Basic Income (10 Reasons)

Basic Income (10 Reasons)

The US Declaration of Independence says
we all have the right to life and liberty. But the truth is you don’t have the
right to life and liberty unless you can afford it. One in seven Americans lives in poverty.
That means they can’t afford basic needs like food and shelter. But we have in abundance resources. We throw away forty percent of the food that we produce and there are six vacant homes for each homeless American. The issue is simply people just don’t have access to money. Thanks to globalization automation they’re not enough jobs for
everybody to earn a living. So why don’t we just give everybody the
money they need to live? Sounds crazy I know. But in Switzerland they are actually proposing the idea to give each citizen $2500 a month for nothing, no strings attached.
it’s called in unconditional basic income. I think it’s a good idea and
here are 10 reasons: Reason number one: Health. Most what we’re
all stressed out about is money. That stress leads to poor mental health
which lead to poor physical health, both of which leads to medical bills… which leads to even more stress about
money! This survival anxiety can be eliminated with a basic income so people can focus their mental energy on something other than worrying about money. Imagine what people can accomplish. Number two: Crime will decrease. People are less likely to sell harmful
drugs or steal if they don’t have to. “I steal only what I can’t afford.” (that’s everything…) Reason number three: It’s ethical. Everyone agrees it’s messed up for SeaWorld to deprive the whales of food just to get them to do tricks. But we
treat humans the same way. It’s unethical and unnecessary to force
people to do tricks to survive, when there’s more than enough resources to go
around. Reason number four: Productivity. You might be worried that
if people didn’t have to work to earn money to survive, things wouldn’t get done. But people want to do things. Yes some people will quit their jobs if they don’t have to work them. But it’s good for these people to quit
their jobs because let’s face it… If they hate their job they’re probably doing a shitty job at it. Them leaving opens up a job for somebody who does want it. Everybody that’s working a job is going
to be doing so because they choose to. So productivity would increase. Because people who like what they’re
doing are better at it and more efficient When people don’t have to work a job
they can spend their time doing something they find meaningful whether
it’s volunteering at an animal shelter, teaching, raising their own children,
programming to open source software that’s gonna change the friggin World. Number 5: Fair wages. If people are depending on a
job for survival they have to take any job available. They can never negotiate a fair wage. Companies will
only offer fair wages if people have a choice not to work. Reason number six: Efficiency. Welfare in the US is a
complex maze of 126 separate anti-poverty programs. That’s 126 bureaucratic
departments reviewing, rejecting, re-reviewing and maybe accepting the same applicants every other week. “All this for a loaf of bread?” What a waste of time and money. Cut out the bureaucracy and just give the money to everyone. Reason
number seven: Transparency. One basic income program is so simple
and so efficient that it’s effectively transparent. So government would have a
lot less bureaucracy to hide behind. Reason number eight: It’s affordable. To pay each adult US citizen one thousand dollars a month it would
cost $2.8 trillion a year. The US government spends more than twice that: $6 trillion a year. So it’s not a question of whether we can afford it. We have the money. It’s just a matter spending our budget
more effectively. I’d much rather my tax dollars go to my own and my fellow citizens survival rather than pay for the poorest of our
nation to be shipped off to another country to throw grenades and get shot
at! Reason #9: The Economy. When people
have no money people can’t spend money. And when there’s no spending businesses
fail and jobs are lost. Basic Income provides people with money to spend. That would stimulate the economy
benefiting everybody from business owners to their employees. Reason number ten: It would effectively
eliminate poverty! Please leave a comment. I’d love to
hear what you think. Why you do or why don’t support it. Let’s have a discussion.


  1. Livable4All says:

    Do you can have instagram? Could use some more supporters on this topic. If so, follow me on IG: @livable4all

  2. My Lady says:

    Why do we have all the money for corporations to bail them out with billions and billions but not enough to bail out Everyday people to start their own businesses! If they cut just a quarter of the military budget of the US alone that pays for all basic income for all people. I think this is a great idea! Perfect will get rid of most Crime, prostitution, and kinds of problems of poverty and the social dynamic could become more creative and more like a Star Trek economy!.

  3. My Lady says:

    People will not have to be paid more for the jobs they love! And People will have to be paid more for the bad jobs! Makes sense

  4. Zachary Lytle says:

    Not sure if this would be the panacea you envision. However, I would take that chance. The arguments against it are irrational. If it is a "basic" income, it would free up those of us with creative minds and drive to go after things which could change our own lives, the lives of our families and, hopefully, on out from there. The argument you get against it is that people on a a basic income will no longer have "incentive" to work. "Incentive" in this case defined and the drive to earn money. No doubt some would be happy (or think they'd be) living off a basic income. I think in the end … That gets boring. There is a crap-load of entitled wealthy people right now doing zero of any use to themselves or others and there are some who rise above. Why not give all Americans the ability to make that choice? Great presentation. To the point.

