Color Of The Hands Tells A Lot About Your Personality And Wealth-Palmistry

Color Of The Hands Tells A Lot About Your Personality And Wealth-Palmistry

Welcome to another video on palmistry guys.Ever wondered why each and every one of us have different color of the hand??and what does it mean?? This happens because of the difference in the circulation of the blood in the body due to the different lifestyle adopted by each and every person which provides great insights about the personality traits and health of the person.Remember guys,it is not necessary that the color of the entire palm should be of one color.Sometimes particular mount or line is inflicted and this suggests the person is facing troubles due to the bad qualities associated with that particular mount or line in general. Hence it gives the clue to the person that he or she should work in that specific area to improve the situation. I suggest you to watch my video on the mounts found on the hand and the major lines in palmistry so that you can connect with this video and improve your life.Link is given in the video description in case you are interested. Let’s see the different color of the hand and its interpretation. If the color of the hand is red in color as shown denotes the person has got excessive energy,intensity and vitality in one’s day to day activities.Person with such hand is well built and has got the excess of physical energy and strength which has to be used constructively,otherwise he or she quickly loses temper and engages in a fight if things go against with what they have planned.Also the person easily get fatigued by using one’s mental energy due to the oversupply of blood in the brain which can affect the heart in the long run. If the color of the hand turns grey in color as shown indicates the person is going through a lot of struggles and obstacles in one’s life.The person is likely to face constant disappointments in the matter of wealth due to the bad luck and random decisions taken by the person.Also the grey color of the hand denotes the person might be a chain smoker and has got multiple health problems in his or her life.Same effect will follow if the color of the hand is muddy. If the color of the hand is green as shown indicates the person is jealous of others success and lacks self control over one’s emotions and desires in the life.It also indicates problems in the stomach related area and poor circulation of blood in the body If the color of the hand is blue as shown is a clear-cut indication that the person heart condition is very weak.Such person should immediately consult a doctor and take care of one’s health.It also makes the person quite depressive and dependent in nature. If the color of the hand turns yellow as shown indicates the person has a very sad and pessimistic approach towards life.Such kind of person is socially awkward in nature and always keeps finding fault in others.Also there are high chances of person might suffer from liver or bile related problems. If the color of the hand is white as shown indicates the person is cold,introverted and finds it difficult to trust someone easily.That is the reason why such person have few friends in his or her life.It also denotes that the person might be suffering from anemia where the blood becomes very thin which makes the overall color of the hand look quite pale. Among all the colors of the hand pink color is considered as the lucky color for the health and wealth of the person.Such person is energetic, enthusiastic and has a very positive outlook towards one’s life.The person easily gels well with other people making him or her quite friendly in nature. Overall person with a pink color hand is bound to be successful and wealthy in one’s career or business. Hope you guys are having a awesome day guys if you liked the video please hit the subscribe button and turn on the notification bell so that you will not miss my new uploads Don’t forget to share with your family and friends. thanks for watching


  1. vizz232 says:

    my hand color changes ..what does that mean

  2. yukta says:

    mine is pink but it's a very light pink so what does that mean?

  3. Sukrit TIWARI says:

    do really the colour of palm is green or blue

  4. umesh - says:

    my hand is not listed here

  5. Paul Pavelichenko says:

    Yes mine is pure pink

  6. Devendra Yadav says:

    Pink is mine

  7. Arsenia Cherry says:

    Thank you so much for the information my hands is pink

  8. Lil Chuco says:

    I’m red

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