Clauneck Demon of Wealth – What You NEED To Know!

Clauneck Demon of Wealth – What You NEED To Know!

What you need to know about
Clauneck by Clauneck has power over wealth
and riches. He can reveal hidden treasures and he can give riches to those
that make a pact with him. He is also much appreciated
by Lucifer. Clauneck can bring money
into your life. Clauneck’s Planet is Mars
He loves the following stones: Garnet Bloodstone Carnelian
& Ruby His favorite colors are:
light green and red His day is Tuesday He likes
the metals bronze and brass When it comes to herbs
Clauneck prefers Pennyroyal Mugwort basil & cardamom while his favorite plants
are cacti and holly. His numbers are 4 and 16 Clauneck’s elements
are fire and water It’s better to call clauneck
during the day as he is a day demon. His animals are
the horse deer and wolf He likes dragonsblood incense Offerings that he appreciates
are alcohol wine and candles You can call him
by chanting Ahvalen Esen
Clauneck Kiar Clauneck has power over wealth
and he can reveal treasures. Lucifer loves Clauneck a lot and Clauneck respects
the one who respects him He controls
wealth & prosperity. Make a pact with him and he will
give you money and wealth.


  1. ryker Ink says:

    Awesome video, hail to king clauneck. Thanks you for this video.


    Hail clauneck !! ????

  3. TECHY says:

    Great Video !! Im Going to inovke him

  4. ryker Ink says:

    I been try my best to make a pact with king clauneck but have not get any sign yet, that doesn't mean I give up. I will continue try and try and try until king clauneck see my sincere for him. Hope then he will show me the way hail to king clauneck.

  5. Rodrigo Aspiazu says:

    Do I necessarily need to do a banishing and protective rite? Needlessly to say, does Clauneck also work at night; may I still use a yellow and white candle; and what other goetia higher, lesser and banishing rites for goetic tradition? Please help me I got no living being to guide me.

  6. Smanga Scooter says:

    I want to make a pact with Lord Clauneck please assist me to make a pact with him and the steps I should follow to pact with him

  7. Lilith Da’at says:

    2:04 ???? 2:53

  8. Mutirana Kornjaca says:

    I am interested in Clauneck but i did some ritual so nothing hapend then i read that you need to contact someone who has a pact with Clauneck to recommend you because he does not appear to everyone who summon him but today i heard something weird in my head It told me to come here and to contact you so please can you send me message on this [email protected]

  9. Arjkumar says:


  10. Kenan Gabela says:

    I need help with making packt with clauneck i try couple of times but not much of am answer .

  11. Dylan Frazier says:

    How dramatic ?

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