Business Genius Donald Trump Thinks Your 409K Could Be Up 90% | All In | MSNBC

Business Genius Donald Trump Thinks Your 409K Could Be Up 90% | All In | MSNBC


  1. Sosume 1 says:

    This isn't journalism, it's just junky talking points. Fake News.

  2. rabooey says:

    Just remember folks, 40% of this country admire this stupid orange turd. If not for them we might actually make some progress.

  3. Manuela Costa Lima says:

    If Trump's a business genius, then I'm definitely the King of Siam.

  4. SAINT 65 says:

    "A Very Stable Genius"

  5. Dark Rainbow says:

    I use M1 and get my dividends in small numbers of pennies.

  6. Nazz Me says:

    I'm surprised he found the right hole to make children!!! The Orange Turd and his Turdees MUST GO!!!๐Ÿ’

  7. james carson says:

    Put some LOCTITE on his loose screws.

  8. james carson says:

    Where's trump University?

  9. JOHN DOE says:

    My 409K is in great shape hahahahahahahahahah

  10. Dave Lee says:

    A stable genius who bankrupts casinos say what

  11. ruth depew says:

    Stupid me, I put all my money in a 407K.

  12. bxr2k1 says:

    You know…'Idiocracy' was supposed to be a *parody*…not a *blueprint*.

  13. aquatak says:

    Those men wearing helmets and cowboy hats standing around?Just to remind somobody is even more stupid?

  14. Courtney Lynn says:

    Everybody says it… other words Dump says it.

  15. Paul Tomlin says:

    Vote blue! Get rid of the genius.

  16. Tessa Rossa says:

    Please wake me up with he's over.

  17. Shoutoutyachty says:

    Why so many dems in this comment section? ๐Ÿ˜‚

  18. Tessa Rossa says:

    A fetid dungpig rolling in his own excrement

  19. Lino Leos says:

    5 time bankrupt charity thief brilliant mind

  20. Ted Cameron says:

    btw at the end you pronounced it incorrectly. It is spoken Ham-bur-Ders no g. Please don't show the same things as trump when poking the lunatic in the room please :~)

  21. MVVpro says:

    Trump is also a genius at looking at the sun. He is the only president who knew to look straight into it.

  22. Andrew Brent says:

    Jesus H Christ. Now I remember why I don't listen to Trump anymore. Cringeworthy incompetence in the Oval Office. And the nitwits standing around him chuckling like he's funny. Shameful.

  23. hoptoithymie says:

    Could we PLEASE put this man out of his/our misery in NOVEMBER…this clown show has got to STOP!

  24. Brisn Doty says:

    i donated all the profits from my 409k to the survivors of the Bowling Green massacre (yes Kelly Ann we still remember that bone head statement)

  25. Samurai Jack says:

    One person brought up a good point on this article when it broke. "The 1 and the 9 are on opposite sides of the keyboard" That tells you something

  26. Steve Stecko says:

    trump should be impeached on this alone…

  27. the walkin dude says:

    I love my 409k! It's just like my 401k, only cleaner!
    Trump is literally making the planet dumber every day.

  28. Shawn Mueller says:

    That moron couldn't pass a high school economics exam.

  29. Douglas K. Young says:

    He bankrupted a bloody casino! He thinks buying something for a dollar and selling it for two is economic growth. That's inflation. And if it was purchased by either party using massive debt from a bank now allowed under Trump to have paltry reserves, then the alleged thriving economy is an economic bubble, most likely to burst and deflate. Wharton School gained a reputation well 'after' Trump is 'claimed' to have attended there. Since Trump doesn't understand basics from Economics 101 any observer should be suspicious of his degree in economics. And an increase in Mindless McJobs is trivial because none will advance the economy in adapting to the future in any robust way. Trump is 'functionally illiterate' on any subject where reading simple summaries and reviews is required. Instead he lies, and looks for those who believe him, essentially as prospective victims. He has 'bet the farm' on one simple tactic, 'self-monitorring'. Essentially this is observing what the person believes from observation of others how they must present themselves to get the outcome they are trying to manipulate, and changing their persona accordingly. In the 1960's they were called 'plastic people'. Even with this simple tactic he is losing control. He resorts merely to seeking conditions for extortion or coercion, or spends great effort at justification, blame and denial. Such patterns are expected in crack-heads and other full-time drug addicts. Among heads of state he is a 'laughing stock' and sadly every American is so tainted now too.

