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chatbots are an incredible opportunity
businesses all need them because they want to outsource automate generate
leads and make more sales and chatbots are an awesome way to do that 24/7 hey
this is Daniella from beginners passive income and today we’re going to talk
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if you’re interested in learning more about how to make passive income online
or offline as a beginner we keep these videos as beginner friendly as possible
and today’s video is absolutely going to go in that sense so if you’re not a
developer this is still gonna be a very beginner friendly video I’m actually
going to build a chat bot with you today I have a website that’s called and that’s where I talk about how you can make money online with
e-commerce more specifically ecwid ecommerce and we’re going to be making a
chatbot for that website I know exactly people’s questions and
what they want to know when they’re thinking about using Ecwid ecommerce
and we’re gonna answer those questions with our chat bot and we’re gonna orient
them towards the right answers and the right resources that I have to offer
this is one way that you can make passive income online with a chat bot so
let’s just talk about your idea you might be thinking about making a chat
bot but you’re not sure where to begin and what it’s going to be for and all of
those things before you actually get started creating your chat bot you
should know how you’re going to monetize it and there’s lots of different ways
that you can do that here are some ways that you can monetize a chat bot first
of all you could create your chat bot and then sell it so you could create it
for a business for example you work with them build the chat bot and then sell it
to them you could also make the chat bot for free for that company and then
receive Commission’s on all of the sales that that chat bot generates so if
you’re more interested in passive income and income on the long term you could
negotiate something with a company that you’re working with to be able to make
Commission’s on all of the sales generated by that chat bot and that
could be extremely fruitful if you are in a good niche if you’re working with a
company that’s very successful and you generate a lot of leads with your chat
bot you could also create a chat bot to promote affiliate marketing items so
let’s say for example that chat bot is on a specific website that has to do
with electric scooters these are definitely very popular
and you are talking about different scooters on this site and then you were
for people to affiliate programs where they can learn more about these scooters
or purchase them and you can receive a commission on each sale that your
chatbot generates and the amazing thing is that this is 24/7 so you could be
making money while you sleep because your chat bot is generating
sales during the night you could use chat BOTS to bring people through a
funnel and to convert on a landing page so landing page is just a website page
that has very very very few links on it there’s usually just one action that
people can take on that page and that is probably an affiliate link or some
product or a lead generation you just want to take them through that funnel
your chat bot can take people through a funnel so that can be another way to
monetize your chat bot and every conversion you can get paid for it if
you made it for a company or if you made it for yourself you could also use chat
BOTS to conduct surveys so if you’re working with another company or you want
to do your own surveys to be able to generate sales then you can use your
chat bot to do that automatically you could also use chat BOTS to generate
leads so if you have a website about insurance and there are people on the
website and they interact with your chat bot you can generate leads and then
resell them to another company you could also use chat BOTS for advertising and
that can be of course affiliate links or other sponsored content another way that
you can make money with your chat bot is with e-commerce if you have various
ecommerce products you can sell and people are not sure which one they would
like they could use your chat bot to be able to have the better decision of what
product would be best for them and of course you could mix all of these
monetization strategies to be able to make more money the second thing you
want to think about before creating your chat bot is what industry interests you
if you don’t already have a website if you’re not currently working for someone
else you could probably have a look at what industry you want to get started in
if you’re not sure where you want to start head over to beginners passive
income comm slash chat BOTS we have a whole bunch of industries listed right
there for you the next thing you want to do is create a diagram of the
conversation so I have created the diagram of my conversation that the chat
BOTS gonna have with my traffic on my website and it’s really a just an image
of how I want to bring people down my you have to really think about what
people are thinking when they get to your website if it’s on the home page
what are they thinking about if it’s on a specific page on your site what else
could they be thinking about you definitely have to adapt the chatbot
depending on what pages they’re on on the website they might not be looking
for the same information or the same thing if they’re on one page whereas if
they’re on another page if they’re on the contact page for example or if
they’re on the home page so definitely keep these things in mind you want might
want to have different conversations depending on where they are on your
