(Child Tax Credit Rules 2018) Child Tax Credit Explained (How the Child Tax Credit Works)

(Child Tax Credit Rules 2018) Child Tax Credit Explained (How the Child Tax Credit Works)

welcome back to money and live TV my
name is Mike the CPA you all know my sidekick chipper in today’s video we are
gonna be discussing a very important tax topic and that topic is the child tax
credit we’re gonna be covering the child tax credit rules for 2017 so you guys
have a better understanding of how it works and we’re gonna be looking at some
of the changes to this credit for 2018 and at the end of this video we’re gonna
cover a couple key areas that I think you guys should really know about when
you’re trying to get this credit and before we dive right into this just real
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alright let’s go ahead and get started with this when it comes to complexity
the child tax your credit can actually be quite complex it’s no child to find
all the instructions that go with this credit all the forms and all the
worksheets I literally had this import chipper around the world and back!!! guys just so you know if something I say
in today’s video does not make sense or you’re unsure of something hey don’t
worry feel free to drop that question or comment down in that comment section
down below and I’ll be happy to get back to you let’s start with why this credit
might be important for you tonight to know about the child task her credit
will give you up to a $1000 credit per child so for each qualifying you child
you have that you can get the credit for it’s gonna cut a thousand dollars off
your tax bill and what’s great about credits is that they reduce your tax
liability dollar for dollars so for example let’s say your total tax for the
year on your 1040 is let’s say it’s five thousand dollars well if you get a
thousand dollar credit it’s gonna take immediately a thousand dollars off that
tax liability so it’s really nice now now I bet you’re wondering is the credit
refundable if some credits are refundable and some are not this one is
generally not refundable however I will say that if you qualify
for the additional child tax or credit you might be able to get a portion of
this credit refunded to you even if you owe no tax but most for most people even
if you can’t get it refunded it’s still very beneficial because it’s gonna like
I said they can reduce your tax liability dollar-for-dollar and
potentially all the way down to zero if you’re able to qualify for this credit
before we continue I just want to take a moment real quick to let you know that
I’ve put together a word document for you and you can download it completely
free in the description section of this video so just look right below the video
open that description section you’re gonna find a downloadable link to this
word document I’ve spent hours and I mean literally hours guys putting this
together for you and not it because it helps me and it will help you as well
and so there’s six pages worth of information that is gonna give you some
step-by-step guidelines of things to know about the child tax credit and
where to start when it comes to figuring out if you qualify for it or not
after a lot of research on this topic there’s three primary tests that you
need to really think about when determining if you’re gonna be eligible
for this credit or not the first test we need to look at is the adjusted gross
income test we need to know at what income level does our credit for this
child tax or credit start to phase out if you file your tax return married
filing joint for 2017 that income threshold is at a hundred ten thousand
if you file single or head of household for example your threshold would be at
seventy-five thousand and then if you filed marilene filing separate the
threshold is at fifty-five thousand in the word document I’ve included in the
description section of this video I give some examples of how the income
phase-out affects this credit but real quickly just so you guys know the way it
works and let’s pretend that we’re somebody who’s married filing joint and
let’s pretend your income is right at that beginning threshold amount of one
hundred ten thousand we know that the credit for 2017 we know
you can take $1,000 credit per child so the way this income phase-out works is
for every $1,000 you make above this amount if you’re finally married filing
joint in this case your credit gets reduced by $50 so if you make a couple
makes one hundred eleven thousand dollars then their maximum credit is
gonna be reduced to nine hundred fifty dollars if they make a hundred and
twelve thousand dollars then their maximum credit is gonna be reduced to
nine hundred dollars so keeps going down by fifty dollar increments every time
your income goes up a thousand dollars and that’s basically how that works when
it comes to the phase-out okay now now let’s go to test number two law so let’s
say your income is in the right range let’s say your income is low enough to
say okay my income my credits not going to be phased out now the next step is to
say okay what are the qualifying child tests the chart in order to qualify for
the child tax credit your child has to be under under the age of 17 if they’re
not you’re not gonna be able to get this credit in terms of who would count as a
qualifying child if you’re obviously your son or daughter right this is
somebody like your brother your sister it can be a stepbrother stepsister you
can even be a half-brother it could be a foster child and of course adopted
children count as well for this because they’re considered your children but it
can also be somebody who’s a descendant so if your let’s say you’re a
grandparent well it can be somebody like your your gran your grandchild or you
know grandson or granddaughter you could even be like a niece or nephew so those
are examples of some children who could qualify for this child tax credit the
next thing you and I need to ask ourselves did did this child the one
we’re trying to claim this credit on that they live with us for more than
half the year it’s very important that we know that now if they did not there
are some exceptions so if there’s a special custody arrangement between you
and your ex spouse or from a d4 if they’re coming from divorced parents
there are exceptions to that so you might still be able to count them as
living with you for more than half the year another example or another
exception I should say is if they are going to school or maybe
they’re away at school so maybe that’s why they’re not in your household so
those would not disqualify you from them living with you for more than half the
year so make sure to check out the publication 972 I’ve included a link to
that in this description section below this video but all the links that I’m in
