1. richard wilmot Ph.D says:

    POTUS Candidate Peter Buttigeig was on CNN describng his 'husband' & what a good "father" he would be. I guess that makes Peter a wife. So does that mean he will be the first female President of the United States?
    With this in mind, Peter, as a wife, have you ever wanted to wear a dress, have a baby or feel your husband deep inside of you… your gastrointestinal tract?

  2. Chewy1yum2yum says:

    Who gives a ef about celebrity donors? If you're an actress or actor you're not looking for corporate loop holes, you're just trying to slander him.

  3. Knut Holt says:

    At least you can say one good thing about Trump. He saved USA and the World from having Hillary Clinton there as a marionette for a shadow leadership by Obama which himself is a marionette from an emerging global dictatorship..

  4. April the Cat Esquire says:

    Harris is finished and Mayor Pete – I like the guy, very smart and clean with his replies but he`s far too green to take the Dem nod… The rest of that field should all be throwing themselves behind Bernie… Even Joe should get on the Bernie Band-Wagon!!

  5. MF Jake says:

    Donate to Andrew Yang at yang2020.com! He’s one of the very few campaigns to not host these corporate dinners and only have an average donation of $24 (the cheapest in the field)!

  6. dennis coates says:

    This communist piece of shit terrorist pig queer will never be president

  7. apepjones1 says:

    The media and DNC plan a Buttigeig blitz heading into the debates . Expect some heavy promotion. It’s going to be obvious favoritism and over the top love fest . The sheeple will buy it , hook, line, and sinker. Mayor Pete will have pre-planned soundbites ready to tee-up in debate. They will play them endlessly after debate and swoon 24/7. It will be unbearable to watch if you know the manipulative nature behind it.

  8. jack b says:

    Little Petey is a globo-homo educated, trained, and selected by the oligarchy, to sell the American economy to China. Little Petey is the oligarch's choice to sodomize American workers. He supports open borders immigration, driving down American wages and ethnically cleansing native born American white and black populations. Little Petey is the candidate of the globalist elites who own the media and offer sexual liberation in exchange for economic slavery.

  9. Jacko Here says:

    Warren is also propped up by big money donors.
    Bernie / Tulsi (even if TYT don't like her) are the people's candidates.
    Hell is it time TYT gave Tulsi credit for knee capping Kamala's campaign?

  10. jbgrooves says:

    What are you proposing you let Trump win because he can outspend the dems 10 to 1? Don't let your idealism always make you a loser.
    Work toward achieving this, instead of being the champion of your own defeat.
    Ban ALL private funds from federal elections and campaigns. 
    Limit length of time for campaigning. 
    Make voter registration automatic and permanent upon issuance of a social security card. Save the USA.

  11. David M1952 says:

    – Pete has the least personal wealth out of the entire pool of candidates.
    – Pete had $25,000 and 3 employees until April. Seriously. That was 4 months ago.
    – The Pete campaign took money from a lobbyist bundler early on in the campaign, was criticized for it, and returned the money 4 days later, and vowed not to accept money from lobbyists for the rest of the campaign.
    – Warren and Sanders took "big money" during their Senate races, and whatever they didn't use, they put into a war chest that they rolled into their primary campaigns. So Warren and Sanders both have "big money" in this race. Warren started with $12 million, and Sanders with $13 million.
    – Warren used big money to build her email list. Her campaign solicited a wealthy Silicon Valley physician, Karla Jurvetson to donate $100,000 to the DNC to help Warren's campaign pay for the voter database. Something she pledged not to do. But the campaign said that "she" didn't do it, her campaign did, so she didn't break the pledge.
    – Warren has already admitted that she will take big money in the general if she wins the primary, which shows that the money thing is just a stunt to get progressives on her side. If big money comes with strings, why would those strings be any different if the money is taken now vs in 12 months?
    – Pete has taken money from 23 billionaires. Billionaires have the same cap ($2800) as everyone else, so that's $64,400 (max) out of $25 million. That's 0.2% from billionaires, and 99.8% from people like you or me.
    – Pete, like other candidates, does not get money "from corporations," but many of his (like those of others) contributors, of course, are employees of corporations. Again, no one can give a candidate more than $2800, billionaire, millionaire or hundred-aire.
    — You say we need a "New Deal style of government." If you were to give Buttigieg more than a passing glance, you'd understand this is exactly what he is planning. His ideas are as progressive as anyone else's, just some are more practical and better thought out.
    — Please stop acting like a woman who finds out that the ideal man she falls in love with is not only married, but gay! The only thing that should matter is who has the vision, intelligence, and practicality to take us out of the abyss and where we need to go!
    (Most of this used with blanket permission from the author).

  12. Chuy Rodas says:

    So if you fundraise you're basically corrupt right.

  13. BB Wolfe says:

    This is a lie. Look into the facts. The Buttigieg campaign is transparent.

