Cat Hacks To Save You Money

Cat Hacks To Save You Money


  1. Household Hacker says:

    Don't have a cat? No worries! We got Dog hacks covered too! 🐶🐶🐶

  2. Freya Dolch says:

    I am getting two 8 week old kittens a week from today. Any advice?? Really, please reply ur will be appreciated

  3. defective jem universe says:

    You should go to the dollar store

  4. Sopr4nas says:

    This guy really loves weed for cats.

  5. Katie Palmer says:

    imagine being able to pick up your cat without being attacked lol!

  6. PATRICK RYAN says:

    Well to have any hacks but how do you get rid of eat tacos my cat eats so fast

  7. Nate Hodges says:

    dont use pipe cleaner.. it can cut your cats mouth. Be logical people, lol

  8. ShadowZZZ says:

    intructions unclear
    too much catnip
    cat is high af now

  9. arasto 27 says:

    What is that paper anti static? Anyone know the name of product?and where is it to buy

  10. jackie says:

    my cats don’t like their cardboard scratcher for some reason ):

  11. Rain-dancer says:

    But not all cats react to catnip. It's dependent on the cat having a specific gene, most cats (around 70%) do possess the gene but the remaining 30% that don't, don't respond to it at all. I only found out because | tried catnip with my cat, he sniffed at it, then walked away completely indifferent, so I looked it up as up until then I though all cats went silly for the stuff, my normally shy quiet tabby cat before him went loopy if I used catnip with her, so I was surprised when Freddie couldn't care less.

  12. The Duke of the Skull says:

    Oh my goodness! I'm so glad that I came across this site! We can save a lot of money. 😀😀😀

  13. can can says:

    cat weed

  14. Random Rainbow Ashly says:

    First of all my cat hates cat nip

  15. Random Rainbow Ashly says:

    My cat's favorite toy is an egg Easter egg plastic of course I'm pretty sure he loves that dang egg more than he does me

  16. •Łuñar Møøñ Wøłf• says:

    Make sure to remove the handles of the paper bag before giving it to your cat because his/her head could get stuck and they could be strangled

  17. jaguar warrior says:

    you're killing me with these puns!

  18. KayJ says:

    Aww I have a grey and white kitten 🐱

  19. Golden A7 says:

    My fav was the litterbox my tow cats are messy even my bed has some litter on it 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  20. C & C Miller says:


  21. Misty_Haze says:

    My 2 cats don't like catnip, the only one that did died in 2016, is this normal or are they just odd

  22. Landon Dunn says:

    Guys he didn’t review the cat weed

  23. Dominique Gray says:

    Which litter do u use in the video?

  24. Akshay Parab says:

    So basically everything you make for your cat has catnip ✌🏻😸

  25. Vivi says:

    Cut the handles off the paper bag first. I once left my house to run errands and came back to find a huge mess and a cat who had gotten a handle stuck around her neck – and obviously ran around the house, scared, trying to get it off and knocking things over.

  26. kira the furry says:

    Pumkin is a berry not a vegetable but anyways great video

  27. Artistic says:

    cat weed

  28. Alicia Paleno says:

    Is this an episode of Extreme Cheapskates?

  29. Josh Manners says:

    5:39 he said "cat" instead of "cut"

  30. Zuzana Piroutkova says:

    This hacks actually are just danger to cat.. 🤦🏼‍♀️First and second=do if u want let kill your cat. Third pumpkin with dry food=your dryfood is just bowl of grain for few crowns.. At least feed your cat meat.. Next stupid hacks is not need to see🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️☝️u know nothing at all about cats.

  31. Bettina Orevil says:

    The diy litter box I am going to do

  32. David the Chimp says:

    Life hack …..just buy catnip

  33. Rebecca East says:

    IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ THIS FOR YOUR CAT'S SAFETY!!!!…… Regarding the very first hack in this video… If you use your own paper bags: If it has handles on it like the one in this video does CUT THEM OFF!!! My cat got herself stuck in one once!! It freaked her out so bad she shot through the house like a bullet, ran up the stairs and hid underneath my bed! I had to crawl underneath the bed to get her out and I had to cut the bag off her with her growling at me the whole time! She was traumatized for a good couple hours afterward.🙀 So please…. For the safety of your furbaby, always cut off the handles on any paper bag you're going to let your cat play in. 😺

  34. Dylan says:

    Video : Catnip everything
    Me : uh huh

  35. Leonardo Reyes says:

    Catnip this. Catnip that. CATNIP EVERYTHING!

