1. Lechiffresix six says:

    those eyebrows tho !

  2. An Gry says:

    Honestly, if CNN can't see the injustice in the Japanese system that was described by Ghosn, then they might as well just start praising Chinese Communist Party.

    People shouldn’t have to adapt this meet the truth halfway kinda approach.
    CEO spending is one thing, but
    Right to speedy trial should be guaranteed by the juridical system, prosecutors should be interested in the truth and presumption of innocence should be respected.

    These should be the foundations from which everything else is build.

  3. Kurush Seyfaddini says:

    i like this guy

  4. Tay Reid says:

    Carlos Ghosn is doing what is right for himself and his family – to clear his name and expose the outrageous and unfair legal practice in Japan.

  5. Jamie Murphy says:

    Personally, this story would make a decent movie about a former CEO escaping from the country officials are chasing. Good interview, Richard Quest!

  6. Sam Sam says:

    Shittiest questions ever.

    The journalist looks likes all he knows about the subject is the music case.

  7. Buttercookie Cinnamini says:

    I never heard of this man before. Isn't this a Marky Mark movie? He's fascinating because he has no regrets. Sincerely.

  8. Thomas Smith says:

    New movie : Ghosn With the Wind !

  9. Helder Pinto says:

    Where can we see the full interview?

  10. FN Panda says:

    Now he is CARLOS GONE

  11. spilledgrits06 says:

    He looks like Mr Beans brother. 😂

  12. wolf blitzer says:

    They should call him the ghost instead of ghosn 😂

  13. ro pro says:

    Lol, what a dick.

  14. ro pro says:

    His comparisons to escaping Vietnam and North Korea are laughable.

  15. Abu says:

    Japanese are racist, corrupt, am glad he left and he is free

  16. kiDkiDkiD12 says:

    Good on him he escaped injustice!

  17. Cor Kalom says:

    Turkey stays behind Japan.

  18. stronghold stronghold says:

    Japan has a corrupt justice system. We need to put massive sanction on them and consider probably another nuke on them.

  19. Per Andersson says:

    Of course you can pick laws to some extent. The problem is when there are questions, and if there are questions, you are not guilty until proven guilty. The japanese system seems to say people are guilty while other free people when there are uncertainties.

  20. AS 21 says:

    We, Japanese, are very interested in this case, and also wonder how he got away from Jp

  21. Amir Al Shorafa says:

    Why is everybody obsessed with this guy ?!!!

  22. Goran Vukovic says:

    You made a mistake by giving an interview to CNN, Carlos. That network provides cover to the dirtiest corporatist, spying, bureaucratic, and criminal operations. Notice, not one word of criticism of the Japanese government. They have no sympathy for you Carlos. Jeff Zucker just wants your story to boost the sagging ratings.

  23. macpower72 says:

    He's the best CEO in the world , prime minister Malaysia is worse mother fucker of all time

  24. DadeReamer says:

    % criminal cases prosecuted 0.6 * Conviction rate 0.99 = 0.594
    % criminal cases prosecuted 0.75 * Conviction rate 0.80 = 0.6
    A very simple math.

  25. Donny Jouling says:

    Freedom, no matter how it happen. they are all sweet.

  26. bluewater says:

    Japan is not developed country

  27. Patrick Z says:

    Clearly a genius. I like Japan after been traveled there 20 times, but I can't live there for more than two weeks.

  28. Keen Floye says:

    Why didn't you ask him how many times he jumped in and out of the instrumental huge box during his time from Japan to Beirut.,, Once the plane left ground in Japan, I am sure he jumped out of it for the first time? No, the security cameras speak different. Very little time he needed to spend his time in the box. Power struggle within a giant company. Im a Japanese and I always respect Carlos Ghosn. We don't believe 100% politics within our country. I know Carlos Ghosn wanted to express and convey a msg to us within his press conference (to all non political citizens) wtf politics. I hate it so much. Please tell us what really happened. We don't want to jump to any conclusion other than proven guilty but seeing this the truth maybe be manipulated. First time seeing the prosecutors face on tv today. Ass shit old shrivaled dried fruitcake. He's old!! Wtf? Nobody else wanted to take on this task within the prosecutors office but left everything for the old to handle its situation. poor guy. Why he chooses fame beyond resigning and with his compensation live happily with his family until he meets humans equal fate. naked we are born and naked we leave. dumb ass

  29. zwr9ne0fh8pk4bt635245 says:


  30. DESERT FOX says:

    His eyebrow is always angry

  31. el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz says:

    Japan is Hell with lipstick

  32. The daily note says:

    Mr Carlos Gone

  33. Mat King says:

    How about Death threats imposed on airline company if they didn’t take him away?
    Without phone & pc, how he could manage collecting info & agents to escape?

  34. Bob Sabra says:

    I am happy and proud that Carlos Ghosn f**ked the Japanese prosecutors and escaped the horrendous injustice and fled the country. They were setting him up for slow death, and he turned the tables on them.

