DDG – Young, Rich & Black

DDG – Young, Rich & Black


  1. lit kam harris says:

    walk it like i talk it dats wat dis reminds me of

  2. Faze Stats_23 says:

    HIS LIPS 😂😣😂

  3. GuttaStarrEnt says:

    This one of his best songs y'all trippin

  4. Kevin Harris says:

    “Stick our your tongue “
    “Young rich and black”

  5. Tori Hallman says:

    that fuckin beat jesussssssssssss

  6. P M says:

    I bet if DDG could put adverts in this he would

  7. Mr. Retrospect says:

    I just don't like the hook otherwise the verse is fire

  8. Dancers 4L says:

    This go hard🔥🔥

  9. Sammiejo Hill says:



    Fire asf


    any small youtubers wanna support eachother Let’s sub eachother

  12. Ibby says:

    I will never ever ever ever wife that hoe

  13. diegoooR says:

    Yo this a big bop don’t know how this only has 1 million views..so underrated🔥🔥🔥

  14. Youngbull Ib2 says:

    Givenchy is better

  15. chrissyk 247 says:

    The video concept🔥

  16. J J says:


  17. JJupNext YT says:

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  18. Breanna Peabody says:

    Offset needs to be on this !!!!!

  19. TokyoJayVlogs says:

    Flow dont fit for this beat and lyrics just ass

  20. lx _addict says:

    First bar when beat dropped 🔥

  21. J J says:

    ddg dont smoke

  22. live carshows says:

    Playback speed 1.5

  23. Lucky1 Love says:


  24. Tj Culpepper says:

    Why wasn't this part of the ep

  25. EgyptJuliet completenonsense says:

    Y'all peep McQueen lol idky that was the best part of this song 🤣

  26. adabarbie says:

    This song fireee 🔥🔥I’m actually confused on why you niggas hatin 🤨🤨

  27. Mae Mae says:

    I like this song though
    I saw McQueen, diamond Tee Tee Ty and Momma DDG 😂

  28. Ryan San says:


  29. Koran Thomas says:


  30. Marlene Young says:

    Y'all need to stop hating on nigga bro

  31. nikeyathepoet .__ says:

    If y’all don’t get the video .. in the beginning the audience was segregated.. at the end they all came together .. that was the point of the beginning

  32. JuiceBox T.V. says:

    Most underrated DDG song ever!

  33. Life on life Life says:


  34. conspicuousART says:

    Mcqueen looking like a real school shooter

  35. KDI says:

    Diamond is so fucking ugly

  36. Davon Ramsahai says:

    Young Rich Nigga I Got White Racks Tho🔥😴

  37. Shamyra Hamm says:

    this is my song

  38. 1999 says:

    I guarantee if Drake dropped this same exact song it would blow up lmao. The concept is nice but your delivery is a bit off. I don’t understand all the hate tho. It’s not a terrible song.

  39. Alex Davis says:


  40. Johannes says:

    Song Fire Video and vibr ass

  41. WRLD 999 says:

    2:32 when he says “ i stay happy no tension” in the background he also whispers “ deshae” was that aimed towards deshae frost ?

  42. Brandon Burton says:

    McQueen in the back on creep mode

  43. Moonwavesxi says:

    Brooo 🔥🔥🔥my food tastes better listening to this… Lunch made😂😂

  44. baseer ghaznavi says:

    i forgot but he said it in one of his vlogs that this song had a meaning behind it.

  45. Savannah Fortson says:

    Ohhh Yeah LITTT

  46. Philar Thomas says:

    this shit clapping after a sudden songs really do age well

  47. Jeremy Otaku28 says:

    The intro Beat is the only thing fire about this entire song, imo…

  48. Andrew Clemens says:


  49. Cali TheTravelingGamer says:

    Who all noticed diamond in this video lol

  50. Crack 173 says:


  51. kxng gaming says:

    Ddg never smoke no blunt before

  52. Charles McArthur says:

    Do something new. Every young black man doing songs like this.

  53. Isaac Rouse says:

    True dat

  54. Johnathon dick says:


  55. Aminah Dones says:


  56. Jamie Marie says:

    A banger!!

  57. Q man says:

    Ion care what anyone says, this shit go hard

  58. Lindokuhle Shange says:

    0:35 seconds and pause 😂😂😂 Dub lmao

  59. pubg Gaming says:

    McQueen 2:35😂😂

  60. Curly Head Nyasia says:

    Only way to be like DDG and copy his every move is by using


  61. Tina Thompson says:

    still listening july 2019

  62. Melody Russ says:

    You smoke 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

  63. ItsQueen Babii says:

    This has Tyga vibes. I had to do a double take…like….ddg? Lol

  64. Dutch says:

    This sht hard

  65. Prophete Toussaint says:

    Stop saying hoo hoo

  66. just facts says:

    now that i listen to it again, this shit actually fire🔥🔥🔥

  67. Dope Chick DRIP says:

    @2:38 Check out*Diamond Nicole* throwing it back😩 Ayyye Get it! Lil booties Matter!

  68. Isaac Rouse says:

    We have to eliminate these past generations too move on. And I'm ova a half century, ya heard

  69. Isaac Rouse says:

    Stra8 off the muscle. Real to reel

  70. johnnyboyfunny says:

    Hated it at first but it grew on me i think its the music video itself i didnt like

  71. Martha Clark says:

    Text gang 2019 nice video ddg

  72. Stanley Mubaiwa says:

    Fifth member of the Beatles 💐💐💐🦌🦌🦌🦌🐐

  73. Mrcool Foreva says:

    This song is being slept on ….#facts

  74. AM Club Radio says:

    for so long i only thought you made prank videos but surprisingly your joints are really lit the whole song and video was lit

  75. Tyson Brown jr. says:

    Sleept on Bad👀🤦🏾‍♂️🔥🔥🔥

  76. ZUX BINI says:

    This doesnt match,
    The vid is a different thing
    The song 🕳

  77. THE GOD MALLY says:

    Bro stick to YouTube please no more music!!!!!!!

  78. Ghost says:

    He fell off after this weak ass song

  79. CufNs says:

    She throw it back ouuu ouuu yuhh🕺🏽

  80. Daniella Labardy says:

    Real talk he the best YouTube rapper no lie🥰☺

  81. spiritual so Cordell life says:

    I fuck with all yo songs fr

  82. Lisema Mokoena says:

    This song is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  83. Diana Thompson says:

    I love this song yesss your heard..,,

  84. GREY RAIZ says:

    2:31 I wanna be able to say this💯 Im gonna get there some day and so would you👍.

  85. Kanisha Bowman says:

    Fxcking with the visual & of course the song is lit🔥!

  86. Martha Clark says:


  87. Philar Thomas says:

    You released these too early bro

  88. Philar Thomas says:


  89. Philar Thomas says:


  90. Philar Thomas says:


  91. JL Aguilar says:

    By far his worst song 😂

  92. Obn Zay says:

    This song underrated

  93. Obn Zay says:

    If you here November 2019 run me my likes

  94. Lil Ike says:

    How here still bumpin this end off 2019?

  95. London The Best says:

    I love those jeans Tee tee has on

  96. ChriscatTV says:

    WHOS HERE IN 2020

  97. LiveFastDieSlay says:

    This ass

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