Cost of living in Dubai in 2018. First month expenses.

Cost of living in Dubai in 2018. First month expenses.

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and you want to know how much money you need to have to live well during the
first month keep watching this video because today I’m gonna give you some
idea about the monthly basic monthly expenses in Dubai. Dubai is an expensive
city to live and it’s so easy to spend money so I advise you to put some part
of your salary around 20% on a savings account so in case something happens you
lose your job you will have some money to live here while you will be looking
for another job and now let’s review the list of
expenses the biggest part of your salary will go towards accommodation there are
so many accommodation options on the market starting from a bad space and the
prices vary depends on the location if you’re moving to Dubai and you are on a
budget I advise you to rent a room during the first month in this case
internet and utilities are included in the price
because in Dubai if you want to rent your own apartment
you need to sign a yearly contract and pay for 3 months up front I don’t
recommend you to do that because it’s quite risky to sign any contract at the
beginning you don’t know the city yet you don’t know if you’re going to like
your job if you feel comfortable in this country because if after one month you
realize that this city is not for you you don’t like your job and you want to
go back to home country you will be stuck with a contract but if you feel
confident about your job and you have a budget you can rent an apartment on a
short-term basis in this case you will pay on a monthly basis to your agent or
landlord and you will not sign any contracts but the price
we’ll be 15-20% higher so now I will show you the starting prices for
different options in different parts of the city now let’s move to the transportation I
advise you to rent your accommodation close to the metro station or your
office in this case you will reduce your expenses on transportation public
transport is not that developed in Dubai not all areas have access to the Metro
and there is a video on my channel about the public transport in Dubai so check
it out when you start looking for an accommodation make sure that you will
not have any issues with getting to your office one-way bus or metro ticket will
cost you $5 so let’s say you have 22 working days per month you use Metro
twice a day so it means 10 dirhams per day and if there are 22 working days you
will spend at least 220 dirhams per months only on the Metro there will be
situations when you will use taxi especially during the weekends the taxi
starting price is 12 dirhams and they charge 2 dirhams per each
kilometer so I think you should have around 180 dirhams as a budget for
taxi every month the next biggest expense is food guys I highly recommend
you to cook at home as much as you can firstly you will stay healthier and
secondly you will save quite a lot of money groceries will cost you
approximately 150 dirhams per week or 600 dirhams per months I’m not
talking about the organic products or some imported products which are quite
expensive in Dubai if you eat outside in inexpensive
restaurant one meal will cost you 30 dirhams and I assume you will go out
with your friends during weekends and you will eat outside so let’s add 200
dirhams to your food budget and in total the average cost of food will be
800 dirhams per months if you want to know the prices on some particular
products visit Numbeo website where you will find more information and now let me give you an overview of the basic monthly expenses so guys that’s it for now thank you for watching if you have any questions please leave
them in the comments below if you found this video useful don’t forget to hit
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  1. Ihab AL-Dhaouadi says:

    What about last months

  2. Ghazala Naseem Khan says:

    Once again that was a good video. One question the food cost which you say is about 800 dirham per month is that based on two people or less? Thank please keep posting your videos I look forward to them. I have started to look for employment opportunities in the Education sector so any idea or tips you give are much appreciated.

  3. drnikhilkamble says:

    Nice video Ma'am. What about average monthly expenses for utilities like electricity, internet etc , when living in 1BHK apartment?

  4. Step Nadiev says:

    Спасибо! Очень актуальная информация!

  5. mourad touabi says:

    What about bedspaces u hadn't metion thir prices!!

  6. 83bunnyboo says:

    Oksy, this question is very specific and many may not care but I’ve been looking for a job in Dubai for almost 1.5yrs and no luck but my main concern is finding health insurance for my mom. Here in America we have insurance, she’s 70 so hers is covered, I’ve been searching in Dubai but can’t get a price from some companies i contacted and the one that sent me quote it was over 700USD which is insane. Any ideas on purchasing health insurance for an elderly parent. I would have to move my mom with me because i move to Dubai she will be all alone here and she’s sick (she had diabetes, menieres) but that is the only thing holding me back from getting aggressive about job searching in Dubai.

  7. Khorsus says:

    4:17 What? Expensive restaurant and 30 dirhams? The cheapest you can get is 25 dirhams at a McDonalds. Just came here a week ago

  8. Mohd Dilshad says:

    It's very expensive

  9. Nitin Philip says:

    Back after a while . You have really stepped up your video and edits are crispy ?. As always videos are extremely informative being here for over 4 years , I'm discovering things about Dubai. Keep it up.

  10. Aj singh says:

    Please mail me I want get in contact

  11. Junaid Penkar says:

    Do u help in getting jobs?