  35. Augusto Sandig says:

    ghosn is right about japan's justice system, to make the long story short, take a look at japan's abduction of foreigner's children, how they treat a foreigner, japanese base their judgment/decision on hearsay rather than looking at the evidence#FACTS

  36. el malan malan says:

    I live in Japan and I feel soo happy for mister ghosn. The japanese system is so brutal they don't practice justice. The whole world needs to know about this.

  37. tompparaideri says:

    What an idiot. Maybe don't brake the law in the first place.

  38. luk3k says:

    Great interview, Richard does the stellar job and Ghosn is a great conversationalist

  39. Santiago Li says:

    fuck CNN, dont you know body language? can't you see this man is telling the truth.

  40. Dominique Ko says:

    A week ago I hated this guy for no apparent reason. Now I'm fascinated by him.
    I would have done the same in his position.

  41. wahab m says:

    boss!!! actually by this escape he proved that he is an exceptional man!

  42. Euclaz Barlad says:

    Chess's Lost Soul, Bobby Fischer, was Held in Tokyo

  43. Patrick Gifford says:

    Carlos 'the boss "

  44. Min Hock Loh says:

    Carlos Ghosn deserves justice…quite right so !

  45. Pierre Daher says:

    Turkey and Japan justice system is the same WWII SS justice system..!to judge a leader a big chief a politician a president consists in putting in the balance on one side all that he does good and on the other all the bad he causes and thereafter to check honestly if he deserves to be kept in position or to be dismissed, but when we know that of all the corrupt chiefs in japan only Ghosn and Kelly were put in prison makes us wonder where is the true justice of the just people of Japan?.

  46. Ghia S says:

    He was charged with bogus allegations!! He was a hostage, I believe! He was arrested from a collusion between his enemies in Nissan and the prosecutors in Japan, I really believe this. I feel for him when he said “i was not escaping justice but fleeing from injustice.”.

  47. tellit teller says:

    Ghosn is a world treasure, economically speaking.


    99% That's the average conviction rate in japan,communism in eastern europe had lower rates then that, lets not gloss over the fact that the Japanese manufacturer Takata made KNOWINGLY Bad functioning Airbags for more then 10 million cars and 15 different manufacturers, They did not spend a Day in Jail because they were Japanese.

  49. akiru bamiru says:

    You made my day mister Ghosn!

  50. FPVREVIEWS says:

    He is a cool cat

  51. Karim Lamrani says:

    Breaking news ( not hoax) ❗️❗️❗️ Lebanon government 🇱🇧 put a ban for him to leave Lebanon and took his passport hmmmm ……the guy brought Nissan from the dead and make them make billions of $ and escaped Tokyo in day light …. seems it will be hard for him to escape Lebanon … 🙂

  52. Irwan Santoso says:

    No wonder he's the CEO of Nissan Renault. To pull off something like this is no ordinary feat.

  53. Diba Kim says:

    Me Carlitos please use China or North Korea for your examples Vietnam has changed a lot.

  54. Jordy Hare says:

    This guy is literally now a hero in the eyes of the world !
    Japan has literally lost everything they had on the back of an absurd and fairly criminal-archaic behaviour and they have initiated the situation themselves.
    No human beings will look at Japanese citizens in the same way as before any longer.
    Their authorities have ruined their own people and culture ´s reputation. Are their leaders going to commit suicide / hara-kiri?
    The real question is why on earth they have done something so stupid and suicidal?
    Unless that this was just the historical occasion where they simply showed their true face to the world without being even self conscious of who they were.
    There will be a History of Japan Before Ghosn and after Ghosn

  55. Eri Angelino says:

    I am still wondering how he did it for Japanese prosecutors are extremely meticulous and shrewd in handling the suspects.

  56. Rothschild says:

    Hollywood movie in the making

  57. Kata Khresis says:

    Japanese government has zero credibility where justice is concerned. It can't even issue an unequivocal apology for the crimes and atrocities of ww2. It's imperial family were complicit in these crimes.

  58. N. Ozdemir says:

    Carlos spent more than 15 million dolors for his great escape .Interviewer asked cost of the fleeing from a Japan . Money makes everything possible. Japan has best technology in the world, but Carlos slipped through.

  59. Gunnar Larsson says:


  60. STRIX GAMING says:

    Aman escape jail to see his wife

  61. Ernesto Ybarra says:

    CNN Business: America has turned its back on big department stores! Let's hope America turns its back on CNN! 💃😲

  62. adil mae says:

    now companies will fight for this guy he's obviously genius looking to how he escaped

  63. Jim Taylor says:

    The conviction rate in Japan is 99.2 per cent

  64. Andy Tan says:

    He wanted to merge Nissan under Renault, just like how Audi was under VW.

    The Japanese can’t accept that idea and plot this against him.

    If it had not been for him, Nissan was history long ago.

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