Book Review 2: Rich Dads Guide To Investing

Book Review 2: Rich Dads Guide To Investing, where
I teach you how to find affordable investment property with confidence, hard word, and
little peace of mind.
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Book Review 2: Rich Dads Guide To Investing By Robert Kiyosaki
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  1. Sky1 says:

    I have a job, I have been confined to this 7×7 cellblock called a cubical. I am expected to be on-call once a month for after hours support. I am asked to support new equipment, required to study more technology, pass more certification all for their  benefit. At the end of the year, they tell me times are tough and we are not getting a raise while the CEO gets MILLIONS every year. No, I am done, working for someone else is okay but I want to be my own boss for a while.

  2. AffordableREI says:

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    Hi, I enjoyed your review of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and was wondering if you would be able to review my new eBook – Essentials of Investing – as well. Essentials of Investing is about passive investing strategies for the everyday individual investor.

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    Rich Warner

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