Costs AFTER buying A luxury car in India! My 6 Years Of Service, Maintenance, Spares & Others!

I’ve finally reached with the car. Its service is due and let’s see how much money I can save. If I took it to the showroom, it’d cost me around Rs.35,000 minimum. Let’s ask them how much are they quoting. People might be confused that I recently published an Europe travel vlog and how did I get to India. So, as I told you in my last video, travel videos are uploaded every Tuesday at 7pm and in the meantime, I try to post videos on Thursday, Friday and Saturday which talk about my life’s real-time updates so that you stay connected. And since it’s been 10 months since I came back to India, the people who spend a lot of time outside the country for work or any other reason often find that when they return, their home is full of dust and the cars since they were unused and need maintenance. And I’ve got this ship of a car because at one point of time, God gave me a few extra seeds to spend, so I got this luxury car. Since this is like a white elephant, it requires a ton of maintenance. So I’ll take that huge spending expense and try to tone it down as much as possible for the car service. The bush and brake pads need replacement. I’ll tell you about the pros and cons of owning a luxury car in India in this vlog. So let’s take our Audi A6 for service. I need to carry all this stuff whenever I shoot my videos. Ok report Just crossed the checkpoint and I have finally entered Delhi. For people living in Faridabad, they often have to travel to Delhi for various things as they are not available in our city. So in case of vehicles.. Oh, easy does it. People consider luxury cars as a white elephant. A lot of people call this an unneeded hassle, like why would you buy a car that costs 40-50 lakhs. But unfortunately, often times the case is to make an impression. Or your ego gets in the way, or maybe it’s materialism, you can call it anything you want. That thing when people chase after luxury cars. Even I got some big money for a short period of time back then and I got this car. When I give it for maintenance, I realize the high costs now. For instance, the insurance cost for a year when this car was new was around Rs.1,10,000. It’s considerably less now. I always have to get a 0 dep insurance on this. When this car had an accident, the headlight broke and it cost me Rs.90,000. Then the bonnet had a dent and since it was made of Aluminum, it couldn’t be repaired. That costed me Rs.1,70,000. Apart from that, the front flap and headlamp washers costs around Rs.12-15,000 and after adding labour for these 3-4 things, the bill was 4 lakh rupees. This is why when you buy it, you don’t consider these factors. I did the same, but I got a corporate discount as many people were getting a car, so I got this one for 40 lakhs back in 2013. I’ve driven this car for just 70,000 kms since my driving is quite limited. Since it has been kept unused for so long, I’ll go get it serviced. Oil and brake pads need to be changed as brake pads in these cars wear out a lot quicker. If I give this to the company, the service would cost around Rs.30-35,000 while the brake pad would cost about Rs.40,000. Saurabh told me about this guy who worked for one of these companies, he gained experience and started doing it on his own. So I’m going to his workshop to get these pending this done. I’m hoping to get only the basics covered. This is because I ignore the small things because the cost is quite high. So people say that you buy expensive cars, you have too much money lying around. But it’s not like that. The luxury, comfort, and obviously style statement and status symbol that these cars offer is undeniable. The overall driving experience, whether it’s the suspensions, engine, power, everything is really good. People say that if you spend a lot of money, you should get it’s worth and it’s true in case of automobiles. Though if I was the person that I am today 7 years ago, I’d have rather spent this money on traveling the world or investing it somewhere. This is why when I had to buy a car in Canada 2 years back. I got a used Hyundai Sonata in just Rs.3.5 lakhs and that too a 2010 model. I have finally reached. The guy is also standing outside, I’ll ask him where to park. As far as I know, he worked in a similar company before, he gained quite a bit of experience. I need to get a basic service done. I got this serviced before I left India, but since the car wasn’t used for a long time, the service and brake pad replacement are due. Changing brake pads is necessary because otherwise the friction between the brake show will cause a bent disc which is a huge expense to get fixed. So it’s better that as soon as the brake pad replacement light comes on, you get them change. I’ll park the car in the designated spot now. Hello, I can’t park this in reverse, you’d have to do that. This is because I’ve been driving abroad where the steering is on the other side. So one problem with this car, which is more of a feature is that it has an air suspension unlike the spring ones you find on cheaper cars. It contains a balloon like part which you fill up with gas. If you fill it with extra gas, you can inflate it with a button to increase the height of your ride by 3 inches for better ground clearance. The drawback to this is that if that balloon fails, it cannot hold gas and you have to replace it due to leakage. I’ll have to get this balloon replaced which would cost an additional Rs.10-12,000. Am I correct? Yeah. There are a lot of mixed opinions about getting car serviced outside of the company showroom. While there are a lot of Mercedes, Audi and luxury cars here for service. The main concern for people is that you run the risk getting your warranty void. When I got this car, for the first 3-4 years, I got it serviced through the showroom. Back then the initial service also cost around Rs.20-25,000. After that the major service which happens at 60,000 kms at Audi consists of changing the engine belt among other things. Even this guy told me that it’s really important to get changed. So I too went for a company service, but since it was wildly expensive and my warranty was over. I did get an extended warranty of 5 years by paying an additional