Billionaires Who DON’T Want You to Know They’re BILLIONAIRE$!

Billionaires Who DON’T Want You to Know They’re BILLIONAIRE$!

Here are billionaires who don’t want you
to know they’re billionaires! 9 – The Cargill Family
Some wealthy and influential families can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight. On one end of the spectrum you have say, the
Kardashians. Well……they decided to get famous to make
money so I guess it’s a bit different. Anyways, on the other hand, you have the Cargill
family, who are both much wealthier and waaaaaay more private.As the fourth wealthiest family
in America, the Cargills control their namesake company, Cargill. Based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Cargill is
the largest private company in the United States. With 14 billionaires in their family, they
lead that category as well. Though none of them are really household names. The Cargills are just rich people who seem
to prefer their privacy. Since Cargill is privately owned and doesn’t
trade publically, the Cargills are under no obligation to list the worth of their company….and
they don’t. Who knows how much they’re really worth! Anyway, it’s a classic American story. What started out as a small grain storage
company in 1865, Cargill has evolved into an agriculture giant with companies in more
than 60 countries around the world, some 130,000 employees, and enough money to make the Cargill
family rich for generations to come. 8 – John DiFronzo
Yep, John DiFronzo is 89 years old. And yep, he has the unflattering nickname
“No Nose.” But, he’s the supposed boss of the Chicago
Crime Outfit, one of America’s most powerful and dangerous crime organizations. Dating back to the early 20th century, The
Outfit rose to national infamy in the 20’s when Al Capone took over and really made a
name for himself. These days, it’s Difronzo running the show,
and with an estimated net worth of roughly $25 billion, he’s one of the richest and
most successful mafia bosses in American history. With an official criminal career dating back
to 1949, DiFronzo first got his nickname when he accidentally sliced off a part of his nose
when he jumped through a window during a burglary. From there, things got better…or worse,
depending on how you look at it. By the 90’s, he had taken over the organization,
and although he was briefly imprisoned in 1993, he was back out on the streets less
than a year later. Currently, it’s believed that he’s about
to retire and has been prepping a new boss to take over for him. Obviously, the details are a bit unclear here,
since it’s not like The Outfit does any sort of press release for the public’s benefit! 7 – Semion Mogilevich
The Boss of Bosses. That’s what many people believe Semion Mogilevich
to be in the Russian Mafia. As the leader of a massive criminal empire
in Russia, the FBI has described him as the most dangerous mobster in the whole world. His rap sheet includes things such as racketeering
and weapons trafficking, all on an international scale. He’s reportedly worth around $10 billion. Not only is he a powerful crime boss, but
he’s known for his business sense. Apparently, his business smarts has allowed
him to get away with wire fraud, money laundering and securities fraud. Mogilevich is known to have a friendly relationship
with Vladimir Putin and other powerful politicians in Russia, which has allowed him to live freely
in Moscow and run his other business ventures. While his criminal career began in the early
70’s with petty theft, he quickly rose through ranks of Russian organized crime. It’s gotten to the point where he wont even
travel to the west, as he’s been on the FBI’s Top Ten most wanted list, so he plays
it safe in Moscow. 6 – Dawood Ibrahim
It may be surprising to see how widespread organized crime is. It seems like every place around the world
has some sort of seedy underworld. Mumbai is no different, and it’s a place
where Dawood Ibrahim is one of the most feared crime bosses. Well, he was once based in Mumbai. These days he’s rumored to be living in
Karachi Pakistan. Apparently, he’s pretty elusive. In the 70’s, Ibrahim founded the D-Company,
the organization that made him rich. And by rich, I mean he has an estimated net
worth of around 7 billion. On top of that, he’s mastered the art of
transferring massive amounts of money. Through a system called Hawala, Ibrahim has
managed to move around lots of money illegally around the world to support his criminal network. The U.S Treasury Department considers him
a global terrorist, and back in 2011, he was number three on the FBI’s 10 most wanted criminals. Like many bad guys before him, Ibrahim has
been somewhat romanticized and vilified at the same time. Films such as Company, Once Upon a Time in
Mumbai and Shootout at Lokhandwala were all inspired by Ibrahim. But despite his infamy, he’s alive and well
and living it up in Pakistan. 5 – Wang Wei
As the founder of the mega successful SF Express, a Chinese delivery firm, Wang Wei is worth
$20 Billion. While some billionaires might be tempted to
live a fancy lifestyle complete with Yachts, champagne, and private jets, Wang Wei prefers
to keep it simple. As one of the world’s most secretive billionaires,
Wang rarely gives interviews to the media and pretty much never interacts with the public. For fun, he’s known for going on bike rides
and hiking by himself. Sounds like a pretty regular guy to me. In one of his rare public appearances in 2017,
