Best Passive Income Ideas (2019)

Best Passive Income Ideas (2019)

in this video I’ll show you four simple
passive income ideas using these passive income ideas I am making well into four
figures every single month in addition to my other business income I’m sure
that at least one of them will surprise you so keep watching to find out which
one my name is Greg Kononenko the Caffeinated Blogger and on this channel
i put out regular tutorials about making money online blogging and traffic
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every time I upload a new tutorial alright so the first passive income idea
is using Adsense and driving some automated traffic to pages with Adsense
I’m gonna break it down for you step-by-step show you a couple of
examples here as well so the reason why I like this is because it is completely
passive and it is suitable for newbies so let me show you one of my sites where
I use Adsense currently just to give you an idea in case you are completely new
to Adsense and you don’t know how it actually works so there is this is one
of these smaller blogs of mine it’s in the travel niche it’s called travel and I’m still making passive money from this blog even though I
haven’t really done much with it for a long time now so as you can see here if
you go to any post you will see these ads so this thing at the top here it
says sponsored links and there is a and ad here
there are also ads in the sidebar on the right and then as you scroll down the
page there is also another ad here so what happens is I’m getting traffic to
this blog from Google by people typing different things into google searching
for various tourism and holiday related keywords they come to this site and as
soon as they click on one of these ads I get paid a certain amount per click okay
so it’s completely passive I don’t need to do anything all I need to do and you
would need to do if you wanted to use this as a passive income idea is to
create some kind of posts with content put a little bit of code and all these
ads show automatically you need to kind of you know do too much to
maintain that or anything like that and then essentially you would just drive
the traffic to this post you can do this in any niche
I’ve got adsense blogs in three different niches at the moment and you
know you can literally do this in any niche because Adsense will show ads in
any niche that you possibly can think of I currently make approximately four
figures a month with Adsense so it can be very profitable it is scalable as
well and traffic can be automated you can actually get automated traffic from
Pinterest to posts you can get automated traffic from google voice search so if
you search if you create posts on really low competition keywords then you can
rank even as a brand new site you can rank for a lot of different keywords on
Google so once people come to your site you know wherever they come from if they
come from Pinterest if they come from Google from anywhere as long as they
click those ads you’re gonna get paid how much can you make all right so this
is a question that you probably guys are thinking about so you can make anywhere
from $1 to $100 per 1000 visits this will depend on your niche some niches
for example niches about legal you know attorney related things divorce all of
those kind of things Nicias related to credit cards home
loans they pay a lot alright if you manage to get traffic which is of course
a little bit more difficult in those niches but if you manage to get traffic
in those niches to your sites you can make a lot of money with Adsense because
advertisers just pay so so much it they in some instances that by 3050 or even
more dollars per one click which is insane and you get paid a good portion
of that by Google now in some other niches you can get a ton of traffic for
example in a dog niche or in a travel niche you can get a lot of traffic very
easily because there’s a lot of you know relatively little competition in those
niches but you’re gonna make less per 1000 visits now I’m not allowed to
disclose exactly how much I make per 1000 visits Google terms actually
prohibit that but what I can tell you is that I make somewhere between 10 and
eighty dollars per 1000 visits in all of my Nicias okay so that’s just a rough
guideline for you and once again this is completely passive guys now you might be
thinking all right but how do I make a site that looks like this and how do I
actually get traffic to it so on my channel I actually have videos about all
of these I can’t go into all of these detail in this video otherwise it would
just be hours long but if you look in the description below you’ll find links
to my other videos that will explain you how to both build the side as well as
get the traffic okay so you can get started with this all of these videos in
my channel are completely 100% free cool so now let’s talk about the second one
in my list of passive income ideas and that is reseller hosting before you get
scared and kind of run away or fast forward just hear this out so this is
actually completely passive business it’s um I’ve done a little bit of
research on YouTube I don’t think a lot of people have talked about this in
these kind of videos but this is actually a really really awesome idea
for you to start building a recurring income now why okay this might actually
initially appeal to people who are sort of a little bit more technically minded
but even if you know nothing about hosting nothing about setting up servers
you could still do this don’t get scared just because this is hosting you know
the way that this works you can get a reseller hosting plan for approximately
twenty to twenty-five dollars a month so let me just show you a couple of things
that I’ve prepared here so one of these types of hosting is this one called in
motion hosting and each as you can see here their plans start from $15 per
