Be A Lion, Not A Mouse. Subconscious Mind Power, Wealth, Law of Attraction

Be A Lion, Not A Mouse. Subconscious Mind Power, Wealth, Law of Attraction

How much more could you accomplish if you
possessed a mechanism, a little switch mounted on the side of your head like a light switch
on the wall, that you could flick on and off just as flicking the
light switch instantly turns dark to light? This
switch could instantly turn insecurity or anxiety into self confidence, doubt, or hesitation
into enthusiasm. You do have such a switch, although you can’t go look in the
mirror and actually see it on the outside of your head because it’s on the inside of
your head, inside your self image. The great artist Salvador Dali gifted me with
an original painting, depicting a man walking out of the darkness of fear and uncertainty
into the bright light of Zero Resistance Living, flicking the switch from
darkness to light. Imagine a great, talented and
famous artist creating a painting as a gift for you, in celebration of your philosophy
of life! The fact that he did that gave me greater confidence in myself. Confidence is a very powerful asset because
of the way everyone else automati cally responds to a confident person. If
you want to achieve goals easily, with zero resistance, you will master the ability to
switch on genuine confidence at any time, in any situation. Look around at the most successful people
you know, and you’ll see that they exude confidence. Not necessarily braggadocio
or swagger – that is often the sign of ego run amok. But a more quiet, calm. unpretentious
confidence that inspires and influences others even without a word
being spoken. Isn’t that the kind of confidence you want on call, yours in any
time and every situation? Unfortunately. most people. even reasonably
successful people harbor feelings of inferiority and insecurity. Most people also
strive to achieve a sense of superiority over others. But my entire approach is based
on the fact that the most mature, confident, and happy individuals break free
of this continuum, this ying—yang, this yo-yoing between inferiority and superiority. A physically strong man, a body-builder or
athlete may feel superior to others who lack his physical conditioning and discipline,
and may think of others as “wimps” or “couch potatoes.” In an environment where
his physique is significant — say at the beach – this sense of superiority will
be very strong. But it should not be confused with legitimate self-confidence.
Because this same man put into a tuxedo, plunked down at an elegant cocktail reception. at
the country club, where most of the others are highly paid executives,
doctors. stock brokers and entrepreneurs who earn a great deal more money than he does,
and who converse easily about the business and financial matters of which he
is ignorant, will now feel inferior and intimidated. This same man has swung from
superiority to inferiority. He may even Wonder if his wife would rather be married
to a man with a better education and better a income as they drive home that
night. He may then avoid such a situation for the rest of his life. You see, this is
not really a confident person at all. This is
a frail person who swings from superiority to inferiority and back and forth again
and again. In some situations, he will experience zero resistance, but in other
situations, he‘ll experience tremendous resistance. He is not a lion. He is a mouse sometimes masquerading as a lion. The master practitioner is confident all of
the time, in every situation. His confidence is not
dependent on or restricted to certain circumstances where he can feel superior to
others around him – but then dissipated in other circumstances. Master-level confidence transcends situations. It is constant
and stable. This kind of confidence can only come from
a healthy self-image. It cannot come from an expensive suit of clothes or impressive
car or big paycheck. It cannot be destroyed by temporary setbacks either.
It is constant and stable. It is thekind of confidence can be engineered.
It is not genetic or accidental or the result of luck or of circumstance. It
is crafted by a person who chooses to do so.
So, are you a lion or a mouse? The lion is a powerful image. A ‘high voltage
image’. The king of the jungle. The King of the beasts. He steps aside for no other.
No one dares challenge him. And when he speaks, although he is often silent, he
roars. The mouse is also a powerful image. Shy people
or plain-looking people are often described as “mousey”. The mouse is timid,
constantly in fear, running for cover at the slightest provocation. Which image represents you most of the time?
What image do you want to represent you? Well, here’s some information that may be
surprising to you: everybody is both a lion and a mouse. Even the most successful
person in a given field feels like a mouse sometimes. It is important to separate
instances of fear, doubt, anxiety from seeing yourself as a fearful, doubtful anxious
person. Feelings of inferiority is one of the destructive
traits of humanity. We all have these feelings, even the most successful people
in the world. People who are successful realize that feelings of inferiority should
act as a stimulus to rise above it. That’s what success is all about. The capacity to
rise above failure, stress, doubt, inferiority. Never assume a successful person
you admire does not suffer self-doubt. He most certainly does, more often than you would
ever imagine. But each time he chooses to rise above it. He is stimulated
by it, not governed by it or handicapped by it. Everyone has an environment in which they
are the lion. Some set of circum stances where you feel completely at ease,
comfortable, knowledgeable and competent. The superstar salesman may be a
lion when he is in a client’s conference room. making a presentation. He knows his
product backwards and forwards. He knows his competitors’ strengths
and weaknesses. He understands how his type of client reacts and can “read”
them, assimilating their body language, gestures, voice inflections, spotting their
buying signals, sensing their unresolved resistance. He is familiar with the most frequently
raised questions and objections, and the hidden meanings behind them, so nothing
“throws him for a loop.” He is well-prepared and he knows it. Inside his
mind, he has called up images of past successes in very similar circumstances, so
the current experience is virtually deja vu. He expects a successful outcome. Here,
he is the lion. He may never roar once verbally, but he roars silently with confidence. But everybody also has an environment in which
they are the mouse. Some set of circumstances where you feel ill at ease,
uncomfortable, ignorant and incompe tent. This same superstar salesman may be
a mouse when he is sitting in his son’s bedroom, talking to him about s e x. Or sitting