all the instructions and whatnot are gonna be found in the sword document
there’s hyperlinks directly to these documents that can help you answer those
questions in detail ok that was number four on this document I put together now
number five can you claim them as a dependent on your tax return that’s
extremely important so if you cannot claim them as a dependent you’re not
gonna be able to get this child tax credit number six the child does not
file a joint return for the year or files that only to claim your refund of
withheld income tax or estimates paid so this is for somebody who maybe has a job
or maybe they’ve started to work really early in their life so as long as
they’re not filing a joint return you can still count them towards this child
tax or credit finally ladies and gentlemen we’ve made it to number seven
of the qualifying child test rules which is was the child you’re trying to claim
the credit on were they a US citizen are they a u.s. national are they a u.s.
resident alien so if you want more information on that I have information
in this document that I’m gonna provide you so just look there and there’s a
publication refers you to for that to find out more that’s publication 519 so
so really be looking at that if the child you’re trying to claim is not a US
citizen one last thing to mention on this real quick guys for each qualifying
child you must either check the box on form 1040 or Form 1040a line 6c column
four or form 1040 NR line 7c column four so make sure to when you’re looking at
that tax form make sure that box is checked whether you’re doing this on
paper or using software such as TurboTax or something like that and make sure
that that box is checked because that’s gonna indicate to the IRS that it that’s
a qualifying child and that they’re going to be able to potentially be
claimed or you’re gonna be able to potentially claim the qualifying child
taxpayer credit unfortunately in my professional opinion the IRS has made
this credit much more complicated than it needs to be and it leaves us scrambling to different
documents trying to figure out what form or worksheet need to fill out so for
step number three that I’ve listed in this Word document you we’re gonna now
determine what worksheet you need to use in order to calculate your child tax
credit amount so there are actually two primary child tax credit worksheets now
what you guys need to know is you only need to fill out one of them you just
need to know which one and where to go so let’s break this down there’s one in
the 1040 instructions so there’s if you file a Form 1040 a form 1040 a or a form
1040 and are there’s a child tax Care Credit worksheet in each one of those
instructions of each kind of those different tax forms the other place the
child tax credit form is found is in IRS Publication 972 now you don’t have to
worry about searching all this stuff guys because I’ve included it as a link
on the last page of this word document all of my links are shown right here
it’ll take you right to those instructions or to the publication
depending on where you’re trying to go let’s start with the publication because
that one’s not as intuitive as the others all right so we’re about to talk
about the worksheet in the publication 972 and listen to what I’m about to read
off to you and if this relates to you to your situation then you’re gonna need to
use the worksheet in the publication 972 if any of these apply to you so here we
go so you are claiming the adoption credit mortgage interest credit District
of Columbia first-time homebuyer credit or residential energy-efficient property
credit B you are excluding income from Puerto Rico or C you are filing form two
five five five two five five easy or 5/4 form five four six three oh my gosh
that’s a mouthful now if any of those things apply to you think you’re gonna
have to use the worksheet in publication 972 if none of those apply to you then
you’re gonna use the child tax credit worksheet that’s found in the
instructions so for example guys if you have
if you normally file a Form 1040 for your personal income taxes and you’re
trying to claim this child tax credit then you’re gonna go to the 1040
instructions it’s a PDF document and you’re gonna open it up and because I’ve
looked at this so much now I know that if you go straight to page 48 you’re
gonna find a child tax Care Credit worksheet and that’s the form I mean
that’s the worksheet that you’re gonna use to claim the credit if you guys have
any questions on those just let me know but that’s – how to determine which
child tasks Care Credit worksheet to use now remember you only have to use one of
them you just need to figure out which one applies to your tax situation now
it’s the fourth and final point so we’ve looked at our income limitations we
looked at the qualifying child tax credit rules we’ve determined which
worksheet to use and now the fourth step is to read the worksheet line by line by
line which I’m showing you on screen here this is the child tax credit
worksheet from the 1040 instructions so this is just one example now if you have
software which I highly recommend you prepare your taxes with software it’s
gonna save you a ton of time and it makes everything so much simpler but my
goal with this video is to help you understand how the child tax credit
works but it’s simple math guys just read it line by line and it will walk
you right through the calculation then that number once you in this example
using the 1040 instructions the worksheet found within the 1040
instructions that number is reported from the worksheet on to line 52 of form
1040 page 2 and I’ve shown all this stuff on screen because I’m a visual
person visuals are how I learn so that’s why I’m showing you visuals on-screen so
hopefully that helps hopefully that makes more sense of this but let me know
if you guys have questions on that now let’s talk about some of the changes
that are happening to the child tasks or credit in 2018 and there are some big
changes now the rules we just went over I probably gave you guys more
information than you need but if you understand the rules that the rules for
2018 are almost identical so the same rules are gonna apply but the amounts
for the credit are changing now for 2000 the child Tasker credit is $1,000 per
child right that’s what we mentioned a little bit earlier but for 2018 they’re
gonna bump up that credit to $2,000 per child which is a nice increase and it’s
really great because since personal exemption deductions are gonna be gone
this credit is gonna help offset that now your child for 2018 the qualifying
child still has those rules still apply and they still need to be under 17 years
of age for 2018 the refundable portion of the credit is now $1,400 which is
really nice but like I said earlier in the video if you remember me saying for
