follow this refined box for city week
back into the tunnel system in stead figure out what’s going on what’s going
on everyone its Papa Jake and we are back with a brand new video and guys we
are currently on the run from the mayor a box for city in the last video we
stole something from the box for city bank and escaped as they try to lock us
in there okay we now know what it is we stole a piece of plastic from box for
Citibank it is a USB okay well we stole a USB from box for Citibank if I’m
correct Logan this must have something pretty important on it and if you guys
have been following along you know that there has been a lot of weird stuff
going on here box for a city I no longer trust the mayor I no longer trust the
bank manager in fact I don’t trust anyone here the only reason we came back
is to save the citizens of Oxford City and make sure that they’re all safe from
what I believe is an evil mayor so if we’re gonna stop the mayor and figure
out what she’s up to I think it starts with finding out what
is on the secret USB that we stole from the bank and we can’t just waltz out
into box for a city looking like we do right now and the only computer in box
for a city that I know of is inside the police station which is why today we
have to make disguises cuz technically we’re on the run Jake alright Logan well
I prepared us some disguises here’s a wig what and here’s a mass for me jazz a
surfer bro and I’m Luis from France hello I am Louise a very sophisticated
and I love arts now you so I’m Chad bingo you got
down now there is one more element to my disguise that I have not discussed yet
I actually went ahead and partnered up with Dollar Shave Club who was kind
enough to sponsor this video and send me an executive box of products I think I
can use a quick shave Logan to change my face they won’t even know what’s Papa
Jake brand new man hi guys so check out the Dollar Shave Club starter kit now
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your face for a smoother shave yeah maybe don’t use this on toast I
can’t guarantee that this will make your toast that tasty but alright Logan we
need to make sure that my entire face has changed before we go out there so
we’ve got our mirror and our Logan what is this you said you needed some water
for your shades this is not the luxurious place I should be using for
the luxurious Dollar Shave Club products sorry Jake we’re on the run now Logan
I’ve got some pro tips for you here for shaving the first things first you gotta
I the blade come one with the razor and balance it in your pants and use its
power for and against the hairs actually don’t don’t ever shave against the hair
is that all that’ll hurt along now time to apply the dr. Carver’s butter
oh yeah let’s get a good neck shape going here oh that’s that’s silky smooth
great thing about dr. Carver’s shave butter guys unlike shaving foam I can
actually see where I’m shaving for extreme actors and there we go Logan I’m a new man look
Jake you look hardly recognizable not Logan they probably don’t even know who
I am I’m Papa Jake I just shaved my beard so
you guys couldn’t tell who I was thanks to the Dollar Shave Club starter kit and
guys if you want to get your first month starter kit for only $5 you can go ahead
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there and let him know about Dollar Shave Club cuz I gotta say Logan I’m
feeling fresh I’m feeling silky smooth and I’m feeling ready to head out in the
box for City all right Logan now remember we just need to blend in okay
don’t get your character name mixed up or anything like that just act normal
we’re new here let’s go say hi as the two newest members of box for City
McKellen chat how are you – ah hello I am a Miguel I am from France and this is
my friend I’m Chad remember we are new here to Foxtrot City and I’ve just come
around to say hello you look awfully familiar or currently on the look for
two fugitives who are the most highly dangerous and wanted criminals in Fox
Sports City have you seen this man or this man
oh yes they sound like a bad man Chad have you seen that this man no dude all
I see is the waves hmm all Chad sees the waves or people look out for them
because if you see them anywhere you need to alert the authorities
immediately they are highly dangerous how do you two
remember the rules of box fort city yes I know I know being out past attend no
junk food and shadows no one leaves box what’s in your head oh and these
boxwoods CD dude very good yeah well we’ll be on our way now we are just
going for a walk now I have to go back in the hospital you to stay on your best
behavior now all right I think we fooled her she has no idea who we really are
now all we need to do is stay low and act normal and don’t do anything
suspicious first things first let’s break into this Bank follow me Jake
we’re going inside the police station right now doesn’t matter come on quickly
before someone finds us okay now if I remember correctly the police computer
should be inside the armory let’s just raise the security door is in my face
take all right we’re in access requested
