Basic income – Free money – VPRO documentary – 2014

Basic income – Free money – VPRO documentary – 2014

at this moment in various places around the world experiments with handing out money for free are ongoing main point and come to evens the internet site and are often bhootish events and builds in Scythia in the sisterhood and kink of it you get it for free from people who feel it’s time to break the current relationship between work and income this is a new ways must be found to share the world’s wealth simply because in future there won’t be enough jobs to go around coming up on this episode very lofty bond in Colma st car indeed and on the only concern that are bad vaca for lugar named tell the arbitrability is very old a former yeah the sugar don’t like my record I don’t think we need to wait for somebody in Washington DC to decide that this is something that needs to happen or or Berlin or wherever the seat of your respective government maybe I think these are things we can start to work on just as we are today this is back light welcome to sharing the wealth we urgently need to find new ways to combat the growing inequality between rich and poor and to redistribute the wealth so we decided to look for people who do experiments in pursuit of new solutions to major social problems these people are like a new species they can’t be labeled as academics journalists politicians or activists they are all of these at once they don’t wait for approval but simply go ahead with small-scale experiments a young startup entrepreneur from Berlin decided to change his life he stopped working for his own internet company and now receives a thousand euros a month from its profits he regards this sum as his basic income Shabaab garnished came act before Toki shut up chaps escameca said ho québécois on shut off and my Iranian creative are mentioned by the continue button as good suppression one of I admire canisters Alice’s webcam problema she did my confess for latina shafts comes the other officers I invoke annoy a mensch governor’s H casters have mooting at SU starting and a few de Mistura life circus intelligence made some vegetable off better well enough dish me just get of an unflushed also owned an habitual violator terminus my house Cobian also profligate almost Lloyd an irony island with us Lucinda handsome Jim or invalid ever can get Hatter doctor okay then Mohammed crowdfunding Neha L is starting up a crowdfunding project and he calls it my basic income the project aims to generate money to give people a basic income for one year dominion of New England and company-owned on our hands a duplicate entry decade Sahib Mitch for signal saloons and Baton Rouge affiliate we see boil one second honk event with higher name and security needs to follow song handmade by the sounds and owner penguin Ananda the scans which distances kainalu to reason in the same of India SS as a man was kind gage came on tile name so kind institutions which teach and everything else loss well done come alone I lost top or than baton V on when the skates ISM as it’s worth thousand dollar war the madman Ania more Utley contain come from Taos no I will click Danvers Ana governor and governor coolest the Hamlin and Gluckstadt Alpha State and as an internet Hamza Jackson house enough to not mention orders or uncommitted Hammond virtually lost no map had suffered suger tide become the Sigma of others effort of mine good and come to he owns the internet site today in better this experiment is it’s an inertia pendant osmiums 5013 film Facundo and come and mentioned felt lost do you can see Monash in Towson door opening oh and it’s Hamilton noise exits and closes Silla Pavone I know that Kunda income financier interference fighting a Oscar dr. and Mrs T zakat and the sign a bonus card a diamond English chef Dean Vinod stinking under custard and kinda pump the salmon on disappoint isn’t gate ditched assistant iron Rosen candid clickers alle menschen do not Cindy can outlie Shekar don’t damage them in a dimension of Encanto owned and so calm hidden tak taka from fish oil to Sam Davida in oscoda uncomf listen to show us discuss that you mentioned the iron sent me wellness is complete unknown new under / amber home internet environment of I’m online shoppers demon mark Human Services open gate then assigned an approver decide on remedy valve clicked then fleeced and a provision from off in earnest and I’m home stop when dezz asante EDF an Anna Klein consumes Toya every Manoj beta and go down come out for shine listen and see inverter went as film get some clients on my I admit I invest in as a film could send Pohang Hoff also common in let’s try Mona and shouldn’t be worth $20,000 for Susan above its artist and a goatee now I assigned you enter name to Mahanta Souza it’s verbal it’s it’s an give automatic oonski chef calm about it logically and also we saw him on condoms who the decision of retro scooters to this is a completely unconditional basic income for anyone there are no rules about age or country even children can register the fifth basic income was put up for raffle and it went to eight-year-old Robin from Baden württemberg after a marathon debate lasting two days his parents decided to tell him this is why as we can well tougher with the China made with meat and we think I’m a fool not a very stable full-time home is violence of duty I will need to scale it does get down see it worked if Heights and muffin the piston vitamins wrong okay then when we fires and locked us in that’s passive time just really listen on Tony pecan don’t forget freebies actor can bring tooth mix on the swing having a service Boyka straightened meetings I have we – does yet wish and all those own strength has believed in damn it the habit of ominous constraints here and yahoo each kid don’t feel cuz its ass as well as to a veteran friend and congas ocular devices is their family I gave the script Dawkins filiform was kept for Jean Tatsu about the second unrelated besides a first issue merge test acousticians first animated Ezeli part so Martin Smurfs the kind of talking a political debate as hunters of ruins I’ll sandwich mr. Desmond Reuter was clicking Conroy to get Kevin Kahn on an iron moon at Phyllis golden comb f11 can when the message is agasshi she’s not seen a messenger cosecha fan and a Miss integration of to unban does mention sister bond volunteer in Connellsville allah mention went deaf acabas de ahead of Abajo spitting on Rosa Lieber analysis does first babies performance it saw some water often arm oil wonders can be enjoyed in a tradition of accident i takea a basis of innocence and Anfang in thousand over monitor he also signed limited who causes dementia Vida and Slovak opinions EPS Fattah and the Philippa valiant some kinder ha Kenda isn’t an besonders cooperative on pasanda some skating was understood when the sisha – on the 8th and engineers and one when’s it semester of my vine Kern and they of my high Tonkin and I just must be a vaccine against me to me Hales project my basic income now provides eight people with a basic income but what would happen if you gave an entire community a basic income guys standing is an economist and a strong advocate of basic income he’s involved in several experiments in developing countries and has recently finalized one in India for 30 years or more I don’t want to reveal a full extent of these dreams I’ve always been advocating and supporting moving towards a basic income and it’s very very rare that never have the opportunity to put a dream into potential reality 6000 people in India were given a guaranteed basic income for a period of 18 months individually and paid in cash the striking thing that we found was improve nutrition and you proved hell the level of economic activity increased in all the villages the level of earned income that’s apart from the basic income increased significantly more in these villages we did not provide any skills training we did not provide any guidance because we wanted to see what happens when you’re doing a basic income I think the only way to make progress is through pilots on a small scale but if they’re successful they can be built up we desperately need to find ways of redistributing income because the degree of inequality whether it’s in the Netherlands or Britain or in in India I mean it has become obscene obscene all the old forms of redistribution income tax Social Security don’t work in in a globalised open economic system literally millions of Europeans are living on the edge of unsustainable debt they’re living on the edge of not knowing whether the tomorrow morning or the next day they’re going to have the means to pay for their absolute essentials and and we’ve got a situation where that insecurity is corrosive on our mental health on our relationships or capacity to function and and we’ve creating