most people they’re not going to be able to get a refund from this credit but for
those who are gonna be able to qualify for the additional child tax or credit
you might be able to get a refund even if you own no tax at all up to $1400 so
make sure to let you know look into that and check it out now if you guys want me
to do a video on the additional child tax Care Credit which is actually tax
form I think it’s form 8812 then I can do a
video on that just let me know in the comment section down below
there’s a few other child tax credit changes for 2018 but the last one I
really want to point out to you guys which is it’s really exciting and very
I’m very happy they’re doing this is that they’re raising the phase-out
limitations for the credit to a much higher income level so if you remember
me saying for a single individual or head of household remember I said it was
like seventy five thousand was where the phase-out begins now they’re upping it
to two hundred thousand dollars and if your file married filing joint the
phase-out doesn’t begin until you’re at the four hundred thousand dollar income
brain which means starting at 18 2018 if this
credit is gonna become extremely helpful for a lot of people and that’s a huge
part of the reason I’m making this video guys is because so many more people may
be able to qualify for this credit than in the past a few things I wanted to
mention before we wrap up this video if you claim this credit on your tax return
and you base on your tax situation you still end up getting a refund overall
when you file your taxes your refund is likely gonna be delayed and it’s gonna
be the late anywhere from February 15th all the way to the end of February and
really the reason that is guys is because there is so much and I mean so
much fraud around this credit there are so many people trying to claim people
that they don’t even have and that’s what’s unfortunate so sadly the rest of
us have to wait for a refund because the IRS has to look very carefully at at
these peoples returns who are claiming this credit to make sure what they are
claiming is truly legitimate the next thing I want to talk to you guys about
is that there is a chance that you may not be able to claim this credit at all
whether it’s a child tax or credit or the initial child tax credit if you’re
caught trying to claim this credit with without the proper information if you
did not calculate things correctly the IRS is really looking strongly at this
guy’s SoDo not mess around with this only only trying to claim this credit if
you truly qualify for it because what they’ll do is if they see that you’ve
miscalculated something or that whether intentionally or not intentionally
they might disallow you to take this credit for the next two years even if
you would qualify so when you’re going through the worksheet and filling out
the forms for this credit whether on paper or using computer software such as
TurboTax make sure you’re doing it correctly make really read the form
really read it line by line to make sure your numbers correct now if they find if
the IRS determines that you’re trying to commit fraud with this credit well they
can disallow you this credit for over ten years so you really have to take
this seriously guys do not try to pull one over on the IRS they are really and
I mean really looking at this okay the next thing is if you have
children who have an ITIN number and not a social security number there’s special
rules around that so make sure to look in the word document and what I’ve done
is I’ve pulled information part of this word document I typed it myself and
other parts of it I’ve included information from websites and
information directly from the publication just so you guys know and
all of my links like I said are in the back page of this document so if you
have a child with an ITIN number look at that because there’s special rules if
your child does not have a social security number and you’re trying to
claim this credit NIC’s there may be an effect on your welfare benefits if
you’re somebody who receives welfare so make sure to download this word document
and check that out and last but not least guys I’ve included some examples
of how the income limitation works on within this word document and but we’ve
already covered it a little bit here on the white board so I’m not gonna go
further in detail about it but I just want to let you know I’ve included that
in this packet so you really can get a lot of value I think coming just by
downloading this word document I put together make sure I make sure to check
it out guys cuz it like I said it took me a few hours to sort this information
out and put this together in this packet for you so I hope you find it helpful
after watching this video if you have a question I did not answer are if there’s
something that you’re unsure about or maybe I could have explains it in a
different way do not hesitate to ask guys it’s fine just drop a comment in
the comment section down below and I’ll be sure to get back to you now right now
as many of you know I am a CPA in real life which means I’ve been doing taxes
now for over seven years roughly and so my schedules a little bit busy but give
me time that I will eventually get back to you with your question if you guys
liked the video make sure to let me know by hitting that like button down below
be sure to subscribe if you have not already because every single week on
this channel we produce new videos to help you with your personal finances
your investments taxes and so much more and guys feel free to share this
information with a friend especially somebody who has children who might be
able to qualify for the tax credit I think it would really benefit them and
it’s more important than ever that people know about this credit especially
starting in 2018 alright guys it has been a true pleasure and honor hanging
out with you here once again here on YouTube guys and it’s
much fun interacting with all of you I hope you found this information helpful
hope you learned a few things today I definitely learned a lot in the process
of putting together this video and the information and truly the golden part of
this video is truly the downloadable link to that Word document that I’ve put
together for you guys and it has all the links to all the different documents of
two publications to the 1040 instructions etc that you’re gonna need
including the form for the initial child haxor credit so be sure to check that
out guys I love you I hope you all have a fantastic week it’s springtime the
weather is beautiful where I live here in California and I hope wherever you
live the weather is nice too and I hope you’re able to get outside have some fun
and let’s get rid of this winter weather and enjoy some sunshine love you guys
have a great week bye