month for reseller hosting accounts now there’s also some plans for 21 which are
actually a better kind of value for money so let me just work with this
example 21 let’s just call it 20 bucks a month okay now how do you actually make
money from this well on this plan that I just showed before this twenty twenty
two dollar plan you can easily have fifteen accounts that you’ve sold to
others so you buy this account for twenty dollars a month
okay and then you get allocated certain amount of disk space and bandwidth and
all of these other things that hosting customers actually need then you can
create you can sell to others this space you can break it down okay so you buy
all of this space you break it down and to let’s say ten fifteen or twenty or
however many counts you want and you can sell it to others and how much can you
charge others well you can you can charge anywhere from four to ten dollars
a month that seems to be the going market rate for smaller kind of accounts
obviously these are gonna be accounts for small blogs all right
massive blogs require big hosting so you’d be looking at kind of newbie
people who really want those budget kind of solutions okay and you can charge
them anywhere from let’s say four to ten dollars a month for the kind of plans
that you can set up on this $20 per month account so what that means is that
you can bring in on that one account for twenty bucks a month you can bring in
anywhere from sixty two hundred and fifty dollars a month depending how you
decide to structure it and that is recurring ongoing because I tell you one
thing once people sign up for hosting they pretty much don’t leave because
it’s you know once they’ve got their site somewhere they don’t move I have
not moved my hosting in I don’t know how five years I think you know I just
continue paying and I pay a lot I pay close to $200 a month for all of my
hosting combined I just stay with one company it’s way too complicated to move
to a different hosting provider so people will just stay so as you can see
you can sort of Grove this right once you get this twenty dollar plan you sell
these accounts then you can get higher value plans if you’re getting more and
more customers and it becomes more and more cost efficient and more and more
profitable for you so it is mostly passive and automated if you do
occasionally get random client support requests that might ask you a particular
question so what you would do then is you would simply copy and paste it to a
24/7 dedicated support team which all of these hosting providers have so 24/7
customer support so basically you just copy on
paste the support ticket to the technical team and they will answer it
for you very very quickly so that’s another great passive income idea that
you can explore okay now let’s talk about number three
passive income idea so it would be recurring affiliate programs so how does
this actually work well all you need to do is you need to
recommend quality product you need to get someone to click your link whether
it’s on social media on your site or somewhere else and buy something now a
lot of people do affiliate marketing maybe you are doing affiliate marketing
yourself as well but what a lot of people do not focus on and I did not
really focus on up until recently is one recurring affiliate programs because
once you bring in a sale like that you actually get paid every single month
month after month especially if it’s a good high-quality service you can make
really good money it’s very profitable and it works in any niche so let me show
you an example of what I’m talking about them okay so for example my here is here
is my website caffeinated here is one of the Articles that I’ve
got posted on my site it’s three traffic sources okay
and it’s getting good traction getting a good number of shares good number of
visitors now I’ve got certain affiliate links here in the article for example
where I talk about tailwind and how you can get traffic from Pinterest using
tailwind I’ve got this link here and if someone clicks this link this is my
finit link it’s a special type of tracking link you can see here long line
of mumbo-jumbo okay this is special affiliate link then we’ll land on this
page and if they sign up then they sign up will be tracked to my name on the
tracking software so a lot of people have been signing up from here and from
various other places where I’ve got links to tail wind now telling affiliate
program is really really good because when I show you here inside my
ShareASale account this is where tailwind affiliate program actually
leaves they pay 50 cents per leads so anyone who just signs up
for a free trial accounts I get 50 cents for that okay but then a lot of these
accounts actually end up upgrading to monthly and yearly plans and I get paid
a percentage of these ongoing monthly sales so for example this is a $2 and 25
cent Commission as you can see this is 15% of the sale amount which is 15 bucks
monthly planned $15 a month someone upgraded and I’m gonna get paid every
month for this this is the exciting part about and once people sign up for a good
quality service they will just stay all right and your portfolio so to speak of
these recurring commissions will actually continue growing month after
month so all you need to do is just get people to click your link sign up for
this program and you can gonna continue getting paid every single month month
after month now as I told you before this actually works in any niche so my
caffeine and a blogger website of course is in the online marketing space online
marketing niche but just a quick Google search will reveal lots of excellent
programs for example here is a post on the niche hacks con website and they’ve
got a really good amount of information here in regards to various affiliate
programs and they’ve listed a ton of recurring affiliate programs as well so