  5. My Lady says:

  6. Sara Penny says:
    This will benefit everyone!! Please help and be the first to sign this petition! Thanks! Just started this petition apparently you only get a month to get 100,000 signatures. So Please pass this on and share it with as many people as possible. You also have to verify your signature with an email so make sure to do that. It would not stimulate pop growth the plan we have right now does because we only allow families to get help and therefore people have even more babies because of that and also Wars cause pop growth the most only a temperary dent in the pop then a boom happens right after a war this was actually in a basic ecology class that I took with statistics. So wars dont help with pop decline it actually help with incline lol modernizing helps society. It's better to get everyone sustainable and get them modernized and that will help decline the population growth and get it to a more natural level that is sustainable.

  7. Genius by Design says:

    Basic Guaranteed Income would reduce crime, free humanity to explore intellectual & art endeavors, eliminate economic exploitation & dependency.

  8. Genius by Design says:

    100% correct with a 10% reduction per child & mandatory sterilization after 2 offspring.

  9. Kardashev says:

    Spending does not stimulate the economy, basic economics 101.

  10. spencer poison says:

    I spotted the bitcoin logo 🙂

  11. Sailor Barsoom says:

    You are only the second person to point out that the oft-raised objection that "lazy bums will quit there jobs and sit around all day doing nothing!" is a feature, not a bug.

    The other guy was me.

    {hugs Orf}

    It's nice not to be alone anymore.

  12. Justin Brown says:

    Not one comment in a year?

  13. Sinni says:

    I like the idea, but i hate the idea.

    1) Health, Free health care would fix that problem, not forcing someone to have insurance so the doctor can pad his/her wallet by gouging the insurance company. I was on my parents health insurance plan until i was 25, When i was 28 i wanted contacts. $250 for the exam, when they asked if i still had Blue Cross Blue Shield, i told them no, i don't have insurance i'll be paying cash. It went from $250 to $30.

    2) Crime will increase, so will drug use. People who are hooked on Meth, Heroin, Coke. They don't work, so once that $1000 is gone, they're back to stealing and/or conning to get their fix. Not only that think about the drug dealers potential income, for everyone of his "clients" that's an extra grand in his pocket a month

    3,4, 5) Ok i agree with these

    6) People are greedy and WILL take advantage of the system. Do away with any and all government assistance (witch i'd even lose out on with my house, first time homeowner assistance) but that extra grand a month would cover my mortgage

    7) Huh? Don't understand this one

    8) YOU DO NOT TOUCH THE MILITARY FUNDING!!!!! They are volunteers, they were not drafted, they said, "I want to fight for my country" they were not like my dad who were told "You're fighting to the United States of America, no if's and or buts"

    9) Back to the drug problem in the US. The addicts don't have money but the dealers do, and so do the others that don't have a problem with drugs, that means more shit to steal.

    10) Poverty level will rise. Instead of $11770 it's would be $23770

    Currently where i live crime is on the rise, Burglaries, thefts, robbery, all done by people high on meth and/or Heroin, needing their next fix. I don't see how giving them an extra grand a month will help the hard working employees like myself. If anything make it a perk forsticking with a job for say a year. I bust my ass every night, and when i see someone on welfare/ebt buying junk food at 3 in the morning, i look at them like "this is why i'm busting my ass!?" I make $18k a year but i don't qualify for ANYTHING. I have to pay my mortgage, i have to pay health and auto insurance, i have to pay for utilities. Out of my paycheck i have enough for a bag a chips.

  14. gespilk says:

    If I know that you have money I will find a way to get them.

    All prices will go up…. and we will end up where we started, poverty wise!

  15. Douwe Bloot says:

    There willl be less and less work in the future.
    Less jobs but more profit.
    The middleclass will shrink more.
    To keep up economic and social life BasicIncome is a sollution.

    Magna Carta under construction!

  16. lumpi ohne sack says:

    My question is: If everyone gets $1000 wouldn't prices simply rise and you can't afford stuff anymore.

  17. Felix Mueller says:

    I support it 100% and I am convinced, if applied on a larger more global scale it would even solve the crisis we face with billions of people moving towards Megacities that just aren't able to take care of everyone properly. And people all over the place would resettle to more rural areas that allow for a better and more sustainable way of life.