  14. Kenneth Blacksimus says:

    TYT obviously hates LGBTs!!! What, not ready for a gay president?

  15. walter chaffee says:

    Also please check the commenters profiles. Note the really negative ones are mostly from anonymous accounts that have no history and were probably generated by computer. This is a good example of the cyber attacks that our country is going to have to become sophisticated enough to look through and discard

  16. MrLeooreo says:

    Pete it does not impress me that you’re getting money from the big donors that just means you owe them big favors and that means The people can go to hell that’s what you’re saying Pete so you’re not gonna make it that’s the bottom line

  17. MrLeooreo says:

    Kamala Harris a total fake she won’t look out for one person in this country only for self

  18. David Richardson says:

    Pete Buttigieg reminds me of the guy with the white shirt and blue tie with the orange torches, directing foot traffic during the Disneyland fireworks ?

  19. Al Obaidius says:

    Being gay means being sick both mentally and psychologically. Does a gay guy have the mental fitness to be a president? Answer is no!!!

  20. David Richardson says:

    Pete and kamala are neither smart nor talented. They are grossly overrated.

  21. Epona says:

    This is snarkiness passing itself off as analysis. Why is the the producer of Hamilton a major tell? Geez. You people don't like Harris or Buttigieg so you think this woman is brilliant. You're just agreeing with yourself.

  22. kwayne64 says:

    I was a regular TYT viewer up until about a week ago. Used to watch your vids daily but after seeing your trend of bashing Democrats who don't fully agree with your approach, I'm afraid you guys are in the process of doing a better job of depressing Democratic turnout than the Russian bots did last time. I plan to vote Dem no matter who gets the nomination but it looks like you guys would prefer for Trump to win if you don't get your preferred candidate. If Trump is reelected and gets to replace RBG, you can kiss any possibility of real progressive change in this country goodbye for at least 3 decades. I hope you guys come to realize how self defeating your approach to this thing is.

  23. KenjiAzurai says:

    no offense but didnt you and the stupid young turks voted for hillary and not bernie? in 2016 lol ??? because i didnt fucking vote at all both canidates were useless btw im a bernie supporter

  24. Aiden W says:

    You forgot 1 main thing, the DNC is rigged!

  25. cobraracer46 says:

    ??? Fuck Pete Buttigieg!

  26. John Dwyer says:

    Lets face it, it was bound to happen. Mega, filthy rich donors are looking for the democratic Trojan horse to send in who will look good to the masses on the outside but in reality be there to protect the interest of big money. So far it is Bernie and Elizabeth who are for the people. Biden is owned by corporations and so are many other centrists.

  27. Cosmo Spacemonkey says:

    Love it how white entitled people like this woman tells the rest of us how we can’t afford to be pragmatic. A pseudo intellectual drowning in her own ideological purity.

  28. Alas. Dies. Laughing says:

    I wish Emma and TYT would call out Warren's support of Israel shelling Gaza schools and AIPAC. Or how she said she would take corporate cash. Don't think they will though because of that 20 million they accepted. Money ruins everything.

  29. Timothy Ouellette says:

    TYT has gotten some really sarcastic, holier than though bitches now?

  30. Abraham Campos says:

    I completely forgot he was running

  31. Star Child says:

    Emma do you agree with Hasan? Do you believe Americans deserved to die on 9/11?

  32. Guillermo Gerban says:

    He is better than Biden, and realistically the Democratic base is not going to vote for Sanders. The votes of the young generations was not enough last time to elect Sanders, and will most likely not be enough this time.

  33. mark haas says:

    Mayor Pete Buttigieg authorized creating fake I.D.s for illegals so they could access welfare and other services in his city. Send his booty to the slammer.

  34. StealieSteve says:

    So proud of Emma ?

  35. StealieSteve says:

    Nothing "Funny Girl" about Zionist Streisand ?

  36. crackerxxx says:

    everytime this faggot speaks all i see is him wiping the cum off his chin before he takes the stage. America wont ever elect a queer

  37. ttystikk rocks says:

    Pete has his hands full with South Bend. In fact, he should be spending more time there instead of an egoistical quest for the Presidency- the citizens there deserve no less than his best effort.

  38. Baby Teano says:

    I love Pete, I'll vote for Pete than Traitor looney Trump. My first choices are Sanders and Warren of course.

  39. Jj Pj says:

    I don't see what's wrong with raising money through rich people, maybe they like him and have offered to raise funding for his campaign. Why is that whenever you talk about pete it's always negative , because the truth is he is a good person and is trying to help his people . It's always people like you that are blinded by hatred. You don't try to see the other side because you are judgemental and prefer to stay that way .

    And just because he is raising money through rich people doesn't mean that he is bad . Don't talk about someone until u know them. You have been just judging him based on the news . I bet didn't even try to know him . So do keep your mouth shut.

