Could Europe’s style of monetary policy come to the US?

Could Europe’s style of monetary policy come to the US?


  1. Big A says:

    I think Dems are bad, is that true……Yes, Dems are bad! Lol, I remember when this business channel was actually a business channel and not right wing propaganda.

  2. XavierGowling says:

    They should print plastic notes they don’t break and they are waterproof

  3. Michael Young says:

    Did Tony Stark give him access to EDITH too?

  4. Death Larsen says:

    USA fed has been doing this for 10 years. Nothing new here

  5. Jonathon Frazier says:

    Make a financial donation to Trump 2020!

  6. Texas Cowpatti says:

    Printing money….been there done that already…failed!! NO MORE!

  7. Nick Brian says:

    It’s not just the dems that want to print money, it’s the Republicans too, that’s the problem

  8. moriart13 says:

    You can't print non stop without inflation, yet its US currency loosing value now

  9. marpsr says:


  10. Jim Smith says:

    Those glasses though…

  11. LTE says:

    Alice in wonderland for rich is still okay. Got it.

  12. peter ponce de leon says:

    Trump has been and is still begging the FED to print and print.

  13. Darrell Moore says:

    The Fed prints at will they print funny money and give it to there buddies interest free and charge workers 17%

  14. Phillip filkins says:

    You mean our world isn't already ran by satanic anti human bankers..

  15. Master Chief 00117 says:

    Who is this moron. The Federal Reserve does not "Print Money" They sell Bonds.. The Treasury pays the bonds off. When the Federal reserve sends them over to them. So the Treasury prints money. Which does fall under Congress control. Why the Federal reserve is sitting on $9 Trillion in bonds. Their not going to send them to the Treasury. They have to find a way to unwind them somewhere else. AS it was the Federal Reserve that bought up all the debt.

  16. mike John says:

    If we have open borders and become region 2 of the ten regions the New World Order wants as a one world government, yes, the funny thing is all the illegal votes by Mexicans results in the elimination of an exchange rate. Cast a vote to screw you later for what you can get now, it makes sense … what?

  17. Lone Star Patriot says:

    The EU and the fed are one in the same. Its monopoly money. Bring back the gold standard and end the fed!

  18. Baron Ratfish says:

    Millions left europe for a better way in the new world. Europe has nothing to offer the modern world.

  19. Daniel Prohonas says:

    FED is going back to it's CITIZENS no more privatized central banks by the handful of globalist crooks and the IRS will be abolished watch and see.

  20. Kosh 963 says:

    Trump gave 83% of the Tax-cut– to the 1%…
    The Tariff's collected are now paying for it..
    Wealth Redistribution??

    Bernie/Tulsi 2020 🇺🇸

  21. SGT ROCK says:


  22. SGT ROCK says:

    Obastard the Moslem Parasite TRAITOR is Laughing at Trump and Barr and America

  23. Ryan May says:

    We already have a massivs spending and printing problem in US. Haha

    Not as bad as China, I recently heard.

  24. JAY JAY says:

    Negative Rates Will Engulf The World: Globally we enter a new cycle of ultra easy money monetary policies. This has never happen before in the history of the world. There have been instantces of hyper inflation, currency devaluation, very low interest rates and other factors we see today. However this is much more exuberated form on a scale never seen. The dramatic destruction that will be cause by those policies will not be understood by the public, but let it be known Central Banks is the cause.

  25. GrassFedMeats says:

    So we bailed out wallstreet and now we have to bailout the fukn government

  26. linbo cui says:

    Fellas, go on left wing channels and leave your comments there, too many people are being lied to over there, gotta tell those fools the truth

  27. Steven Evans says:

    Buy god/silver if we do this

  28. Joe Black says:

    We just printed 60 billions dollars to raise the debt limit

  29. matthew baese says:

    Buy gold

  30. Dillon Gump says:

    They will crash the currency and go all digital……. its a part of the plan.

  31. john doe says:


  32. freddy estrada says:

    hand this guy a tissue blow your nosr

  33. Dadson worldwide says:

    The fact politions arnt over banking or the judicial system is how are system remain in our control.
    having the milatary is enough power for anyone . anymore than thag and the people would be screwed.
    and yes the dems do wish to control it all thats the purpose of growing gov. to consiladate control under the flag of doing it for the poor. they want us to be dependant uppn then like all socialist and comey regimes act like the peoples parents. daddy gov isnt for america

  34. TheUnDrunkPCBastard _ says:

    This already happens in America. I thought it was America that rubbed off on Europe.
    God bless America
    God bless President Trump
    Trump 2020 – See Clearly

  35. Truth, and Faith says:

    FED Is OVER>>>>

  36. D Clayton says:

    Back to the Gold Standard…

  37. Freendeed says:

    I smell greed again. It's a particular stench. This problem is a condition of the heart. Not exclusively a Dem problem or a Republican problem. Unite, under Liberty and Freedom and get to work on the real problem. 💪

  38. MysticVerlon says:

    Been here since 1913 Federal Reserve Inc.

  39. Truth Seeker says:

    Every single nation except a handfew are debt slaves to usury private banks that have more power than the governments

  40. JVONROCK says:

    The world counterfeits American dollars, how much foreign money do we see ?

  41. Ben Grogan says:

    Want to print and spend that is what we already do military spending is out of control.

  42. HW2800 says:

    Absolutely it could! Look at the far left here in the U.S. Socialism and Globalism ideologies are in the Dems presidential candidates. Same as that of Venezuela current president.

  43. BUZZTROLL Inc. says:

    Ron Paul 2008!!

  44. pen_BERRIES says:

    Europe should copy us, we should not be copying them.

