Day 3: Finding an Affiliate Program – Beginners Guide To Building a Profitable Website For Free

Day 3: Finding an Affiliate Program – Beginners Guide To Building a Profitable Website For Free

[MUSIC] Hi, my name is Nathaniel and this is One More Cup of Coffee, where we talk about online business. Making money on the Internet and financial
independence. So today is day three of the Learn How To
Build a Profitable Website For Free video series. In the past two videos we learned how to
choose a niche, and then we learned how to choose
keywords within that niche. And today we are going to be looking for
product>>[MUSIC]>>So what products we find will affect our final decision on which keywords we want to
target. So the keywords we found yesterday might,
might not be 100% the ones that we end up with. But the product search today and the
affiliate program search today is going to tell us if we in fact want to stick with
this niche. Or if we need to start the research process
all over again. So finding an affiliate program is actually pretty easy. All you do is you type in your keyword or
your niche and then you type in affiliate program
along with it. For example, yesterday I chose some keywords
about cool chairs for teens. So what I’m gonna do is go cool chairs for
teens Affiliate program.
Okay. We got Walmart, Ethan Allen, Toy’s R Us, REI.
So these are all big, big name companies so there pretty much going
to have an affiliate program and then to find the
affiliate program go affiliate there we go okay we’re already
there. So, these all have affiliate programs. Okay, so that was really easy.
Now I want. [INAUDIBLE] this is kind of a unique niche so I want to
check to see if Wal-Mart actually has some chairs that I want to promote.
So, I’m going to go Wal-Mart [MUSIC] Cool chairs.
which chairs are appropriate for teens? [MUSIC] You know that’s gonna depend on my, my
discretion. Sounds nice super cool lounge chair for teen.
Alright, that could be a potential. This could be a potentially cool one.
This could be a cool one. So this is particular to my niche. [MUSIC] These are kind of adulty chairs.
Might not be appropriate for teens.
Okay, so like, I probably won’t be doing Ethan Allen. [MUSIC] Maybe I can also search for bean bag chairs.
The nice pink one.
That’s a furry chair. So there’s tons of ideas for these.
So, I’ve, as I pretty much knew there’s gonna be lots
of. Lots of affililiate programs and lots of
chairs available, this is a pretty broad, broad
niche. And the definition of what is gonna be good
for a teen is, you know, up to me. Now, if you have a more specific product,
like let’s say we ended up going with the compasses yesterday from
orienteering, we would do the same process. [MUSIC]. Orienteering compass. Okay?
REI pops up again. Silva compass.
It’s like a private company.
So again, they have an affiliate program. Affiliate program.
So this actually looks like a pretty good site to start with.
So I start a canvas. It’s $12.99.
Let’s see if we can find out how How much, and then through Google, Argos also has an
affiliate program. I needed to search for items to match your nitch and see if there are companies
that have an affiliate program with it. Some do and some don’t. So I could be an affilate with Argos and an affiliate with, Silva and an affiliate
with, Arei. I don’t have to pick or choose one.
I can feature multiple items. So what I could potentially do for this niche is say, okay, here’s a compass
from REI, here’s a compass from Silva, and here’s a
compass from Argos. Here are the price differences, here are the
feature differences. You choose.
And then I have my. [MUSIC] Affiliate link in all of the compasses so,
even though they only choose one, you know I get credit for
whatever one they choose. And I’ll give you one last example, let’s
look at one [MUSIC] One of these other niches.
Leather Motorcycle Jackets.
So I just type “leather motorcycle jackets.” Affiliate program. [MUSIC] Okay, shout, Schott.
Wilson’s Leather, Fox Creek Leather, and I just open up like that.
Okay? I know Schott jackets are awesome.
And they’re expensive, so this could be a good niche for somebody.
Also has an affiliate program, for these leather jackets.
That looks like nice leather. And also an affiliate program. So, leather jackets could be an awesome
affiliate niche for somebody. In fact I’m actually gonna go, [LAUGH] look at in my keyword tool right now. [LAUGH] Because it might be something I’m interested
in starting. So, you can see just by having a filter
program with your keywords or your niche, or a potential product that you
can find tons of places that will. That want you to build a website to promote
their products. [MUSIC] So your homework for today is to find at
least one, preferably two, affiliate programs that you think or you
would like to register for. For your website. Now, some places are going to require that
you have a site to actually register. Most affiliate programs are not hard to get
into. Most of these, all that they need to see is
that you have a working site in any capacity, and
you’re in. Some only require that you have an email
address. So I would say hold off on applying just yet,
but just keep a list of their URLs [MUSIC] And then, when we start building our site,
and we get all our, some pages set up, and our domain name registered and all that, then we can start applying to these
programs. So, if you found this video useful, please
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two in the YouTube description. And thanks for watching.
Bye. [MUSIC]


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