Best Small Business Apps / Tools That Are FREE!

Best Small Business Apps / Tools That Are FREE!

– Hey this is Alison and today’s video I’m about to show you the best of the best business tools that you
can use in your business. And you ready for it? Drum roll! (drumming and cymbals clashing) They’re free. And not just free, for trial free. They’re free for all the dang long day. (upbeat music) So get ready, get out the pen and paper, because these business tools just might change the way
that you run your business. Don’t forget to like, share, subscribe all that good
community stuff and let’s dig in. For the last 10 years, I’ve
been running online businesses and I wanna show you the top 11.4, I know, it’s kind of a weird number, but you’ll see why in just a second. Business tools I use in my
business, that are free. Now I use these tools on a
weekly, if not daily basis, that have helped me grow
all of my businesses. The best part is, they are free.99, like nothing, at all. You don’t have to pay for them. Which is so magical! Okay, so let’s dive into it. Take notes, because we’re
gonna go really fast on this video. Number one is LastPass. You know when you’re logging
into your Shopify account and then Click Funnels
and then Ship Station and then Sephora and then Amazon and then Old Navy. Your brain is exploding
because you’re like, “Oh what’s the password? “What’s the email that I used?” Well, now they’ve made it so easy for us. LastPass, keeps everything all together and it’s free. Yes, they do have an upgrade for $3, but you don’t need it. Just get the free one. Then when you start hiring people, you can actually share
login information with them not knowing your login, or your password. It’s magical, LastPass, ah! Those creators, are
going straight to heaven. Thank you for helping us right
here, simplify our lives. Whoop whoop! Okay, this second one right here. Is called Trello. Trello, I’m singing its praises. Why, because when you start
building your business and you’re like, “Oh I got these colors “and I got this logo and I’ve
got all these website media “stuff like that.” And then a week later, you’re like, “Oh, what’s my brand color? “Where do I find my logo? “Where do I find this? “What about that idea, or this idea?” Trello helps you organize everything. Now there’s a lot of free YouTube videos on how to use Trello. Maybe I’ll create one in the future. But, I brain-dump everything on mine. So here’s an example that
I teach a lot of people, that are taking the 0-100k System, how to use. It’s right here, like workflows. How to build your workflow out. Branding, how to put like
all of your stuff together, so that you can find it really easy. And it’s not like you’re
trying to dig through emails, or all this other stuff, trying to find what you created a week
ago, or a month ago, or a year ago, it’s all in one spot. Testimonials. When people are singing
praises on social media, about how cool you and your product are, copy and paste it and stick it here, so you’ll have all your
testimonials in one spot. So that you can use them,
all over your website. Then, what’s even more magical, is you can actually click on this and you can assign someone
else to do the work for you. Ah! So let’s say you get
all these testimonials and you want them scattered
through all your website, hire someone on your team to do it. Heck, hire a kid to do it, right? Yeah, it works. I give Jared and my kids jobs. They love me. Okay, the next one. If you have a MSN, AOL, Yahoo account. It’s time, I’m telling you now, it is time that you need to go ahead just come up on up to speed. Those email providers are
like your hair in the 80s and they have not updated. Oh! You’ve got to update your email account. And I know someone’s gonna probably, I don’t know, send me a bad email on that. But just get a Gmail account. The deliverability of everything, is just gonna flow so much better. And, Google Docs. This is the best part
about the Gmail account. Like it’s mind blowing, the amount of money that they
have put into this for us to use for free. Unbelievable. You can upload pictures,
you can upload documents, files, pictures, like whatever
you need for your business. And then you can share the
link with someone else. So instead of having to write an email and then upload a big, huge file that’s gonna crash someone’s email, and then you have to take it back down, you have to resize it
and then re-upload it. Like that’s just a mess, right? Just send a link to your Google Doc. World peace is happening right here, in the Google Doc land. Get a Gmail account. The next one. InShot, ah! You guys, InShot is magical. This is an app on your phone,
a free app on your phone. Yes there are in-app purchases,