a society with the precariat growing which is becoming dangerous in the sense that it’s that the simmering disquiet and simmering social illnesses that are building up and it’s got to the point now where I think that unless we have reforms towards a more universalistic approach a right Speight based approach away from means-testing away from behavior testing away from all these assessment forms that poor many people have to fill in unless we can say oh well let’s wake up and move some move to a better direction then we’re going to build up a society where to talk of social solidarity will it will become a bad joke guy standing travels all over the world to share his experiences and to find partners who are willing to experiment further at local level he’s been invited to speak in huronian in order to help develop an experiment with people on welfare yopu Brook and young William Venegas are members of Meis the community for the innovation of economics and society it’s a group of interested entrepreneurs and scientists from croning and they are keen to actually start an experiment in one specific neighborhood of the city of huronian hello you look yummy them young vellum nice to meet you take one okay so yeah it’s typical Dutch whether they are very Dutch so you’re both from Birmingham right yeah I studied her okay and I lived there since one year if I understand it rightly it’s a sort of strong socialist area yes yes socialist background the Dutch welfare state was actually one of the most developed welfare states but the last 20 years it really developing into the word president yes the time that you get an unemployment benefit is becoming shorter and shorter means tests everywhere appear in the system and it’s a much more this disciplinary system it became really a disciplinary system setting up a social experiment in the Western world is a complicated matter the challenge lies in the fact that we have a complex social security system in place this needs to be dismantled before we can set up a new one the overheads it’s called him a fast václav Anita tactful imitative awakening called and where her why she results don’t bite nothing I thought they have a long she couldn’t experiment deal and also expose a leader techmo closing a beta interferon dude was Abu Dhabi’s on clients call her experiments to do info but state of torpor skill in the Vericut SMI base at a distance of my short form on fo Baraka bites don’t before boots issue for men to deal an idea but what men’s DX out help asking about immunity alpha from these are all the relatives and she D cup menses how can a face telephone all the advance – Ayoka in tucson defector confirm that is it a meeting of experts is taking place on this topic in an ancient water tower together with guy standing an alderman of the city of groningen and a few scientists the experts discuss a proposal for an experiment with unconditional welfare in Groningen I think if you take a community of two thousand then you’re going to have a very good experiment I mean I’m confident that you would have a very good experiment and then then you contest the the the effects both effects for the individual effects for the community a sense of solidarity and types of work and and and those things have can be studied at a community level and I think when we set up experiments in Dutch cities we should not neglect this social dynamic I think it should be a starting point there are several districts that have there are low income districts that have a lot of unemployment in this area of diam there’s some area called the halter which is here and we have some like the Indian neighborhoods is here in the village there’s been a new law I mean you can tell a bit about it maybe the participation law and basically it’s a sort of decentralization where the local government has more authority or ways to work with this local governments are allowed to experiment with the aim of finding better practices being more efficient but also stimulating people to to leave benefits and to to seek employment so just to summarize to get clear for myself here you’re saying if you you take a geographically bordered area and they say where everybody in that area who is on social assistance is now treated the same way via for example and kind of traditional assistance then that would give interesting results absolutely for the sake of research absolutely we the scientist can decide on the evaluation of the experiment but first things first I think but it all depends on getting clearance of the politics policies to do the experiments when I think about experiments I well maybe a bit rough roughly said I don’t bother about what politicians tells me what you can you cannot do it’s also political will and political courage is needed and I often say and also chairman of to Reagan comes in and I say to the routers in this time of decentralization you should do also this to them usually alone well that’s what we are not allowed and I think we should be very you are never allowed to change the system if you want to see this generation of the beautiful love beautiful the last hour in coma this is out of the last year without Varrick they lived in Como no by Dinka and that co-opted thought very any terrain to congregate the oak vigilant salsa and a flexible approach to problems she defeat all the arbiters and turnstile though I own the revolver Muskoka by the Rockefeller comes very mantras or no food of any candidate a black to tell about to build a vanity already advanced hair loss t-bond in Coleman a special indeed and an only consolation that are bad Volkov Onizuka unnamed potala arbitrability Varrick Oliver me the dishes don’t like my record and shallow organic female Arctic a osment’s oneself the Kojima mark Shailaja OPI stickers and not Haley cope lots of documents in but no ridges in the samel a the sublime acres dumb altered my Allah Cynthia Mohammed Al albeit a little town that is a fighter does the fact that only in the problem here holding it amends doing water to Vancouver did a major cagnetti shoosh Oliveira from the battle our demons later my dear dot meet that held what about income that is home for eating shave doesn’t disconnect and burger Act III NF story act on on open normal man year to canal a Van Horn dr. levatino heft on oncology from Tekken lay on the K grams augments on second Sam layer under him table convene wisdom of dual no buyers from the engineering and foolish losers and Estonian the political Nahar dear that either embattled lyrica if the blades no Elkader career this much is that DDA gone lost not who are these people living in this kind of insecurity guy standing has come up with a new term for them the precariat the word combines precarious with proletariat and represents a growing number of people who live in a state of permanent uncertainty about their social and economic well-being if you’re up here in the income sale in the Silurian and a elite you have total security if you’re down in the Creek area you have none you are desperate you have no security at all you have to do what somebody tells you you have to do so a struggle for the redistribution of security is fundamental to it now for transformation to happen the emerging mass class must start to identify itself as that a sense of recognition so instead of somebody looking in the mirror in the morning and seeing a failure seeing an incompetent person moving from that to looking in the mirror in the morning and saying wait a minute I’m one of millions the structures are creating these circumstances and I belong to a group I am part of the precariat but occurs alphanumeric is a moment attic stress F of health the copper hail our nominee another virile cake the fail one throwing the been the Raquel’s Nelson I’ve been maintaining a hockey – stop that – describe I have my click plant and major income a bit of that yeah and I got a mitten feel actually Helen are bleak now Ally mentor or me hain – well that the Tillich meet the rest of design and to fill practices as your alkali and fun but that fight like thinking actuator them arendelle phenomena is in theater and and and I think he thought matter how to all traces of mathematical America ever we are trying to crowd fund for the basic income yeah not for one person it’s we’ve we found the idea in Berlin there’s this guy he he made it for the second person to get a basic income the same idea we want to start now here in Holland and well miss lap yeah well no I said I would do it I will be the first candidate so I’ll get very rich Rachel yeah there’s a strange thing I don’t think I do very different things I want to do these things I do and I’m busy with here if Tynan the starts I’m busy with I’m trying to do something for the frico fee and I feel this urge that are the things I have to do it’s just like what you are doing it’s