in his doctor’s office, being intimidated with unfamiliar jargon. Here he
may be a mouse. He may never squeak pitifully aloud, but inside he is squeaking
and squeaking. How can you conquer feelings of inferiority
and live like a lion most of the time? This is the question that can lead you to
self confidence. To conquer inferiority feelings, you must
first stop making unfair comparisons between yourself and others. You may be inferior
to others in one way but you must realize that you are superior to others
in another way. Many people reinforce the mouse inside through comparisons with
others. Why can‘t I be a better parent like Johnny‘s Dad? He seems to have it all together.
He and his son communicate. Genuinely like each other. Do things together.
My son seems distant. Actually to avoid me. Why can’t I be like Johnny’s
Dad? But next door, Johnny’s Dad is saying to himself: why can’t I do better in
my career. like Paul next door? I‘m always a dollar short and a day late but Paul
seems to have lots of money for the good things. like that new car he just bought.
I know he got promoted last month . I’ve gone three years without a promotion.
I’d get into sales too. if I was only more confident and outspoken like Paul. Each neighbor
is reinforcing the mouse within by comparing himself to the other person’s
lion. But the most mature viewpoint is that you
are neither inferior or superior. To say
that you are inferior or superior is to be caught up in comparing yourself to others
all the time. You are you. You are capable of blunder but capable of rising above
it. It comes back to the basic feelings of your own worth as a human being no matter
what your difficulties may be. No matter how many mistakes or errors you have
made. It comes back to the basic feeling that you have integrity. That
you must rise above a blunder or mistake. I never said it is easy to get rid of inferiority
feelings. It is easier to be suffocated and drowned by them. But nevertheless. it
is simple to get rid of inferiority by remembering that you have a worth as a human
being. That you accept yourself with kind eyes and you go about rising above your
mistakes. Let me remind you of the E-Range. The Effectiveness
Range. Each person has an E-Range, defined and controlled by the
self-image. For every set of circumstances. How effective you can be, and at what point
you become ineffective in any activity; selling, parenting. writing,
speaking. whatever; is determined by the self-image. Anybody can deliberately expand
their E-Range by strengthening the self-image. With that in mind. consider the
lion salesman versus mouse parent s cenario that we‘ve been using as an example.
How could the man who is a lion in selling but a mouse in parenting best alter
his self-image as a parent? Well, lets review what it is that makes him
a lion salesman. Why is be calm and confident there? He has a lot of knowledge.
He is prepared. He has past successes he can call up and focus on. He needs these
same things to go from mouse to lion in parenting. First, he needs knowledge: and
there are. fortunately, any number of good books, cassette programs, courses and
seminars about effective parenting for him to extract knowledge from. An afternoon
at the public library devoted to gaining such knowledge could work wonders.
He might seek out somebody he perceives as a lion—parent, buy them
lunch and borrow their brain. Ask What makes you such an effective parent? How did
you handle this or that? He might also work at engaging his son in dialogue, at the
dinner table, over breakfast, casually asking questions, and instead of jumping to critical
judgement, analyzing: what makes this person tick? So he gets knowledge.
In doing so, he will discover he already knows more than he thought he knew.
He will learn new information. Second, preparation. If he is going to start working toward a better
relationship with his son in general or go talk to him
about something specific, he should prepare just as he prepares for a successful
sales presentation. He might go into his Quiet Place, rehearse, and construct a Mental
Movie. He might assemble some
powerful facts or information. Maybe a compelling, relevant story about someone
his son admires. If, as a salesman, he reads the trades magazines his clients read, as
a patient, shouldn’t be read the magazines his son reads? He can be better prepared.
Next, past successes. First of all, he most certainly has done SOME things well as
a parent, and he should assemble all of those past successes and feed them to his
self-image. He can also transfer some of his successes
in selling — how he got through the resistance of a particularly tough
prospect. Next, stop dwelling on past mistakes and disappointments.
The past only dictates the future when and if we permit it to do
so. Each day IS a new day, full of possibilities and potential. Norman Cousins. the former editor of Saturday
Review, famous for his use of the powers of the mind in battling cancer, described in
his book ‘Anatomy Of An Illness’, wrote this: “Believe in the regenerative power
of human beings. No relationship, how damaged, is beyond regeneration. No
feelings, however wounded, are beyond regeneration. No situaton, however
deteriorated. is beyond regeneration. You have the opportunity for regeneration in
each or any morning you awake. If they haven’t drawn a chalk outline around your body during the night, abundant opportunity
is yours for the taking! Learn what you can from a mistake. Correct it if you can. Take
steps to prevent duplicating it. But also forgive and forget. Achievement is made up of mistakes, corrections,
mistakes. corrections. The happiest individual accepts this. embraces
this, and measures himself only against himself. his achievements against his own
standards. never against someone else. It is fine to admire and emulate others’
positive characteristics and accomplish ments. but never to view them as superior
to your own. Mastering self-confidence requires determination.
You do not just become a lion by wishing you were one. You certainly do
not become a lion by looking in a mirror. seeing a mouse, and lamenting that
you are a mouse instead of a lion. You become a lion by very deliberately setting
out to cultivate, emulate, act out and practice the thinking and behavior of a lion.
By cultivating a lion‘s self-image. My goal in writing this program, your goal
in studying this program, must be a determination to find – in you, in me – the
self-respect we must feel to lead lives of fulfillment and happiness. To earn the
self—confidence we need. You must Want to make the most of your life.
You must have strong feelings about your goals
– and not be ashamed of it – and why should you be? This is your life that is at
stake! You should be willing to reach out towards
anything that will make you feel greater sense of personal worth.


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