Cryptocurrency vs the World’s Wealth

Cryptocurrency vs the World’s Wealth

The Crypto-market is growing, but it’s still
a baby. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at how crypto stacks up
against the big bad billionaires of the world. Starting off, we have Ripple coming with a
market cap of 23 Billion, followed by Ethereum’s 47 Billion. These two projects, with thousands of people
employed only come to a bit over the net worth of the world’s new favorite peeping Tom:
Mark Zuckerberg, who has 64 billion. And, of course, Bitcoin’s grumpy old neighbor
Warren Buffett with 84 Billion in his piggy bank. But even Warren Buffett can’t compete with
Bitcoin anymore which has a market cap of 135 Billion. But could a couple of Billionaires take it
down? With a combined Net worth of 202 Billion Dollars,
there are still just two individuals which hold greater wealth than all the Bitcoins
in the world combined. But with the entire cryptocurrency market
cap jumping back over 300 Billion, things are looking up. And as it grows, who knows how high it can
climb, will we see cryptocurrency beat the 20 richest people with a combined Net worth
of 1.2 trillion? Will it climb higher than California’s GDP
of 2.6 trillion. Or even someday, will we see cryptocurrency be more valuable than the entirety of the US GDP? Bitcoin is a growing boy and will only have
a bright future ahead. Like, subscribe and hodl!


  1. Vu Nguyen says:

    Comparing apples to oranges

  2. Familytime1 says:

    Great comparison

  3. R Bennett says:

    Many Economic Analysts forecast 10 Trillion market cap in the coming years

  4. LittlePaws says:

    Cool vid?

  5. AyteeSOG says:

    this is sure to piss off warren hahaha

  6. Ry V. says:

    Yes we will see this with more education and adoption.

  7. skipitou says:

    The sizes are not proportional, it gives me OCD

  8. Daniel Powell says:

    Really would have been nice if you guys scaled the safes to represent the prices above them. Not just what ever looks good in the video

  9. Andy Raman says:

    This is very good informative post

  10. John Galt says:

    They should have compared it the gold market at least.

  11. foxpup says:

    If that isn't propoganda, nothing is. Still it is good to HODL.

  12. TehSporta4 says:

    I want more of the same videos

  13. DIa Betus says:

    Hmmmm, i wonder what bitcoin is based on.
    Oh yea, it isn’t based upon anything reliable, like gold.

  14. wayne mortell says:

    Pump and Dump till everyone is Broke.

  15. John Loring says:

    The numbers are off. And you’re forgetting the queen of England’s wealth and the Rothschild’s wealth.

  16. Let ́s Fix It says:

    Early days.

  17. d_a_n_d_a_n_i_e_l _ says:

    Take a look on

  18. Marina Heartcrypto says:

    Great video! ???

  19. thurendous says:

    Am I the only one wondering the number of the money and the size of the locker is dont match?

  20. Karl Wagner says:

    The only use case you mentioned capable of taking on the US GDP is XRP. Not buffet, bezos, gates, or the top20 wealthiest. Why? Because XRP is like pacman in use case, the internet of value. The use case is actually designed to gobble the entire wealth of the globe. DYOR

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