natural to do this thank you you are now doing Groningen has a green hub called the garden in the city each Wednesday and Sunday it hosts the free cafe where free meals are served made from rescued food the problem is zdenka contain a Atlanta morale limit varakin for you Aiden what to tell my mood without Vera Kevin for you ate 12 eggs egg yolk Varick for me 8 Elena creme I put alt gr had a gazelle fill Fatima and the romantic like no it’s autumn act of Hell to come to Croesus ignorant of first Atlanta flora it would be healthy dinner for now with text 5 minutes the stars I’m Danny Taylor – a computable bit sending a big hill laughs well done and the aqaq – Meatwad Finn Tom to doon the resume will excel furred cry he obtained in start from a healthful Mensa the como commented it allows vodka but a comic element is see there are caring society your comment appreciate afferent ecommons neehoff Spanish sign he compliments the Elvis o6f glad he call my young man’s here coma alderman sir Prince the comedy Konoha verdict of I said ok her to chemo Frankie black super killer friend the viability ankle perspective rebel him forever because of hooding we will say committed the Viacom tonight Compton that he himself it’s faint it’s truth crash that’s n however cannot be the dough cements the coma that same inherent but can Adama said in event on seven homotopy remains my audience plagued and also dumb is adversity so as a clerk lever Villa Laden now who Nathan insistent and Aaron so min mahalik last prepare to cry from the out clearings instance he the unit held off marked and that is neat on that that’s a fraud player of low sign of a lame – and I’ll clearing the liver that is I’m not him banner saying how do we deal with the disappearance of job opportunities can we create new jobs or must be reinvent ourselves Mihal boom Iyer and his colleague both from Germany are in New York to introduce their basic income project overseas it’s asking sainted Albert Venga born in Germany is a major startup investor in New York he’s interested in the impact of technology on society and regards the current shift in the meaning of labor as an opportunity to rethink the system one of the things that self perpetuates the existing system the system that just says well you have to work in order to make money why do you need to make money in order to afford these things and once you’ve bought them you’re still not happy so you have to work more and so even people who have jobs are on these incredible treadmills where they’re working longer hours and more than ever before so I think it’s creating the best way to get away from that is to create an alternative somewhere else and then people can slowly for themselves decide that that’s where they want to be where they’d rather be Albert Venga invests in automation Twitter and Kickstarter are a couple of the big names in his portfolio his TEDx talk on automation and basic income unleashed a lively debate in the investment industry that’s our idea and maybe it’s sometimes I have to switch to German and maybe in this case M via the tankmen fear we would reflect here Fiona’s head of my philosophy student we haven’t so a man doesn’t Inc this course a bit and Blake um or interfered as spy vetting often pull attrition of Nan that happen when this is Ines ID so there’s t Montes individual mm-hm and this individual that comes off this team is short notice the Saudi the – Pat’s a block peddling in the exact year disposer murder Bush’s team I miss Nigel I hang when Tessa steams activist is problem do Bastardo get spanked una compañía weddin when pider bound was the hostage nanda of chief hunt for he attends a point ms perfectionist and once that’s here SSN can I am Kemp it inhibits offend in sweet spot woody woody snitch terrorism Raghava Rangoon and convoys teaser diseases interface moon – divider of Nanda on the Savannah chicken thighs etiquette Ecotec s turn that side – eNOS owned the homicide illest weird thousand oil above eyes on the Mona this is necessary the devil men time one time come there was this team of immense capacity like I love the fact that you guys are just doing it you know because I think that is the most important thing it a lot of why we invest in the internet and internet startups is because one of the things that the Internet allows you to do is to do things without asking for permission so we call it permissionless innovation so we tend to invest in this idea of permissionless innovation of things that operate on the internet and create kind of new networks that’s sort of central to our investing thesis so the creation of new networks whether that’s marketplaces like Etsy or crowdfunding like Kickstarter and the thing that I’ve become convinced of is that I think we’re sort of at the beginning of a transition that is asked profound as going from hunter-gatherers to agriculture and then from agriculture to industrial society and the thing that I’m most fascinated by is this idea that before we became agrarian Swee in a way lived in a state of abundance so if you look at the hunter-gatherer societies they worked like three hours a day and they were pretty happy and they shared everything and then it was only through this agrarian Industrial Age that we kind of organized everything around the idea of scarcity and it scares and you know we have to work an you have to work hard and harder and so now the thing I’m fascinated by is that I think we can get back to a new form of abundance through digital technologies which is why I think that digital technology the internet and this idea of things like basic income are are strongly tied together this is crowdfunding assess guns net Cuvaison on from notification of photogenic – – mm – that companion Hamburg Lobby it’s yours 80,000 some goofier the obsessional displacement crowdfunding Saddam how about guys doin’ – amaz Gallienus muscular servants but Agnes is fun on test love this hair and the swing this is all scans which different I’m fine and missus wooden conversely I named had our stem would shaft Christ love have also seen and fuzzy ones were to implement here no taboos because I have a hacking fuzzy and in consumables iron here on the mini concentrates man oh and vans is a crowd parents Elliott a spell relative Edmund taka bullets owners had in browser plug-in plus affiliate link sets don’t you this to bash I hadn’t even put all commercial businesses can active Evans and and passive of bevel went to Cannes fuzzy and shiny chilly it’s causing my dogs each toy a tough eruption would you like to leave miss on seriousness aster hunts per thousand lighter hunters in stellar Quantico me in tax fine at office content home well I love that there’s several things I love about what are you doing one is I love the idea of figuring out how this becomes something that is easily self-sustaining that scales that doesn’t rely just on people continue to give money but that is embedded in people’s daily life so I think that’s really really critically important what can I do to help I mean I’ve sent some money so I make you contribute to one of the basic income but what other things do you think I can do to help and I can send more money to that’s one thing but what what are the things you think you most need the Social Innovation belongs with governments or can we now suddenly I think we can innovate we can have social innovation crowdfunding we’re investors and Kickstarter crowdfunding is a social innovation it lets artists creative people even products be funded in a completely new mechanism and that’s a social innovation I would argue that a lot of what’s happening with online education is a form of social innovation because it’s making education easily accessible often for free or for very low cost that previously would have cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars that’s a form of social innovation I don’t think we need to wait for somebody in Washington DC to decide that this is something that needs to happen or Berlin or wherever the seat of your respective government may be I think these are things we can start to work on just as we are today because you are busy with digital innovation do you feel personally responsible some people have said well you just say this so you can happily invest in automation but my view is we should happily want to invest in automation as humanity I’m a believer that automation will provide us with the ability to have vast improvements in productivity to make a high standard of living available to everybody to make access to information free education free healthcare available to everybody so I believe in automation we don’t want to somehow clamp down on it but we have to then address what the consequences for individuals are from that degree of automation and that I believe is best solved by just putting everybody on a safe floor