but I haven’t bought any and I’ve used it for two years. Love it! When you’re editing videos, when you’re editing pictures and you want to put words on it, this is where to go. So, here’s my Facebook feed if you’re not following
me, get over there! Follow me on Facebook. But do you see how this video right here, has words above it? And these have words, this one doesn’t, this one doesn’t, this one doesn’t, right? Like when you put words,
or if you put words on your pictures, a lot more times you’ll find that they’re getting clicked and viewed on even more. Now it doesn’t happen all the time. But it gives us a better
chance of getting our content out into the world better. Like this one right here, is my top video. 614,000 views, that did
pretty darn good, right? And it’s just a little
snippet of ways for kids to make money. Yeah, pretty cool. So that’s how you do it on videos, is just use something called InShot, free. For you, I know. Okay, next one. Lightroom, on your phone. The phone version is free. Yay! I know, right? The Desktop version’s
gonna cost you money. Get the free phone version. You can edit your pictures,
make them lighter, make them pop, make them brighter, all that good stuff. Right in, Lightroom. Next one. All those pictures that you’re taking to use for social media. All the screenshots you’re taking of your customer’s amazing testimonials. They get a little bit bogged
down in your phone, right? Says someone with over
20,000 pictures, in my phone. I know, it’s a little bit out of control, I do realize that. So when I found Slidebox, that’s free. The other day, I was getting my hair cut. I was swiping, organizing. By the time she got done with my haircut, I had deleted 500 pictures, that were just taking up room, that I didn’t even need. Then I was organizing, “Oh
these are testimonials here. “These are product pictures here.” It was just so much easier. Now I get to flip through and be like, “Oh testimonials, great!” Do, do, do, do, da! Instagram pictures, that
I wanna post on Instagram. They’re all in a folder, all
pretty, ready to go for me, so I’m not digging, scrolling,
never ending scroll, right? Slidebox. Highly, highly, highly recommend it. Okay, next one, Word Swag. You know the cute quotes on
everybody’s Instagram feed? A lot of them are using Word Swag. So let me show you, here’s my Instagram. Which, if you’re not following. Go follow! And you can see that
I’m using it right here. Like I got little quotes right there. I was on a quote kick. This one I wasn’t. But you can, like you
just put in what you want and then you just hit the numbers and it designs it for you. It’s so cool, you don’t
have to be designer. They made it for you, for free, yeah! I know! Some of these people. Could just smooch them…no. I could just kiss their forehead (laughs). I won’t use the smooch word. My husband will be like,
“Who were you smooching?” (laughing) No one. I’ll just kiss them on their forehead. Because they made my life so much easier and they’re about to make
your life easier too. Okay, next one right here, GTmetrix. All right, this one, ah! Sing praises to this one too. Put your url right here and it can tell you if your site is as slow as tar. Nobody is going to buy from you, if they have to wait. And they don’t want to. Oh no, it’s just not gonna happen. And then it is even better, because it tells you exactly
why your site is slow. Could it be that you have
this ginormal, huge, monstrous of a picture, that just
can’t download fast enough? It’s gonna say, this picture is too large. Shrink it down, put it back up, retest it and then I’ll show you how
much faster your site will go. Okay, next one. Google number. You know on websites
that have phone numbers and how legit they look? Yeah, you can make your
site look legit too, with a Google voice number. The best part is, you don’t
have to put your own cell phone on your website. You put a Google voice number on there and then, if you don’t wanna answer it, it just gets directed into a Google folder and it tells me exactly what they want. Then, I can either call them back with my Google voice
number, or I can assign it and have my customer
service person do that. Magical, right? No numbers are needed, except
the Google voice number. It makes your site look so much bigger and so much more legit. Okay, next one right here, Zoom, ah! All right, this one. They’re free, free, whomp, service. I love Zoom, because you can conference with your team members. If you’re like, “Alison, I
just have one team member.” Congratulations, proud of you! You can actually get them on and you guys, it’s like you’re talking in a board room, face to face, which is kind
of like so cool, right? Then, here’s the next part. You can actually take over their computer and help them if they get stuck somewhere. So you’re not like, “Oh,