  36. Susan Mayer says:

    Need to cut off the handles on the bag. They will get their head caught.

  37. Charlene Herrella says:

    Okay so the person made the cat scratch the scratcher. Where is the consent here?

  38. Noelle Roberts says:

    Pumpkin is a fruit they have seeds

  39. Evie and the Avocado says:

    i thought it was hacks from cats lol

  40. AlexXx says:

    2:11 "Healthy diet" — feeds a giant bowl of multicolored cheap trash food.

  41. Lolita [; says:

    I thought that was a McDonald's bag.. 😂😂😂

  42. gloria elton says:

    You might want to cut those handles off the bag so your cat doesn't get its head caught in them.

  43. BhánJawn says:

    As someone mentions below, cut the handles off that bag. I was unloading some groceries from a bag like that, had to step away for a moment – the bag was empty, I fold them up to reuse them – and before I got back, one of my kitties got his head through the handle, panicked when he couldn’t free himself & using cat logic, he ran all around trying to outrun the bag-monster chasing him. Catching him wasn’t easy.
    Also goggly eyes & jingle bells are choking hazards, for both cats and dogs (there have been people who learned this the tragic way, yet cat toys are still made with them, I don’t know why.) The eyes are just because we humans think their cute. I once had 8 cats at the same time & never had one that got excited over them anyway. And if you’ve ever had a dog and a cat, you know dogs have no respect for a ball being a cat ball.

  44. Donna LeeAh says:

    Cool idea on the cat litter box!!! Just saved me $$$$$ and I can design the door to any shape I prefer. Thinking mouse or bird as long as can can easily get in and litter not out.

  45. Galaplex says:

    I've a better idea…work at a pet supply warehouse, then you can get the expensive things for free and you get paid while doing it.

  46. Lps Jackson says:

    My cat doesn't have a reaction to cat nip 😂

  47. Amber says:

    Video shortened to 2 sec: literally put cat nip on everything. That's it.

  48. crypandora66 says:

    Only a few cats can pick up cat nip which is why some cats don't freak out like others

  49. NesQuick says:


    Hi, I wanted to share this with you guys, I’ve tried different kind of fur remover and this one is definitively the BEST so far! I think it’s called the “fur scrubber” definitively worth the bucks if you’re interested I bought it via their store!

  50. 10 kid says:

    I dont know why but my cats wont take catnip no matter what

  51. 10 kid says:

    Hairballs are actuly good for cats. it helps them get the hair out of their stomach after grooming themselves

  52. Vault Bean99 says:

    I love watching these videos… Even though I don't have a cat.

  53. Aaron Wanker says:

    With all the catnip suggestions in the video, you might as well grow your own! Catnip is in the mint family so it's easy to grow. I highly recommend using it fresh, but you can also hang it to dry and store over the winter.

  54. Ripossa Gucci says:

    What's the Catnip?

  55. simpliyvonne says:

    First video I have seen where I could use each tip , thank you !

  56. WrinkleinTime42 says:

    This video made me miss my Demon Baby :’) She’s the sassiest cuddliest grey tabby girl ( who always has her gloves and boots on because she is a lady!) and I miss her so much! Now I know how to spoil her when I move back home! 😂

  57. Danielle Perschau says:

    Please take the handles off the bags! Cats can easily wrap them around their throats! Especially kittens

  58. Deo Pratama says:

    My cat will :" naaaah i dont need this". My cat doesnt like catnip

  59. Pugspunny says:



  60. Joshua Ferguson says:

    What the hell is catnip

  61. mini mac says:

    Your catnip is called Cat Weed 😹

  62. Random Person says:

    I love cats 🙂

  63. Andy says:

    These are great! I watched your dog video too. They're such good ideas.

  64. Jay Kim says:

    Does anyone know what kind of cat this is?? I just rescued a kitten I found behind a fence and it looks like this cat!

  65. ImAHumanAswell says:

    What if I live in Russia?

