Chris Brown | The Rich Life | Most Impressive Car Collection 2019

Chris Brown | The Rich Life | Most Impressive Car Collection 2019

Chris Brown is probably one the best triple
threats Hollywood has seen in a long time, he can dance, act act and sing like nobody’s
business. He’s also a triple threat when it comes to
buying mansions in Hollywood. There is his main pad in Tarzana which he
bought for just under $4.5 Million just don’t come a knocking when the Chris Brown jams
are rocking. There is his party pad in the Hollywood Hills
worth $1.5 Million and a third location in Agoura Hills which is the one a crazed fan
broke into and written “I love you” all over the walls but according to Chris Brown
this kinda thing happens every week. Chris’s biggest obsession is owning luxury
cars, check out this garage tour he made for his bud Tyga. Each day Chris Brown has his choice between
a 1960 Orange Chevy Impala, a Porsche turbo, a Porsche Panamera, Bugatti Veyron, a Dodge
Viper SRT, a Lamborghini Aventador, two Lamborghini Gallardo, or The Rezvani Beast. Seriously, his garage, it’s like something
out of GTA5. He’s also reportedly dropped $350K on a Bullet
Proof SUV known as the Rezvani Tank. Aside from automobiles, Chris has also dropped
hundreds of thousands on private jets spending anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000 per trip
paying out of pocket but even then he’d get kicked off for misbehaving. Chris Brown is said to be one the most lavish
spenders in Hollywood I mean the dude has spent $1.5 Million dollars on a dog. The world most expensive dog to be exact a
Tibetan Mastiff and it appears he might of bought a second one to keep the first one
company. He don’t spend all the money on himself though,
his former manager has stated: Brown’s music video shoots often have exceeded
his record label’s budget and Brown has paid out-of-pocket for the additional costs. These were, at times, six-figure overages. Hes been in the game a long time and can act,
sing and dance anyones pants off including Drake ya’ll know I watched No Guidance. But it seems that at the end of the day Chris
Browns controversies have cut into his earnings. Just last week we did a The Rich Life on Drizzy
Drake who is sitting on $300 Million and quickly climbing his way to Billionaire statues while
most sources peg Chris Brown to be worth $50 Million dollars. It don’t mean he ain’t eating good but if
he didn’t have that bad boy image he’s be banking hard off of endorsement deals. He’s doing okay though and made some smart
investments early on, in fact he owns 14 fast food restaurants. Can you guess which franchise he’s invested his money into. Place your guesses in the comments down below
and I’ll answer that a little later in this video. What’s going on guys? It’s your boy Michael McCrudden documenting
the financial come up Chris Brown, here for you on The Rich Life… you guys requested
this video after we dropped last weeks banger on Drake. I got some DM’s with requests for Rick Ross,
DDG and CJ So Cool. You let me know who is next. Also, if you wanna support this channel and
join the Fame Gang you can do so by becoming a channel member or on our Patreon page, links
are in the description box down below. I ain’t trying to be Rich Rich like Chris
Brown but we could use the support. In return there tons of features for the fame
gang including having me make a Before They Were Famous video on you. Aright, let’s get into this video. Christopher Maurice Brown was born on the
May 5th 1989 in small town Tappahannock, Virginia with a population of just 2.5K. Chris was
from humble beginnings with his mom Joyce Hawkins, working at a daycare centre and his
father Clinton Brown working at a local prison. When Chris was young, he fell in love with
his parents music and the performance style of Michael Jackson and Usher and taught himself
to sing and dance. He would perform in his church choir and talent
shows in the local area. The family began to look for the opportunity
of a record deal and with kid bursting with charisma opportunities quickly came his way
signing to Jive Records and moving to New York. At 16, Chris released his debut album and
. had a Number #1 hit with “Run It!”. The album brought Chris two Grammy Award nominations
for Best New Artist and Best R&B Contemporary Album amongst countless others. Thus kicked off a career as a singer and actor
appearing in Stomp The Yard, The O.C. Amongst a bunch of other credits. Fresh faced boy wonder was even starting to
get some sponsorship deals teaming up with the likes of Wrigleys for Double Mint gum. Wrigleys dropped him following the Rihanna