and that’s what kind of a basic income guarantee provides it provides a floor a floor that allows people to afford food shelter clothing access to the Internet I’ll be a foreign basic income well one of the things that technology does is it actually makes everything cheaper in the US since the mid 1990s consumer durables have actually already been getting cheaper the only thing that’s been getting more expensive our services and within services has been primarily education and healthcare technology also making those cheaper but we have the economy is producing this it’s not a question of can we afford this it’s just a question of do we want to afford it I think it should be very attractive to people on the right who believe it’s smaller government who believe in individual self-sufficiency I also think it should be completely attractive to people historically on the Left who believe in redistribution this is a very overt redistribution and I think there’s nothing wrong with that government is already in the business of free distribution we’re just being very coy about it and I think this is simply saying some people are going to make a lot of money we will tax them or some other we can tax other things that are making money and we’re gonna take that money to provide this basic income this basic enabler for everybody one of the main reasons why small-scale experiments are not translated into general policies is this use of affordability how can we redistribute our financial resources Alaska has a thirty-year-old fund built up with oil revenues all residents of Alaska receive an annual dividend this turned Alaska from a poor state with major inequality issues into the state with the lowest poverty and inequality statistics in the USA every resident of the state of Alaska gets a dividend check and you have to be here for a calendar year before you are able to apply for a dividend so this year I think we got 18 I think $1,800 you know her so you know times for it becomes you know quite a bit of money in the past you know we’ve had much smaller checks might be $800 you know a check so you know 3,500 or 4,000 so it just varies where you have a very varied source of income and we still do a little bit of commercial fishing for salmon we also have a snow removal business when we have snowy winters and we also have a restaurant supply business in which we supply restaurants with the type of wood that they use for smoking ovens and things like that very seasonal as is now since we’re have the warmest winter on record it’s raining in February and we have green grass there’s no snow to plow so that’s been a very fairly substantial reduction in what we kind of you know roughly you know base our income on for the year I don’t think the dividend is enough or regular enough to be a source of income from the state of Alaska it coming once a year and at the most being you know maybe $2,000 sometimes being only $800 you couldn’t depend on that but as a parent saving for your child’s education if you save whatever you get for 18 years that’s enough to make a difference in a child’s life in their future the Alaskans are very proud of their Alaska Permanent Fund this revolutionary idea was introduced by Republican governor jay Hammond in close cooperation with former senator Clem Tilian oil revenues are deposited in the fund and kept safe for future generations i havend was just a United States Marine fighter pilot in the second world war fighting the Japanese zeroes oh no that we wasn’t a warrior in Hana it’s just that we couldn’t be rough on people that needed to be rough the philosophy behind the philosophy of it is the resources belong to the people and therefore you should run it like a company but we are the only land-grant state in the United States we’re the only one that were given a hundred million acres to take anywhere we want to take and that was what we had to support our government office in Texas belongs to the rancher here the oil belongs to the people now this great bearded old guy in a suit Jay hammer but the thing is that most of the pictures that I had with Jay you can find them in the historical library and stuff but remember I had a fire in 1980 and I lost all of when I found out that we’re only getting 1% for oil I set out with a great mixture and it wasn’t one single party there were Democrats Republicans but it was nearly all the Young Turks you know the Socialists wanted it because they believe that everything auto ball to private and I don’t believe that way I’m kinda fairly a right-wing but I do believe that in this case where we were given the oil that I was now the representative of the owners of that oil so we ended up with 12 and a half percent royalty and up to 20 percent taxes to pay for the roads and things that went in and we are converting our non-renewable resource to renewable and we have about fifty billion dollars now we should have had four hundred and eighty billion if we put everything in now I was involved in forming the Permanent Fund which he was supportive of but what he saw was the next step how do you disperse it here in Alaska we have a Constitution was to set up an investment account funded with a portion of our oil wealth which would spin off dividends I wanted to create a stock sharing concept and actually give people a share of dividend during its stock per year to date we have a program which each year sends a check to each and every Alaska it has worked very well and it was also a way of dispersing money without welfare do you see a link between the dividend and the basic income guarantee a year the idea of giving unconditional money to citizens in a way that makes them equal not I you know that’s the socialist dream I’m not a socialist so something we did with our dividend checks is we use them for building us small schoolhouse on our property here so I could homeschool our girls haven’t been out here for about a year I had two girls and I homeschool for 13 years and it was really nice to have a separate building I know a lot of people homeschool in their own home but because my older daughter was such a artist and it liked to do things and we like to travel it the homeschooling seemed like a good choice for us to have the flexibility and to have that extra money to have that extra space made her education all the better and she’s been on the Dean’s List continually for two years at college so it was a good investment if the dividends are coming in that’s when the museum will have their fundraiser that’s when things kind of happen in it yes it comes to the individual but so many individuals make a community and then it goes back into the community I think that it’s it’s important not just for people who need the basics but it’s also important to the community for the the income that does come in we’re still building our home we live in a dry cabin where we haul water and and it’s pretty rough life and we’re building out-of-pocket so the money has to come from somewhere and those chunks of change I make it running water this year it’s on the docket we’re helping like people spend it however they want it’s a democratic choice I guess what you want to do with it I suppose there must be a crab fisherman someplace that drinks it up when he doesn’t catch any crab but I don’t know this person is it just another form of redistribution well it’s obvious they it’s a pre distribution before it gets into the hands of people that are going to distribute for the ordinary political purposes it gets part of it gets stopped and sent directly to every man woman and child in the state I wouldn’t say it was given it’s taken before it gets to the government coffers it has a really good effect in that it keeps people at least somewhat interested in the operations of government and anytime there’s a proposal to get into the Permanent Fund and spend it to make up for deficits in the state budget people rise up in defense and it’s been on the ballot a couple of times and I think the response was 87% did not want a single penny from the Permanent Fund to be spent for anything except it’s already approved purposes which is not all paying dividends it does other things as well dividends yes well it’s as the inventor said they thought that greed is a legitimate human emotion and that by appealing to people’s greed you could protect this for future generations it’s in the book so the dividend is this the dividend is a way to appeal to people’s greed yes to protect the fund so no disrespect to people who need a guaranteed income but it’s really not what we were up to deliberately the Alaskan model has been a beacon of sense in the search for new ideas on distribution if all the residents of Alaska receive a dividend from oil revenues shouldn’t all South Africans get a dividend from the Diamonds and the people of huronian from the gas


