Better Metal

Better Metal

Manufacturing steel is one of the largest
industrial sources of greenhouse gas emissions. If it could be done in a carbon-free way, it would revolutionize the industry and help
fight climate change. There’s a company in Boston trying to do
just that. If we can cut greenhouse gas emissions from
steel, that’s almost 10% of C02 emissions. That’s worth going after. Boston Metal’s mission is to manufacture
metals in a clean way, and a competitive way. No one’s going to pay a premium for green
metal. It’s got to be better, cleaner, cheaper. Conventional process to make steel, it’s
a chemical reaction. The blast of air goes in, passes over a form
of carbon, and converts to a carbon-monoxide gas. And that gas reduces the iron oxide to iron. So, for every ton of iron you make, you make several tons of CO2. Boston Metal uses a process called molten
oxide electrolysis. It uses electricity instead of using carbon
from the coal. You got iron oxide. You dissolve that into a mix of other oxides. And by the passage of electric current the
iron oxide is decomposed, and it produces liquid iron. The oxygen out of the iron oxide comes off
as oxygen gas. The production of CO2 is zero. The electricity can be produced sustainably
without CO2 emissions. We’ve got ample data that indicate that
we make better metal, at lower energy consumption rates, and without any greenhouse gas emissions. In big industry, capital intensive, risk averse,
disruption in those industries does not come from within the industry, it comes from outside the industry. So, we’re the disruptors.


  1. Patek says:

    Betters't metal.
    Betters't'd metal.

  2. Hideo Kuze says:

    They'll patent the process and then charge all companies for it. Haha.

  3. J O J I W A V E says:

    I like how they're using electricity, but unless it isn't renewable such as solar or hydro, then it would still be hurting the Earth. Regardless, this is a better method for sure

  4. InHim 7 says:

    Now if we can just reduce the amount of exhalations from humans and other mammals. oh yeah I forgot, vaccines Healthcare and Family Planning we'll take care of that.

  5. InHim 7 says:

    Too much oxygen, and too little carbon dioxide, will deprive chlorophyll containing plants from their robust growth and proliferation.

  6. Kobi Morton says:

    That's cool but what's happening with Sadoway's batteries?

  7. Gaurang Gupta says:

    He forget electricity is made using coal 😂

  8. ThoUniverse says:

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  9. Navin Kumar says:

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  10. BLUE KAOS says:

    The next Minecraft furnace update.

  11. Ljubomir Ćulibrk says:

    This is same tech as for Aluminium production. This raises the questio of source of electricity (dont forget energy conversion losses plus thermal loss in the proces).
    Plus aluminium production uses fluoride for reduction of melting temp and as a part of electrolyte.
    For iron its a bit beter and less toxic. But temps are higher.
    Go figure best steel was made whit charcoal. No sulfuf, no phosphorus.
    Grown forests are beter solution than solar. Low tech, plus more jobs.
    More CO2 reduction is posible by turning off those all lowed Win 10 updates.
    Yes, i know then you whoud lose some of those bilions.
    Its for the good of all, be a sport mack.

  12. Bang Supa says:

    wow that girr do man jobs

  13. MAITA LOPEZ says:

    I ask where's the food or meal in this video? I guess I need eyeglasses because I read it as Better Meal. 😂

  14. Joseph Kane says:

    Oh! There is still the old rub, You need electricity. Of course you will get this through Wind Power – or solar power, or Helium 3 fusion or through unobtanium reaction!

  15. Sherry Afzal says:

    I thought Mr gates uploaded a video that had something to do with metal. Music.

  16. Randy Magnum says:

    Interesting to see how the o2 that is offgassed would be handled…..would be super dangerous when dealing with 200-500 tons of molten iron.

  17. Kurtriste says:

    Coloca legenda em português Brasil.

  18. TrainSpotterSGM says:

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  19. Richard I says:

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  20. Jean Ladoire says:

    That doesnt make sense. I'm a blacksmith in my spare time, and as i understand the process of making steel, you need to infuse carbon into iron. If you're not creating carbon, then what comes out of your foundry is not steel (melts at low temp, around 1300 celcius) but pure iron. Of course thats interesting as iron is extremely rare nowadays, and when its not rare, its expensive.

    But the problem is that iron melts at a very high temp (over 1500 celcius) compared to steel or cast iron… so how can you be more energy efficient when you need to power an electrolysis and when you have to heat the furnace more ?

    Then, what you've got is iron. And then, how do you transform it into steel ? Steel is iron infused with carbon. Iron is soft compared to steel, how will you build skyscraperd without steel trussing ? How will you make a good tool with soft iron ?

    You will have to re heat everything again and burn coal to introduce carbon. So your whole "green process" has no point at all.

    Just use coal from the beginning ang get some steel right away at lower temp, with less energy consumption and less cost (already existing technologies are cheaper than new ones).

    I'm not saying that electrolysis of molten metal is useless, having pure iron can be welcomed by blacksmiths and metalworkers.

