Only color is different and rest are same but camera is different too Don’t make me jealous now. Give my reference to Panasonic. I hope you have watched the last video, If not then watch it. Or else you won’t understand this part Gaurav : Washington means in Munna Bhai MBBS.
Nikhil : DC. Gaurav : No it was Dhobighat, they said Washington in hindi Dhobighat Whatever it is we are going Washington and where in Washington we will tell you when we will reach Washington. For now we don’t have time. we are going to traverse whole America. Rendering is going on of last video.
So now we will board and we are traveling from Emirate business class A380 and gaurav this is my first time i’m traveling from A380 business class I’m too much excited. So let’s go and we are going to give review in this video. But i don’t think it will be done because we have only 10 mins to board and here it is showing 17 mins time is cut to cut and gaurav i don’t think it will be done This video won’t go live at 9:30am After seeing the condition of your passport, emigration people don’t they stop you. They stop me and say who is this poor guy coming to travel. By the way my passport got safe from getting lost twice I forgot my passport because of this editing then i lost my boarding pass but fortunately everything is fine now Gaurav : or else he would have stay in Dubai and i would have call my brother to pick Nikhil, he will stay for a night here and early morning he will go back. I would have lost my mind if that happens. Finally we are inside and my laptop’s battery is got low and 1 minute 3 sec left for rendering Gaurav is jealous now,
Now Gaurav’s ego is triggered. Gaurav : Now i will make Nikhil down and i will go ahead of him. First of all i will charge my all the electronics because none of my electronics are charged not even my camera, not my phone and not even my laptop are charge. I missed just for 15 mins, If my flight didn’t get delayed. from which you can control this. This in flight entertainment in Emirate is called ICE and here also there is a compartment now what more we want to do, we are planning that. Because everybody are standing in this outer area and i think gaurav ordered the same You got almost safe from corrupting your religion By mistakenly they served me chicken and rice and they served panneer to gaurav.
Gaurav : i got the cottage cheese and nikhil got chicken. But i didn’t eat chicken I’m eating my cottage cheese. You get fresh or else what happen is when you sleep and wake up for multiple times Gaurav : then yourself won’t know that what’s happening around, what’s the time and getting sick. and on whole flight you will be just tired Now the best part is we will land around 8 am and we slept well We will get full day and till evening we will get sleepy If you drink alcohol and sleep you get the hangover, and again if you drink alcohol hangover goes away. That was a special pro tip but won’t be applicable on us He is talking about alcohol but having a Tea. Life became so easy Whatsapp, twitter, Instagram everything Even i have played my video on YouTube He play the video and download all the stuffs, i said gaurav you are recovering all your money. I was just uploading photos on Instagram, using my twitter and nothing else. Gaurav : I have done all my work.
Nikhil : Anyways seat bell sign is On Here everyone calculate in Fahrenheit That Ubair bro came with his Uber and we are heading toward our hotel.
Our hotel is not that far it’s near by. We will reach there fast. Nikhil : Gaurav are you sure this is eatable.
Gaurav : Obviously But the taste of this is different Biggest BB fan tweeted When we landed the first thing i told gaurav is that Gaurav this is the same Emigration from where i used to come, Gaurav from here i used to go out. I’m getting that feeling right, that was first thing i told gaurav, yes i’m feeling. You don’t call it Déjà vu, You call it Nostalgic You experience after coming out of airport, This is the same road i went there means you feel good when you recall your good old memories. This is my room, and we don’t know why gaurav’s room key is not working so gaurav came here keep all his luggage and will go down What they have given me? They gave me corner one. May be i will get the front view because my room is on the other side We need light and here everywhere is light and see this is ring light or ring flash. see how good is this, you can adjust according to you. You do this everything.
you always show my entry from the door What is this, they gave you this big room. I mean my room is so small, and they gave Gaurav this big room. This is a special treatment They also think this guy runs two channels that’s why he need two beds more videos more cameras and more stuff he have. Now i’m too much hungry, because i ate too less on flight very difficultly i lose my weight So Gaurav was asking why you are not eating, I said no no i won’t have Now we are going to the nearest Indian restaurant Pansari I know people will say why he is having Indian food in US but then i’m vegetarian and having Veg Indian food in different country is having it’s own fun. You try it and see, If you are a vegetarian also if you are a Non vegetarian than eat Tandoori and all. After seeing this i get happy that in whichever country you go, you find a Indian Restaurant. and when i wrote Indian restaurant then 10-12 restaurant appears and every restaurant is under 1-2 km range So our Google map says we have arrive to Pansari but we can’t see where it is because here it is CVS Pharmacy so after finding some more time we got to know Pansari is here. see this It is hiding down there, But how will we go down gaurav? there should be an access to go because there are more shops we have go from there Now this is call Siri fail, google recommended you will get restaurants near by and google showed But Siri said It is open you can go Nikhil : I’m feeling too much hungry now. Now where should we go why this happened ? Now because we don’t have net Gaurav forgot his phone in hotel that’s why what we have decided lets have in Subway It’s ok Subway is also good Nikhil : We have taken foot long that means we don’t feel hungry till evening.
Gaurav : now we have two foots This one foot long has 900 calories and this will have 200 calories. Gaurav : they don’t give straw.
Nikhil : we have to drink without straw, so 1100 calories in one go. Now my Stomach is praying good for me Thank you so much Nikhil to fill me up.
Gaurav : don’t it abusing you that you have eaten too much.
Nikhil : ya it is also abusing i ate too much. Now i just want one coffee. Me and Guurav done some productive talks from that one thing i said when we were walking on the streets that gaurav While walking on the street i can see lots of vlog friendly content So the same thing if I get every time and everywhere so how easily content could have get generate. Gaurav : How easily your videos could have get made good. then people easily would have like it. But it’s ok everyone has there own space and time You are ending now? Why you are ending here? I shouldn’t end here or make more? what you will make, say directly you have eaten so much that you have couldn’t vlog anymore. Now both of us are tired. actually time is now 2 pm, At 6 pm our organizers will come and we have meeting with them. and after that i think we will go out with them and that time i don’t want to use camera Gaurav : so it is better that you stop recording start editing and complete the video for uploading. because gaurav now it is 2 pm and in 6-7 hours i have to release the video because in India it will 9:30 am.
I have given the commitment so i have to fulfill it. Gaurav : here Internet speed is very good.
Nikhil : Its very good Gaurav : So there will be no problem in uploading, as long as video is ready it will take 5 minutes to upload the videos. So ya if you have watch the whole video so do like do subscribe and share and go on the gaurav’s vlogging channel and watch his video Now Nikhil won my heart by saying this because i know why you said this I know If gaurav gets 1 million subscribers on that channel You have the same silver play button but gold will be different. This makes so much confusion in saying ‘our’ and ‘my’ because you always says ‘my’ and if i’m saying alone then i will also say ‘my’ but if we both are saying together we have to say ‘our’ so that creates confusion. but without this funny language you can’t communicate in this world anywhere.


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