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    Also, I appear tobe theonly Basic Income advocate with the slightest interest in its relevance to Green issues.  .

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    Stay united.

  13. Summondadrummin says:

    Currently private banks create the publicly used currency by loaning into existence as an interest bearing debt obligation. This clever scam turns the whole world into debt slaves to the banks. How much easier would it be for money to be a public utility that the government spends into existence by giving everyone a basic income!

  14. fook oof says:

    This should be illegal.

  15. Alex Meager says:

    Under the system the documentary proposes the incentive motive would be destroyed. Who would bother training for years to be a surgeon,dentist or judge etc if most of your income was just taken away to guarantee someones income? No compensation for all those tough years of study and tests. Who would bother to spend numerous hours trying and testing new ideas and products when you could just do nothing and be certain of an income. What an Incredibly stupid system.

  16. DarkOmancer says:

    Please go to the link and sign the petition for Pres. Obama and Congress to enact a "Basic Income for all" therefore eradicating poverty and Inequality in America.

  17. dave chimp says:

    fantastic! will be sharing

  18. Tyler Whitney says:

    Solidarity from Portland!

  19. Ankh-Life Media Group says:

    Helpful indeed. just like some of my videos.

  20. Chris Johnson says:

    These people getting this "free basic income" because others worked hard and donated their efforts. Nothing is free.

  21. Tech says:

    If everyone starts to receive a free basic income, who will remain to do the low-skilled jobs? The employers won't be able to find employees to fulfill the positions anymore. Say goodbye to fast food restaurants, cleaners, customer service, retail etc etc

  22. Amina says:

    when a human being is freed from the pressure of surving (food.shelter.bills) he is able to do more and be more productive

  23. ephoenix7 says:

    German is such an ugly sounding language

  24. Matt K says:

    There will NEVER EVER EVER be a Basic Income (UBI) because of one idea. TAXES. Governments see the problem that we need to offset automation of jobs with a UBI Basic Income… but the way the WORLD (not just your country) funds it's government is by TAXATION.

    The reason why we can not Tax the Robots and Factories themselves, is because Countries have swapped factories out to other countries. Example: America uses China FOXXCON to produce the iPhone as just one example. So, if America wants a Basic Income it can NEVER EVER obtain it because the factories are in China, UNDER THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT.

    Example why Taxes will NEVER EVER allow for a (UBI). If you GIVE Basic Income and TAX the basic income this is a double negative in terms of how banking works by mathematics. If everyone gets a basic income or a large percentage of your countries population, say 50% gets a (UBI) you risk crashing your economy and your government. As the government IS the entity providing the Basic Income in the first place.

    So, a new way to fund a Government instead of taxation needs to be created, which I outline by simply saying… do not TAX from multiple sources at the bottom (the workers) but derive Government Revenues from a Universal Stock Ticker. Draw the money from an aggregate of all your stocks from your countries stock market. This makes your countries stock Market into a BANK as well.

    This is the ONLY WAY you will EVER EVER see a basic income happen. If it does not happen it is World War, Civil War and such.

  25. MountainDew7 says:

    I feel that visting those Native America tribes that receive payments from the U.S. government would have been a more relevant study to draw conclusions from than Alaska.