  18. Susan Mason says:

    I completely support it…I have for quite a while…and I think it should be sooner rather than later. The only thing I would dispute this video about…is the amount you were talking about. $1,000 is way too low an amount. It would have to be at least $2,000, for most areas. But, there are also some cities and states, in which the cost of living is exorbitant. Like in parts of California, for example…$2,000 would not even cover most people's rent.

  19. Frank Flores says:

    Please investigate a resource based economy.

  20. Calum Brunton says:

    I support guaranteed basic income but not the Basic income that some European countries are suggesting that would give all citizens regardless of income say $1000/ month. Basic guaranteed income should only be provided to those that earn less than the guaranteed income that is suggested. This would actually allow the government to give more money to those who earn less than the guaranteed income and improve the possibility of them rising out of poverty as the cost of the program would be decreased.
    At the same time simply giving people a basic wage and eliminating all other unemployment benefits and programs is madness. There is a reason why people are unemployed and the social welfare system should be geared towards programs that both provide people with the living wage but also with programs that assist in cultivating better employment opportunities for them.

  21. RULING QUEEN -who OVERRULES all religious kings! says:

    So the basic income should only go to plastic-dead-looking females or Transvestites who wear bikinis according to you?! (A picture says more than 1000 words you know??!) So I stopped listening and looking at your version of it. Since your proposal doesen´t look any more equal than the current state now thanks to your Turn Offs I think I´d rather die! NEXT!!!

  22. Javier Briones says:

    Good video, i really support a basic income worldwide, i mean like you said it is obvious to have the chance of eat and be under a roof. But also you need to eliminate the advertising nigthmare of every day that throws you towards the consumption of every shit that is available to buy in the market. I try every year to find a new way of avoid this crazy spiral of earn and spend money, but it is really hard, so i hope that some day the struggle of every person in the world gives to the next generation something like the basic income.

  23. The Infected Showroom Ⓥ says:

    Hey Orf! nice vid !! and u guys need to check "the venus project" 🙂

  24. Cy5208 says:

    Great clip I'd also combine that with Peter Victor's work on zero growth economy that taxes the bad things like pollution over-consumption etc and not income and payroll etc.

  25. ekhaat says:

    That's what I have said all the time

  26. Matt Orfalea says:

    Please help me make more videos like this by becoming a patron:

  27. CatVision TV says:

    Awesome Video!

  28. White, Western Consumer Zombie says:

    The problem has been equal access to resources. Capitalist private property laws have usurped these rights and allowed for the elites to own what the we need to survive, that is why indigenous peoples suffered genocide wherever white man went. The fruits of the earth were free for all to share. We certainly do not need markets money and banks that form the matrix of control over our lives, and competing markets is what prevent raising everyone to a basic income because that makes business uncompetitive. You are right in what you say, that the stress of money and the way it is distributed is the cause of all our dilemma. A voucher system for hours worked can be used instead of money as a stable basis, this cuts out exploitation, corruption and all crime as no profit can be made from the sale of drugs ect. In fact selected a day say six months into the future and and exchanging the use of vouchers for money, also renders the elites powerless their fortunes disappear banks fold and corporations pass into our hands. No debt, ever again.

  29. vclark00 says:

    This guy must think he lives in candy land …. the government doesn't make money, they take it from tax paying citizens. This Robin Hood approach is another Utopian fantasy.

  30. hoarse says:

    i think when you get enough you should stop getting it

  31. sphericgamers says:

    No offence but basic income in the uk is the national minimum wage and thats only £6.70 an hour which is £10 usd! No offenece thats isnt livable ive tried to get my own place on this money but all of my full time job wage would go to paying for rent! would be able to afford food, gas, eletric! I think people who are on a minimum wage job should also be entitled to some or all of this basic income in any country

  32. Sporkinator says:

    Basic income? What a concept… if this became a reality, there's no telling what I might do with my time. I might pursue making videos on YouTube full time, because the basic income would keep me alive and well, and I could do WHATEVER I WANTED. It all sounds too good to be true, but I'm all for it, if it would actually work.

  33. ExtractEngineer says:

    Disincentives to work is the major issue. Milton Friedman explained how this could be lessened or even avoided. Look it up!

  34. darleen beard says:

    love your video and your Bernie Bongo video. Hilarious! Thanks!

  35. Mythman2090 says:

    I don't think that this is a very good idea. People won't be incentivized to work, so nothing will be produced, meaning that this would only work in an economic system where the gov. controls a bunch of machines that produce everything, but if that's the case then why not just split all of the money equally?

