Did MegaYacht Eclipse cost €1.5 Billion?

Did MegaYacht Eclipse cost €1.5 Billion?

Alright guys welcome back to the channel
I’ve got another scoop I’ve had some really big yachts in the channel
recently this is no different in fact behind me is Motor Yacht Eclipse any of you Yacht aficionados will know
it’s the second-longest soup yacht in the world only second to
motor yacht Azzam which is actually 17 meters longer than Eclipse so Eclipse sits at
163.5 meters it weighs 13,000 gross tons which is less than Dilbar which I
posted a video recently about Dilbar so you can go much now that’s a 16,000 gross Tonne ship so this this vessel is 20 to 22 meter draft it has
four MTU TV 93 diesel engines which gives the actual power output of 29
megawatts it was delivered in 2010 to probably one of the most
high-profile yachting owners that out there Roman Abramovich that was built by
Blohm & Voss in Germany which is now owned by Lurssen. estimated cost of this
vessel is 340 million euros no doubt he’s spent millions on it tens of millions on it since then in maintenance and
upgrades has a one submersible submarine onboard has a two helicopter landing
pads one of the things that does have is the bridge in the right location you
can see up here that this is the this is the bridge wing and they bridge is on the
top deck which is there which is the best place for it they sacrifice the
best location for the bridge which is the top deck they sacrifice that for
the owner then the bridge gets pushed further down and on the Flying Fox it’s
gone right down to the at the lowest level it can be on which which to be
honest is not not something that I would do if I if I
built yet so unfortunately I won’t be able to fly
my drone here today because Eclipse has a some anti drone technology on board
and they have been known to capture drones and destroy them they have a
quite a good security team on here they actually had security team from Nepal
Gurkha regiment and so they probably have one security officer and a team of
maybe three or four security guards Anyway I’m gonna leave it there so I
hope you enjoyed this short video make sure to like it make sure to subscribe
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  1. Farid M says:


  2. Byron Tindall says:

    Is there laws about capture of private property(drones)?

  3. Spencer Knight says:


  4. Barry Goffe says:

    what sort of range does this have? very cool video! thanks!

  5. Anthony Davis says:

    thanks, come back as soon as you can!

  6. ben dover says:

    Very good looking vessel…thanks again

  7. Kurtis Buckle says:

    And I heard the other day that roman abramovich is getting a other yacht bulid

  8. Nael Fontán says:

    Stunning yacht. One of my fav. Great vid again!

  9. Sozin91 says:

    Isn't Gross Tonnage a measure of interior volume and not weight? Is it incorrect then to say "weighs 13000 tons"? Or does this yacht also coincidentally weight 13000 tons?

  10. Don Shaw says:

    You always add a lot of information along with your excellent video. Thanks so much for commentary and for your videos.

  11. fingurl ECG says:

    You absolutely never fail to disappoint in your videos. Bravo footage sir!!!

  12. Albert Myers says:

    Thanks for the vid

  13. Mark Elliott says:

    Greetings from Colorado, brother! Well done. As usual. I've remarked to you before about bridge location. I get that there are a lot of traditions around water vessels of all type. As just a point of Interest, with all the types of imaging now available, would not electronically recreated views suffice as replacement for the higher and wider physical viewpoints? Do you know or have you heard if the electronic View is adequate? Close to adequate? Bad idea?

  14. DRRF deyad rocketry research facility says:

    I wonder security is from nepal

  15. Trorth says:

    A yacht owner looks like a prisoner behind the super yacht security. Freedom behind the highest security is a hidden slavery.
    I was wondering how much money he will take with him after his death.
     That the only true wealth we have is the freedom of loving another human.
    Love and freedom going along side with the happiness. The true virtues are coming with us to the eternal life.

  16. Kuziai says:

    Abramovich selling his yacht?

  17. Jason Gold says:

    I've read on multiple sights that Eclipse cost 1.5 Billion dollars to build. It has a missile defense system as well as some otherworldly amenities. Liked the video.

  18. lucderan says:

    Nowadays Magayachts are always overpriced. By the Shipyard when they are new. By the owner to appear richer. By the sellers when they are back on the market. Exactly as it happens with fashion clothes, watches and several other "status symbols". The second or third owner is always the smartest one! After 5-10 years he pays the right price for a brand new yacht used few weeks since new!!
    But I have to admit that a Megayacht isn't a purchase made for investment! Never ever! It's just a way to tell the world:" I've got it longer than the others!"
    Always remember: If it flies, sails or f**k: rent it when you want it! It's cheaper and you can change model every time with no headache or afterthought!

  19. Mary Decouvertes says:

    Don't want to sound negative here but that jew Abramovich stole everything he has from the russian people. Just keepin' it real for y'all, no offense! 😎

    Anyway great video as always, I wish they were longer because I can't get enough of this channel.