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    The only time you have to use the worksheets as if you are doing it online and it will automatically transfer the information from the worksheet into the 1040 once it has information about your income and children and Etc. However I don't do my taxes online. I'm a dinosaur who does them on paper and since those worksheets do not need to be submitted and I know that my income is low enough to get the full credit for each of my two grandsons I can simply put two grandsons with a total of $4,000. Worksheets are just worksheets to help you figure what goes on to the form that you have to send in. It's just as easy for me to write it on the form because you don't send in your worksheets. I have done my own taxes for 44 years and I do not trust companies that charged a Fortune just for someone who has easy taxes. When I was filing my dad's taxes after he died a few years ago I did have one question so stopped in at one of those places. While I was finding the answer myself I listened in on them helping a woman figure out that she owed a total of $7 to the IRS and she owed them a total of $250 for figuring her taxes for her. The last time I submitted taxes I had eight pages of documents to submit mainly due to all the W2s and there was no way I was going to have them charge me to fill out pages that have been so simple to fill out. I found when my dad and my uncle were having someone that they should have been itemizing for my uncle and they had not been so I made them do it over and that my dad should have received $200 as a retired civilian during the year or if not it was to be given as a refund or deducted from taxes. after looking through every bank statement he had I determined that he had never received the $200 and I had his tax preparer submit an amendment so that he could get $200 back in a refund. I'm sure I'm smart enough to figure out the new system regardless how stupid it appears to have to put something on a worksheet so that it transfers to a schedule and from there goes to your 1040 I can do that with my trusty old pen and pencil. I would predict that over 50% of people who filed their income taxes do not get back what they deserve. they do probably need to go get some help but it does worry me when I am afraid that where they go to get help is not going to do them right either. I am a skeptic and usually rightfully so.

