DAN BILZERIAN – The RICH Life – Net Worth 2017 FORBES ( Cars, Mansions, Private Jet )

DAN BILZERIAN – The RICH Life – Net Worth 2017 FORBES ( Cars, Mansions, Private Jet )

dan blitz Bilzerian has earned himself
the title is the king of Instagram boasting 23 million followers on the app
not only does he show off plenty of bucks and babes he’s also showing off
his Gulfstream 4 jet his chrome-plated 1965 AC Cobra his white Fisker Karma and
like any other world famous celeb he’s got a Lamborghini avid two-door and the
best of all his sweet rides is his six wheels BRABUS G 63 AMG Dan lives in a gated community in the
Hollywood Hills kicking up his feet in a three million dollar party pad when Dan
hits up Las Vegas he stays in a 5.1 million dollar mansion and is said to
have another home in the beach town of La Jolla near Mexico he’s got plenty of
other lavish toys including enough guns to start there’s a war he’s got two
goats his beautiful smoosh ball and $800,000 Richard mile timepiece when
interviewed in July of 2014 by Howard Stern dan Bilzerian admitted that his
net worth was around 100 million dollars take a listen for yourself
they say you’re worth like a hundred million dollars is that close to where
you weren’t your net worth is something like that I’ve 150 million roundabouts
in the last 12 months or so no various online sources including celebrity net
worth they estimate his total net worth to be
around 150 million dollars so the question is how did he do it and where
is all this money coming from well there’s plenty of speculation
surrounding dance financial come up how did you get all your money originally so
that’s another common misconception and he’s been candid that some money was put
away in a trust fund by his corporate takeover specialist father turned equity
and tax fraud ster there’s also his big poker playing wins and of course the man
has managed to utilize his online fame to turn a profit I’m gonna walk you
through his financial come up where the money is coming from and what he spends
it on here for you on the rich life my name is Michael Cretu and I got a
question for you guys how tall is dan Bilzerian the answer will be at the end
of this video now let’s roll that intro dan Bilzerian was born on December 7th
1980 and grew up in Tampa Florida his old band Paulo bazarian made it big in
the 80s and little dad grew up in a 10-plus bedroom mansion which came
complete with an indoor basketball court a batting cage lakefront views a
swimming pool and a waterslide Dan’s father was convicted of fraud in 1989
and was sentenced initially to four years in prison he ultimately served 13
months and now resides in Saint Kitts there are plenty of sources out there
who have looked over the legal documents pertaining to Paul’s Ariens bankruptcy
judgment and they peg dad’s trust fund at eleven point nine six million to be
split between him and his younger brother Adam now I got no idea when this
trust fund became accessible so let’s just imagine that dad cashed in after he
had already made Bank for himself in poker and on Instagram no dad’s personal
life story is a fascinating one and I’m gonna walk you through it in an updated
before their famous video this rich life is more about his financial , after
getting discharge from the military Dan had some money coming in while he was
attending the University of Florida his younger brother had gotten big into
poker and Dan started spending what money he had on games I was playing in
colleges playing like some online stuff I had a couple fraternity brothers that
were really into it and that’s how I start I went broke my sophomore year
following going broke Dan then had to sell some possessions mainly guns during
himself 750 bucks he then took that money and gambled on a boat until he was
up ten thousand then he took that 10k to Las Vegas and played three weeks
straight at the Bellagio until he went home with a hundred and eighty seven K
still in school there were weeks where Dan was pulling in 90,000 a week
needless to say he never finished his degree
Dan’s poker days have been well document both the good and the bad Dan won ten
point eight million playing a single game of heads up No Limit Hold’em at
stakes of 5,000 to 10,000 after winning he immediately took a private jet to
Mexico to celebrate with some bags of course his most successful tournament
win was in the 2009 World Series of Poker where he placed one hundred and
eightieth and took home thirty-six thousand six hundred twenty six bucks he
also flipped a coin for five billion and lost how do you feel after that has a
whatever at the 2013 World Series of Poker he decided to put up 20% of the
$10,000 buy and for Jay Farber when Farber 1 5 million Dan Bilzerian was
able to claim 1 million of the cut outside a poker dan has found other ways
to make money as an actor he’s appeared in the film’s Olympus has fallen lone
survivor the other woman wars dog and the equalizer you didn’t see him did you
this is him as dan Bilzerian was bacon Bank and
