COMO DESARROLLAR TU POTENCIAL Y LOGRAR EXITO – John Lee Wealth Dragons – Lecciones Millonarias

COMO DESARROLLAR TU POTENCIAL Y LOGRAR EXITO – John Lee Wealth Dragons – Lecciones Millonarias

Tell me how many times in your life did you want
do something but you just thought that you didn’t have the potential to do it or
the skills to achieve it or that you simply are not capable today
we will correct this problem on the day of Today we enter the mind of John Lee
businessman writer speaker billionaire and the founding author of
Wealth Dragons let’s see what the concept is what does John Lee have about how
develop potential and how to achieve success eriksson
and his youthful youth tango voice stamped the change
let’s take this millionaire lesson let’s adapt jolie’s advice
from English to Spanish then to take it to spanish
we should see that finally potential is going to have four factors
important potential actions results and beliefs finally these
four factors will determine the success and success will be different in each
case because the first thing is to know what it is your success version what is it success
for you what do you want to achieve right now and suppose what
you want to achieve now be to increase your potential in the English language and is a
example that I love because I learned to speak english by myself i love to
education authority then for to better understand how this works
cycle let’s look at two cases one in which succeed in your goal and another in which
don’t achieve success in your mind then first case you don’t succeed in your
goal what’s up do you want to develop the potential you
question is how did I develop my potential in the English language then you know that
to implement your potential in the English language you have to start drinking
action you have to start talking you have to start reading you have to
start listening you have to start translate you have to use all
tools that are possible for you increase your potential and you know that yes
you don’t take action you won’t increase your potential
the problem is that when I want to start to take action
beliefs appear beliefs about myself appear and in
my mind starts to sound a voice that he says I would love to do it but not yet
I can I would love to talk but not yet I have the video I would love to read but
I still don’t understand then you know that you are beliefs are prevented from taking action and
pity really your potential decreases to your potential is more prevent than your
potential increase then let’s see what happens if because of
the beliefs you have you can’t take action if you don’t take action the results
What you get are negative results you get are negative and
here is a double frame because that is a crucial and essential point and let’s see it
better in the following case in which yes you succeed if you don’t take action no
you achieve results negative results that is, you see that your level does not increase
are you disappointed that results happen negatives influence and feed the
negative beliefs about you then when the results that
have those thoughts are negative that they had about your lack of potential
increase you start thinking even more about that you can’t in that you don’t have the
skill and you don’t have the knowledge and that you don’t have the
intelligence then you realize how you want
increase your potential but you can’t take action because you have beliefs
negative and by not taking action results are negative and when the
results are negative you will give realize that that will feed the
negative beliefs so in the end that is going to hurt even
plus your potential and will prevent even more than you can
increase your potential in English it’s just
let’s see in the same example the case hypothetical in which if you succeed
electrical then let’s see what it is that you want to ask the question is how
increase my potential as an increase to my potential let’s say you are to that
question do you want to increase your potential in the English language you want
start talking better you want to start understand more then you know that for
increase your potential have to take action and at that moment come the
beliefs and a voice in your head starts to tell you ok I would like to talk but still
I don’t have the skills I would like talk but I don’t like natural ground
talk i would like to read i would like to listen but i can’t at that moment
that you have the opportunity to send to devil to that negative thought or
send it to the devil tell him that takes simply ignore
you have the choice at that time is in that moment in which you can act that
you can say ok there is a lot of shit in my head and is telling me no
I do it but I will do it and you take action when you take action and take
action and you take massive action and you take the right action
you will undoubtedly start to see possible results even though things
in your head they tell you not to do only for the sake of ignoring
that voice of sending that voice to the devil and really take action are you going to get
positive results and here comes what good because once they get
positive results once you see that you are really making progress
What do you want to achieve then that will feed your
beliefs positively and they will changing your beliefs in some way is
say that little by little action after action result other results your beliefs
about yourself they will start to change and you’re going to start hearing voices
different then to achieve those beliefs
positive you will see that these factors and 19 messages consistently is
say you want to develop potentials they want to take action you hear voices
you hear voices that tell you don’t do it you’re going to fail is not enough
well the Roman estuaries to the devil and you decide to take action as a consequence
of the action obtains results positive positive results make
that those negative voices are still less frequent and don’t sound so loud
and even they are replaced by voices positive having confidence in you
the point is here you have to achieve results you have to start seeing
results and to do so they have to drink
you have to take action then you can even put it on another
case but let’s see it later then these are the four steps that are going to
determine success and believe me you have to be clear about your version
of success what is your version of success come on let’s see how we can apply
this because he personally what I want to do is apply it to my life and
also share it so you can apply it in your life nothing will happen
until you apply it you have to look for the way to apply it i’m very
grateful to have found this video on youtube by John Lee and this every
day I find an interesting video how this deal to put the nation tried
to put it into practice ok then personally my personal point of view
I would not focus here drone focus and here I would not focus so much just
focus and here I would work here in actions because I have shit in the
head they tell me don’t do it I have shit on my head that says no
try it you will fail then my work is
my work my personal opinion my I work here I have to wish
