Cost Vs. Value Roof Estimate

Cost Vs. Value Roof Estimate

Have you wondered, “How much will my roof cost in Maryland?” We’re going to use Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value Reports for local estimates. Your experts at RoofPRO will show you how to find a trusted source. Let’s take a look. Choose 2019 and get regional data. We’re selecting South Atlantic. Now that you’ve found Roof Replacement, you can compare an Asphalt or Metal roof estimate. This chart is thorough in that it compares the region to the national average. You can also see how much of the value of the work you’d recoup in a sale. Now that you’ve reached the chart, you can see how a roof replacement holds value year over year. You’ll also see what the project entails. In this case, homeowners can expect a complete tear-off and replacement for approximately $22,000. Hopefully this data helps you compare your own local roofers. Let’s jump back to We also service Siding, Gutters, Skylights, and Insulation. Check out our gallery of roof replacements to get a sample of our work. Call RoofPRO at 410-766-3776 to get a FREE estimate on your Roof Replacement or Repair. Thanks for your time!

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    Cool looking software. I see lots of roofing videos but yours is unique. How long have you been in business?

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