Break Curses: Witchcraft on Money (Prayer to remove blocks and Walls from Finances)

Break Curses: Witchcraft on Money (Prayer to remove blocks and Walls from Finances)

Hi Everyone I am Apostle Michelle Peterson
and thank you so much for joining me today today I am going to talk about
breaking witchcraft curses and so today we’re going to focus on breaking blocks
in walls that they have on your finances so I’m going to pray at the end of this
video to remove those so stay tuned okay so I’m just going to share a little bit
of tips how do we break these witchcraft curses the first thing is that you know
they get their power they access the spiritual realm which is a demonic realm
so they’re getting their power from these evil spirits from that realm okay
and this type of power is a spiritual type of power and it’s a pretty high
power the only type of the only way you can actually get this type of power
these curses off of you is that a higher power some you know someone with a
higher power has to be able to get it off and the only power that is higher
than the power and the demonic RAM in the spirit realm if they get their power
from it’s the power of God the creator of all things everything you see in this
world he created it he is the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and he actually
you know we can actually have a relationship with him he sent his son
his son his name is Jesus if you don’t know these things
but we can actually have a relationship with him and when you have a
relationship with him when we have a covenant with him he gives us you access
to Authority he gives you access to be able to command monic spirits to leave
you you can get things off if you can get curses off of you you know you know
because of this relationship so his power is the only way you can get this
stuff off so if you don’t actually have a relationship with him if you don’t
know who he is you have to actually get this relationship with him because he is
the one that gives you this power his power is higher than their power okay
and you need a higher power than theirs to get this stuff off of you
so I’m gonna make a video here that if you don’t know the God of Abraham Isaac
and Jacob if you haven’t entered into a relationship with him through His Son
Jesus I’m going to the video here that you can actually do
that first because you have to do that first if you don’t do that first the
prayer what I’m gonna do it’s not going to work because you’re not gonna have
access to that power that’s higher than their path okay okay so what I’ve been
talking about in the other videos is that the spear trim is way more powerful
than the Nachum so the occult members the witches in the warlocks they access
the spirit realm they do things they’re in that realm to make it manifest in the
natural realm everything has to be done in spiritual
first for the manifest in the natural realm our words our spiritual your
thoughts our spiritual you can create things with your thoughts you can create
things with your words just speaking you can create things everything that you
see that’s going on in this world was created from words and thoughts okay so
the spiritual realm is first the natural realm is second things have to be done
in the spirit realm before it’s made manifest in the natural our God the
creator of all things he spoke everything that you see he spoke it with
his words and it was created it was made natural so it came from the spiritual
words and was spoken in me and was made natural okay so the occult members and
witches and warlocks they know this type of stuff about the spiritual realm so
they go to the spiritual realm and they do things in that realm to curse us to
hurt us you know all of this stuff they do it in that realm and it is made
manifest in our bodies if it’s a curse on our bodies all of a sudden we’re sick
we have headaches you know we’re struggling we have all of this stuff
going on in our bodies if its finances all of a sudden our finances are dried
up you know things stop whatever it is they
are doing these things to us in that realm in another way that they attack is
they send demonic spirits to attack us okay the thing about Christians is that
we have authority over the demonic spirits when they send the demonic
spirits to attack us you know we can command them to leave we can break you
know the attacks and stuff we can get that stuff
of us but the thing about it is that we as Christians we don’t have authority
over humans only God God has to be the one to take care of the humans okay so
they’re attacking you and tacking you attacking you he has to be the one to
take care of him if they’re not actually using demonic
spirits to attack you and they’re using curses or other things they got your
finances buried somewhere you know God is the one that’s gonna go get that
stuff for you you know cuz it’s in the demonic room he’s gonna go there and
he’s gonna get it for you and remove it so that’s what we’re gonna pray today
I’m gonna pray an actual order to go in the demonic realm you know and I’m gonna
ask him to remove the blocks the blocks the walls that are on your finances that
are hindering your finances from flowing freely in your life okay so before we
get started in the prayer get focused on the Lord get relaxed if you want to
worship a little bit just focus on him focus on how good he is just give him a
hundred percent your attention right now because he is gonna be the one that’s
gonna be ministering to you he’s gonna be the one getting everything taken care
so make sure he has your hundred percent attention and then push play on this
video Thank You Heavenly Father bless your Holy Name father we invite you and
Heavenly Father we invite you in Lord Jesus we welcome you Holy Spirit the
acts that you come can minister to your people father bless your Holy Name fub
father except you remove all the belongs that is on your people’s finances father
on their money father everything is flowing and that’s
flowing in Heavenly Father access to remove all the blots all the walls
that’s hindering that flow father accident you remove them in Jesus name
father I said she really is fired from heaven and destroy every single wall
every single wall that’s hindering their finances attacks from the enemy father
accident you release fire and destroy those walls witchcraft curses five exits
you release fire and destroy those walls and my father occult curses occult
attacks Heavenly Father I said she released fire in destroy those walls in
Jesus name Lord every wall every block on their finances would access you rain
down fire in the name of Jesus Christ in destroy every single wall and
block in Jesus name okay you guys so in my next video I am
going to let’s see we’re going to break some things in my next video I think I’m
going to do some contracts contracts that people have made with witches or
warlocks or cult members okay we’re going to break those contracts in my
next video god bless


