Be Silent, My Sorrow, Be Silent (1918) movie

Be Silent, My Sorrow, Be Silent (1918) movie

‘Be Silent, My Sorrow, Be Silent’ (1918)
is one of the most representative pictures of the
Russian revolutionary cinema. Its contents are poor and paltry… Love, money, tuxedoes, “good manners”.
They all are distinctive examples of cinema usage to present
“delights” of bourgeois lifestyle as an ideal for every man. The contents are so sincere,
that they don’t even conceal the moral turpitude
of the main attitude. Woman’s beauty, and love, everything can be bought
and everything can be sold. Be Silent, My Sorrow, Be Silent Director: P. I. Chardynyn Lead actors: Vera Kholodnaya,
V. Maksimov, O. Runich, A. Polonsiy Part 1 The Dance “Pierretta” – Let me go, I have to go to my husband.
– Go then. He is celebrating his benefit performance. Remember
what I said? You’ll go down with him. Don’t drink, Lorio,
you have a difficult piece today. I’m sorry. I won’t anymore.
I’ll be ready soon. Dump him and come with me.
With my talent and your beauty… We’ll conquer the world. No… That would be terrible. Stop it… I have to work now. Flirting again. I’ll kill you! Go, you fool! Only because of her.
Be silent, my sorrow, be silent. What a hell of boring day!
What on earth can we do? What if we go to the circus today? Oh, I told you, told you… So?
He will definitely survive… but will be crippled
for the rest of his life. You? … Why? … Here… It’s what
the comrades have collected for Lorio. – What will you do now?
– The doctor said he can work no more. Leave him. I’ll create a career for you,
you couldn’t possibly have dreamed of. Pola, you wouldn’t leave me? I’ll get better…
We’ll start working together. “The Fairytale of Dear Love” Wake up, Pola, it is time Be silent my sorrow, be silent! Be silent, my sorrow, be silent… But you’ve really been affected
by this songstress. No it’s not that…
I’ve got an idea: Why don’t we invite her
to our bachelor party. What a splendid idea! Come in, the master is asking for you. Tomorrow I’m having a party
and I suggest you take part in it. Of course, you will be
handsomely rewarded. You’ll come, won’t you? So, I’ll be waiting for you
at eight tomorrow evening. And this is a down payment. No, I definitely can’t go.
I have nothing to wear. Why don’t you wear a costume,
you used to wear at the circus? The party. Would you permit me
to try this on you? This necklace fit’s
Mademoiselle so well, that if I were you
I wouldn’t look for another neck. Mademoiselle, this necklace is yours. In deals such as this
the intermediary receives his brokerage. I’m still waiting. In cinema, scenes of this kind
usually end up with a diaphragm. We’d be delighted if
you would sing something for us. I hope that after dinner
you will sing some more. But now, everybody to the table. Now I remember where I saw you: Didn’t you use to work at the circus? – Did you seen me there?
– Yes, I did, At that ill-fated performance,
where your partner collapsed. Pola, just say one word and everything before you will be yours. Stop it. You’re drunk enough already… Drunk, me?
But then again, I am drunk, really… Let’s say our goodbyes and go home. Here, the master
has asked me to deliver this. Thank your master for me. Fool! She is angry. Stop it… I’m tired of this… Tired… but what can we do?
We have to go out today. Go where? Reeling around courtyards? Enough! I will not go anymore…
Do you understand? I will not! Alright. Then I will go alone.
Even alone I will earn something. What do you think? Yes, this is the only way out. Sell this and end everything!… Be silent, my sorrow, be silent. – Someone is asking for you?
– Who is it? That songstress. Stay with me and
you will have everything. – A letter from the lady.
– What lady? You’ll find out. I won’t return to you. Why?
You must understand yourself. I want to protect
the memories we shared. Send the costume I played in
and the guitar. The money is for you.
Goodbye. And if you can…
Forgive me. Answer? Here…
Give the money to the lady. Those things.
There, take them… Don’t you dare… d’you hear me.
I won’t let you take this. Give me a cigarette. You’ll be punished
if the master finds out. You’ve lost?
Tell me the truth. I’ll bail you out, but remember.
This is the last time. – Don’t you think it’s too much?
– But, this is the latest trend. – You might as well be naked.
– What do you mean? Just look at yourself. Hurry up, I have
a music class at twelve. What shall we do this evening? – Nothing… We’ll stay at home.
– Home? But that’s so boring. But I would have liked so much
to ride in a carriage to the gypsies. I think you’d rather
move to the public house completely. I said you were just
a beautiful mannequin for him. You are just for show.
He has no interest in your soul. Stop!
I’m going to sing myself. Do you think
I brought you here as entertainment for these respectable people? Clearly, one can’t to get the manners
of a street songstress out of you! Stay calm, I’ll bring him back. I know you fancy her, but I can’t bear to see Pola
passed around like this. Bear… Pola
polar bear, d’you get it? Repeat what was just said? – Why should I.
– Passed around? Then neither of you want me! Oh, you’re still here?
And you still love me… Ready to take me,
then pass me on… To you, I’m just an animal.
Like a polar bear. Pola, I love you madly… Very touching.
Love and romance. 64,000. Is that alright? I beg your pardon… I didn’t expect…
Tomorrow I’ll deliver the money. Next morning… I have an urgent matter
to discuss with you. Soon I’ll honour the cheque, meanwhile
please don’t present it to the bank. Listen, Zarnitskiy,
it’s silly to quarrel over a woman. I’m having a small party tonight… Prove that you stand above prejudice
and come over tonight with Pola. Pola, can you do me a big favour? You see; Teliepniev invited
us both to come to his party tonight. You still want me to go,
After everything that’s happened? It’s a matter of life and death for me! What are you pushing me into? At Tielepniev’s. In remembrance of your visit,
allow me to present you with this small trinket,
which I’ve prepared for you. We’ve asked Pola to sing.
Help us to convince her. Pola, I’m begging you.
Do this for me. This is necessary…
Do you understand, necessary! Gentlemen, Pola is going to sing. Hey…
Someone’s fooling around in there! THE END Subtitles: Dereks and Corvusalbus


  1. alex fernando Huenten says:

    good personage.

  2. Constantin Stanca says:

    Beautiful film , horrible music . I just wonder WHO decide to attach a completely idiotic score to a film from 1918 ? SHAME ON THEM !

  3. Constantin Stanca says:

    BOUOUOUor score ! It is impossible to see this film with the horrendous music !

  4. pamla motown says:

    Wow. Over 100 yrs old & wonderful condition. So sad most of her films purposely destroyed & too tragic that she died in 1919. Wish I understood Russian titles.

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