  12. Who is that Girl says:

    R u Russian ?

  13. Mansurbek Abdukarimov says:

    очень полезно! well done

  14. toby amanya says:

    can you help and do a video on the new visa rules in the UAE

  15. Preity Darnal says:

    Thinking of moving to dubai in working visa but a kind of nervous as i dont have working experience?
    Is my decision of coming there is right for me?? Help me

  16. hanan nhila says:

    A Question please: when you talk about 4 checkes for the yearly rent, that means we have to pay every quarter a check or we have to pay the total rent in the 4th first month?  many thanks in advance

  17. moh salama says:

    Hi Oksy , hope all is well .

    i already asked you many important questions about Dubai in your direct in Instagram, Unfortunately you never checked my  messages,

    one of them what if someone wants to open Bank account in Dubai and what the best Options, and best Bank for forrnars foreigners .

    it's allowing in Dubai if i will come with tourism visa i can open bank account .

    i hopw your next video will be about banks in Dubai .

    i'm one from your biggest fan , i hope one day you will check my message in Direct , you're very good blogger , and i like all your vlogs it's very useful for me and for everyone interested to move to Dubai ,

  18. muhammad shakeel afnan says:

    Hi, well wishes for you. How are you?
    May Allah bless you. Thank you for your useful videos . May Allah reward you.
    How much money you earn from YouTube by your videos and how much money you earn from sponsors ( if you have any in your videos) ? Please reply. Thank you. Take care. Good bye. I am waiting for your reply.

  19. Annie Reynolds says:

    I live in NYC, and we all know how expensive that is. I make a very good income, I can afford to live a good life, travel eat clothing. Build my beach dream house in the Caribbean. I want to live in a country or a city where I can the most out of my dollar. Dubai is not the place for me, I am not frightened over Dubai higher rise building and mall and beaches. You do not have to move there to feel like your rich. Why I go on vacation I have my very own private beach. Not a concrete jungle like Dubai. No, Not my money. So overrated.

  20. Just Me says:

    Hi Oksy Vlogs, thanks for the great video. I am a doctor, will be moving from USA to Dubai, I will be working at Dubai Medical city. What areas would you recommend for living to be close to work? Thanks.

  21. Krishanu Ghosh says:

    Please suggest some area name where apartments for can get easily or the area will be cheap and best for leaving.

  22. Santosh burud says:

    Hello Oksy Vlogs, Thank you sharing. Really helpful and informative. I am excited to work in Dubai

  23. Muhammad Shafiq says:


  24. Mehdi Nadir says:

    Hi Oksy.
    Thanks for your efforts. Very well done. Keep going

  25. ART KD says:

    Best tips about everything Dubai on YouTube with a stunning young lady !

  26. Abdullah Ibrahim says:

    You look so pretty

  27. Jason F says:

    I pay $670 USD a month or 25K AED a year for a studio apartment in Al-Ghadeer. Everything is pretty much include. Commuting, I just bought a 2010 Range Rover Supercharged for 30K AED. In America, that SUV would of been 185K AED or close to 50K USD. That's insane. Other expenses are really non-existent. I don't really do anything. I work and come home at 4PM. Only real hobbies I have is jumping sand dunes. I play some video games. I'd say 75% of my pay check gets saved. I've been in this studio for a few years now. Soon, I'd really like to buy a house and get married etc. I enjoy the UAE very much. I like my quiet life.?

  28. Alignment Six Trading says:

    Video says nothing much nor was it relevant to topic. There are other expenses that must be considered.

  29. The Kakkasserys says:

    Come to Qatar! Cost of living is way lesser than Dubai

  30. K Hadi says:

    Thank you so much! The info you provided were really useful! ?

  31. Huyền Lê says:

    hi, thanks for your sharing. I have some question about the price of water and electricity in Dubai. I read on the internet some news said that no matter how much per month you use water, each family paid only water is 13 dollars. Is that true?

  32. Gor Hayrapetyan says:

    Is 3000$ enough for family with a baby?

  33. rachid lasfar says:

    Best way to save money in dubai is to invest ur money in education .
    Will help you keep growing.
    But remember don't allow ur expenses to grow

  34. Oksy Vlogs says:


  35. Rodwell Mark says:

    Labour camps….So i ll need about 1 dollar a day.

  36. Valeriy TV says:

    I picked up her russian accent, who else did the same ? ?


    Mam thanks a lot for giving important information
    Your so beautiful mam
    And such nice person


    Hi mam
    My self SIDDHARTH
    I I am pharmacist
    I have complete 3 yers of experience as hospital pharmacist
    And I want to get jobs in dubai please suggest me the process

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