  40. Frank Migliozzi says:

    He won't leave his friends behind !!!

  41. Frank Jastremski says:

    Follow the money or go home.???

  42. Ken Kunz says:

    In short, Mayor Pete sucks.

  43. apepjones1 says:

    Is says alot that none of the front runners are calling out the ridiculous debate criteria. That would show true leadership. Bernie, Warren, Biden who will be the first to mention it? So far none of them. If they cant speak out against the DNC, how effective can they be as a commander in chief? SMH

  44. apepjones1 says:

    Too bad TYT spends half of their time smearing the only reasonable candidates in the primary. If they would have started out doing one on one comparisons, they would see how foolish they have been. But since they have been ordered to promote “Speaking Bull” Warren by their corporate handlers, they will now smear every other candidate.

  45. apepjones1 says:

    Im sure Warren will make “a statement” AFTER Tulsi is screwed out of the debates about how unfair the process was. Just like Standing Rock

  46. Jack Fortunati says:

    Wow Emma is fierce

  47. Wolfgang VonHeilman says:

    Pete 2020 because I'm with her…..no wait…stronger together….hmm, pokemon go to the polls? So many options.

  48. bones007able says:

    The guy couldn't run South Bend without controversy … and you him to run the country? …. ah no thanks

  49. discipleofsakura says:

    Mayor Pete is a greeting card running for president.

  50. Jill Herzog says:

    Bye bye Pete you didn't have a chance anyways!

  51. lugano1999 says:

    By continue to bash all Democratic candidates not named Sanders, and if Bernie doesn't get the nomination, you will end up suppressing the Democratic vote as happened in 2016 and give us another 4 years of Trump with untold damage to our country. Please put country over ideological purity; stop doing Putin's bidding. And please turn your fire onto Trump!

  52. Sten Johansen says:

    Emma, how do you REALLY feel?

  53. Reischa Parker says:

    Sorry, I still like him.

  54. Dennis Janda says:

    Pete's secret agenda is to fire all Black Police Chiefs by e-mail..Just Sayin' !!

  55. Robert McGlynn says:

    What exactly does it mean to be a “talented politician”? In entertainment, “talent” refers to being gifted in the art of acting, directing, writing, etc. Judgment can be made as to their "talent" by their actual work. The only thing I can think of as an equivalent in politics would be enacting effective policies, legislation or regulations, in other words governing. Just how would that apply to either Harris or Mayor Pete? The only thing they seem to be adept at is spreading bullsh*t. Oh… and fundraising from big money donors.

  56. patrick scholten says:


  57. * 9/11 DANCING ISRAEL'S* says:

    Mic drop !!! Good job Emma

  58. JAYJAYJAY53 says:

    I would never vote for Alfred E. Neumann . He represents business as usual . I wish there was a third party . I am still a Bernie bro as Queen Hillary put it .

  59. FootysMaXeD says:

    Enough razzle dazzle. Enough platitudes of hope and change. The time is now: take action to elect peoples' representatives, not the oligarchs.

  60. Josie says:

    Silicon Valley is the new 'ol boys club'.

  61. Julie Morrison says:


  62. Jeff Willoughby says:

    You CANNOT be a viable, credible candidate and at the same time, be a turn off to the Black community at large. The MSM may love Buttigieg, but he does not seriously have a chance of winning.

  63. scott bowling says:


  64. scott bowling says:


  65. Karen Padecky says:

    I don't care.. I like Pete Buttigieg.. He has to compete..

  66. Jay Pearson says:

    I'm VERY impressed with Pete Buttigieg. Bernie has a great plan to raise money too.

  67. Guan Cho Li says:


  68. Mitchel Evans says:

    Being gay obviously doesn’t make you a progressive.

  69. Ryan Scarola says:

    Fuck off TYT! Just a branch of the Sanders campaign. Does he pay you to do these hit pieces? ??

  70. J Ward says:

    Pete connects with folks up and down the line. Deal with it.

  71. Rob Brown says:

    A piece on Pete Buttigieg. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzRFYYcWzMA

  72. Rob Brown says:

    What happens to the money after Buttigieg drops out?

  73. Cole Bauman says:

    Why are we using neoliberal as an insult these days? It originates from moving government owned means of production into the free market. I don't understand

  74. Kryojenix says:

    I know I'm getting distracted, but Q: what's better than Emma snarky right into the camera? A: Emma snarky right into the camera casually from a sofa…
    Great reporting as always.

  75. Dirg Ramsey says:

    How did it happen?

  76. Arushi Singhal says:

    I love you!!! Even though I kind of disagree with you about India.

  77. Gregulator says:

    If Emma hadn't ran a attack campaign against Tulsi Gabbard I could take her seriously.

