Business English Lesson – All about Appointments – Making, Scheduling & Cancelling

Business English Lesson – All about Appointments – Making, Scheduling &  Cancelling

Hello everyone I am Niharika. Welcome back
to a new lesson. In today’s lesson we are gonna look at Business English Phrases related
to making, changing and cancelling appointments. Now in the corporate world people tend to
meet their clients, their suppliers, owners, managers and so on. Now how do you arrange
for these meetings? That’s what we are gonna learn in today’s lesson. We are gonna look
at some phrases that would help you to arrange for meetings. So let’s get started. The
very first thing that we are gonna look at is making appointments. So how do you make
an appointment with the person you intend to meet? So here are some phrases. The very
first one is, Can we arrange a meeting? Now can we arrange a meeting is when you are requesting
someone? Now as I said in the corporate world, people are very busy. Usually most of them
have a packed schedule. So how do you request for an appointment? This is the phrase that
you would use, can we arrange a meeting? So here you are requesting. And if you would
like to use a better phrase, then you can say, If possible I would like to come by and
see you.So probably you have called someone maybe it’s your supplier and you are looking
forward to see him for something for your business. So rather than saying, can we arrange
a meeting? You can also say, if possible, I would like to come by and see you, so again
this phrase is also used to put in a request. You wanna show or you intend to meet this
person, so go ahead and use these two phrases when you’re requesting. Now let’s look
at the other three phrases here on the board. So here you are fixing on a time or rather
suggesting a time and day. How about Monday? So you say how about Monday? How about Wednesday?
You’re asking or you’re suggesting. Another phrase that you can use is , Is next Tuesday
convenient for you? So you know, we are busy, corporate people yes they have too much work
to do, so you can say is next Tuesday convenient for you? You wanna give that respect that
you know we respect your time. So would Tuesday be convenient for you? So again you are suggesting.
And then the last one here, would Thursday suit you? So just another way of suggesting
day and time. You can add time as well, would Thursday 5pm suit you? Again you’re respecting
the time. So add time with the day. So you got it? So here are the phrases that would
help you to make an appointment with someone. Now the next one is Agreeing. Probably someone
has called you and intends to meet you and you are okay with what he or she has suggested.
So how do you agree to it? These are the phrases that you would use. The very first one, That
sounds good, that sounds great . So any two words that means you’re okay meeting at
the time that’s been suggested to you, so that sounds good or that sounds great. Another
one Thursday would be perfect. So probably you’re not doing anything else and Thursday
the time that has been suggested is just perfect for you, it suits you, so you can say Thursday
would be perfect. And then the last one is very simple, that’s fine. So you don’t
have to get into too many words, you can just keep it simple by saying that’s fine. So
these are the phrases that would help you to make appointments and agree to what is
been suggested. Now let’s have a look at some phrases that would help you to change
or cancel the appointments. Let’s have a look at declining and suggesting. So at times
you cannot go ahead and agree to the time that’s been suggested by the other person.
You are busy and you have something that you got to do. So how do you decline? Firstly
you can say, I’m afraid, I have got another meeting. Now this is a great way to decline,
of course you cannot directly say no, I can’t meet you that would be quite offending. So
rather than saying direct no, use a phrase, Oh I’m afraid I have got another meeting.
So yes maybe that’s true, maybe you really have another meeting and you cannot meet at
the time that’s been suggested to you. So that’s how you would decline. Another way
Tuesday seems to be a little difficult. Now maybe you are busy on Tuesday, you have some
meetings or probably you are gonna meet someone on a Tuesday and this time doesn’t suit
you, so rather than again saying a direct no, you would give him respect, give the person
respect to meet and say Tuesday seems to be a little difficult. So these are the two phrases
that would help you to decline, but with decline, probably you can also suggest another time.
So how do you do that? Well, you would say, I would prefer to meet on Friday, is that
okay? So probably Friday you’re not very busy. It’s the last working day of the week
and you’re not very busy and you have time that can be allotted to someone else, so you
can say, I would prefer to meet on Friday is that okay? Now it’s very important for
you to ask this question, because again you are respecting the other person’s time as
well, so is that okay? Has to be asked, will this time suit the other person? So you have
to ask this. These are the expressions that would help you to decline and of course suggest
some other time. Now how do you cancel and change your appointment? Probably you have
already decided on a time and you are okay with the time and you agreed to it, but now
there’s something come up and you have to cancel. Do not cancel at the last minute,
if your meeting is at 5pm. You cannot call that person at 4.55 and say, Hey look something
is come up and I can’t meet you, that would be so rude and not professional at all. So
please try to call a little earlier, probably if you have a meeting in the evening. So call
up in the morning and tell him or her that you would like to cancel the appointment.
And how do you do that? Well, something is come up, can we fix some other time? So probably,
yes something has really come up and you won’t be able to meet that person, so you would
say, I’m sorry. The first thing that you are gonna say is apologize, so you’re gonna
say, I’m sorry something urgent has come up, can we fix some other time? So that’s
how you will say it. And another phrase that you can use is , something has just cropped
up and I won’t be able to meet you today, so the word cropped up or the expression cropped
up is just very similar to come up. So cropped up is when something has come up, something
that you will have to do and you will have to do, so something has just cropped up and
I won’t be able to meet you today. Again you gotta apologize. So this is the way you
would cancel and change the appointment. So now that you have established these phrases
that would help you to make, cancel and change appointments, go ahead and use them. It is
extremely helpful in the corporate world. And I’ll be back with a new lesson. Till
then have a great day.


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