  20. Mary Decouvertes says:

    When it comes to anti drone systems I wonder how it can be legal to destroy someone else's property like that. I'm not really familiar with the legislation surrounding these drones though, maybe some countries have severe restrictions on where you can fly them? Anyway if I was flying a drone legally and someone started messing with it I would be pretty pissed off!

  21. dan dorion says:

    Thanks…she is a beauty…I did read where a drone was flying by Eclipse…it was pulled in erased…or camera taken out…then sent back to the owner….side bar….what is up with the bow on Redwood??

  22. ScienceRockifyMe says:

    You never answered the question yourself. So, is it worth it?

  23. kingofwake says:

    Great video! Thanks!

  24. Jamie Atkinson says:

    Nice , interesting video. But clickbait title., you just told us it cost 340 million !

  25. TomJoeSHOW says:

    That’s explains why my drone was being erratic when Eclipse was near by.

  26. Captain Rick says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Ian Hamilton says:

    Well that settles that, you don't work on this yacht – lol

  28. Paul Mace says:

    Totally amazing 🛳 vessel, I love your videos 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 they are fascinating to watch.

  29. Autistic Man says:

    SUBSCRIBE TO WHAT ?, all u do is talk about the yachts which even I could do lol, what a pointless channel, how about you do some work and contact the yacht owners to get onboard footage like some of the bigger channels on YouTube, it's a good job your not designing this yacht as I feel u would struggle to design a rubber dinghy lolol

  30. James R says:

    Is it true it was once fitted with a surface-to-air missile self defense system?

  31. cruzan mongoose says:

    Seen it in ST Bart's anchored by a cruise ship, It's huge

  32. Sean Tran says:

    Great video champ 👍
    And with that sort of $ floating around, you'd think the owner/s would have some Swiss Guards/Ex-military onboard instead.

  33. David says:

    Cost 2.5 billion. I want one

  34. andre says:

    Nice video but at the begin you say "it weights xx gross ton". Actually gt is a measure of ship'internal volumes while displacement or deadweight tonnage represent a ship's mass.

  35. factinator33 says:

    It weighs more than a 10th of an aircraft Carrier, in tons, that's impressive!!!!

  36. factinator33 says:

    Oh, 340 euros……ILL TAKE 2 PLEASE!!!

  37. Justice Warrior says:

    For that price he should have just bought the freaking Symphony of the Seas!! Since this is a "mine is bigger than yours" Billionaire thing..

  38. Watching You says:

    can you take 50$ down and 50 a week let me know this is a one time offer

  39. Герман Цукерман says:

    Alisher Usmanov yaht looks better

  40. GibsonOfAGun says:

    Clickbait. $340 M is a far cry from $1.5 B

  41. Alok Kumar says:


  42. Pedro Vergara Urquijo says:

    There is a xploit for the thermal cameras (flir systems)

  43. who cares says:

    Roman robs the russian people b l i n d.
    Orders a cruise ship.
    Gets it built in Germany.

  44. lenny108 says:

    why these mega yachts always change their owner is that people realize they only spent 2-3 weeks per year on their yacht. In the meantime, the maintenance costs one million per month, over ten million per year.

  45. phục êwê says:

    Anti drone measures huh?
    Time to break out the stealth drone.

  46. fingurl ECG says:

    There are those who prefer to be stealthy and then those who prefer to be in the limelight. This is stealthy.

  47. Just Wayne says:

    I’d imagine the security detail onboard is more like 20-25 rather than 3-4, he already employs around 35 ex SAS as security personnel to cover his movements on land, so to cover 24hr onboard watch would probably require at least 20 security personnel in my opinion.

  48. Paddy Coney says:

    22m draft, i don't think so. That's more boat under water, than above.

  49. tm502010 says:

    Lovely footage.

    Don’t understand why you don’t have 2-3 times more subscribers. Your content is excellent!!

  50. Felice Graziano says:

    One of my all time favourites. Manages to look like a yacht despite being bigger than some cruise ships. Huge high decks, including a heated stone deck aft with a firepit. Purple crocodile skin leather on the stanchions in the gym.

  51. Miroslav Micic says:

    Sir Roman have a taste in built of an yacht, all his boats are fantastic, pelorus was the most beautifull this one longest in some period of built, he is amazing man… he knows what he want

  52. Philippe BENARD says:

    Titre en français commentaires en anglais cherchez l erreur

  53. Terry Shrives says:

    1.5 billion??? That's just a sin.

  54. ALEC GRIMES says:

    Granted…a person can spend their money anyway they like. But when I see that kind of price tag….I just wonder how many mouths you can feed or housing you can build for those in need.

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