should be able to log in with our old police officer names and badges highly
doubt they took us out of the system all right perfect right okay now to plug in
the USB and see what’s on it there’s a few things on here what is this whoa no
this is uh this is a shot from the lab probably all the research information on
what they’re making look it’s even got it here Logan I think they might be
trying to develop a virus of some sort that might explain why everyone’s been
sick take a look at this name Snickle real name James Moore age unknown
adapted well to the viruses currently being used as a candidate for full
biological remodel they’ve got a file on everyone here it’s the neighbor name
neighbor real name Philip friendly has had some trouble in the past trying to
get antidote it’s a felony with an antidote uh has been now fully remodeled
and is ready to be transformed in the final form perfect candidate for Plan
Update missing must be found that must because we took him wait I’ve got him
right here neighbor he hear us Lieber we were able
to get the USB from the bank and we’re looking through it it looks like there’s
a file on you your real name is Philip frame do you remember this and it must
be something to do with the virus they must be using the virus to erase
people’s memories that’s why they have their real names here hold on let me
take a look the other files there’s an in page two here store manager age
unknown compliance well adapted to help in our cause has been given antidote as
not to be affected by a virus so the store manager is working with her so if
your bank manager Doug Hurst age 67 virus has worked on him he does not
remember former life seems to be working well in this to being compliant with
laws Logan they’re taking the citizens of box
4 city and giving them some sort of virus so they forget where they came
from and they’re locking us up here that’s why no one can leave but what
kind of virus are they making Jake there’s no information here on that hold
on here’s a file on us Papa Jake and Logan real name is on loan
extremely dangerous to this plan they have not taken to the buyers at all
their uncomplaining and dangerously close to ruining everything
my plan to eliminate that must be sped up before it’s too late why isn’t the
virus worked on us it looks like the mayor’s plan all along
was to get us to forget and because we haven’t taken to the virus and we’re
trying to stop her she’s trying to eliminate us we need to
get to her first we need to stop her first hey Jake how are we gonna stop her
the mayor’s an old lady what do all old people like high-fiber cereal dovo
cannot high-fiber cereal they like hotels the luxury a fresh bed the
amenities the room service I say we open up our own box for an hotel and we get
the mayor to book a stay in the hotel then we can spy on her and figure out a
way to stop her plan and end this once and for all that’s great Jake but then
we have to build a hotel all right I say we head outside and we start building a
hotel we keep the disguises on so they don’t know who we are and we open up in
the gal and Chad’s oh that after a lot of planning and a lot of work we have
finally completed box fort city’s very first box fourth hotels it’s gnarly dude
check this out guys it is a two-story luxurious hotel you know we can’t go
soft even if this is a plan to stop the mayor we still got to make this hotel as
good as possible oh we head on in and I show you the
luxury hotel welcome to the boxboard hotel lobby now what we’ve done is we’ve
created a beautiful lobby with all of the amenities that you might want inside
your boxboard hotel we’ve got two different trees here 2013 in case
another guest wants to come in but really we’re only doing this to try and
trap the mayor we have our five-star luxury restaurant inside the hotel you
guys check this out you’re not gonna believe how sick this is this is the
mega suite it’s two stories tall oh no I got someone at the door local quickly in
character name’s Chad my name is Billy Machpelah same one of the most
prestigious hotel honest to us I came here because I heard
you had the NASA’s hotel in Mokpo City now I could give you a little rating
from one to five stars if you show me what you got uh yes of course we cannot
have a room for you uh I am Miguel and this is my partner Chad five-star hotel
bro um new here too box what CD what Shah what room are you looking at we
have the luxurious singer or the grand suite the suite isn’t actually that good
bro yes I highly recommend you a tryout a single suite hmm I’m really only
looking for the best suite you got yeah I don’t want to try any I’ll have no
single Suites you see now no no no no but trust me you are going to JC and no
but that trust me absolutely you’re going to love this week I can run it up
for you it is just $200 and I serve complimentary bail meditation sessions
if you want let the belt take you to a nice place bro I think that’s stuff like
snake oil not very interesting but here’s your money and I hope to see that
you have the best service and all of montrose and perfect this is wonderful