  53. Julian yoeum says:

    If a child is incarcerated is there any provision that the parent can claim the child on their 2018 return?

  54. Kris says:

    Last year I claimed Head of household without claiming either of my 2 children…..because my ex wife runs and files before I do. This year I cant claim head of household unless I claim a dependent it looks like?

  55. Jesse Mitchell says:

    Bullshit it does not refund what you owe the government it automatically gives you $1000 for every one of those little fuckers that you have. Single people with no children worked her ass off and make $50-$75,000 a year average and have to pay all their money to the goddamn government to these fucking people that don’t even make five or $10,000 a year working at Little Caesars or Subway part time and still draw wic Food stamps and drawl a stupid check for them and their kids. And then they get $3500 for the first child and $1000 per child there after. It’s fucking bullshit. And it’s not my responsibility to take care of someone else’s child if you had the child it should be your responsibility to work and take care of that child not the federal government and not single peoplel

  56. Abu Mannocchi says:

    Yo what if you and her arent together but he stays with her but paid 50 %, but her side filing.

  57. DT123 says:

    Married filing separately? Still take this credit with 200k phaseout?

  58. YSLime CREW says:

    What if two people care one person?

  59. CHEA CHEA says:

    What about a W-2

  60. Debra James says:

    What if you have a child but you only receive veteran disability compensation and it is non taxed? Can you still file?

  61. Debo says:

    Useless this is for 2017

  62. Paul Santo says:

    I appreciate.your videos, in 2018 we filed jointly and I claimed my Disabled Adult Child(age 23) as a dependent and received a $500 tax credit. Is it possible for me to get the $2000 Child Tax Credit?

  63. Rick T says:

    U.S citizen living in canada filing on married filing separately , my child was born in canada but is also a u.s citizenship can i file child tax credit?

  64. La Bestia says:

    What can i do? i claiming my two little sister but i dont have proof that i been economics supporting them and know the ira asking for proof cause i put them that they was living with me more than 6 mothns what can i do

  65. Johnny Mendez says:

    What if the irs ask for documents about the child and you don’t have them what happens then can u go to jail

  66. Amy Wolf says:

    I want to try and increase my US Fed. tax refund. I file, married filing jointly, I and all children are US citizens( my wife is not but has an ITIN #). I live in Israel. I have 2 children under 17 eligible for the child tax credit and 1 child 19 who learns full time. My total income on line 6 is: $40,908. My taxable income from 1040 line 10 is: $15,518. Child tax credit on line 12a is: $1553. According to the Taxact software, I can get a refund of $817. I have not taken a deduction for living overseas more than 330 days or the deduction for foreign taxes paid of approx $1001.

  67. Vanessa Parisse says:

    I have a child she lived with me for 18 months, she was born in USA . she just turns 18 months old . But i send her in my country. Can I claim her on tax for 2019 tax ?

  68. multiSPEEDitUP says:

    This guy is a Dota2 player

  69. Anesia Smith says:

    Yes please do a video on the Additional Child Tax Credit

  70. Madison Hamilton says:

    How exactly do I figure out the tax tables and how to apply it

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