  66. Free Animals says:

    My two biggest suggestions are and having cats for over 30 years and working with animals for 15 years, if you use a paper bag that has wire handles on it, clip them so there is no loop. This way your cat cannot get stuck inside the loop. That happened with my very first cat I ever had that was born in 1986. Also be careful if you use pipe cleaners because they have wires in them. My suggestion would be not to use them. Trust me. Your cat will not care if you don't.

  67. The troll SS says:

    So obvious. Wow thanks. Your a savant

  68. 상상속의 고양이 imaginary cat says:

    유용한 정보 감사

  69. Jisung Hyung101 says:

    Catnip is always the answer😂

  70. sangeetha naik says:

    Before doing all these you should buy a cat🐈😂😂

  71. Ghady Khalil says:

    3:26 "how about making your own out of Tupperware"
    *Moms having a heart attack in the background

  72. Susanne Steele says:

    A damp hand will clean hair off cloths too.

  73. Hellga Vampenstein says:

    4:44 omg where did You buy that Chinchilla shirt???? 😍

  74. Nicola & Mika says:

    Take a cardboard box, pull an old t-shirt over it with the neck whole at the box' open side and use tape or yarn to fixate the fabric to the box and to hide the t-shirt's arms. Et voilà – a wonderful cat cave.
    And you can also use an old sock, stuff it with an old t-shirt and some catnip and you've got a perfect kick toy. I attached a string to it, it's one of my kitten's favourite toys. I use it whenever he wants to roughhouse with me. I uploaded a video of him playing with it if you're interested, so cute.

  75. Janice Wyatt says:


  76. Jossy Beth says:

    Glad I stumbled upon this vid cuz I just made a sock toy for my boy and he's loving it! <3

  77. Jens Ackou says:

    Don't need cat toys anymore.
    Mine find zipties all over the place, all the time.

  78. K PØPTART says:

    Where’s the catnip dealer?

  79. Sue Brurell says:

    My cat doesn’t care for spray catnip

  80. Laila Chakey says:

    This dude sounds hella cheap

  81. Fiona Knockel says:

    I have the same shirt looks like I'm not the only one who's chin chillin

  82. Cow man ! says:

    Catnip additive

  83. Something Went Wrong Tap To Retry says:

    Pro tip

    Dont have a cat

  84. BritishTeaBagZ says:

    What do you do if catnip terrifies your cat? (my cat is very anxious and gets spooked by catnip and dreamies treats)

  85. Ladymusicc says:

    I like the cat liter box idea. And a lot of these toy ideas and bomb!

  86. Olly - ROBLOX says:

    My cat is just obsessed with plastic bags!

  87. Madihah Zulkifli says:

    my first time watching a diy that's useful and genuine. love the cat 💟

  88. Lorraine Nesbitt says:

    Cut the handles off the shopping bag!

  89. Debra Murphy says:

    Thank you my kids will love the new ideas mom is cheap

  90. Amberbabee says:

    I work at an SPCA if you don’t have a kitty stop by and ask to foster! You can keep them however long you want and the kitties get to stretch their legs and get some extra love and attention! 😊💕

  91. Lori Vasconcellos says:

    Loved the havks, tho the "privacy" argument to use a closed litter box has been debunked ages ago… Each cat has a preference and it can change with age or if your cat is sick, it might not have the strength to jump into and out of a litter box like that….

  92. J Rodriguez says:

    I have 2 fur babies and instead of have a tower I have carpet on the bottom of my door. That way they can scratch that and not my couch. Also, it takes less space.

  93. Azaz Bhubon says:

    A bullshit video with lots of catnip… 😒

  94. Madeline Harper says:

    Wood pellets are the best litter (cheaper and smells better!)

  95. Zoey Kelly says:

    My cat eats the dryer sheets, or at least tries to. Is that normal?

  96. Matt S says:

    Wife comes out “wtf your cutting up all our stuff!!!” What did I tell you Bob!!!!🤣

  97. Layla Gorman says:

    "Just like you and me cats love a variety of toys"

  98. Jenny Rose Ramirez says:

    Our cats don't like shallow litters.

  99. murigi carolyn says:

    I didn't know cats do weed,, what's worse is we feed our cravings the same way,, peanut butter and cereals👀👀🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  100. {} says:

    You should but better cat food.

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