Credit Suisse Research Institute’s: Global Wealth Report 2018 – Women and wealth

Every year, in every Global Wealth Report
we tend to take a special focus point. And this year, we have thought about
understanding better the characteristics of women wealth around the world. There
are not many data around this and so it was of great interest to us because as
the labor participation of women has been growing over the last years, so has
their wealth and when we go to understanding better the share of women
in global wealth, what we find is that about 40% of global wealth is in women’s
hand, with quite large regional differences. So what is noteworthy, is
that in the top segment of women wealth, and of wealth generally, there has
been an increase of self-made women, which is testimony to the trend of the
last years. Generally speaking, Millennials had a bit of a tough time in
accumulating wealth over the past years, one reason being that they were
coming to the labor market just at or after the financial crisis and so the
access to jobs was more difficult. But when comparing women population with men
population, at the margin women are doing better than men and one of the reasons
for that can be that women tended to be employed in sectors more stable, for
example health care and public administration, while men tended to be in
sectors that were more affected, like construction or in the services sector
than financials. And so, at the margin, this may explain the differences. There’s
a couple of interesting things to highlight about women and investing.
First of all, women seem to have a larger share of non-financial
assets among their wealth. So this can be real estate or perhaps real assets,
generally speaking. They also, in general, tend to take less risk when they invest,
which gears their financial assets, their portfolios, towards less risky assets.
And then, finally, in terms of investment behavior, women also
tend to not really be so much trading and having perhaps also the confidence
to go and have a trading activity, more investing for the long term, and very
importantly apparently also with a purpose and not just the purpose of
growing wealth.

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