Batman Begins (6/6) Movie CLIP – The Ending (2005) HD

Batman Begins (6/6) Movie CLIP – The Ending (2005) HD

Nice. I couldn’t find any mob bosses. Well, sergeant? Oh, it’s lieutenant now. You really started something. Bent cops running scared. Hope on the streets. But? The narrows is lost. And we still haven’t
picked up crane Or half the inmates
of arkham that he freed. We will. We can bring gotham back. What about escalation? Escalation? We start carrying
semiautomatics, They buy automatics. We start wearing kevlar… They buy armor-piercing rounds. And? And you’re wearing A mask… And jumping off rooftops. Now, take this guy. Armed robbery, double homicide. Got a…Taste
for the theatrical, like you. Leaves a calling card.


  1. Zach Mondano says:

    I heard that if this movie bombed it would be seen as a prequel to the burton Batman films

  2. Justin Time says:

    Christopher Nolan created a masterpiece.

  3. The One93 says:

    Dracula and Batman 😉 (Oldman and Bale)

  4. Rizkirafu says:

    Ironically, only in this first film Bale's Batman can be so memorable.

    Because he later overshadowed by Ledger's Joker and Tom Hardy's Bane in the sequels.

  5. Lawrence Kin says:

    The greatest Batman movie ever made. The Dark Knight comes a close second

  6. LaGGod says:

    Sirius, I knew you’d come!

  7. lukasz fraczek says:

    Best scene

  8. jay wayne weezy says:

    This movie awsome

  9. KC Voorhees says:

    I remember watching this movie in the theaters, as a kid, and when I saw the Joker card, I was fan-boying, saying " that's the Joker's calling card, he's going to appear in the next movie, I'm so happy. And I was happy when I saw the Joker in the sequel. I liked Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker. It would have been awesome if he was in the Dark Knight Rises, though.

  10. Total Shots says:

    It wasn’t bale people. Anyone could’ve played Batman. It was Nolan that made this trilogy great

  11. offbrand101 says:

    "I'll look into it" saying it like it's not too big of a deal ohhh batman you have no idea what you're in for lol

  12. Welcome to the Joke says:

    I swear I can't even take the Christian Bale Batman voice seriously anymore after all the College Humor parodies.

  13. Msw 96 says:

    All three of these movies have pretty powerful endings

  14. John Petrinolis says:

    Everybody that was lucky enough to see this in theatres, please tell me how you and your audience reacted to the Joker card.

  15. Phi Pi Monares says:

    it took three years of suspense to get to the next sequel….
    probably beaten up all Marvel end credits scene

  16. crysismano2 says:

    damn, i want to rewatch the whole trilogy again…

  17. Anton A. says:

    This movie is like, "Yeah, finally! Batman is awesome again." Then came Justice League and now it's, "Oh, shit… Batman is lame again."

  18. Alex Paikada says:


  19. Omar Karim says:

    While I love the realistic tone of the Nolan movies… Christian Bale is my Batman and it sucks he’ll never meet Supes, Wonder Woman, or the Justice League…

  20. Mina Nasralla says:


  21. 245 says:

    whenever DC cinematic universe apologists try and defend their shite films, I always refer back to THIS trilogy – THE defining masterpiece of DC films. THIS was the benchmark, and they have failed to reach it since then.

  22. Allheart8705 says:

    I remember being 17 when I saw this in theatres and nearly shit my pants during this scene

  23. Xuan Cong Nguyen says:

    And son, that’s how a legend begins

  24. Dragon Ball 603 says:

    Christian Bale: Real Batman

    Michael Keaton: Darker Batman

    Ben Affleck: CGI Batman

  25. Stacy Cecil says:

    I just realized for the first time the person who recovered the card is listed as "J. Kerr". Joker?!?

  26. Pranjal Nagar says:

    Barring the yellow belt and stiff neck., This bat suit looked perfect. It was menacing, dark and made Batman look like a beast. The following ones were too slim..

  27. i Ennis says:

    And then The Greatest Artist who Revolutionaise the Movie Villain for ever Arrived

  28. Peer165 says:

    Oh, why did Nolan stop at only three movies?

  29. Nick Tube Video says:

    0:36 holy s###

  30. Bucky Escobedo says:


  31. Dylan Murray says:

    Fockin dope

  32. Goddamn 47 says:

    Man imagine the audience when they saw that card.
    I'll bet they screamed or was like "OH YEA"
    "AWWW SHIT!"