  30. J MARTIN says:

    Dunning-Kruger effect

  31. Andrew Mitchell says:

    And he is only going to get stupider.

  32. You says:

    he's that great he only been bankrupt 6 times there you go even bill gates hasn't been bankrupt yet, what you doing wrong bill may be you should give the genius a call and ask Donny what's your doing wrong

  33. NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia says:

    He's such a Street Hustler who accidentally join the millionaires Club, thanks To George Trump.

  34. NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia says:

    Evil-engelicals must be Proud of thier chosen one

  35. NO-ORWELLIAN Dystopia says:

    Gotta love it when He makes his RepubliCON's clowns looking dumb and dumber by the day

  36. Stewie Griffin says:

    The great Satan should be worshipped and adored in order to fulfill the Bible. For he is the antihistamine and the Antichrist.

  37. Russ Martin says:

    Formula 409, lots of it, is going to be needed to disinfect the white house if they dont just burn it and start over

  38. Apythia Mara says:

    I love how even regular news casting has become sarcastic and pithy because they can't talk about Trump without mockery.

  39. Mรกire Walton says:

    Anything he touches, shrivels and dies! Whatever he recommends, go the other way! Heโ€™s got a Jesus Complex. Just waiting for him to walk on water…..

  40. Celtic Batman says:

    I want to know his FICO score so bad. Only thing lower were his SATs

  41. Thando Mokoena says:

    Is it just me or does the title sound sarcastic ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  42. meredith jones says:

    He is such a tool.

  43. Shin says:

    Well played @atrupar

  44. Dawn Silverstone says:

    This is a country not a company……

  45. Yolanda Creag says:

    409k what a genius heโ€™s a Fool

  46. Will we Ever change says:

    You big dummy.

  47. Tammohawk says:

    What he's doing with those "letters" is called mnemonics. It's what you teach kids who have difficulty remembering things. I know, I was once one of those kids. That's one reason I know it so well. The second reason, I used to teach it to kids. No genius' either. lol

  48. Billy Bloggs says:

    Thanks for getting Trump easily re-elected in 2020

  49. Robert Rodgers says:

    Treasonous Trump and ALL of his enablers, from Moscow Mitch to Fox's Talking Heads, belong in PRISON for the rest of their anti-American lives!
    Lock them up!
    Lock them up!
    Lock them up!

  50. E. G. says:


  51. mary humphreys says:

    TRUMP is a Bankruptcy KING don't pay nothing

  52. Susi Q says:

    You say marketing genius….I say con man and world class liar

  53. Hoops Kevinski says:

    #TimApple was THE dumbest [lie] of All-Time, but he's trying to best it.

    Typo? They're opposite ends of all keyboards!

  54. Hoops Kevinski says:

    When you got $2.5 billion from SugarDaddy DeutscheBank, (via Russia?) $400 mil from BioDaddy, and your net worth is… $2.8!

  55. donnie henderson says:

    MS NBC this is why Fox News is number one and your ratings are dropping. The pretentious , Nasty and Extremely biased way your commentators come off is souring to The stomach. Who is the genius who thought bringing up a typo was smart? Why do you think normal every day blue-collar workers watch fox?

  56. Hoops Kevinski says:

    The #TrumpU Salesman is so bad, he kept constantly repeating his ONLY trade/jobs solution was a big… TAX, when the media had anointed him "Tough on Trade" without mentioning it at all!