  26. B1RD3Y B1RD3Y says:

    200 rupees a month are serious to 6,000 people… that's less than 3 US dollars per month that's not even close to basic income I don't care if your from even Zimbabwe its just not enough it can hold you for 48 hours if your lucky.

  27. Daniel Tynan says:

    I know so many people who want to create a game, app, write a novel, build a boat, make a comic book. .but they are all stopped by the burden of having to work a day job and have no energy or time left when they come home to both finish their passion project and care for their kids and family.

  28. Laurens Rodi says:

    these people are so naïve.. they actually do more harm than good..
    if you want do or give charity directly to the people you want to support without government interference than that's capitalism
    once you re-distribute wealth by law (via taxes) or give people the right to a basic income than that's socialism

    competition is healthy , creating capital is contributing to society, looking out for yourself and your family by being independent is virtuous

  29. Owen & Mícheál Moley Ó Súilleabháin says:

    Here's a question for the bright ones – say I'm a milk seller, and I sell a pint of milk for a dollar today, and tomorrow everyone in the country gets 1,000 dollars, what price will I sell my milk for tomorrow?

  30. T Lima says:

    – FREE MONEY – A Clad??? – What there aught to be is a screen as to who aught to be given free money and live free – why? It is my belief that there are some humans who desire to put inventions on the market that could change the world drastically. Also, some humans should not be too devoted as they are to support a family and in that process develop many diseases. I do not encourage giving money at random!

  31. AV Veratu says:

    Nietzsche spoke of the slave morality……

  32. notA SowsEar says:


  33. Frank Tenpenny says:

    the thought of not working but somehow be happy and have all you need is seductive

  34. Corz Illa says:

    im open to offers.

  35. Georgios Tsirtsidis says:

    8 people are receiving it at the time of the upload. There have been more experiments about making people millionaires and watching them spend their money and see whether they can keep it. Basically all of them failed.

  36. I K says:

    I wish this would become true on Europe union

  37. Jim says:

    All this will do is inflate costs so whatever is normally 1 dollar will be worth 5. Giving out free money just devalues the worth of money pretty obviouse if you think about it with a clear mind for 5 minutes.

  38. otterlover95 says:

    Univ. Basic Income for Everyone is a necessity. Money is just a tool for everyone to get what they need to live. For older generations, however, money was looked upon as a classism tool and used by some (rolling eyes) to play classist discrimination. With Automation and AI, which are very desirable, people have the time they need to relax and enjoy life.

  39. Felix Bloxham says:

    Remove The Shylock from the scenario for starters and explain to people how money truly works in LAW then we as people will be a lot freer.The whole idea around money however has been about the control of people.

  40. aaron lopez says:

    I watched a "hidden china doc." in youtobe, in it i simple idea get me, in their village found semiprecious rocks, All the village people shares their profit, simple; because is where they live !!!

  41. Paul Stringini says:

    Money represents the value of our labor. If the basic income was made truly universal, it would quickly become insufficient to live off. The money they hand out would become more and more worthless. All these local examples they give yield false results because they are just dumping money into localities, the money is based off someone's valued labor. When you expand it to everyone, it won't work.

  42. Mike K. says:

    #BasicIncome #UniversalBasicIncome #UnconditionalBasicIncome

  43. Hans Kramer says:

    If the government can print more currancy to provide basic income for welfare benefit recipients (the poor) will get fiat currency instead of real benefits. Big corporate welfare recipients (tax defferal/ susidy lobbies) have all tax money benefits with the assurance of no competition from people for tax money. Pennsylvania earns 0% tax from fracking on state owned lands while it flurts with 0% property tax reform. Keep on scratchin'.

  44. Milton Lopez says:

    Pay labor is not constant is under control by the corporate is no distribution or balance in it never was is a way to slave this only will work on the private level not involving politics or governments is only for one year not a life time and it will help lots of families in the world to have a break

  45. Chris Jonesington says:

    And when everyone stops working and you run out of other peoples money to hand out?

  46. LIBERTY for humanity says:

    the solutions for all your problems can be solved very very easy, just allow china to take over to your country and companies and ureka ,YOU going to be the happiest people on earth just like people from Tibet and Xinjiang and venezuela and Pakistanis, look honk Kong they are so happy, and lots of countries are eager to be own by Chinese like Greece. Germany. Peru. and specially USA. 😂

  47. Reginald Black says:

    The Governments can keep hoarding their worthless money. Even if you work everyday they don't pay you. The enslavement is done.

  48. bimmjim says:

    It's interesting that he chooses a basic income of 1,000 Eros. That is exactly my current income in Canada and it is also the Poverty line in Canada. (Switching to Ca$ now.) That is 1,550 Ca$/month, for a single person. (All budget calculations for people at lower income should be done for a single person and then adjusted for different family sizes.) Rent, because it is a major expense, must be stated with income. I pay $300 less than average rent. . Even if I paid the higher average rent, I could still afford to go to college, which is the "work" I would rather do. . And, this is what I have been doing for ~24 years, with no other income. .
    So, you see, I am a close example of what this video is about: a non-employed lifestyle. [FYI – I worked as an Engineer, became disabled, lived on a low disability pension and am now 68 years old and receiving retirement money.] …
    The point is that I have been happy and challenged in this non-employed lifestyle. .
    A lesser point could reasonably be wondered about: Have I made a positive net contribution of real value to Society or not? I think I have, although I fully realize that I am not objective in this assessment. What I have created and given away, for free, is mostly "Intellectual Property." For example, these few paragraphs of mine that you have just read.
    [Am I on topic?]

  49. Saving peace says:

    Stupid to give it to a kid unless u let him spend it how he wants. Otherwise you can't study anything except giving parents $1000 a month and seeing what they do with it. What a waste

  50. Kristijan Antić says:

    Yes give me all your money and problem solved schmucks blabla

  51. Kristijan Antić says:

    And ho will earn your pension mamalucs

  52. DownLow0099 says:

    Money needs to go away completely. It is a tool of enslavement…

  53. Raul Granados says:

    Paper paradise money fiat monopoly and tax haven offshore

  54. jonathan bacon says:

    Well let’s see, $1,000 a month? That’s living in a tent with just enough left over to buy enough oxy to dull the despare of poverty. Gov couldn’t solve problem if it was 2+2=?