fiasco. Chris Brown has released nine studio albums,
two of which have gone multi-platinum and he’s toured to support all of his albums to
really bulk up his bank account. His money ain’t just coming from performing
– he also put some of his money to work having bought 14 Burger King restaurants in
his home state of Virginia. In order to purchase a Burger King, it is
estimated that the buyer must pay at least $50,000 up front, and have a minimum of $1.5
million in net worth, not a bad deal for just $700 stacks. In 2007, Chris founded the record label CBE
Chris Brown Entertainment or Culture Beyond Your Evolution under Interscope Records. In 2012, he launched a clothing line called
Black Pyramid which is said to have done mighty well. Aright so now we know where his money is coming
from so now let’s take a look at what he spends it on. Kicking things off with his cribs. Chris Brown’s main pad is in Tarzana he bought
in 2015 for $4.35 Million. It has six bedrooms, and eight bathrooms,
a two-story foyer, a home theater with seating for 14, mahogany doors, stone and wood flooring,
and a master suite opening into its own balcony. There is a waterfall and salt water pool in
the backyard, along with a few fire pits. He’s converted the three car garage into storage
for his massive sneaker collection which he gave a tour to with Complex. When news headlines began reporting that Chris
Brown was disturbing his neighbours he took to Instagram stating: NO-ONE CAN EVER SAY ITS TOO HARD OR MY SITUATION
F*** UP AND WIN! The only thing they can’t take from you
is your will and YOUR SMILE!!!! SMILE MOTHERF***AH!! I LOVE YOU! “what neighbors”?? He’s made his house address public information
sharing it with the world when he called out Offset telling him to pull up. If you wanna go and check the place out you
wont be the first to do so, reportedly there are crazed fans showing up every week. Looks like the girl packed her DVD player
and everything… I actually looked at what the package is. Chick brought her Keyboard player thinking
they might collab which is hillarious! His Tarzana home is surrounded by 7 foot walls
and monitored by 16 security cameras so better luck next time. Other cribs include his high-contemporary
Hollywood Hills house which he bought in 2011 for $1,550,00 and tried to sell for $1.9 in
2013. It has a large garage door made of sheer glass,
as well as an entry elevator. Guests can ride the elevator to an open plan
living room and kitchen, with a sitting room across the way. It’s got three bedrooms, three bathrooms and
the master suite is in the penthouse that has
an doorless bathroom with a free-standing shower and tub. The home is fitted with solar roofing, a jacuzzi,
and a swimming pool. There’s also a guest house. Photos show that Brown graffitied both the
inside and the outside of the house. The neighbours claimed his graffiti frightened
their children. When Chris Brown is looking for a little privacy
there is also his Agoura Hills mansion which some sources say was a long term rental for
$15,500 a month. The home measures 6 Beds/6 Baths on 7,450
sqft on a total lot size of 2.26 acres built in 1987 and comes with a large salt-water
pool, spa, lighted N/S tennis court, off-street parking for 75+ cars, and a gatehouse leading
to the driveway and circular motor court. Nothing in the area Aright, let’s move onto his whips. For his 16th Birthday Chris Brown picked up
his first Lambo and hasn’t looked back since. His 1960 Chevy Impala fitted with some chromed
out rims and Hydraulic system is the only classic in his collections. Crusing through his instagram it appears he’s
parked his Rezvani Beast inside the house. He also told his fans that he plans on buying
the Batmobile, no cap but that has yet to happen. He’s got a Purple Rolls Royce he refers to
as Thanos. On his driveway you will also see his SV Roadster
he got pimped out in gold. Over the years he’s been spotted in almost
every luxury car you can imagine. He’s got his Lamborgini Aventador wrapped
in red and black camo. He was one of the first to get his hands on
a Bugatti Veyron. He’s got two porsches as well seen with a
Turbo and Panamera as well and he makes sure to pimp them out to give each of them their
own drip. He also has a thing for bikes and four wheelers
and boats. If it moves fast and looks good Chris Brown
has to have it. Who knows what he’s gonna buy next, by the
looks of things in this next clip he might be getting himself a UFO. Aright, I’m wrapping up this video here. My name is of course is Michael McCrudden
and this was The Rich Life of your boy Chris Brown.


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