website and you want to map out your funnel because if you don’t know how
you’re gonna monetize and what the funnel is and the customer journey then
you’re gonna have a harder time creating your chat bot so if you’re working for
another company have these discussions with them before you get started to make
sure that you understand their business processes and the different questions
that customers can have then you can create your chat bot based on existing
technology I’m not a developer but I absolutely love chat BOTS and I have
created them in a tool called Tidio it’s a really cool tool it’s not too expensive
and it’s very easy to use for anyone who is new to this pipeDrive which is an
awesome sales tool also has a new chat bot feature there are a couple
limitations but it’s brand new and they’re currently improving it so check
it out if you’re already using PipeDrive that’s a great place to get
started also a couple other things that you could use of course is Facebook
Messenger and collect chat then you got to create your bot so I’m gonna jump
into tdo and have a look at how I’m gonna create my bot then I’m gonna add
it to my website and give it a try for a couple months we will
come back to this I will create another video and talk to you about how
successful my bot was in the future hit the like button if this video has
brought you value so far now we’re going to jump into a tdo tutorial all right so
the first thing we’re gonna do is head over to Tidio comm and sign up now if you
want to get there quickly use the link in the description below that is an
affiliate link I only recommend products that I actually use and love so if you
go through that link it’ll provide a commission if you decide to get a paid
account with Tidio thank you so much for helping us support this channel alright
once you’ve signed up to Tidio you will wind up in their onboarding module so
it’ll allow you to choose the image and the color of your
but I’m just gonna set this up really quickly these are just quick
configurations to help you set up your account and to help tdo provide you a
little bit more of a personalized experience in their back-end so I’m just
gonna customize my welcome message as you can see we have access to a whole
bunch of emojis which makes it more personalized
okay and one of the first things they asked you to do is install the code on
your website now tdo is extremely easy to install I use a plugin in WordPress
to be able to do this I’m just gonna copy paste that code to that section in
the backend of my website but if you’d like to learn how to setup tdo in
WordPress for example check out the video above it’s a tutorial video
directly from TD OHS youtube channel I’m just going to skip over this section
because there is some sensitive information of course in my WordPress
back-end so I’m just going to paste it and then activate it on my website and here we are now we’re in our tdo
dashboard and as you can see we have different steps in our onboarding
process install tdo chat widget set your offline hours the nd mode get the mobile
app etc etc so before I dive into setting everything up I just want to
show you guys the awesome chat features that are available in this backend so
we’re gonna go click rate on the triangle button in the left corner and
as you can see this is where we can create our first chat bot I’m just gonna
click on the options that are available just to show you what’s possible here we
have different triggers conditions or actions so if we click on the triggers
tab as you can see there’s lots of different things that we can do
depending on the initial action of the visitor so let’s say for example the
visitor arrives on the website for the very first time then you can provide a
personalized chats that brand new visitor so you know it’s someone who’s
never been on your website before you can also provide different conversations
depending on the page that they’re on this is very important if you have a
specific sales page on your website the chat conversation should probably be
different from your home page or from the pricing page for example so these
are different things that you can keep in mind in the conditions section we
have different types of information that are based on conditions so let’s say for
example they’re using a specific operating system the one that I’ve
already used in the past and that’s very important is language if your website is
currently bilingual this is a huge advantage of using tdo you can actually
configure the language or the chat that will happen depending on the person’s
browser language when the browser language of the person visiting your
site is French for example then you can have a french chat bot interact with
that audience it’s super important to provide the best language related user
experience possible so when someone’s on your website in French they expect to
see a chat in French and that’s absolutely something that’s possible to
configure with tdo and then if we have a look at actions we have lots of
different things that the chat bot can do for example it can provide a quick
decision or it can provide decision buttons if ever you have any questions
about what these things are you can just put your mouse on the question mark and
you’ll get all of the information that tdo provides you directly so for example
if you don’t know what the difference between a quick reply
and a decision button is just put your mouse on the question mark and you’ll
see that decision buttons always display where as quick decisions make the
previous reply disappear okay so I’m gonna make this very real now I’m
actually gonna create the chat bot that I wanted to make for my website – yellow