  55. GuysCallMeShawna says:

    Pure. Evil.

  56. Kitty2Karen LongJacket says:

    Yep. This is communism. Personally, I'll pass.

  57. Daniel says:

    Very noble idea, but it cannot work, it's unsustainable.
    There are four ways to spend your money.
    1- You get to choose a gift to you with your money, you buy the best quality/price ratio.
    2- You get to choose a gift for your friend with your money, you buy the cheapest price not looking for quality.
    3- You get to choose a gift for you with your friends money, you buy the best quality not loooking for the price.
    4 -You get to choose a gift for your friend with your friends money, you do not look for quality and the price.

    That's why Socialism does not work.

  58. Mary Alice Kiehl says:

    I Could Utilize a $1,000.00 Fund Monthly very wisely. Perhaps an Education in Financial Management. I don't get a dividend here in the Midwest, Farm Belt, for Corn nor Soybeans. This proposal is setting the Stage for Entitlement and may be spent in a very wasteful way. Not according to the Thesis. The theory would work if all were on the same page, and that may have alot to do with one's Brain. I would really treasure and Love living in a Community like this…..

  59. fredneedle123 says:

    I know how you feel man. I gave up my stressful tech job and got a job as a cleaner. Happy Days! 🙂

  60. theodore tait says:

    Or we could kill off all the people who don't have jobs. Reducing the carbon footprint and all that.

  61. Peter Terwilliger says:

    Stop calling it income, start there.
    Because, when robotics becomes the lay of the land, and jobs become few and far inbetween.
    What other choice will there be?

  62. Bernard Evan Natividad says:

    This is just communism being rebranded. There is only Two solution to stop income inequality, first become like Venezuela and everyone starves to death, or just re-embrace Christianity's solution which is the rich shouldn't be greedy and the poor shouldn't be envious and covetous.

  63. jim crow says:

    It's a nice idea, but I think the plan is to eradicate those people who cannot find work. They don't want people sitting around spending their dividend on dope and grog.

  64. cindy winer says:

    I live paycheck to paycheck in the USA. It sucks. I do not do anything extravagant. I make my lunches and dinners.
    I have not watch the tele in over 10 years, I AM not a consumer, I only purchase necessities. I have needed some assistance from food stamps. Thank God they helped me. I Am approaching 60 years ole & I would like to live a life of peace. I want to work,I AM working, I AM great full for all that i have. But i am freggin stress out on just the minimal of My Being. If that is the case of My Self, There are so many Being that have LESS than I. It is a Very Sad Situation. If i were given $1000. dollars a month.
    God Knows What I could Achieve. Smiles. In Loving Oneness, Cindy

  65. Warren Peece says:

    The only way that governments can do this is to 1, raise taxes, or 2, cut services, or 3, both. The money doesn't come out of thin air.

  66. hennie Mulder says:

    a national fund would be a great idea, the problem is with a devloping country such as south africa which is rotten with corruption, it is widely open to self help members. with the unstable political background , and the current land grabs ,which is aimed at the benefit of one group this would still be an issue in this country. however if the fund could be split into different groups where it can be managed seperately it would be more viable.

  67. Tj Green says:

    It would be the only fair way of distributing wealth.

  68. neil molesworth says:

    sounds good,as long as its cash,and not tracked digital social credit system.

  69. Tarzan says:

    They do this in Cuba. A surgeon is paid the same as a cleaning person. It obviously doesn't work, but there are always waves of idiots reinventing another version of "free money".

  70. Richard Graham says:

    Pleas god, not this old crock of shit! We had all this shit years ago when we were being told that we were going to have so much leisure time, no need to go to work, robots would be doing everything, we would probably only work 3 days a week. Just a pile of shit that these socialist psycho's have swimming in their stupid heads. It is never going to happen.

  71. ic1981rus says:

    Universal Basic Income is not an idea, it is a requirement for our survival as human species. As technology replaces most of people that work, this will lead to a major crisis. As cost of producing goods approaches zero and profits are growing, it only makes sense to redistribute it. This will lead to a free, more creative, and healthier society.

  72. Kyn Chan says:

    Most of the time I find work is doing what I don't want to do. But I've learned to do it well and smile. There is a lot of pressure and it satisfies a strong demand in the market.

    If we decide to not do what we don't enjoy there would be no one or not very many:
    -clearing drains
    -collecting garbage
    -working for the sewage works
    -working in animal factories
    -working in slaughter houses
    -building houses for fun, especially when the weather turns bad
    -tarmacking roads and digging into the ground to repair pipes
    -cooking at the weekends
    -preparing dead bodies for burying or cremating
    -mining for fun

  73. Kyn Chan says:

    This a form of Communism, get money without working for it, but people don't want to think it through. In Alaska what happens when it runs out of economic oil supply or oil demand is low – no dividend. What do the people receiving the dividend do for the oil company…do they go and repair and maintenance it, do research and innovate for the company, provide capital if the company needs to upgrade its equipment? How much risk did they take in putting the oil company there in the first place?

    Communism does work providing:
    -the input is free eg renewable energy, building materials, labour, intellectual property, means of production
    -supply and productivity far exceeds demand and is sustainable ie population grows far slower than supply so productive technology advancement and energy supply would need to keep increasing to exceed demand

    There are massive problems to fulfill all these problems as few inputs are free. Say if you needed a resource from another country and that other country will not provide their resource for free, what then?

    To fix the free input there will need to be something to balance the equation: capitalism, exchange of goods or services.

    Capitalism puts all the goodies on the table, the means of production. Communism just consumes and needs constant volunteering to keep it going.