enjoying the perks of this lifestyle well he decided to post the Instagram
photos of the shit he thought was cool getting started in 2014 his account
quickly climbed to 1 million followers by 2015 he already had amassed 6 million
and then he was crowned the king of Instagram dan has suggested that he
could easily make between 10 to 15 million dollars a year if he accepted
all the offers that came to him to post to Instagram instead he uses the app to
promote his various business ventures including a vape line his support $4
beard Club and he’s got his own animated show now let’s get into the fun part and
take a look at what he spends his money on dan has claimed that he has 20
employees including three assistants and three chefs as for company well I don’t
know what the deal is but good for him Dan’s main party pad the one notorious
first a list parties is located in the Hollywood Hills and is valued at 3
million dollars it’s been rumoured that Dan rents or leases the property to a
price tag of 35 K a month and he’s getting it up Wong cheating la one of
the richest men out of Singapore here his neighbors include the likes of
Leonardo DiCaprio and the billionaire son Sammy boy Nazarian the house has a
sunken living room with 278 degree views over the city a pool that hangs out over
the hillside cash counting machines poker tables and babes
apparently in every corner dan is posted online about another home in La Jolla a
beach town near Mexico and then of course there’s his crash pad in Las
Vegas now back in the day Dan was living in an apartment at the panorama towers in more recent years dan has been
partying at a 5.1 million dollar mansion which comes complete with five beds nine
baths it comes with a pool and hot tub it’s also got a fit pit whatever the
hell that is underground parking a built-in backyard grill and bar also
there is a secure gun vault that appears to be able to hold up to like a thousand
guns there are other pieces of property including a mansion in Montana the dan
picked up for a cool 1.7 million which I got a really funny feeling was Mary
Swanson’s house in dumb and dumber wat Dumb and Dumber the original dance other purchases include his pet
goats named Zeus and Beatrice now a typical goat costs anywhere from thirty
five to three hundred dollars but dad’s goats enjoy the finer things in life
sleeping on seven hundred dollar blankets for real his Persian cats Bush
ball would have costed around five hundred bucks and when it comes to
transportation it’s hard to pay down what exactly dan Bilzerian owns because
he’s got a whole lot of toys his Gulfstream 4 jet is valued at 41 million
dollars as of 2015 and apparently the inside is all custom tailored the dude
posts enough pics inside and flies frequently enough that I’m thinking that
he does in fact own this private plane I mean he’s got his own logo on it and
that’s not something you can just add for an Instagram post right he’s got his
chrome plated 1965 AC Cobra worth 1.6 million dollars his white fisker karma
which remarkably sold for only a hundred and three K was scooped up by various
celebrities he’s also got a Lamborghini Aventador a Range Rover and then there
is the dan Bilzerian Batmobile a six wheeled BRABUS g63 AMG worth 625 K no
Dan once tweeted my greatest fears that someone will break in and I won’t be
able to decide what gun to shoot them with now I don’t know what every gun
costs but his 20 millimeter anti-tank gun that alone would cost them three to
six thousand dollars so they don’t come cheap thank God Dan spends his fortune
on all sorts of random stuff he once announced that he would spend sixteen
thousand a year drinking nothing but coconut water he’s also got a hard-on
for stem-cell therapy which cost thousands per procedure and I don’t know
what he’s doing it for perhaps it’s his injuries from his days of training or
maybe it’s because of his sexcapades I got no idea myself my sexy-ass nurse is
cleaning me up I’m just gonna do a few more fucking injections in my smile and
then I’m good to go when it comes to fashion Dan keeps it
low-key often opting to rock army shorts and a black tee he has been spotted
rocking an $800,000 Richard mile timepiece and he has another one an odd
Mars puget which set him back 300k although there are a ton of people
who hate on dan Bilzerian you got to admit that the man is living the
alpha-male dream the only thing money can’t buy or a couple extra inches
because he only stands at 5 foot 9 now let me know who you want me to document
next on the rich life this was episode 3 season 2 and the comment section it
fills up pretty quickly because there’s a lot of you so the best way to get hold
me is via Instagram or Twitter also a lot of you guys have been asking for the
rich life of Michael Crichton which will be nothing like Dan Bilzerian it’s not
bad but it’s not like that anyway we might do that when we hit two million
subscribers alright guys see you in another video


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