  33. Amy Jenson says:

    After that scene, you can imagine the pressure on Nolan's shoulders. He was probably thinking "Man after this I cannot f**k this up! I have to find the best Joker ever I have no choice!" Then Heath Ledger came in to fill in the shoes. 🙂

  34. jay wayne weezy says:

    I never thank you and you will never have to damn I love this movie 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯😍😍😍

  35. Syed Noore Rasul says:

    at 0:57, Gordon be like, 'What a nice man…. If he screws my daughter someday, i won't mind.'

  36. MAIN ACCOUNT says:

    So epic

  37. lego69lego says:

    in retrospect this makes it seem like batman had only two big cases and then retired until bane came back years later.

  38. Matt Innello says:

    This is the best Batman movie…the dark knight doesn’t feel like a Batman movie, but more like a gangster terrorist movie with Batman. This movie was everything up Batman movie should be. And this ending was the best. Epic and chilling

  39. Wahid Singh Gill says:

    Jentleman (gentleman) begins

  40. luke ketchum says:

    Christopher Nolan's Batman is by far the best one ever. Hands down.

  41. Mitch says:

    The Batsuit looked more like Batman than the new one the Dark Knight

  42. Christian Sava says:

    Hot take: This ending scene is a better set up than any post credit scene

  43. Darkmatador Darkmatador says:

    This end is mush beter to all marvel end movie 😅 ^^

  44. BullsNation says:

    Anybody got a video of a crowds reaction when they revealed the card

  45. Наталья Нарбекова says:

    Gordon cx Flow

  46. J Scott Upton says:

    "Christopher Nolan…I never said thank you".

  47. vlad dracul says:

    Gary Oldman was perfect as jim gordon !! And Bale as batman was perfect too…
    Sadly j.k simmons didnt shine as gordon despite being a great actor i think the script didnt help , same goes for affleck as batman, he was good, but the shitty script didnt help plus that ridiculous bat-suit and the shitty lex luthor ruined the DCEU… Personally Batman begins is the best batman movie so far !! And this is how a batman movie should be, no superman, no wonder woman and making a team crap ( that shit is good for animated movies ) Batman is a solo hero fighting against homicidal maniacs like the joker , psycopath serial killers like zasz , or just a highly intelligent big buff man like bane , but noooooo the producers think in making money instead of delivering a quality product which will make money if done right , but nope , they make a shitty product done wrong just with the purpose of selling ( justice league ) and the result was ; angry fans and waste of money cause they didnt recover the budget… Well done producers , is glad to see those college certificate degrees are getting results…

  48. Luke Agius says:

    Some day, in our daily lives and routine, we might just end up looking at the news showing a live broadcast of somewhat a man dressed as a bat. I feel it.

  49. Ju says:

    quick question .. how come when Gordon first showed Batman the Joker in Dark Knight when he robbed a bank he was acting like he wasn't a big deal , but at the end of this they make it seem like he is a big deal

  50. Will Power says:

    I remember the chills down my spine when I first saw this scene in the cinema

  51. Mtn Drew says:

    I like this the best out of the trilogy. Would have been great if they had continued the series (a different ending to TDKR with another villain introduction like they did here). It's a shame about Heath Ledger. It would have been so cool to introduce a Harley Quinn opposite his character…Would have made a great series even greater… In another universe perhaps…

  52. 강민형 says:

    비긴즈에 이런 씬이 있었네 이제 알다니..

  53. Adam Khid says:

    If only they kept this batman for the dark knight. Shouldve kept this voice this suit this attitude but noo we that bullshit acting with that terrible voice for the sequel. What a shame. Batman begins is the best out of the trilogy

  54. MathewNewsam says:

    The amount of amazing one liners in these movies is just amazing

  55. Julie McIntyre says:

    When Gordon shows the calling card, I was like Hell Yeah The Joker!

  56. the--noxious-1 says:

    The entire trilogy is a Masterpiece! And gosh this ending gives me serious chills and the music ! Omg I literally want to cry of how good these movies were and still are! 😫😍

  57. dannytheman1313 says:

    I remember a few gasps and whispers in the theater when the card was revealed man we had no idea what we were in for.