  74. MeMyself&I says:

    UBI means Universal Basic Income. "Universal" means everyone gets the same amount, billionaires and homeless. The billionaires will put theirs into financial instruments and make money from money. The poor will use it to squeeze into tiny apartments (owned by the billionaires) with 3 other people and buy crap food from walmart-type stores (owned by the billionaires). There will be no jobs. Yes siree, the future's so bright I need sunglasses.

  75. shane stevens says:

    How do I become a recipient of this donation experience? Please sign me up.

  76. Rick Donovan says:

    Unconditional Love …… easier then building walls …I like it

  77. promisedson 753 says:

    i have never heard of the Alaskan model it is amazing. If we had done that in Trinidad with all the oil wealth that has passed through this country we would all be millionaires.

  78. Summondadrummin says:

    1)Money is numbers simply made up by Banks (its not grown or built in a factory and it has to come from somewhere)
    2)Money is Not Real Wealth (Though we act like it is)
    3) How, why and what for money is issued or created makes a huge difference! ( our money is created out of thin air by banks and defined as an interest bearing debt)
    4) This power of issuance and allocation acts similar to a steering wheel of economic output
    5) Most of the stupid imbalances in the world can likely be explained by the compounding misdirection of allowing Money/Banks to control the economy through this mechanism.
    6) Audit, Regulate and Prioritize~ How Banks Issue and Allocate Money.If Trillions can be allocated for Militarization… Trillions can just as easily be Made up for Any Sensible Social Concern: Health, Education, Renewable Energy etc
    7) Its Our Money. Its made valuable only through the ongoing work of people maintaining and sustaining society. Goods, Services, People and Nature are the Real Wealth of Nations

  79. Truthshallsetyoufree says:

    Love of money = the root of all Evil.

  80. linda linacre says:

    One thing that should absolutely happen is taxes on robots and machines because humans get taxed for their work and robots and robotic machines should be also.

  81. Arzoo Singh says:

    You see Basic Income Idea of a NEW world, age , Paradigm shift just name it , but before that lets analyze this fact who are this people ?
    Well Google, Microsoft, Philosopher, think , scientist etc etc….they are the one who see New future , but what is the new future before getting on to Basic income?

    The new future would have following elements :

    The world would be one you may not require VISA you can travel anywhere kind of .
    Politician would loose the Control , Business house will take control
    Automation of all machinery using technology , AI , Transhumnanisam,
    New kind of trading where individual may have no role to play .
    people might have no free will .
    Sudden rise of the idea the world is a simulation theory
    Sudden population decline .

    Now when all the machines and technology would be taken care by AI where would be JOB ?

    Huge Jobless people thanks technology ?
    Then what is the solution ?
    Now why not pay to all human for some works as in Good talk ,peace ( hard to imagine but kind of)….but again huge population what to do ?

    You would see massive sift and ads, propaganda people talking about this issues.
    The whole idea is less population .

    The biggest problem is a supercomputer will give you order and nobody can break that law (This is where all the problem will start and we human would loose all the control ).

    I am sure I understand the world has got a problem , but the solution given by this thinkers will give out more problems then solution.
    We need more human then people's mind being run by algorithm.
    I am sorry I am still a human and I do not believe in simulation theory.

  82. Lemonade197 says:

    INCOME only like a " benefit support " NO REAL MONEY IN THE HANDS but a card with a limited amount wich will be recharged every month, the person will be able to buy things like, food, dress, items for school ( FOR KIDS OR THEY SELFS AS ADULT PROGRAM STUDIES ), bills as rent, gas, light … and all with a fully stand for enterview for traning or start a new job wich will set the person self-standing free from the benefit.

  83. Dino Manrique says:

    Thank you for creating this video! Very inspiring. Just finished reading Rutger Bregman's Utopia for Realists, and and will implement UBI ideas to relatives of extrajudicial killings related to the brutal war on drugs here in the Philippines.

  84. Grace Schell says:

    id much rather feel like im working to help the world rather than working to barely survive

  85. Nayan Mipun says:

    Re-distributing income does not mean looting from the rich, the rich are rich for their skills and labor, we can create wealth and money for every 1 but not by robbing from the rich. This should not be a Leftist thinking this should be a Rightist way of helping the poor.

  86. Steve Bell says:

    Universal basic income will bring on a new dark age. The human race will be culled of the useless eaters. The elite will need the resources of the world for their children and their clans. Every thing will slow down soon society will start to collapse from the bottom up.Look at how things are almost at the point now all it will take is just a small push. This basic income system will depend on real labor not some fantasy of robots doing everything for us. This is the most dangerous idea of the 21 century yet. This is a trap set for fools. When you trap for animals it has to blend in or look safe with a bait that is free easy to obtain not worked for. Soon the value of money will collapse and the UBI will have to be increased over and over again to keep up with inflation in a never ending spiral downward to societal collapse then extermination of the useless eaters will be achieved. This whole thing is a trap set by the elite. Don't be fooled with pretty bows and ribbons and promises of setting around and waiting for some pie in the sky new social program from the government to cure all the woes of this life. Man is made to work not set on his ass and wait for someone else to feed shelter and care for his every need. These people will have the greatest day in their lives when the UBI people draw their last breath. Sorry people their is no free lunch and one more thing you think immigration is bad now wait till the word gets out of all your needs will be met with free money you haven't seen anything yet. The country's with UBI will be invaded with millions of refugees looking for a handout. When you tell them sorry it's not for you it will mean war on all borders and chaos will begin. It is a slippery slope to hell. Do not listen to the good news man and women of UBI it is the greatest lie being permitted today.

  87. Puhi Karena says:

    just when I thought I might be able to get some of that wealth stuff huh and you falla's go and move the blarmin goal posts geeee….

  88. Susan Zimmer says:

    This is so stupid. The rich doing studies on the poor, doing experiments. How about if these scientists, experts and politicians trade places with the homeless for a while and then they will get firsthand results! In other words, do the experiments on yourselves and see how you feel at the end of the experiment!

  89. Epson Tank says:

    I got your basic income it's called basically get a job ☝️😑😆

  90. Fabricio Fercher says:

    A change, so nothing change. Humanity have a lot more to change if we really want to survive.

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