Wang told a panel in Hong Kong that he feels like his reclusive lifestyle has perhaps hindered
his business. He said quote “I used to think it’s enough
to produce a great product. But ten years later, this resulted in the
difference between two companies, one worth $2 trillion Hong Kong dollars and the other
worth $200 billion Hong Kong dollars.” Wang was referencing the difference between
his company and that of Tencent, a giant Hong Kong tech company run by the more outgoing
Pony Ma. For you guys that are wondering, 1 US dollar
is worth around 8 hong kong dollars. So with his new perspective, maybe Wang will
be a bit less secretive moving forward. 4 – Diezani Alison Madueke
On one hand, Diezani Alison Madueke has a very impressive resume. Be appointed Nigeria’s transportation minister? Check. Become the first female president of OPEC? Check! Survive breast cancer? Check. However, she’s doesn’t exactly have her
hands clean. She’s been charged with the loss of $20
billion from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. Also, she’s been accused of personally divesting
around $6 billion from the Nigerian Treasury. She’s been accused of awarding multi-billion
dollar contracts without recourse to due process and of recklessly spending government funds,
as well as of wasting billions of Nigerian dollars inappropriately on private jets. In 2015, she was arrested by the National
Crime agency in London for corruption and bribery. And in 2017, a federal court in Nigeria seized
$21 million from her personal bank account along with 56 properties linked to her and
some of her associates. It’s estimated that she’s embezzled billions
of dollars, but it’s unclear what her exact net worth is. 3 – El Chapo
As far as crime lords, El Chapo is pretty much at the top of the list. Born Joaquin Guzman some time back in the
50’s, he became known as El Chapo, one of the most feared crime lords in the world. As the head of the Sinaloa Cartel in Mexico,
El Chapo amassed a wealth in the ballpark of a few billion dollars….but obviously
no one really knows how much he really has. He’s definitely a little bit ingenious when
it comes to prison. When he was arrested in 2001, he managed to
bribe Mexican prison guards to escape. Then he was arrested again in 2014, but escaped
in 2015 after he somehow made a tunnel from his cell to freedom. The guards were probably in on it again?! In 2016, he was arrested by the Mexican Marines. After weeks of monitoring what they figured
was a safe house for El Chapo in Sinaloa, they made an attempt to arrest him in what’s
known as Operation Black Swan. He actually managed to escape through a tunnel
into the sewers! However, local cops were finally able to arrest
him in Juan Rose Rios. On January 19, 2017 he was extradited to the
U.S and housed in a maximum security prison, where he’s currently awaiting trial. 2 – Ismael Zambada García
Also known as El Mayo Zambada, he’s now the head of the Sinaloa Cartel, a position
he’s held ever since El Chapo’s most recent incarceration. El Mayo Zambada was once a skilled farmer
with a vast knowledge in agriculture. Eventually he teamed up with the Sinaloa Cartel
and started making a whoooooole lot of money. And with El Chapo behind bars, El Mayo Zambada
is now one of the most powerful kingpins in the world. He might even be THE most powerful. In 2016, Newsweek called him “Mexico’s
Last Hug Kingpin.” Not only has he managed to elude arrest even
after nearly four decades of crime, but all of his money laundering fronts are still thriving. His wife and daughters still run shell companies. While his exact net worth is hard to predict,
it’s estimated that El Mayo Zambada and his family are worth billions. With all his money, he keeps a pretty low
profile. Rarely seen in public, he runs one of the
world’s premier drug trafficking operation in the shadows. 1 – Vladimir Putin
If you’re looking for the most powerful person in Russia, all you’d have to do is
just look for Putin. While he’s relatively popular in Russia,
many people around the world view him as a threat to democracy as his government has
been accused of meddling in elections. He’s even been accused of squashing any
and all opposition to him in power. After all, he IS a former KGB agent. In addition to all that power, he’s also
super rich, even if you’re not gonna find him on any Forbes lists. He’s believed to have a net worth of anywhere
between $40 billion and $200 billion dollars. Who really knows what’s his, and what’s
Russia’s money. In 2015 The Washington Post reported that
through an extensive network of corruption, Putin and his friends have about $200 billion
in cash and other assets. It’s been alleged that a lot of that money
was supposed to be spent on things such as schools, roads, and hospitals but made it’s
way into their pockets. If you ask him, he’s obviously not telling. His reps would like to remind people that
his income and property are published annually. For what it’s worth, Putin’s reported
salary in 2015 was roughy 137,000 US dollars. Whether he’s worth only a few billion, the
$200 billion, or even more, what we do know is that we’ll probably never find out the
real number. Here’s what’s next!


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    26 What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?

    27 For the Son of Man will come in His Father’s glory with His angels,

    and then He will repay each one according to what he has done.…

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