how about we agree on bellison works I think I just come in the hotels and get
five stars around right no one think it’s slimy
don’t sorry I want the full experience alright bro right this way to your room
yeah yes let’s show you your room it is right over here in 1:13 proper we were
only expecting the mayor on my problem bro okay just let’s just try and make
this as low juries as possible we don’t want to blow our cover that this isn’t a
real hotel uh how are you liking your room so far don’t really have much live
in here can’t really see anything uh sir there is a light above you this
is a custom imported light from France very very good light you don’t get this
kind of light anywhere else I hear you’re a sleeping bag bro your sleeping
bag we will assure you that you are probably looking to shower after a long
hard day sir Lucan I mean a Chad will prepare your bath ahh
complimentary bath you Sam sounds very nice bucket of water and some stuff
let’s just make it look like it’s worth doing a hotel here it doesn’t really
matter what rating he gets as long as we get the mare in here you understand if
he thinks this is a real hotel he’s gonna go out there tell everyone that
were Franz and then the mayor will be on to us you think she’s gonna book into a
hotel that’s one start alright bro I got your Benna you guys right here bro it’s
not really bad but it you can still bathe with the water bro bro it looks like he’s sleeping alright bro
I’m just gonna put your bath right here you enjoy your little nap I think this
is perfect I think he fell asleep now we could just do our thing and focus on the
man okey perfect now we can get ready for
the mare to come what kind of bath do you think this is in here they say no
bad this ain’t no luxury sir I am so sorry
let me see here this is what we call a small bath but it is very popular in
France where you yes just use the water as you please and here are your towels
after you’re done this is a futuristic technology you just throw them in the
bath and they grow wet towels after my bad start
this ain’t no futuristic technology your hotel bear the hairs in it technology
it’s terrible evil I know we do have a lot of technology cure voice okay in no
actually we do have a lot of technology we have a assistant
it is like Siri but even better isn’t that right neighbor isn’t that right yes
II and you can say anything you want to see the neighbor we call neighbor play
me a song that’s not see we do have technology
horrible song something I wouldn’t want to hear my whole entire life
I’ll just use your TV man all right the TV all hotels have a TV just sit down
and give me two minutes to get your TV ready
well again like I said you could join us for some bail yoga later today this week
on Star Wars Kurt can you hear me I need you to beat me up Scottie
we’ve got a massive alien invasion problem coming on down here oh no
they’re coming my way this isn’t good this isn’t good
ain’t no TV that’s just the hole in the wall oh no you know what I’m done with
this hotel I want my money back I’m getting out of here please remember to
give us a good 5 star rating bro come on yeah
all right have we failed that a little bit but that’s fine that’s why we sold
business party but he just doesn’t know that this is a pickle now I think I did
a pretty good job with my reenactment of Star Wars meets Star Trek misses now
welcome to our beautiful luxurious a hotel inspired by no I haven’t seen Jake
or Logan we will certainly love to give you a room in our grandest of Suites in
fact it is so grand and we appreciate you so much we are offering to give it
to you for free with all this I will have my associates here at shad bring
you to your luxurious room all right mrs. mayor welcome to your brand-new
suite nothing at all
as you can see you have a luxurious king-size master deluxe bed and she’s
already sleeping same mrs. mayor we have a luxurious suite for you I can explain
all the amenities all right sounds good to me I will let you rest
enjoy Jake she’s sleeping all right perfect
come with me I’ve got away with the spy on her that may be a mask I know it uses
imposter she’s not the mayor she’s someone else
she’s a supervillain those types of chips – that’s making sense her second rule
was not to open what have we been eating the last couple days junk food that we
come to get from the neighbor exactly as she wrote her file that we weren’t
taking to the virus that must mean that junk food is the answer that’s why she
was giving the store clerk a bag of Doritos so the solution is junk food I
think so I think it must have some sort of effect on the virus that’s why no
one’s allowed to here inbox 4c look it I’ve got I know what we need to do we
need to make as much junk food as possible and hand it out to all the
citizens of box for the city we could stop the virus right now take a fast
food restaurant exactly we need to make our very own box for a fast food
restaurant maybe mobile maybe like a truck so we can move around box for a
city quickly if we can get to everyone fast enough guys we might be able to
stop the virus I think we can do this


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