    At least he had the "salesmanship" to pretend China pays it.
    Not that he needed it; he had his supporters at "rapists & murderers".

  57. hubert chibuye says:

    Just another hater on TV, who are fooling? Rveryone knows what he's done in just 3 yrs. Your TV station is useless and we all know whom it supports, Democrats period. Keep dreaming when he win in 2020 your network will be bankrupt.

  58. Allen Williams says:

    Nothing better than a little TDS relief. He got a digit wrong. in a tweet. WE MUST IMPEACH .

  59. Some Person says:

    Is that why I've seen Trump Trolls use ridiculous numbers lately? I'm pretty sure he's paying bot farms to run disinformation…

  60. Panzer Blitz says:

    "business genius" ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ Serial killer clowns would make matter businessmen than him.

  61. jannmutube says:

    Chris, —- > NATO stands for North American Treaty Organization. What is Trump suggesting… a middle-east treaty organization combined with NATO? Trickle-down economics is a bubble-and-bust agenda that is exponentially increasing the division in wealth. This president needs to be removed before anything worse happens.

    —- > The Trump-GOP economic agenda is not rejuvenating U.S. owned industry and is opening the door to foreign owned industry in the U.S. Trump signed an executive order to bring foreign multi-national corporations here.ย 
    … โ€œThe Domestic Production Activity Deduction (DPAD) is [also] eliminated in the new tax law. This deduction was very beneficial to small businesses that were doing domestic production,โ€
    ย  Google: Take It Or Leave It: How The New Tax Plan Impacts Small Businesses (forbes, Mar 24, 2018)
    ย  President Trump Signs Section 201 Actions /watch?v=Zvv9unQ87eY ย 

    — > The economy isn't going to survive the hoarding of large amounts of money that reduces cash flow and consumer demand (spending capacity). The only "genius" is that the division of wealth is growing exponentially and that automatic bank bailouts (designed by former Economic Advisor, Gary Cohn) have hidden the problem.

    The risk amount for automatic bank bailouts was increased. Instead of phasing out the bank bailouts, it's costing taxpayers millions of dollars to provide automatic bank bailouts. The CBO says the financial deregulation of the Trump Administration has put us at risk of another financial crisis.
    Google: CBO Warns Bipartisan Bank Bill Heightens Risk of Financial Crisis Photo: Natacha Pisarenko/AP (theintercept)


  62. KRONOS 1957 says:

    That orange moron couldn't manage a snowball stand.

  63. Suomy Nona says:

    Delusional Donnie's fantasy 409K might be up 90% but in the real world the Dow has had a rather disappointing 8% increase in the last two years ever since Trump's signature economic policies, his tax cut and his tariffs, took effect. Obama produced a 15% increase over the same time period during his second term.

  64. KRONOS 1957 says:

    Donald J. Trump. "J" for Jenius

  65. User 9 says:

    I voted twice for Hussein Obama and I voted for Trump ! I'll stay with Trump! And the democrats talk about abuse of power yet they do it every day? The democrats are acting like dictators and if they ever get back in power OMG we will lose are country forever not to mention our constitution! Dems seems to be practising Dictatorship… I just watched MSNBC. I'm convinced MSNBC does not report the political news. I believe they make it up to suit their hatred of President Trump and then pat themselves on their backs at how righteous they are. What a disappointment in people who are simply supposed to report the news and not twist it.ย ย DEMS don't care about the facts, wake up America Democrat socialist dreamer party are mad that America is doing good the best in American history ever because they want poverty Democrat socialist dreamer party want to keep you in poverty America is now seeing this they've done nothing but spread racism to divide our country! Dems are prime example of abuse of power.

  66. Ima Farmer says:

    409 K , sounds like what Massey Harris would have named the first Steam Tractor. If you wish to learn the truth of what Wharton professor Kelly thought of trump. trump

  67. Jon Drexhage says:

    No, heโ€™s a moron and a complete wast of time.