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    Thank you Lord Jesus Christ and father god for removing all curses, witchcraft, obeah, voodoo, hoodoo, jinx,and hex. A child of God. Amen and amen

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    I have faith that God will go fight for me in the spiritual realm, glory to God! thank you for your prayers. and I agree with you.

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    I have been attacked for 5 years in finances

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    Yes i have been to doctor?when i live in my old house ?i wiil have all kinds of sickness dark circle around my eyes and feel dizzle ?i go to the doctor and they could not find anything wrong with me so i thank sister Peterson for praying me in Jesus name???????

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    We talk about everything else but this subject people get scared to touch on amen the Blood stain of Jesus

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    Yes I thank U Lord for all that u do, free my family from sickness financial bondage Lord in Jesus name bind the devil break all the chain and bondage prayed against us in Jesus name??

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    I decree and declare that this prayer is effective immediately in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen.

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    I pray God reign fire down in break any blockage in my finance that is held back from witchcraft or demonic force will be broken in cast down in the lake of fire god is going before me in return all the devil stole in Jesus name no weapon form against my finance from this day forward will prosper God is taking it all back in some for my wait glory to the most high God hallelujah restore??️✝️

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    Amen and Amen. Thank you for this clear easy to understand video and for sharing. Be blessed too in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. All Glory to God. Amen.

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    Please pray for me my finances are up under an attack each time i get close fiinding a house for me and my family there is a major flooding issue and i lose money on inspection fees

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    Amen. Receiving deliverance in Jesus Name. Thank You and Glory to God.

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    I prayed and asked for God to give me clarity on what is happening in my life, during the course of this week it was revealed to me. Witchcraft attacks kept on popping up and today I came across this video. Thank you for sharing and everything you have spoken about is very true. Please pray for me and others who have witchcraft attacks in their lives.

  23. ZenMuzik says:

    Been through so much from molested by my sister to loosing my adopted mother. To. Losing a niece and nephew both were 3 years old. Been hurt at my job since 2015 and still have complicated issue with my injury. My attorney seem nonchalant at times I feel But I'm trying my Hardest to over come all these things.. I need an financial Break. Through Just seem my life is a living hell I believe it's a witchcraft. I burned a burning sage and within last two weeks I've encountered two snakes and not to mention back to back drive bye shooting. Having to duck by a fan. I appreciate that prayer thank you.

  24. Colin Ernest says:

    one time i actually experienced a video game curse. I was playing mario 64 and the screen turned black suddenly. Then marios face, covered in blood popped up. I checked online and I know it's the Mario curse. I TRIED TO USE UR VIDEO AND IT DIDNT WORK!!!!! thumbs down

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    Where is the video that's supposed to be linked ? I am saved. But for others that need that video and does your ministry have A website?

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    Thank you so much! My best friend (more like a sister to me) has a “friend” who is witch! And this witch has been casting spells over both myself and best friend! I now know how to save myself but how do I save my best friend who does not know Jesus?

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