    But selling this idea to people who do't even know what steel, iron or aluminum is is just some businessman bullshit.

  21. KRISH AGRAWAL says:

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  25. Aziz Shaikh says:

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  26. James Armstrong says:

    Make steel better & cheaper then everyone will buy it – if you say this process will save us from climate change & cost more – please sell it to vegans & liberals.

  27. Xx-UlIlMADXx lIlIlI says:

    Youre broke

  28. Tristan Möller says:

    This gives me hope

  29. James Sun says:

    Yes, like the straw, a metal made of paper is greener than of plastic…. If Windows were made alot more efficient, and less power hunger when you were running the company, it would made alot more contribution to the environment than this crazy communist fake green agenda. Even better, if windows were made more efficient, we wouldnt need to change computer so often, and reduce the need of excess metal production.
    I am sorry, coming from you, it is just stupid…

  30. Prince Phezie says:

    Bill cant you help a young brother out from South Africa to pay off 15k in fees would be a blessing thank you.

  31. St0RM33 says:

    Or just plant trees which provide you with renewable carbon collection 😉 Problem solved.

  32. Jon Donnelly says: I love this windows simulator

  33. Charles Patterson says:

    This is interesting. From what power source is the electricity derived? Is its production of that Energy "Carbon free"? Even if it is 'carbon' free', its use might deny that 'carbon free' source of energy to other projects. Many things must be considered before deciding to engage on a Planet-wide plan of action – especially if the efficacy of the incipient Idea itself; is faulty from the get-go…

  34. insrtclevrnamehere says:

    I thought this was a meme account before I clicked xD

  35. Gregory Chaffer says:

    God dang it you had to go there with the climate change do to you you know computers you don't know climate science

  36. Ryu Wlisn says:

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  37. netdog713 says:

    all well and good but it won't matter if the planet is dead because some greedy assholes burnt down the Amazon rainforest to grow crops for a couple of years

  38. Thomas Hickey says:

    More videos like this!

  39. Jeremy Bailey says:

    Wait, Bill Gates has a YouTube channel. Idk what to say. It's very strange.

  40. Tey Treet says:

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  41. Stephen Wagar says:


  42. SC 358 says:

    Who is going to make the electrodes?

  43. NateTheBait says:

    Bill Gates has a YouTube channel?

  44. Welm nineeight says:

    Would be interested if the claims could be quantified. Meaning, is the steel better quality? By what measure? Is more steel produced from resource inputs? By what measure?

  45. N Speed says:

    Make a metal company

  46. Alan Parson says:


  47. Michel Bruns says:

    very interesting

  48. Cosmin Costea says:

    Bitching about greenhouse emmisions while having stocks at Monsanto, ironic.

  49. Donald Ye says:

    Didn’t know this guy had a YouTube channel.

  50. Hindu Goat says:

    most of the carbon emissions come from just 2 nations… its up to them to fix it, no one else

  51. Ismara batool says:

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  58. Johnson McBig says:

    Damn, someone's actually doing something instead of just tweeting about it.

  59. 1995a1995z says:

    Why do we not focus all of our energy on creating synthetic fuels from carbon that is already in the atmosphere.

    Something like this will require too high of an investment. Unlikely to happen in my opinion. You’d have to convert ALL the steel plants in the world, unrealistic.

  60. jaka alatas says:

    Yeah i know metal alway's better for me(especially death metal)

  61. Peter Harris says:

    someone said that pink seaweed reduces methane nothing to do with purple star fishes

  62. Buenomars says:

    Next up: Better hip-hop

  63. Double crispy chicken says:

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  69. Today I Learned says:

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  78. Ying Chiu Luk says:

    More should invest in this kind of technologies.

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  83. marko tasevski says:

    Oeee genius, what about the CO2 emissions from creating that electricity? Since nuclear energy is sooooo bad how are you going to create the power for the process? Solar panels? You gonna break thermodynamics? HAHA

  84. S. Paschoal Andretta, Jr. says:

    1:11 Is this guy Brazílian?

  85. EconMan says:

    Hank Rearden I hear you!

  86. nunchaku101 says:

    Google SV-40 virus and see where it is found and then decide if Bill Gates is a good guy

  87. nunchaku101 says:

    Climate change is not caused by CO2 but it can be caused by geoengineering which Bill Gates funds

  88. 19MAD95 says:

    Now if only this method would be widely available and not under patent.

  89. BUIlDitON Tutorial says:

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  90. Sunsaver FromNHH says:

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  94. xenuburger says:

    When it said metal, i was hoping for big hair and screaming guitars. Great video anyway.

  95. NovorSec says:

    Anyone else finds extreamly satisfying watching hot steel being bend, hammered and molded ?

  96. Duke Nukem says:

    Considering current thinking got us into the mess we have now, it is time to start thinking differently, get out of the box and consider other solutions. Good on Bill for encouraging folks to invent new and better solutions to old problems. Not all of them are going to work, but even if a few do, its a big win.

  97. TXY T XARD says:

    Xbox fans?

  98. marioromanpv says:

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