– [Caitlin] Thank you for calling Pizza Hut.
This is Caitlin. Will this be for carryout or delivery? – [Dunk] Uh… Neither. I don’t-
I don’t want anything. I’m not hungry. – [Caitlin] Ok, great!
Then don’t call here. – [Dunk] Uh… I don’t like pizza. – [Caitlin] Oh. Well, we have your phone number and your name. So we will be contacting the police. Thank you… – [Dunk] Thanks! (Phone Ringing) Hey!
I don’t want a pizza. I want tacos. – [Girl] Okay, well, this is Pizza Hut. If you want tacos, you’re gonna have to call somewhere else. – [Dunk] Should I call Taco Bell? – [Girl] Yeah… (Phone Ringing) – [Guy] Taco Bell. – [Dunk] Hey!
I want pizza. (hangs up) – [Dan] Pre-order your copy of “Kingdom Hearts III” here at GameStop. This is Dan.
How can I help you today? – [Count Dunkula] Ah, ah, ahh!!! It’s me… Dracula! Ah, ah, ah, ah, AHHH!!! I’m calling to see if you have the new Dracula videogame.
(Bram Stoker’s Dracula, 1993) – [Dan] Umm… I’m not familiar with the Dracula videogame. Which one would that be? – [Dunkula] You play as Dracula! Explore over 3 levels! – [Dan] Uh…
Do you know the name of the game? – [Dunk] It- “Hogan’s Castle.” (Phone Ringing) – [Mary] Thank you for calling Barnes & Noble.
This is Mary. How can I help you? – [Dunk] Hey! How do you get the Big Yoshi? – [Mary] Ok! Umm.
Is it a… stuffed animal? Or… – [Dunk] Yeah!
I mean, he’s- He’s sitting there. – [Mary] Okay… – [Dunk] I need the big one, though.
– [Mary] Umm… -[Dunk] You know. – [Mary] Ok!
And… Umm… Is there a specific… brand that that’s under?
Or is it just…? – [Dunk] BIG YOSHI. – [Mary] Ok! Umm… – [Dunk IN SPACE]
hey I'm looking for the new YOSHI game. – [Guy] For what system? – [Space Dunk] The Nintendo Wii... – [Guy] The Switch? – [Dunk] YEAH I'M IN SPACE – [Guy] Yoshi comes out March 29th. It’s not out yet, though. – [Dunk] YES – [Guy] Yes! Yeah! – [Dunk] THANK YOU. – [Guy] You’re welcome, man. – [Dunk] BYEEEE.
– [Guy] Pleased to hear your voice, sir. (The guy laughs) – [Greg] This is Greg speaking.
How can I help you? – [Dunk] Hey!
(Eating) You guys got yoshi?
(With mouth full) – [Greg] What was that?! (Crunch eating soung) – [Dunk] You guys got yoshi? – [Greg] Yoshi? – [Dunk] Yeah! – [Greg] For what? – [Dunk] Game Boy.
(Laughing) – [Greg] Game Boy?
Very specific.
(Laughing) Umm… There are many of those. Uh… Which Game Boy? (Dunkey laughs) -[Dunk] I give up. Bye-bye!
(Laughing) (Phone Ringing) – [Alex] Thank you for calling GameStop. This is Alex.
How can I help you? – [Dunggie Fils-Aimé] Hey, Alex! It’s me, Reggie. I’m just calling to let you know, that we are shipping to your store 100 copies of the latest installment in the Mario franchise. – [Alex] Okay. – [Dunggie] I gotta go now, Alex… and get back to playing Animal Crossing®: New Leaf™ on my Nintendo® 3DS™. Goodbye! – [Alex] Bye! (Phone Ringing) – [Angie] Thank you for calling GameStop, where you can pre-order your copy of Kingdom Hearts III. This is Angie.
How can I help you? BWAH BWAH Hello?
It’s me, Yoshi. (she hangs the phone) – [Landon] This is Landon.
How can I help you? – [Dunk] Hey, Landon.
It’s me, Jack Nicholson. I’m on set right now, for the movie “The Departed” and I’m looking for the game, “Hogan’s Castle.” Do you guys have that? – [Landon] I do not, Dunkey. But I might have Spaghetti and Meatballs, if you ask nicely. – [Dunk] Uh ohhh…
(Dunkey busted) (phone ringing) – [Daniel] Thank you for calling Los Banos’ GameStop, where you can pre-order MLB The Show 2019. This is Daniel.
How can I help you? (Dunkey makes honk noises) – [Dunk] Hey, man!
What’s going on? I’m on the highway right now. (imitating semi-truck honk sound) Umm, I’m calling to see if you guys got that new Yoshi game. (imitating car honking sound) (makes the sound of a sport car accelerating) (imitating different car sounds) – [Dunk] You guys got it? – [Daniel] Uh, I have, Uh, Yoshi’s Craft- Or to say… Yoshi’s Crafted World coming out in March. That’s all I got, though. – [Dunk] Yoshi’s Crappy World??? (A guy laughs on the background) – [Daniel] Crafted World. – [Dunk] Alright, put me down for ten of those. – [Adam] Thanks for calling GameStop.
[♪”Simian Segue” – Donkey Kong Country OST♪] This is Adam.
How may I help you? – [Dunk] Uh… Do you guys have the game Donkey Kong: Frozen Ape? – [Adam] The only thing that even pops up is Tropical Freeze, which came out last May.
(Dunkey raising the music’s volume during the call) – [Dunk] Yeah, I want 1 copy of Donkey Kong: Frozen Ape. – [Adam] I’m sorry. I can barely hear you with the music in the background. – [Dunk] Yeah, it’s really loud in here.
I’m sorry! You guys have the new Donkey Kong game? I’m looking for that. – [Adam] Well, uh, we have Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze which came out last May. – [Dunk] Yeah! – [Adam] If that’s the one you’re looking. – [Dunk] Donkey Kong: Frozen Ape. Yeah! – [Adam] So, we got it in stock at $60 dollars plus tax. – [Dunk] $50 dollars? – [Adam] $60 dollars, plus tax. – [Dunk] $50 dollars. Incredible. – [Adam] 60! – [Dunk] $50 dollars. Wow. (Music stops)
(Phone Ringing) – [Billy] Good afternoon.
Thank you for calling Party City, where nobody has more party for less This is Billy.
How may I help you? – [Dunk] Hey! Can you type in… …”Big Yoshi” on Google Image Search for me? – [Billy] Type-? Type in what? It’s “BIG,” space Y-O-S-H-I. Should get a picture of a big green guy. – [Billy] Ok… Give me a second.
My- Uh, It’s loading… – [Dunk] Okay. – [Billy] Right… – [Dunk] Alright!
You see him now? – [Billy] Yeah… – [Dunk] Yoshi! That’s the sound he makes. I know!
(chuckle) Alright!
Bye-bye! – [Billy] Bye!
Have a good day. [OUTRO]
♪ “Kamek’s Theme” – Yoshi’s Island OST (SNES) ♪

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