dye oh so I already drew everything out on paper I know exactly the interaction
that I’d like to have with my audience and it’s super important that you write
it out first because it’ll be much easier to create it in your chat bot
software after that so I’m just gonna create it and then I’ll explain
everything about how I set it up okay here we are back in our tdo back-end and
we’re gonna go click on our chat box and as you can see here I have updated the
chat bot that was initially available by default and here it is here is our chat
bot discussion now don’t feel overwhelmed by seeing this it’s actually
very very simple if you create this on paper before you make it in the software
you’ll know that it does exactly what you would like for it to do so let’s
just click here this is where things start what I do right away is tell my
audience that it’s a chat bot I don’t want them to think that I’m actually
interacting with them because they’re gonna start asking questions that don’t
go with the flow of the conversation one thing that’s really powerful and Tidio is
that you can actually jump on to the chat I’ll show you that later on but
right now I’m just want to show you the actual sequence of the automated chat
bot so I’m like hey I’m a chat bot deal isn’t on right now but I can help you
find the correct resources that you need on this website so that’s the first
thing that I introduced and then the first thing I ask them is if they’re
actually already using the solution that I talked about on my website and on my
YouTube videos and if the answer is no to that question I send them to a
webinar on YouTube that provides all of the information they need to know about
what the solution I talked about on my website is so I’m an Ecwid commerce
expert and I tell people how to get selling online with that tool Ecwid
commerce and in that video I explain how it’s different from the competition how
to set it up and get selling online quickly and easily then I put a delay of
30 seconds here just to make it a little bit more natural and then I tell them I
hope that this helped you out and if they have any more
questions they can contact me and then at the end I have a tag and we’ll see
what tags are later on but we can say that this conversation was someone who
went through the new user sequence you can name this tag whatever you would
like I decided it was going to be called new user okay so if we go through the
yes branch here I have different replies that people can enter and as you can see
here this is a decision button and the thing is with the decision buttons is
that they won’t disappear during the chat so if someone is like I want to try
to see what setup has or design they can go back to it and reenter act with this
chat I really like these cards there are lots of different things that Ecwid
commerce can integrate with and I have lots of different resources on my
website so I just provide people with a bunch of different choices if they want
to learn how to set up their store design usually CSS is an issue so that’s
something we cover here or they want to integrate their ecwid store with another
solution well they can go through these choices here and figure out how to add
it to their Facebook store create Instagram shopping drop ship print on
demand lots of different options that people usually ask me about and these
are all natural conversations and things that I already have with people these
are just usual questions that I’m asked so I’m just making a chatbot reply to
all those questions that I usually already have and all the answers are
available in my resources with the link so it’s super simple to just provide
them that information now of course it might not be what
they’re looking for and that’s okay after a 30 second delay I asked them if
they found what they were looking for and if the answer is no I tell them I
sorry I couldn’t help out as a chatbot of course and if they have any more
questions they can contact me directly same thing here if they found the
answers that they were looking for I tell them that’s awesome and if they
want to know anything else they can contact me directly as for design I send
them to my ebook so that’s to get a sale of course and that ebook is a huge time
saver for anyone who’s trying to design their ecwid store then I reused the same
branches and asked them if they found what they were looking for and then here
with regards to setup I send them to a page with a whole bunch of tutorials on
how to do things and then with a little delay I then send them a message that
asked them if they watched the same webinar that I talked about over here
and then we just closed off the conversation with a thank you they can
contact me directly if they’d like make sure to always have a call to action at
some point at the end of your conversations make sure to finish off
your conversations with something that gives them an action to take because if
you just finish it and close it off or if you don’t even finish your
conversations you don’t think about having an end chat it could be a little
bit unnatural let’s say you can also transfer it to the operator if you would
like so instead of choosing decision buttons you can have an operator and
embark on the chat and if we click here we can test out our chat bot so let’s go
test it out let’s see how it interacts all right here’s our first conversation
I’m going to separate these two windows and give you a view of what this looks
like I’m going to hit yes and see it take us
down this branch so let’s say we want to learn how to
integrate our online store because this card area is really cool so as you can