  36. randy109 says:

    I got my degrees in the mid 70's (Business/Economics/Management degrees).  I've honestly studied the 'Guaranteed Income' from an open-minded POV.  Well, nobody would do the crappy or hard jobs when their friends were just cruising along not doing much of anything.  Also, how can any business manager threaten your job if you are free to just walk away?  I know that sounds harsh and it often is, but Basic Human Nature is what kills the Guaranteed Income attempt every time.  Sadly, human beings will not work for the "carrot" if there is no "stick".  Don't blame me for pointing out the flaws that any sociologist or business manager KNOW exists.  And I'm talking about even the most Liberal and Enlightened sociologists and business managers.  The facts are what they are so don't shoot the messenger (me!) if I rain on the parade marching its way to utopia.  Look what happens every day when Unemployment pays MORE than the Minimum Wage.  Who would take a JOB when their Unemployment Check is more than they would earn?  Only a fool would, and you know it.  THAT is where this scheme breaks down.  Simple, Human Nature is what kills Communism and Socialism whenever truly attempted.  On paper Communism is actually a beautiful thing, ON PAPER.  With Humans it just plain doesn't work…

  37. frisianmouve says:

    Who would do the really shitty jobs though? There needs to be someone cleaning out the sewers

  38. SURVIVORMARY says:

    I think it makes great sense, BUT, we are a long way from something like that with our current Oligarchy in control. We need the Revolution Bernie Sanders will lead. Also the amount of money per month suggested will make it so people don't have to do squat. I think things that Bernie is proposing like free medical, and education, and a higher wage work. The worst thing is when someone does bust their ass and STILL live in Poverty. That is such BS!

  39. Emile Bourlon says:

    nothing in life in free- basic principles of economics.
    who pays and how?

  40. The Warmup Lap says:

    Your argument that we can afford it is untrue and the numbers you present are outright false. There are 245 million US Adult citizens, not 240, and the Federal Government spends 3.8 trillion dollars per year not 6, of which more than half is mandatory spending. If we eliminated every law on the book related to mandatory spending (Medicare, Medicaid for some examples) we wouldn't have enough money to service our debt if we gave everyone $1,000 a month. We also would not have any money to service the military (Whose budget is $598.5 billion or about 1/4 of what you are proposing) or transportation (Budget of $94.7 billion).

  41. ultimeate ds man fan 68 says:

    Finally some common sense.

  42. BerningMan says:

    Well put – this is the future, folks, get with it! Don't tell me we don't have the money when the Fed prints money and hands trillions of it to the banksters already. This would unleash a wave of prosperity and well-being never before seen on earth. Don't believe me? Let's try it in, say, California, and watch what happens.

  43. grant master says:

    it sounds great but I think less government regulations on business. and more small business is a more realistic fix.

  44. grant master says:

    I would love to live in a world where you didn't have to work for money but people gotta work to keep everything else going.

  45. obrecht72 says:

    Ready for this yesterday.

  46. Nathan Kaye says:

    Get rid of the monetary system and corporatocracy altogether. It's just not necessary nor a very intelligent system for an intelligent species to continue.
    Considering the disparity that currently exists where less than 1% of the population owns more than 90% of the rest of the population combined. It's ludicrous. All the solutions have already been conceived of, but the current political and corporate regime deliberately prevent any action towards the solutions.
    Check out the Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project as 2 examples of models that we really need to try to implement, rather than being intransigent and clinging on to a system that doesn't work simply because that's all we've known for a couple of thousand years.
    Can you imagine what humanity would be capable of if it didn't force all this struggle upon each other?
    No sapient rationale can be given to excuse and justify the current system. Surely it's time to become more intelligent and wise and try something new, rather than continue hurtling towards the extinction level event we are creating for ourselves.

  47. Sarina Kosewsky says:

    interesting view points and definitely something to think about – thanks

  48. Matt Kerins says:

    Hey Matt great vid! I do have a question actually, this idea sounds amazing and definitely seems like it'd work, although I can't help thinking that entities like the housing market would capitalise on these increased earnings and increase their costs as they know people could afford it. What I'm trying to ask is… In this basic income program idea, is it catered for problems like this and would there be safeguards in place to stop inflation? What are your thoughts? Thanks pal!

  49. yyaniv says:

    There are many people today who are concerned with the serious problems that face our modern society: unemployment, violent crime, replacement of humans by technology, over-population and a decline in the Earth's ecosystems. If you are one of those people then you may be interested in what The Venus Project has to offer.

    The Venus Project is an organization that proposes a feasible plan of action for social change, one that works towards a peaceful and sustainable global civilization. It outlines an alternative to strive toward where human rights are no longer paper proclamations, but a way of life.

  50. Luke Pellen says:

    WHY would anyone "thumbs-down" this video?

