BK Spicy Chicken sandwich “Too Hungry 2 Cry” Mukbang eating show

BK Spicy Chicken sandwich “Too Hungry 2 Cry” Mukbang eating show

Hi guys It’s me again It’s a chicken sandwich. I decided I’d try one more and make sure that I got it, right, okay Then there’s always a part two to the stories that we were talking about yesterday. This is Laura and Too hungry, too. So So my prayers but in family one started thank you Jesus or this Sandwich and for the good things in my life and for all my god-given abilities Patience Maybe okay Now that is sandwich again Oh they decide to put something on it this time, okay the sauce Lettuce Lettuce. See this takes the place of that little I don’t know if you remember you could get For a dollar you could get a chicken sandwich of jr This is taking the place of it you no longer can get that same chicken sandwich for a dollar instead. They got this What I know and they when I asked for a Yesterday what I really wanted I asked for they veggie burger. That’s it. They don’t pan though. So they only got the impossible That’s what that was about Well, no family drank Water because of my health class she showed me how much sugar lieutenant I promised her Down one baby drink I would put water in it so idea How much I think at the water right up to it about that in there That’s wise. It looks Lika because it is She was concerned about me being diabetic So she told us a little secret About to sugar just enough salmon tomatoes drink 25 Great Don’t seem like a lot but for Grams equal to a teaspoon of sugar. So if you take four to twenty five you get six So it’s actually six teaspoons of sugar in this drink Is this why they give it to em flicks they give up what I give them that off Gatorade sang with that It’s got a lot of sugar in it. So I said, okay. I’ll dilute it or I’ll just drink half today and other half tomorrow, so it’s there That’s how to start early discipline It’s abstract avocado I Think I’m a little bit simcha today, I don’t have any chips I saw her back then Network After that take the average the rest of the bed Anyway part two I think I’ve seen this interesting day today yesterday During my stay downtown We were all actresses an actor there were four of us living together plus two babies my oldest and my girlfriend college who had baby – She was staying here and they baked right we didn’t have too much anything They took care that the guys daddy was two guys – I’m in there two kids Oh, but Debbie what stand with no mind Anyway I study theater Twice of my life once at the University of Illinois But now Bray Ward of Putin Bob workshop I was always having a workshop snowing things Mostly dancer Oh a Teenage Parent junior colleges it was Luke then but now it’s Washington junior college I want to be in a play. So yeah, my mother played but this was a musical thing So I had to audition So I auditioned I Had to sing And I had a fairly good singing voice So who’s the musical? and That’s how I know more about them Then I got nominated for one a little Awards But the guy with this other woman who doesn’t getting it every year together Aimer That was not their ethical life Now Then when I was Older I Want to help this group of kids that work for my group, um So we got together Got together one, okay Then she had cancer But the purity In a cubic answer and So we got I got together with this other person I was working with downtown who does international Festival of life Who’s from Jamaica evil Martin? And We represented Jamaica in this What was it it was their newly summer Entertainment at the post office and there’s a little Illinois town we represented Jamaica. So we had to I had to practice with them. It was like five of us five or six of us and We practice she’s all in the book We talk about way back in time It’s a group of kids Okay, that’s my daughter’s in the middle the chilled one and we call them degrees players Okay, I mean they were born And they want to make it unlock and then it’s two more that we didn’t show the picture of them that was a Guy Now she was gay back then and she asked me one time if she could bring her girlfriend to rehearsal I mean, you know, I’ve always worked with gay people does what? I don’t understand what the big deal is When I did my first can TV show The only producer I could get was dead. He called it alternate lifestyle I told me I don’t care what you are long as you can do my TV show and do the technical part of it It’s fine with me ain’t got nothing to do with what people do after that after work. That’s they that’s their business so We took the breeze players. We took them in limousines. We went out to it was like a post office somewhere. They did they International first of all, and they did it and oh we had so much fun. That was a fun It really was what I like you said I found out that the guy that was in the group We only get one guy in a group. He actually went to college and graduate I said Thank you. Cuz I mean I work with some kids I work with little kids and we’re a good job kid You know you thought God ain’t listenin unknown Sam, but he pay attention. He really went to school you know cuz I was trying to get my daughter to go to school and Be something but she did she ended up course school and she took some courses in, Wisconsin But anyway, that was the illness doe does one had plenty of grease and my son He finally got his self together – he start taking classes but all I’m trying to say is is that There’s always a path for us in life We come to this earth when we think oh We just come to have fun known and used to have a reason not something to do, you know? It’s open used to say why am I here and all that, you know? and oh, please Kim – I told you my mom was a twin a twin and twins and then some twin had twins and the twin had two babies by Olbers first cousin her name Their names anyway, but their last items went through you know, so my first week was so shocked over what helping them at all then suddenly she gave it to scholarships Oh money What scholarships to go to college and they both deal they may both succeeded they both got careers But all I’m trying to say is life as a path for you. You don’t know where where you might end up You just don’t know, you know So start off running in a good way, you know And I’m being with the wrong crowd You know some of us do with the wrong crowd we don’t know what my haves Do you have no idea what it was like in 1986 Walker first came 85 84 whenever We like the Kachina the black And here I’m dude going to show all this gifts with some of the guests I’m just talking about polygamy suing a billionaire there It was a smoke Just big kids just become Whatever they call it, I don’t think it was a local She’d expanded it She had been mama and she had worked for something uh I’m saying she worked for Oakland I’m thinking she gonna be out there doing something, you know At least be an executive producer or something the world backstage and I mean not backstage but being on stage doing They need to know and the lose thing and she was backstage working My auntie said that’s exactly what she would have did to me to put me backstage worth it Like they tried like they did me in the play when I first got started with Debbie Backstage work. I thought about Luther Vandross they said if it hadn’t been for the fact that One day he decided not to work with those people but to do his own thing. He would have missed a beautiful voice Anyway Always But this is aura Remember subscribe Ring the bell and We’ll see you next time. I tried to be on at least three times a week Tuesdays, you know, I have Tuesday morning breakfast meekness Usually and then I’d like to come on the weekend Friday’s Sundays So that’s the way I’m doing it until I can get enough Subscribers and views to see I’ve been over here. I’ve looked back at my first time I was on here Guess what? It was ten years ago But I didn’t know nothing about YouTube and I can say I was on cam TV all my energy went into that and that took enough of my energy So I just put a little stuff on YouTube. I didn’t think My business but now I decided well, I’m tired of can TV Let’s move on to something else, but I’ll probably go back on the stage, too Because it stays just seem to be more fun to me. You know, you meet some interesting people Okay, so This thing with Tyler Perry, I’m sure is something where I’d be on the stage. I don’t think it it’d be movie Could it be but this dream I followed my dreams and I dreamed about himself That was the first sign Okay so I should try to fix And what do we say in Yoruba Go deeper What does it mean? have a nice day or We could say a lot bi only first come on, which means peace tranquility All is good from me to you And that’s your bye What’s Africa Nigeria? Not the bad part of Nigeria. What did you Win shy Tom Loving you Love us back. Okey. Bye later. Have a nice day


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