see here I have lots of different integration options if I wanted to learn
how to do Instagram shopping I would click here what we can do here is click
on the link and have it open in a new window and there we have it we have the
full Instagram shopping tutorial that’s available here but as you can see if I
wanted to continue the conversation and change it I can click on setup and learn
something else here it’ll send me to the course that I
have on my website so this section is super interesting to be able to test out
your chat bot it’s absolutely free you have a access to a sort of sandbox area
so it’s super practical to be able to test out your chat bot in this area to
make sure that all the conversations flow naturally I’m gonna be testing this
out for a week because we have a full free trial once we get started in tdo so
if we head back home you see that we have a full unlimited plan for seven
days so we pretty much have access to all of the awesome features that tdo
offers which is really cool so just to finish off with our chat bot sequence as
you can see it’s super easy to set up and interact with all you have to do is
click on actions drag and drop things and then you can connect parts together
and decide on what actions will be taken now a couple of limitations that I found
in the back end so far if I wanted to select an entire string of conversation
and copy-paste it I didn’t find a way to do that yet I also wanted to bulk move
things I like to for things to be very organized and I wasn’t able to drag and
select a whole bunch of different items so I I couldn’t select all of these
items and then drag and drop them to move them around other than that the
user interface is extremely easy to use it’s very simple you can actually just
copy/paste things directly like this and it will copy the item that you want to
copy you just have to do it multiple times so if I wanted to copy this string
I would have to do it like this for now and then connect everything together so
it’s still doable it’s not that complicated and it’s easy
for anyone who’s never made a chat bot before alright let’s have a look at a
couple of the awesome features that tdo provides first of all they’re setup an
onboarding looks amazing so I’d like to show you the visitors panel as you can
see I just activated the chat bot on my website and I already have a bunch of
information so this is my own test this is a test account but we already have
three people that are visiting the websites in different countries and I
could start a chat with them if I wanted to so I could directly embark on a chat
with them and I know exactly what pages they’ve already visited so I would have
a different conversation with them but if I clicked on it I can just go here
click on join conversation and I can start chatting with them right away as
you can see they’re still on the website because
they have a green button next to their name awesome let’s head over to contacts as
you can see these are different people who signed up if we go over to settings
and we click on integrations I set up the MailChimp integration it’s super
easy anyone who has already done this before it was exactly how to do it you
just add your information and you can connect it to the list that you would
like so anyone who would like to be able to send information to their CRM or the
pipedrive for example can use tdo to do that so just to finish off the backend
tour of tdo as you can see here there are a ton of awesome resources and I’d
like to show you one in particular it is this ebook here that is absolutely
amazing it is the twenty two chat bot ideas that you can set up in your tdo
backend definitely have a look at this resource it’s super interesting if
you’re in e-commerce or if you want to do any of the things that we talked
about previously in this video you can see how you can easily set them up and
have different interactions with your audience now this can give you some
ideas and different ways that you can set this up in your tdo backend not only
that is the resource super easy to understand they provide you the benefit
a use case and an example message it’s actually very easy and you can just
click on add from template and give it a try so definitely don’t forget to check
out that ebook it’s available right and your dashboard once you get started so
let’s just talk about some of the awesome features that we have here in TD
oh this was a test conversation that I had with myself but as you can see you
can actually view all of the pages that people visited on your website so you
can know exactly where they were on your site before you start interacting with
them and you can therefore adapt your conversation depending on where they are
on your site you can also add notes and tags
you could also further customize your chat bot if we go over to our settings
as you can see you can change the appearance you can change the sidebar if
you’d like to add one to your website right here like this people can click on
it and then start the chat and you can also connect it to your Facebook account
so that you can have everything automated within messenger so anyone who
wants to create Facebook messenger chat BOTS this is a great way to do it I
absolutely love to do as a solution it’s incredible for anyone who’s not a
programmer and wants to get started creating chat BOTS online may that beef
to monetize your audience or even for e-commerce it’s an incredible
opportunity to be able to interact with that audience that you worked so hard to
bring to your website or your Facebook page thanks so much for watching don’t
forget to hit the like button and subscribe to this channel

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