  51. PC Amnesty says:

    On #4 so your saying there are people who want to work at McDonalds and they just can't get in because of the other people who currently have that job. If you didn't need money who will work at Mc Donald's? Nobody wants to work there or are you suggesting all the people with the passion for the burger arts will finally be able to land that dream gig at Micky D's? You would say Mc Donald's will have to pay a fair wage to get employees! But Mc Donald's doesn't make enough profit to pay people the 45 dollars an hour that it would take to get people to work there. Thus Mc Donald's doesn't exist in the UBI world.
    P.S. Not everybody's passions or dreams benefit society. Most passions/dreams are wants to benefit the self or not to spend time doing.

    On #5 Fair wages… Lets say you want to open up a general store. How do you compete with the lager corp. like Walmart who has the capital to pay the employee a fair wage but you as the start up do not? This sets small business back and makes way for the monopolies like Walmart to crush and new completion. Sure you have all free time in the world to open your general store but you will be the only one that you can afford to pay to work there.

    On #8 So $2.8 Tril. goes back to the people. Thats 46.6% of the budget should be for universal welfare…?

    On #10 There will always be poverty… It's sad I agree, but all you doing redrawing the line of what poverty is. So now instead of 23,000 being the line it's 33,000. Quick side note the the World Bank placed the international poverty line to US$1.90 a day. Compared to the rest of the world, $23,000 is 2221% more a day than most of the world gets daily. So you may think you are poor but only compared to the super rich that you worship in the media. Do you think everyone will save there welfare for a rainy day? I would imagine a good chunk of people will spend there money on the new iPhone seven rather that investing into something long term. So then Apple says well people have more money now and want what we make no matter what… Lets make the new iPhone costs $200 more that the last one. Thus increasing merchandise prices on top of the price increase that will naturally happen because of employee wages and cost of business. So you may have more dollars but you will need every one of them because of how much more things will cost… So you are still poor even if you have more money.

    I'm not against UBI I just think that there is ALOT of Ideology behind the concept. Why not just pull all restrictions from welfare and anyone who wants an extra 1000 dollars a month can sign up? (outside of the obvious no way to pay for this problem)

  52. Cruz Rodriguez says:

    Actually, the federal govt spends somewhere around $1,066,000,000,000 per year on welfare.

  53. 640 says:

    you've hit the nail on its head! all 10 perfectly valid points!

  54. Lama Jigme Gyatso: Meditate Like a Jedi says:

    Dear Matt, thank you for producing such important videos. You keep cranking them out, and I'll keep posting them. Thank you, my friend. 😀

  55. First Last says:

    people WILL still be required to work, a basic income that allows you to survive without a job is NOT affordable. But a moderate basic income does seem to be possible in USA, about $8,000 per year.

  56. Robert LeCates says:

    You forgot Native Americans, they were unemployed, but effectively lived without management…great video, been thinking like this for a long time employed/unemployed.

  57. pony plushies says:

    Yeah it ain't happen

  58. jfsfrnd says:

    Reason # 11 – The outdated and archaic SSI rules and laws were written in 1972 and most have not been changed. Recipients can still only save 2000 max.
    Google these (below) and READ:
    POMS SI in-kind
    POMS SI pro-rata rent
    POMS SI Gift Cards
    POMS SI infrequent frequent income
    POMS SI Overpayments
    POMS Scholarships (find out what can happen if a person goes to college on only private scholarships vs receiving some Title IV funds along with it.


  59. ameighable says:

    I disagree with your proposed solution. The easiest way to end poverty is to end the use of money. The most stable societies in history did not use money. These peac-loving societies were destroyed by money-loving societies. Now that we are a global culture, we are actually set in the perfect place to end the feudalism that keeps us enslaved to the very idea of money. Let's look at the differences:

    1) If I am paid automatic money and I hate my job, I'll quit my job. If there is no money, I will help my neighbors and participate fully in helping. No money required. In fact, it's far more rewarding. Not many people love their jobs. We are biologically hard-wired top help our neighbors (directly) because we are social animals. Money takes that instinct away from us at our own peril.

    2) ALL studies show that the more you pay someone to do a job that requires even the least amount of cognitive thinking skills, they will do a FAR worse job. Think about that as you remember those huge taxpayer funded bonuses given to execs who created the 2008 crash from which we will never recover. Think of it also when teachers demand a pay raise even though they teach lies about history and fail to teach basic money skills. So if government pays everyone the same amount, it must also make it illegal to earn more.

    3) All of our money is debt-funded. In other words, lenders invent money into existence, but they don't invent the interest that is also due into existence. Government could simply print money, but it doesn't. It prints bonds that the wealthy are paid to buy. It's nothing more than corporate welfare for banksters designed to keep us in debt-bondage.