  68. Tom Cat says:

    Awwwโ€ฆ you can't blame impeached Fuhrer Trump*. He uses Formula 409 to clean the pee stains from his face. RESIST!!

  69. Stephen Nee says:

    A specific set of skills. Master of the BS.

  70. JRR31984 says:


  71. Richard says:

    Just how stupid is this clown? If you want to understand why the country is in such trouble, look at the Republicans and the south (SC, Georgia,Tennessee,Kentucky,Louisiana,And Arkansas. The bible belt.

  72. TheDeepNorth says:

    It is now confirmed: Eating too many hamberders causes brain damage.

  73. V Drake says:

    Lol… King Jigglehead and 409K… heโ€™s dopey and those following him are as well!

  74. JamieLan2011 says:

    Being a moron is generally not something that is contemptible. Often, you can accept when someone may be intellectually challenged. The exception would be if you constantly convince yourself you're a genius despite the world telling you otherwise. That's Drumpf. No desire to change or improve, but worse, he wants you to think he's a genius and will not accept anything to the contrary.

  75. Dog Fart says:

    This guy is beyond STUPID.
    He has a beautiful brain. Beautiful buildings he builds powerful walls.

  76. Danny Long says:

    Trump and his supporters are LOOSERS.

  77. Kevin Mulcahy says:

    This video should come with a warning, I just shot coffee through my nose laughing!

  78. Shinobi-1 says:

    This guy. Redefining Idiocy.

  79. ManOWords says:

    Speaking of his brother Fred Jr: who removed him from Daddy's fortune?? Donnie tried to scam his own Alzheimer's inflicted father out of the very dynasty the old German earned illegally built.

  80. Gary Luke says:

    1:58 " if you're up 90%, you're probably doing something illegal. : ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  81. Carl Hearn says:

    Harry Potter apparently didnt have any news to report. Or is this all op ed. If Op Ed, then this segment is as valuable as this comment section.

  82. Jeanne 54 says:

    DJT is a Malignant Narcissist!ic Sociopath!

  83. ed ward says:

    What is going on in his head is terrifying….ignorance….and too stupid to understand how foolish he is….what an embarrassment.

  84. Charles says:

    All I know is that my retirement fund accounts are up over 107% since Trump was elected. Guess I'm stupid too.

  85. John Lopes says:

    Yes it was dad I'll teach you to make fun of me good thing you're murdering hells angel is you're eye witness.

  86. Yellowbeard says:

    What beautiful purple eye bags you have donny.

  87. Mark E says:

    what's the opposite to genius?

  88. J. Muller says:

    Stock market just hit another high today. 401K is doing just great. Thank God we have President Trump!

  89. Tom Thumb says:

    The fact- Trump is super rich and you work for a dying network.

  90. Darren Noname says:

    How can a manic lunatic ๐Ÿฆ ruptured queen. A fake genius ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ’€ wow.

  91. Jose Meza says:

    Love the village people background LMAO

  92. Kue Man says:

    The bestest

  93. Terry Oesch says:

    How can you pig's stand yourselves

  94. Aussie Shane says:

    Around 63,000,000 People HATE this DOG LYING Anchor on MSNBC.

    Imagine having 63 Million People, that Hate your GUTS.

  95. Devan Kanieski says:

    Does anyone actually like this guy????? Hes not funny,he lies and he is so poor at his job that the olny thing he can think to talk about for 4 years. Is trump!!! Get some new material you ugly thumb with a face

  96. Kiichi Yamato says:

    What? No! Donald Trump or his family do not know what a 409K is.

  97. Mic Little says:

    How pitiful โ€ผ๏ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  98. Jason m says:

    Can't wait to see how my 410k is doing ๐Ÿ˜‚

  99. Irma L says:

    This man is so stupid. Get him out of the WH now. He's a disgrace

  100. Rety Fuller says:

    Where is Trump's tax return ? Wana see the genius investments.

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