for example here is in the health niche there is LC SMD okay there is recurring
sales that they paint there is another one in romance affiliate programs once
again there are recurring monthly programs and the good thing is that
these programs have actually been tested and optimized for conversions all you
need to do in your niche is just find those programs which is not very hard
just use Google it’s pretty easy and you will continue getting paid month after
month you can sort of build your residual affiliate Commission pool okay
and you don’t have to create a product for this you don’t need to do any
customer service or all of those really painful things as a product creator
myself I know it’s very very difficult to create a product it’s very difficult
to market that product and then to make sales of that product and then it’s very
time consuming to do customer service as an affiliate if you’re promoting those
recurring programs you don’t have to deal with any of this let’s move on to
before in this list of passive income ideas so the number four idea is YouTube
now YouTube is in my honest opinion is probably the biggest opportunity out
there right now it’s just insanely crazily powerful I personally ignored
YouTube for a very long time I really regret this now my thinking
about it always was I’m actually really shy to be on camera I don’t want to be
on camera but I got over that fear you know I still get really nervous every
time I get on the camera I prepare for a long time sometimes it takes me five
hours to prepare for a video and to get myself into this mindset of okay I’m
going to be on camera I got a I’m gonna be sharp I got to be energetic I got to
be positive that’s what stops a lot of people and that’s actually a good thing
because what happens is most people like 99.99999% of people in the world don’t
do YouTube so if you are brave enough to start a YouTube channel and start
putting out your videos out there you know you might kind of not be very good
at the very start but you will get better as the time goes on and as you
make those videos you actually get paid per what’s called a monetized view there
is kind of a little thing around that your channel has to be has to grow you
have to have for thousands of watch hours before you can apply to have your
video is monetized but you can get there within a relatively short amount of time
now let me just show you you know just in case you’re wondering how am I going
to grow my YouTube channel and and all that kind of stuff
I will actually show you something here so these are my stats for the last 365
days now at the end of December so a year ago I was at approximately 800
subscribers on YouTube I didn’t do anything with YouTube for a very long
time I just continued kind of slowly getting subscribers whenever I put out
the video here and there but I was not focusing on it now I’ve got 12,000
subscribers on my youtube channel and the big growth came when I started
focusing on it from July till now okay so in the last six months I haven’t I’ve
only been doing probably three two four videos per month maximum maybe
even like two to three but this is the growth that I have had so I have gone
from about less than one thousand subscribers to twelve thousand
subscribers in one year and I’ve only really worked on this you know
sporadically between July and December so these two shows you the potential how
much can you actually make if you start a YouTube channel well the range will
once again depend on your niche because you get paid essentially per monetized
views so this is a view where there is a pool of willing people who want to
advertise on your channel but general range seems to be if you look around on
on the internet seems to be between $1 and $20 per 1000 views once again
depends heavily on your niche but this amount is actually ongoing so what I
mean by that is you might put out a video and perhaps it will only make you
fifty cents a day okay it doesn’t sound like a lot does it but if you think
about this this is like a snowball the more videos you put out and even if each
video is just making you fifty cents a day every single day after 30 days
you’ll be at a point where you’re making $15 per day completely passively it just
continues ticking away for you and it will kind of grow because the more your
channel grows the more Authority your channel collects the more views you’re
going to attract the more subscribers you going to attract so it’s kind of
like a snowball once it starts growing it just keeps growing faster and faster
and faster and you can also do other things in your videos you don’t have to
just monetize with YouTube you can sell your own things via the links in the
description of why what you say in the video you can build your email list you
can put affiliate links so let me just show you what I’m talking about there
for example this is my video on YouTube how to get traffic to your website are
published this basically two months ago I’ve had 36 thousand views on it so far
as you can see it’s ranking for a lot of really good tags for example for tags
website traffic how to get traffic to your website and so
and in the description here and actually in the video I talked about Pinterest
traffic so people click this link and they if they subscribe once again I get
paid a commission okay so you can you don’t have to just monetize with ads
even before you hit that 4000 which hours which will qualify you for YouTube
ads you can make money by selling your staff putting affiliate links and so on
so these are the four passive income ideas that I wanted to talk to you guys
about today if you enjoyed this content and you would like to get more content
like this from me in the future then make sure to click the subscribe button
just below this video as well as click the little bell notification icon


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