    4) MOney isn't real. As just said, it is invented into existence from nothing. It used to be backed by gold, but we went off the gold standard. Money is a scam that would have you believe that nothing (perceived value) is really something. It's keeping us impoverished.

    5) Because the only way to get money is to borrow it, (because that's how money is invented into existence), then the whole system will quickly collapse. BEcause the interest on that borrowed debt is never invented into existence, the day will come when there isn't enough money in circulation to pay a single interest payment on that debt. In fact, if we wanted to pay off the national debt today, we couldn't. All money is debt-backed. The only way to pay off the debt is to borrow money to do so. The whole scheme is insane and despotically cruel.

    6) BEcause the interest is not invented into existence, we have to "grow the economy" to come up with money to pay it. This is the cause of inflation that puts a growing number of people into poverty. You would have to tie the monthly check to inflation, that would kill off the economy more quickly, ending with our having no money, where I began in the first place.

    7) Government can't be trusted. It will simply raise the price of goods and services. How will it do that? One way is that it will increase taxes on corporations. Most people don't know that corporations don't pay taxes. They add their taxes to the cost of their products and services and get reimbursed by the next company in the supply chain. The only one that does pay taxes is the end consumer. (no matter what the Supreme Court says, a corporation is not a person. It's a piece of paper with writing on it) Before Obamacare was declared to be a tax, if you bought a $30,000 car, $24,000 of that cost is you paying for their taxes. Then, to add insult to injury, you then pay sales or property taxes on that $24,000 of reimbursed taxes. Do you see the con?

    8) As to the Declaration of Independence, many speak of it but few have ever read it. The Supreme Court threw out the principles of the Declaration when it unconstitutionally gave itself the power of judicial review, and set itself above the legislative and executive branches.

    9) 17 years after King George stopped interfering with Acts of Parliament, the Court established itself as the King sharing a throne. It threw out our Constitutional Republic and replaced it with a Common Law government, saying that the Constitution placed too many restrictions on government that according to the Law of Nations, (an unwritten and unwritable set of laws based on a 16th century philosophy out of Catholic canon law). Only the high court can divine the intentions of that Law of Nations, which means that like in England, the court not only established itself as the monarch (sharing a throne), but it also established itself as the equivalent of the pope (sharinig a throne). It rules on the morality of issues, never on the constitutionality of it.

    10) Until people start learning the constitution (less than 2% have even read it), we can't fix what is wrong. The Constitution is our rule book. Would you play a game without rules? No. Well, that's what our government is doing. Every single Supreme Court decision is an ex-post facto law. It's like your playing football, and you set up for the field goal. At the exact moment that the book meets the ball, the referee (the court) moves the goal post 30 feet to the right and 30 degrees to the left in order to help its favorite team. This all means that in America, the court will not allow it. It allows (always) human suffering – right down to torture.

    I encourage you to read a book I have written that exposes how many lies you have been taught about our history, and how much is not being taught because it would expose the con for what it is. No high school student should be unfamiliar with either how the economy works (that's easy enough to explain) or how government was designed to work. Nothin will work until we get rid of the corrupt and unconstitutional government that says we are its "subjects" (thus serfs, that Adam Smith called "free-slaves"). WE are not free. The court took that away.

    Check it out at

  60. earthdog1961 says:

    Socialism! Has always failed.

  61. Witch Please! says:

    You sound like a Democratic Socialist! Just like me! 😉 I have been an advocate for the BUI for many years.

  62. Sky Lake says:

    RIP: Evolution

  63. Euler Costa says:


  64. Karen Smith says:

    Thank you, Matt. Just discovered u due to Jimmie Dorr show. You owe him now! Lol

  65. Karen Smith says:

    Oligarch's don't want the poor to have an income, which is why they buy off politicians to get the system to operate the way they choose. So even though it would be life saving for all Americans to have a basic income, and a great idea, I don't see it happening. Too much corruption, and no political will to achieve this. Sorry to be negative!

  66. LalalalaLola says:

    My conservative uncle's head just spun around 3 times then exploded.  Thanks Matt.

  67. LalalalaLola says:

    Anyone else remember seeing films in grade school (I'm 52) that showed all the "advances" in growing crops and the future of computers and automation and how it would mean that people would have to work less while enjoying a higher standard of living because so much would be done with robotics?  Whatever happened to that?  Instead people are working more, for peanuts, or not at all, homeless, and destitute.  WTF

  68. dayvidiot says:

    hi, i liked your presentation with one exception….the pie chart you use at 3:20 can be misleading, as it shows only discretionary spending. the huge blue 'military' slice actually represents only 16% (approx. $0.6T) of total federal spending (which is $3.8T, not $6T), while medicare, health, social security, unemployment and labor, not shown on your chart, accounts for 60% (approx. $2.3T).
    the total spent on all these programs combined, would be just enough to cover a $1000/month – per citizen income.