develop my potential then i’m going to hear those voices because I have
negative thoughts but I will look how to ignore them
send them to the devil and take action of anyway feel the fear but
do it anyway then once to take action
I will undoubtedly start to see results if I take the right action and
massive action then undoubtedly positive results businesswoman who
they will start changing my beliefs then this is where I would touch myself and
It is here that I ask you to focus in your actions I want every mini to
actions whenever you feel you don’t you will achieve every time you think not
you are not able is not enough smart handsome tall whatever you want
send it to the devil and aso anyway then I will put an example in my
case they chose that their development is a example for your specific case
I am currently focused on sales in High Ticket Closing then I know that
my potential limit without definition of success is that the potential i want
develop is high performer closer that’s the word high performer closer
opted and we could call it high ticket closing machine such a sales machine
that to achieve it I want to work here so I have
to achieve that potential I have to do 10 hours of roleplay a day it’s not always possible you can do it
so 10 role play per day what is can achieve first
I have to eliminate the breaks between road play and blows between practice and practice
I usually take a break for an hour doing other things but no no me
should I take full advantage video then I have to dedicate a
time also to the evaluation how am i going i’m getting better i really have to
evaluate what I would give I have to ask my practice partner to do an el
realistic customer that if not really feel the need to buy don’t
make and finally I have to make three sales
per day at least three sales per day that is a very good system
because there are people from all over the world so the hi ticket system is good
Austin that will increase your level of exponentially because every day
you are going to practice English sales in English and you won’t notice but your brain
start thinking in English and not anymore you have to think to say a word
and of course when you do it right when you apply the Greek program well
if it will give you a lot of profitability it is almost almost a dream then let’s see
that I have the results and I want to get is to wear on October 23
I want to have the interview with him influencer or with the company in which
we achieve and we both feel that it is a good relationship because I did that coaching
is not to put yourself in a lower place haiti what coaching is basically to understand that
both you and influence need support mutual then he
benefits from your skills sales and you benefit from the
opportunity to help help your customers and get commissions for them
then it’s October 23 and join have the meeting the interview the
conversation with the influence on the which we can discover that if you can
have a good chemistry and a good I work then on October 30
I want to make my first sale we call boom the first sale will start
on October 30 then I know that these two factors are not going to motivate much but
I don’t want to wait until October 23 and until October 30 to do my
first sale then I put what what I’m going to try on Wednesday is for
at least make three sales per day in the three sales practices per day which is
difficult because we are selling we are selling closers i’m a
closer that sells to another closer and sometimes the closer applies sales techniques of
closer that’s an interesting customer it’s a little harder to sell to a closer
so this is a bit complicated but this is the net three sales per way
starting today today I’m not going to sleep if I don’t have three sales today
that will increase my motivation so when I take these actions
my level or entrepreneur is going to start increase
I will see results I will feel better then that will generate some
beliefs the beliefs that I need the positive beliefs is gerardo I have to
understand that I am really helping someone to change your life my life changed
with the high tech program or you’re your life does not change when it continues to be the
same every time you buy a book every time
that you pay a program every time you do something different your life changes and if not
you take that risk that action had still the same then really
It is a help to be an exceptional seller make the client realize that
have to take action then that’s my plan I would like to know what is your
plan what is your plan to achieve is which it’s your plan to increase your potential
you have to have a plan you can’t just assume assimilate the
information by the way i’m going to leave you the zombie channel link for you to go
to this chapter so you go to this video and you can see it because believe me if it is
you don’t understand much english you can Spanish translation and there is no excuse
so you don’t go there is no excuse for don’t learn directly from him because
Well, what I discovered is that millionaires are millionaires for something
that is to say a doctor is a doctor for something because he underwent such a hard process
which allows you now to have the knowledge and skills to
cure you millionaires is the same they they underwent a process that believe me not
it’s so simple it’s complicated and apart good there are many things but the
millionaires are millionaires because they they submitted that process because they were
willing to pay the price for that they are millionaires then it would be great if
you will learn directly you can put the Spanish translations of the
Subtitle so I want to know what your example is
I want to know what you are going to do in your life to increase your
potential the first thing you have to know is what success do you want
achieve you want to increase your level of English
I want to increase my ideas of events this is a plan with dates with
hours then I want to know in your case Do you want to increase your level of English?
you want to lose weight you know you have have a plan to achieve it you have
that keep you evaluating in you every day that is, suppose you want to lower 30
kilos once you lose 30 kilos believe me you
you’re going to feel amazing that’s going to feed your beliefs in a way
positive but you can’t wait until lose 30 kilos
to start feeling good what you can do is evaluate each day how many
low kilos of how many grams you dropped with your balance every day you do your routine
your exercise your diet then at the end of the day you arrive
weights and you saw that you lowered a good end of you jog you don’t know that you went down in the middle
kilogram or whatever but you see that in a positive result that motivates you and you
give the energy to continue the point is that every time I heard the voice
negative do not listen to him I would tell you that you work in action listen to those
ignored voices take action take action massive takes correct action and that is going to
make them have the results I hope May this video help you but
I really hope you do something today to to take action

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