  45. Sea Panther says:

    Cool shades bro

  46. bludog says:

    Here comes the "set-up," make all the paper money mean nothing so that it can be no more and then what are we going to buy and sell on? Oh maybe a mark on your head?

  47. Ivan Muniz-Brown says:

    Please, please, pleaaaeeeeeese, stop calling them progressives. You’re playing their game. They’re leftists, not progressives! How in the world taking money and liberties away from workers to give them to an elite of politicians and bureaucrats is progressive?? By that standard the Dark Ages in Europe were kinda progressive. Please, stop using the left’s propaganda. Think before you talk. Words matter.

  48. sean ausome says:

    China backed by Russia should of been cut off forty years ago.

  49. Johnny Quest says:

    Europe is filled with imbeciles so I certainly hope not.

  50. Mark walker says:

    well why does trump want to drop interest rates then and print more money

  51. Michael says:

    Its Rep and Dems that want to spend money and create no budget. Its just a matter of time hyperinflation here we come.

  52. Inquisitor says:

    Farted at the 0:02 mark. LMAO

  53. Curtis Martin says:

    Why do we need a Brit on Fox Business? I was watching MSNBC this morning and somebody compared him to Monty Python. That ish was hilarious.

  54. Joseph Buehrlen says:

    the progressives do have a planit and definitely not printing more money it will be holding companies accountable for pain lobbyists to rip off our country and make them pay their fair share and then they use that money for all of the American citizens so we can be a better country

  55. Echo Charlie says:

    Rather than having the fed print more money, we should be eliminating the fed. These bankers are setting the stage for WW3 by essentially fomenting a global depression. These deficits cannot last for ever, global currencies are going to crash if they keep printing off money and sending currencies into inflation spirals.

  56. Ming says:

    I would have told Obama not to run for President. Not after Bush left a mess with Republican policies. Now Trump’s making a bigger mess.

  57. Marla castro hlavac says:


  58. Sigmundy Freud says:

    FED WAS THE FIRST TO PRINT MONEY IN 2009 !!!!! US exported its recession by DOLLAR DEVALUATION AND EU elites corrupted by the market so corrupt by the dollar and wallstreet had choosen to sacrifice EU and EURO to save the dollar and the market … FINAL CHAPTER HERE !

  59. Paul H says:

    Enact a sales tax on all stock transactions, and a surcharge on all high frequency trading.

  60. Thomas G says:

    From Germany! You don't need to and please don't do that. Strengthen the economy and forget abt. EU!!
    Here it's disastrous. We are governed by idiots belonging in cages with bags full of bananas and peanuts.

  61. Chatla Suresh says:

    Balance sheet doesn't come out of printing number's.

  62. walt7500 says:

    EU on suicide watch.

  63. sumit arora says:

    Not If but When

  64. james_gats says:

    Another anti-dem rant. It's becoming boring.

  65. Skyler Drabing says:

    Lol the very existence of the Fed is just the Bank of America, which is the Bank of England. Don't joke to me about bringing EU monetary policy to the US. It's the entire reason we're trillions of dollars in debt. We owe a bunch of banksters all of it.

  66. Blain Sweaks says:

    We are spinning $22 trillion debt to keep the government run $1 trillion in student loan debt and we’re printing out of the air just like the European Union we have a house bubble debt but all these other debts that we didn’t take care of back in 2008 and 2009 recession and we’re at a all time high of $22 trillion in debt so yeah

  67. Nagato Sarutobi says:

    Wiped out the USSR to create the EU bravo Europe way to waste all those lives in ww`1 and 2.

  68. Are See says:

    We've done enough imitation of Europe. Europe is a problem, not a solution.

  69. Jacob Monroe says:

    God Bless President Trump!!! TRUMP 2020 forever

  70. Doug Shaw says:

    We already have a system just as bad as any you could find; and yet it is STILL the best east or west! EU pays for the moneypits like Greece. US pays for moneypits like Hawaii, Alaska, Greenland, Puerto Rico, GM, Tesla, Amazon… so EU way would never be enough!

  71. Doug Shaw says:

    Remem-remember that time when the Fed pumped $85 billion a month EVERY month of Obama's 8 years, into Wall Street; and it was all unbacked and unprinted currency, just numbers on a bank ledger? That was AWESOME!

  72. Sentinel says:

    If you're going to print money, print it directly from the treasury without interest attached, and get rid of the fed and their charging debt on every dollar printed, then using fractional reserve banking to print even more money with debt attached while putting no collateral for consideration.

    This happens now with US Coins minted from treasury. It used to happen with the Greenback.

    END THE FED!!!

  73. Khanh Nguyen says:

    Don't worry guys, don't worry we haven't hit the bottom yet so you should be fine , lol .

  74. Mike in MD says:

    "Your money gets demolished.". We need fiscal responsibility. We need to prioritize defense and care for American citizens. Everything beyond that is discretionary, and as such, can be unfunded. Stop the bs about illegals not getting subsidies and not being a drain on our economy. If you look at state programs and the large percentage that is funded by federal dollars you'll see how much can be saved. Even Scandanavian countries, fiscally responsible, are looking at reducing or eliminating hand outs. We need to do so also.

  75. Elaisa Grace says:

    jaimey/bambi/bono/howard less: you! ecchhhhhh, are! ecchhhhh OUT! YAAAAAAYYY ! IAMCC/IYA

  76. Mag says:

    The debt is rising to new ,unseen levels under our wise leader Trump and our patriotic republicans.
    Let's all vote for them !

  77. Brandon says:


  78. RICK NICK says:

    I don't know where such a gobbling society I think we could probably do that and be okay as long as we have laws were people cannot spend Cash outside of the country product outside of the country would go back to straight bartering my product for your product to sell to my people to get my money.

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