  69. DErde says:

    you're a funny dude, i like u

  70. nimita wadhwa says:

    Wow, interesting idea. Actually in some middle eastern countries like Kuwait before the Gulf war, every citizen would get $60K salary a year, because the government had a lot of oil money, so instead of taking taxes, they would give money to their citizens. Although that is/was an oil dependent culture, so not sure how innovative people got. But imagine a planet where humanity would not have to slog away for the money and were free to reach their potential and create wondrous innovations for the planet – while enjoying it all!

  71. Cyril Attie says:

    In minute 1:57 "everybody is going to work on a job because they want to", but what incentive do they have to work at all? What if working (because of a bad technique) they are less productive than the basic income? Do you really think anybody would take a lower-than-basic-income wage? I don't think so. They would prefer not to work at all and receive more money. And if you set a minimum wage above one's production ability… you are forbidding employers to hire him because it is obvious they are willing to hire somebody only if he produces AT LEAST as much as they pay to him. Fair wages come from high production ability.
    And secondly: who should pay for this? Why are you supporting "taxes", which are another word for appropriating someone else's work? Government was supposed to defend individual freedoms. To insure nobody is forced into paying extortioners and mafias… but now they are the ones who are doing this! No matter what they do with the money they take (which is usually more war than good) it is still a crime to steal people and extortionate us if we don't pay, and government is no exception to law. So who should pay for this basic income? I propose an NGO who is aimed with this mission and let's people volunteer and donate to this cause.

  72. KY LE says:

    something like this is gonna have to happen sooner or later eventually robots will take most of the jobs then what?

  73. The Peace Report says:

    We need Basic Income now.

  74. GrinfilledCelt says:

    I can't wait for the rebuttal videos on this steaming pile.

  75. Laurel L. Russwurm says:


  76. Adam Braus says:

    Thanks for this great video!

  77. Guido Kreeuseler says:

    reason 11: Pension plans become obsolete. there's a huge debate in many European countries about the retirement age, that will be a moot point if every adult gets a basic income.
    reason 12: More entrepreneurship.
    reason 13: more people can afford to buy a house as their income is guaranteed and accounts for housing. This will also increase property tax revenue for the government to pay for the UBI.
    reason 14: a great opportunity to restructure and streamline the tax system away from labour and towards consumption and property
    reason 15: more stable economic growth and stability, as recessions will no longer greatly affect social security spending and tax revenue.
    reason 16: better and more art and entertainment (more time to create and enjoy these things, as well as more money to pay artists and entertainers for their work)

  78. La Trinchera De Cristal says:

    Wow, congratulations, you are doing a really great job about Basic Income!!!!. We are from Spain and people its starting to know about the idea (slowly). I'm going to link our video about UBI (in spanish ^^U) . Thanks for your job, sharing your videos.

  79. Niaaal says:

    I am for a basic income BUT, there are important issues not mentioned in the video that a simple basic income implementation would create… mainly, INFLATION. The value of the US dollar after everybody is richer of $1000 per month will drastically lower the face value of the US dollar. Food markets/Landlords/Insurances and other for profit businesses will all raise their prices as more people can afford to pay and ask for a higher price. Essentially the $1000 that you would be getting would only be a fraction of what it used to afford. Would a middle class and upper class person be happy with an extra $1000 when everything they buy costs a lot more and poor people be de facto back to square one? Not so sure…. An answer to that would be that we could tie the basic income amount given relative to inflation so that if prices of all goods and services go up, the basic income dollar would go up as well. What would guarantee a stable economy on that level? Is the federal reserve able to intake even more debt by buying dollars off the street to try and control inflation? Can it even be sustainable and not create a total market collapse, not only locally but also worldwide as other countries would stop believing in the strength of the US dollar and sell back all their dollar foreign reserves before the value falls lower and further increasing inflation? Once these issues are tackled, then we could mention it being a possible solution. It is an interesting idea, but so far it hasn't been polished enough to handle important Macroeconomic issues. Source: Advanced Studies in Economics

  80. de Virel Laetitia says:

    If everyone had money and could spend it as u said in your video, product would become rarest as the quantity demanded would increase but the quantity supplied would stay constant. This would lead to inflation and have finally no change at all on consumption and the ones only earning basic income would remain poor

  81. Diane Smith says:

    It's so basic! Great job ?