Rs.50,000. So when your warranty runs out, you can get it serviced from outside. For me, I stay in India for a limited time and the car has been driven just 70,000 kms in all these years. It does not make a big difference for me. Hence I am getting it serviced from outside. But the person you entrust your car should be reliable. I got into touch with this guy after getting a lot of positive feedback from my friends. The last time I called him home, what was the story, let’s hear it from him. Mr. Gopal! He sent over a service person for my car. There was a cat stuck in it and one of the belts was cut. I asked the company for a quote and they said that the whole system will need to be changed. So I called him up and told him about the situation. So we sent a guy and got the belt changed. Company quoted me Rs.1 lakh for changing the whole system. They didn’t even inspect the car, they said that if the belt is cut we’ll change the whole assembly and it will cost you Rs.1 lakh. Now that’s their opinion because they often recommend that you change all the related parts whenever something goes wrong to ensure a properly working car. But then he told me that we’d only need to change a belt and those, what do you call them? Iron pulley. Yeah, Iron pulley. How much was that for? Under Rs.5,000. Yeah about Rs.3-4,000. So the overall cost was around Rs.5000 for the belt and iron pulleys. Now compare between paying Rs.1,00,000 and Rs.5,000. Ever since then, I always come to him for any car-related work. So just like a showroom they inspected and told me that the front brake pads are fine, only the rear ones need to be replaced. Thus saving me money on the front brake pads. Then we had the regular service essentials done which included an air filter replacement, Got rid of the dirty old engine oil, Then they put in 5 liters of fresh engine oil. This is not as exceptional as the company’s oil, but then my car too is over 6 years old. This is completely deflated. Yeah. It’s at the end of it’s life? Yes. And then they replaced the worn out suspension balloon and put the new one in. Mr. Gopal, tell me about the work done and the overall expenses. This was a major service. Okay. In this we replaced the oil, oil filter, air filter, AC filter and fuel filter. Okay. And how much is the cost? It’s around Rs.12-13,000. Rs.12-13,000 for the service? Yeah, for the normal service. And what about the brake pads? Around Rs.4000. Okay. So just for the rear pads? Yes. If it was both front and rear break pads it would have cost around Rs.8000? Yes Sir. Okay. Now tell me this, I already know that you provide service for Audi since I’ve had this car since the start. My closest friend who recommended me to you gets his father’s Mercedes GL serviced here. So which other brands do you provide service for? All cars of Volkswagen group. Okay. So does that include cars like Skoda, etc as well. Yes. Okay. We handle all cars from the Volkswagen group. This includes Lamborghini, Ferrari, and other cars like Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Land rover, all these cars. We also do Aston Martin. Really? Okay, which is the most expensive car that you have fixed til now? Aston Martin. How much did the car cost? Rs.5,50,00,000. So the guy who had a Rs.5.5 crore car came to you for service? He had some problems with the seat and the brake pad was busted and it needed fixing. Okay. Okay Sir, Thank you very much. Thank you. Normally, it’s recommended that you get your car serviced from an official place so that the warranty is maintained. But now you have to decide where you get your car fixed. If you think that the cost difference is too significant and it’s not worth it. As for my experience I told you that I’ve been getting my car fixed at the official service center for 4 years. Once the warranty was over, and my usage dropped significantly, as I started traveling. I started getting it fixed from third-party centers. This started with the belt incident I told you about. All major services were done through the company as I told you again, but I think all my future repairs are going to be handled here from now. The challenge is to find a reliable person to fix your car. Otherwise you run the risk that some new person might change the parts without your knowledge, which can be dangerous. Due to this, most people try to avoid it by getting official service done. So that in an attempt so save a few bucks, you don’t end up with a bigger loss. So get it fixed at the company service outlet. Everyone thinks differently. Whatever suits your needs, I don’t recommend one over the other. I’m just telling you what I do. I am here thanks to my friend’s recommendations and this is why I can trust this person that he won’t ask me to get any parts changed which aren’t required. And if there’s a cheaper or easier way, he’d tell me. Like I did not need to replace the front brake pads, just the rear ones as he told me the front ones are fine, just get the rear ones replaced. But again guys, I came here to get my car fixed and make a vlog. This is not sponsored in any way and I did not get a discount on my service. This is just my routine vlog. And finally your new vlogger is in India and after getting 5 lakh subscribers, he is shooting his first vlog. Reached home and the editing is underway, I’ve started to upload this video. I hope you are not confused as the travel series as I’ve decided will be uploaded 7pm on Thursdays as my channel is based on budget travel series. But on the other days as editing vlogs is much simpler, and a lot of people as for my real time updates. I keep touring other countries. So episode series will go on and the vlogs will be uploaded every Thursday and Friday at 9:30am. I’ll try, if the time allows to share more vlogs as editing travel series takes a lot of time. But for now, I hope you liked this video. Do let me know how you like these Indian vlogs because I’m thinking I’ll make a series traveling through India as well. I might take Mom to Amritsar or maybe tour Pune. Let’s see. So if you liked this format as well, do hit that Like button. And for more such videos, and the timely updates, please don’t forget to hit the Subscribe button and the Bell icon.

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