Colombia sin petróleo

Colombia sin petróleo

Colombia without oil Until few months ago, the scenario of Colombia without oil wan’t a risk include in proyections. However, the fact that Ecopetrol is redirectin tis search for oil towards Gulf of Mexico, gives us an alarm signal. With only 6 years or oil reserves, Colombia should be thinking seriously in this scenario. However, we will not see here the traditional “Peak Oil” discussion, it is, when the oil ebbs away by the well’s depletion In an already published video, we showed precisely that a new vision on Peak Oil drives us to think on the demand depletion, . not on the offer depletion Let’s see how it coud be. As oil scenarios are measured in decades, not in years, oil prices considered for advance today an oil project will be those prevailing in 2020s and 2030s Which factors will model those prices? 1. CLIMATE CHANGE Talking about decades, and not about years, climate change is an unavoidable factor. Even a negationist must consider that in the following decades the policies will be against carbon emissions, even against the government will, as the case of U.S. is showing us, where the states will apply the policies that the federal government refuses to apply. For those who are not negationists, we should be expecting the catastrophic event that, in one or two decades, will put upside down the enviromental world policies. Like, the Gulf Stream’s change of direction or the melting of Artic permafrost and the consequent releasing of the methane conatained there, or the ocean’s acidification menacing the fisheries and marine life, or a catastrophic hurricane season, or the shift or Ross’ ice shelf, and the consequent increase of sea level, etc. in case of one or several of such events, the risk to foresee is that the World decides, sudendly, to toughen the objective, attempting to a limit even under 1,5º THE WORLD’S RESERVES


  1. pedro pablo M Montes says:

    Que chevre es el stop moshion

  2. Mar Monte says:

    …No voy a comprar carro, espero que diseñen una moto solar. Ahora sí las acciones 'ecológicas' dejan de ser un lujo de los románticos y se convierten en una necesidad de supervivencia y la viabilidad del mundo tecnológico. Si calentamos el planeta ¿podremos enfriarlo?

  3. Giovani Manchay Edison says:

    muy buen vídeo, Es una realidad que estamos viviendo, ya tenemos alerta por contaminación en las grandes ciudades, yo pienso que la electrificación del transporte dentro y entre ciudades es el camino más económico y viable que debemos seguir, tenemos la ventaja de contar con grandes recursos hidrícos para construir hidroeléctricas, que sí; generan un daño ambiental considerable , pero, yo prefiero ese daño a seguir respirando este aire que al final nos va a enfermar a todos. me gustaría llegar a ver una Colombia con trenes eléctricos interurbanos, BTR eléctricos y cero impuestos para carros eléctricos.

  4. jorge guaro guarin lozano says:

    Eso es mierda en colombia hay petroleo lo q no hay es quien lo descubra ecopetrol da pocos resultados

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