oh click to the left. “No, no, no, no. “Too far, go to the right.” You don’t have to do that anymore. You can just say, “Give me
access to your computer.” You can go in, you can help them set up whatever they need to. Beautiful for training. Then the free plan, you can do up to a 45-minute conference call,
which some people are like, “Oh, 45 minutes isn’t enough.” Well you know why I love the 45 minutes? Because it helps me focus
and get that meeting done in 45 minutes and move
on to the next task. Heck, I could make a
meeting go for three hours, just because we’re
small chatting, talking, and then nothing gets done for the day. But these 45 minute,
like, “We got 45 minutes. “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!” We move mountains in that time. So, is really great. A great way to communicate with people that are across the
world, across the country, across the street, even across the room. Jared and I and my daughter Makayla, we will do Zoom calls. Why? Because I don’t want
them standing right here looking over my computer
and I don’t wanna be standing over them
looking at their computer when they’re trying to
figure something else out. Zoom just makes it so much easier. All right. 11.4, social media. What? I know you’re like, “Really, Alison? “Come on, social media, the algorithms, “nobody’s seeing my stuff,
really they’re not nice to me. “Blah, blah blah, blah.” Well I’ll tell you what. These four platforms, and I’m gonna show you, which you probably know what they are. You guys, they’re a free platform. Facebook Lives. The amount of money that Facebook spent for us to be able to do a Facebook Live, to talk about our business, is insane. And guess how much they charge us? Woo, woo! Now if you get into the Facebook Ad space, yeah that’s another ball, right? But, for the ability to be able to create a Facebook conversation with your customers, for free, is insane. It’s like a little mini conference, that you can do, any day of
the week that you want to. Okay, so we did a
Facebook Live, last week. Look at this. We had almost, a little over 15,000 reach. Guess how much I paid for that video? None, zero advertising went to it. We had 250 comments. 190, or almost 1200 engagements. Six shares. Ah! This is so great. And if you’re like, “Well
Alison, you’re talking “and giving away free
PDFs and it’s not fair “and blah, blah, blah.” You guys, over on my
store, when I owned it, Pick Your Plum, we would post videos that, like a recipe video that
had to do with a cake stand that we were selling and would have millions
of views, for free. They’re amazing and they’re free. They help you get your message out, even better and even faster. Okay, another one, Instagram Start building your Instagram account. It’s free. Free.99, doesn’t charge you anything, to use the Instagram account. Pinterest. Ah, Pinterest! Get your pinning on. Then the point fourth
one, right here, YouTube. You’ll see some of these videos on here, with me as a blondie (laughs). Right there, I had long, long blonde hair. Look at her right there. Oh my Gosh, four years ago! I know. I was a blondie. It was awesome. Okay but right here, 61,000 views. We were selling this cake
pan right here, you guys. Right there. Then we made this Nutella roll
and there was another tray and then here three tiered wood tray. Almost 7,000 views. Yeah, that’s pretty magical. Zero spend. Like zero, zero spend. We actually posted this
one over on Facebook? Let me pull it up. Now I did sell Pick Your Plum. It’s not in my hands anymore. But the people that bought it, they’re pretty awesome. So when you’re like,
“Alison, you’re teaching us “how to sell and I
teach about E-commerce.” I’m just showing you E-commerce ideas. Right here. Five minute ice cream cake. So the YouTube one, what’d
it get, like six point, or 61,000 views. Thought that’s kind of cool, right? This one, over here. 7.5 million views. What? Do you know how fast we
sold out on these trays? Like that, right? So you show something, show what you do with your
product, put it on social media. Good things can happen. Okay, I hope you liked
the 11.4 things to do to help, like these free business tools that you can use. I need you to write a comment down below, if there’s other free ones
and it’s not like the trial. I don’t want trials for like two months and then you have to start paying. These are free forever. These ones that I showed you. Yeah, if you have any
others, leave them down in the comments below,
I would love to hear, share and learn from you. Then make sure you’re
following me over on Instagram. Because I give more tips
and tricks over there. And then Facebook! The little button that says follow. At the top, gonna be right there. Like this page. All right, I’ll see you
guys next week, bye! (upbeat music)


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