  58. Cameron Brown says:

    In my opinion, this scene was an introduction to the greatest superhero villain there has ever been. I also think it was possibly an introduction to the greatest acting performance I have ever seen.

  59. Amir Chulcov says:

    This is better than any MCU post credit scene.

  60. andri marpaung says:

    Honestly, no one knows at the time the weight or scale of this scene would be,….

  61. Nathan Cruz says:

    0:35 🃏

  62. Mona M says:

    This ending is one for the books .

  63. Nayops 18 says:

    I remember everyone getting hyped in the movie theater in this scene lol

  64. Ray Schwarz says:

    Not as good as Keaton or Kilmer

  65. School Account says:

    At this time we had no idea that the sequel would give us the best Joker ever and be the best movie ever.

  66. Shivan Muthu says:

    I wish they did more gliding scenes for Batman in movies

  67. JD Adams says:

    This is an exemplar case of dramatic irony, expertly played. Genius.

  68. Mohamed ELTahir says:

    One of the best ending teasing the next villain

  69. Michael Davis says:

    The dark knight trilogy > all MCU movies combined

  70. Dani Kai says:

    Warner and DC: We never said thank you
    Nolan: you don't have to

  71. David 0 says:

    I absolutely love this scene

  72. Adam Crowther says:

    It’s 2005, you go to the cinema to watch Nolan’s new masterpiece, batman begins. You witness the ending and realise there is another film to come with an even better villain, goosebumps rush over your body, life is good.

  73. black panther says:

    Since then, we went a long road…
    Cough cough mr.mind in the same movie universe with batman cough .

  74. MrKajithecat says:

    Made me so excited. Remember seeing this in theaters in 2005 and I can remember the audiences cheering when the joker card was revealed.

  75. Jeff Greenwade says:

    I remember seeing this scene and getting so damn excited. Oh man, was I in for a surprise, lol.

  76. Wolfvision says:

    Nolan brought him back after Schumacher. In comes Hack Snyder and sends him and the rest of DC straight down to the fiery depths of hell.

  77. David says:

    That joker card should be in a museum

  78. Paul H says:

    This movie was bad, the next 2 was way better

  79. rishi tena says:

    I think my childhood is awesome watching nolan’s batman trilogy i remember when i watch this movie i was 8 yrs old crazy about batman

  80. Xpóvoc Chronos Keeper Time says:

    Gillian Loeb/Gillian B. Loeb

  81. Khadro Yusuf says:

    I love rewatching vids when I’m bored 😹🤣😁☺️😇

  82. peter1 peter2 says:

    Watching this scene after watching The Dark Knight, they truly had no idea what they were dealing with

  83. Thomas Moore says:

    That look on Gordon at 0.33 is telling all the fans that saw this for the first time “ yeah it’s here, stop worrying”

  84. jared rivas says:

    “And Here we go…"

  85. 100k subscribers without any video challenge says:

    The beginning the ending I’m so confused what is it I
    Am I just dumb I did two lines because my teacher always catches me LOL🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 Pinocchio

  86. Jazlan syazwan0215 says:

    Gordon:I never say thank you
    Batman:And you never have to
    Damn that's deep😳

  87. British says:

    Gordon's voice is so different in this lol

  88. META 19991 says:

    Then a few years later we got an amazing movie!!!

  89. BobCat Man01 says:

    I do not like bats voice tbh

  90. Chris Baca says:

    0:35 – In Batman's mind he was thinking:
    "Look at that subtle coloring. The tasteful thickness.
    Oh my God. It even has a watermark."

  91. Kristy Moroni says:

    Love the ending the joker card

  92. skramble says:

    I didn't get this when I first saw it as I was very young but my dad had the BIGGEST grin on his face.

  93. Joe Schmo says:

    Nolan is sheer and utter genius. The way he constructs scenes, the script writing, capturing the spectacle that is Batman. Nolan deserves infinite praise for these films.

  94. dj says:

    la net creo que esta 40 0000

  95. Kumaran Chittharanjan says:

    Audience: I never said Thank you💟
    Nolan: And you never have too😎

  96. H G says:

    "I never said thank you…"

    "…You're welcome"

  97. David Wayne says:

    “And you’ll never have to” what a perfect ending

  98. Expensive Girl says:

    Of course, this was the card that joker gives to the mobs when they wanted to take things seriously

  99. JohnEnigma says:

    This whole scene still gives me goosebumps years later.

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