  82. Aedyn Poole says:

    Simple solution: abolish all income and work and establish

  83. Sergey tinldw says:

    This is the best basic income video I've seen so far. It's not like other crap.
    You did not forgot about #9, though it should've been more like #3(but you've already fixed this one in later videos). However, it's a bit too much US-centric and you didn't actually mention ways to fund UBI.

  84. RYO-kai says:


    I'll admit I'm a severely frustrated multi-talented artist and dreamer who is so far from a businessman at heart that the current state of things nearly kills me. I've been strong-armed into being part of the American workforce for over a decade. All I want is a couple weeks off of work to regain my sanity and plan my future endeavors, and that would literally equate to me being unable to pay rent.

    This is the capitalism we all "know" and "love".

  85. Psivil Disobedience says:

    The population would have to stabilize, which seems to have a link to higher education, which seems to have a link to income.
    I too believe this is necessary..

  86. Tino Rozzo says:

    I love this! Good job. $34,000 a year for everyone though. Tax corporations 90%. The UBI is avoided because to many companies make market on poverty, prisons, mental health, foreclosures, war. All have our politicians in their back pockets. $16,000 a year will not end poverty.

  87. Tino Rozzo says:

  88. MrDennis21jel says:

    We need to start asking ourselves where we want our society to go to… in the sense of… do we want to live in the star trek universe? if so, then a basic income is a step in that direction. If no, then you don't support the progression of human civilization.

  89. Black Artists Contemporary Cultural Experience says:


  90. Michael McGee says:

    Id just take my basic income and focus on drinking my Urine and Id grow food from my house and if people are interested in my special crops I would charge them a convenience fee for the work I am doing to maintain such fine healthy crops….then I would save that fee and buy more land and grow more crops and SERVICE more people and wash and repeat……soon this will give me ALL the basic income everyone has mwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

    People paying me for my time, value, and energy I put in to service them if they want my special crop that smells like skunk and makes one feel gooood

  91. Petar Parchev says:

    yes I agree

  92. Petar Parchev says:

    Awesome idea! By working togheter instead of every man by himself we can achive so much more.

  93. tonchev88 says:

    There are shitty jobs that nobody wants to do, in fact in a recent video of yours you say 70% of people hate their jobs. Lets say they all quit and decide to get by on a basic income for a while. Shit won't get done. And sometimes it has to be done regardless of whether someone is in the mood.

  94. Eric, The Fearsome Social Liberal says:

    As long as we don't hit 10 billion people or more, the United States has to cease consuming the most resources, and third world countries and religious nutcases need to cease breeding 3 or more kids like rabbits and lean towards adopting abandoned children more, then there will be more than enough resources for everyone, but like you said, 40% of food is being thrown away by us. In addition, I hope the sex robots will decrease the population from 7 billion to 1 billion, so less people will start wars, spread hatred, oppress others for greed and power, destroying nature and animal habitats, pollute air and water, and possibly cause global warming.

  95. sam_well says:

    inflation maybe?

  96. richard ouvrier says:

    Yeah, purge impoverishing scarcity mentality. It would increase productivity, hopefully. It's bureaucratically efficient.

  97. Tom Cop says:

    I'm against an UBI. Rich people should not be getting more money from the government to begin with and secondly it's akin to something like a school voucher. the rich will take it, combine it with some of their own money and send their kid to an expensive private school while public schools are starved and that's all a poor family can afford. Now a low basic income combined with a Federal Jobs Guarantee is much better. The Jobs guarantee will supply a living wage job with good benefits to anyone who wants one and the low basic income will support those who can't or won't work combined with things like snap. Afterall people deserve security just because they're human beings and we all have humanity.

  98. Kaan Ölçüşenler says:

    How would you avoid the price inflation that comes with giving everyone a basic income? For example, If I had a house to rent and if I knew everybody got paid 2500 dollars each month, the first thing I would do would be raising the rent price for my house since now people have more money to pay for it. Imagine this effect for all the other goods and services. The way to resolve this would be government putting restriction on prices of goods and services. So, the scenario is sounding more like a step towards communism.

    Please share you opinion. I would love it if I could believe this would solve all the problems. However, there is a very basic assumption in economics which also underlies the nature of human beings. An assumption that I believe is true for most people in the world. People want to maximize their profits.

  99. Ellie Milianti says:

    What gives me pause- everybody has more money. What stops landlords from jacking up rent, food cost skyrocketing, the price of everything rising expotentially? Basically keeping us where we are economicly, or worse off?

  100. friendofvinnie says:

    Need to debate this with Steve Grumbine

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