  78. Sơn Hồ says:

    He's not a good politician at all. He can't even govern a small town with the population of 1/6th needed to be a Congressional District.

  79. Parmesan Stark says:

    People still defend him saying he’s a no name senator. He has to take more money. Bullsh*t!

  80. USA in the UK says:

    Cuz Barbra Streisand and Gweneth Paltrow are going to lobby for???

  81. Kaitlin B says:

    I think it’s important to note that Pete came into this race with virtually no name recognition or money, both of which the far left candidates had! Obviously he had ground to make up.They’re all great candidates and one will be our nominee, so I don’t see the point in this verbiage.

  82. Matthew Lind says:

    I question sometimes if blogs like this are funded by republicans because of the amount of poorly aimed damage they do to the democratic cause. That 4:07 seconds of my life could’ve been better spent reminding us that Flint still doesn’t have clean water and Russia is STILL interfering with our democracy. #knowyourrealenemies #wearebetterthenthis

  83. Eaclid Phoenix says:

    This is the first video I have seen for this station. Very good, I intent on seeing more. I support anyone who can see through the garbage and seek the truth.

  84. Nathan Fielure says:

    http://scottsantens.com/basic-income-faq #GoogleAndrewYang

  85. Old Major says:

    Pete is CIA, for sure.

  86. David Bowersox says:

    This is so false, Pete isn't taking PAC money or lobbyist money. He's low in the polls and yes, needs more money to increase his name recognition because that's his worst attribute currently. Sorry a candidate with no recognition can't be a Puritan like Bernie and reject funds and expect to catch up in the election. I wish you could name just one credible way without outraising and outspending other candidates. CEOs arguably have the most at stake in this coming election and as much as some may not like it corporations have to be about to succeed for anyone to prosper. It doesn't mean he's easy on the wealthy, he's called for a wealth tax, a more progressive income tax, a transactions tax for stock trading, stopping corporations from robbing their workers blind, increasing union employment, and so much more if you just check any of his videos or his issues page. On tech, I think he's the only candidate that has called for the right to be forgotten from these mega corporations that sell our data for advertisement.

  87. Wander Full Life says:

    I'm sure you meant "malarkey." Voters save us all!

  88. Azfun6 says:

    He goes Hillary…. really bad choice Little Peter….. you should just go away, learn how to run your town properly before you try to get in the big leagues again.

  89. wmsmithtaekwon says:

    "We want policies…" PERIOD. NUFF SAID. Excellent job!!!

  90. free2express08 says:

    I hear you. I still love Buttigieg for being someone who will remain dedicated to our troops and would be great for repairing international relationships. I think his experience with the police shooting and the way he help heal his community is what our country needs with respect to excessive police force and gun safety laws.

  91. Radagast Brown says:

    Your bold hypocritical ignorance infuriates me but Pete Buttigieg is bad news!

    Why are they ignoring his bigotry?

    What's this have to do with Hillary Clinton?

    Is Hillary Clinton running for president?
    Or are you still feeling guilty for her loss?

  92. Radagast Brown says:

    "The stakes are very high. …".

    Everybody to the left of Trump thinks they alone have the plan to beat him.
    He is the most beatable president ever.

  93. Political Talk says:

    "The stakes are very high, I don't have time for these shenanigans". Then maybe focus SOME of your reporting on the issues and not further dividing the Democratic party on itself with identity politics nonsense and lose us an election AGAIN. #FoodForThought

  94. bc azur says:

    This mayor should be investigated to see his participation in voter id corruption

  95. James White says:

    Primaries haven't even started and the little weasel is already bought and paid for.

  96. JAYJAYJAY53 says:

    I listen to all the shady things that some of these candidates pull and I realize just how much they depend on an uninformed and ignorant voters .

  97. Skinnymarks says:

    Knew he was a sneeple.

  98. Patrick NEZ says:

    When I see the bit about Gwyneth and Aniston supporting Buttigieg, I have to wonder, are they just thick and uninformed, and actually think they're supporting a good candidate. Or are they legit corrupt Hollywood jerks, that are just perpetuating corruption. I don't wanna believe that Rachel from friends is even more soulless than her signature character was.. but..

  99. Hamcat Jones says:

    I love you Emma!

  100. Monica M says:

    The large number of Pete critics in the comments just proves that ya'll are threatened because he's gaining ground. So the more you critique the better I feel about my first choice in Mayor Pete. He's got growing support among progressives, rural folks, the industrial Midwest, the coastal liberal wealthy elites, the religious left, veterans, young adults, people with college debt, unions, academics, LGBT, pro-choice, small business owners, farmers, Green New Dealers, people who voted for Obama then voted for Trump. He's in it to win it. He would take President Bone Spurs to preschool in a debate.

    Emma, it's the first time I've seen your commentary and I have to say your critique is knee jerk. Invite him on our show so you can ask him all the hard questions and then judge him from there.

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