


  37. William Thompson says:


  38. Leo Luna says:

    Sicc as fucc rite here…

  39. BRUCE ASKEW says:

    Dis shit nasty on lyfe ,, classic 3 6 beat 🔥🔥🔥💯

  40. Bluu_ Ice says:

    #msfigi #dopelyricsllc #doooooooooope #bluice #truthhimself #ryno_theghost

  41. Albert Menendez says:

    Fuck it up!! KOM and KOP

  42. BEAR ROBINSON says:

    Yoooooo this jawn 🔥

  43. Mook MANSON says:


  44. Harold Ambrose says:

    Cool beat

  45. Shawn Kemp says:

    Paul is Top 5 Underrated Producers
    Beans is Top 5 BARS Rapper Alive.
    Go Do your homework Jay Z and BEANS a tie.

  46. RIDINSTEAMER says:

    This is a weird collab but I'm here for it

  47. crystal rogers says:

    This is 🔥 love it

  48. Petey Wheatstraw says:


  49. Mandatory Thrive with Sean Roc Tuda says:

    The most random collab but dope

  50. Samuel Billups says:

    YO!!! M0RE 💯 .. Simple.. Beanie found his second win.. (no pun)… Rip Lord Infamous

  51. M kharpan Kharpan m says:

    21 savage's brother from another mother

  52. dezieak47 says:


  53. Elijah Gonzalez says:


  54. David DeLeon says:

    dj paul desperately needs juicy j

  55. Derrick Cozart says:

    Who want to hear Playa Fly and Gangsta Blac on the remix

  56. Real Honest says:

    Cant lie, I was shocked asf when I heard that PLAYA FLY sample in the hook🤣🤷🏾‍♂️👀🤔

  57. KCKing1975 ! says:

    All This Beat Missing Is The Signature "Yeah Hoe!" In The Background!

  58. Simon Says says:

    This is hard. DJ Paul performing his rap while Never seen a performance done like that before.

  59. TITI HSE says:

    Il avait pas arrêter Beanie Sigel

  60. KING ZION says:

    Memphis to Philly Legendary shit BHZ MEMPHIS 🔥💯

  61. Undray Green says:

    🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  62. Shaekwan McDaniel says:

    Beans bodied this track 💥💯

  63. Southwex says:


  64. Youtube Memphis says:

    Real Memphis beat. If your not from the M early to mid 90s you can’t truly appreciate the beat. N them boys buckin watcha know bout that…..

  65. Ronaldo Murphano says:

    The tightest producer in the game.

  66. Ricardo Flores says:

    Fukin wit this Paul, loving dem ol school samples 🔥🔥🔥

  67. PlayMeSomePimpin says:

    This was dope as hell and Beans is a legend but he just don't fit on a track like this. I would give anything to hear to hear T-Rock on this instead of Beans.

  68. jutt 82 says:

    Respect from Da Burgh

  69. Jair Domínguez says:

    1:05 UFF

  70. Derrick Cozart says:

    Them hi hats🔥

  71. SkinnyBone Jones says:

    RIP Andrew Slim

  72. ZikeC says:

    mane dj paul is the the king of this music shit!!!

  73. Peadro Rogers says:

    That's that real M-Town slap

  74. The big Toe says:

    You can hear the three six mafia vibe

  75. Troy Crez says:

    Dj Paul is my man but im not feeling how he changed up his lyrical flow on this track ….. But the song is tight tho'

  76. Kiy Sezz Blaah says:

    THIS shit so hard 🤦🏾‍♂️

  77. James OMalley says:

    Anything Paul Touches turns to diamonds !!! #M4L

  78. MaX VyRoS says:

    Oh shiet 😀
    He's still alive! DJ Paul is a muthaphuckin G_enius

  79. Le Studio K says:

    hello, super vidéo !
    N' hésite pas à nous suivre : le Studio K pour des interviews de tes dj's préférés ! 🧡

  80. keyser Soze says:

    3-6 mafia reunion soon

  81. Shakina Frink says:

    dj paul 🔥😍😩

  82. T.O.S "The Original Sandman" says:

    Beanie doesn't sound like he use to back in the day

  83. Michelle S says:

    DJ Paul mayne this one bringing back the 90s mayne but with that 2025 flow let lil lord Infamous get on the remix this one gave me the chills 💨💯

  84. MP INFAMOUS says:

    Whew Paul went crazy on this 🔥🔥🔥

  85. jay supa says:

    That dark melody 😈

  86. King Insane says:

    Long time fan Paul since 96. Always love to hear that old school 3-6 sound and samples 🔥. We need more Lord Infamous homie.

  87. Six says:

    beat is on point and mastering on the vocals sound crisp and perfect. dj paul a legend

  88. yungtwun says:

    I love this… I was just thinking the other day, Paul should get a feature from Styles P and/or Jadakiss. That shit would sound dope.

  89. David Johnson says:

    I clicked for beanie…

  90. Humberto Rincon says:

    Chorus sounds like suicide boys

  91. The God MC says:

    This is on repeat! I'ma lose my f**king mind! DJ Paul is killing it as usual but Beanie surprised me with that smooth flow. This song gotta be everywhere!

  92. KOY OWENS says:


  93. Lonnie Chestnut says:

    U still tha best in this rap shit

  94. jiah jackson says:

    Memphis niggas keep someone jookin in they videos 😂😂

  95. P DOGG says:

    Paul gotta show dem new cats the old school paul. U need juice back G u two are unstoppable g

  96. FIEND DA GREEN says:

    Bad ass song but u shoud of got seed of six on this hoe

  97. David Pena says:

    Real KOM!!!

  98. Snowgoons4K says:

    "m-m-m-m-afia" every bass drop.

  99. NUE REC. says:


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