BALI: Villa vs. Resort (Tour, Costs and Comparison)

BALI: Villa vs. Resort (Tour, Costs and Comparison)

What’s up, everybody? Philcaela here 🙂 So you’re coming to Ubud,
you’re looking for accommodations, there are tons of options out there, right? We were bombarded by how many options there
were. There are so many resorts everywhere, there
were a lot of villas, Airbnb’s,, Agoda, there are just so many options. We wanted to make a video to show you guys
our experience here at the resort and then later on in the trip, we’re gonna be at
an Airbnb villa in Seminyak, so just to kinda compare the two and see how the experiences
are, how costs are, just so you have an idea of what to expect if you’re booking one
or the other. Especially on Airbnb, there are tons of villas
and someone they even all look the same and sometimes even resorts will actually post
their listing on Airbnb, so in this video today we’re gonna show you the difference
between a villa and a resort! Let’s go!!! We’re actually staying at the Udaya Resort
and Spa, and as soon as we arrived we were actually greeted by such great hospitality
and great service. As soon as our car pulled up to the lobby,
we were actually greeted by someone opening the door for us, grabbing all our bags and
then walking us to the checkin area. And then during the checkin experience, they
brought us this little lime juice citrusy thing while they were checking us in, always
smiling and saying “hello” and they really are there to help you. So we’re staying at a resort , but we’re
actually staying in what they call the “pool villa,” so it’s a villa in it’s own
thing, but it’s part of the resort, which is why you’re getting that amazing, amazing
service. It’s beautiful in here, let’s take a tour! Walk down some stairs and here is our pool
villa in the Udaya Resort. Hi! So as soon as we walked in, they placed all
our luggage in the closet right over there. So before we go outside, we’re gonna show
you the inside and behind us right here is actually the bath tub which is amazing, it’s
huge! There are 2 faucets here. The water actually comes out of there so it’s
like… Whoa! Look at that! The toilet, standard. And then the shower here. And then also the bathroom has 2 sinks and
it’s really cute, it’s like a little stone thing here. Lots of towels and then another sink here. The King size bed, so right now this is actually
tied up here, but at night once we’re out at dinner, they actually come down and do
a turndown service, which means they make the bed so it’s ready for you to go in right
away, and it’s really nice. And this things comes down so you’re covered,
so no bugs can get to you, if there are bugs, but there are no bugs here! And the best part of why we’re here is the
pool villa!! Let’s go! And then this is also where we have our floating
breakfast! This is our little pool. And behind us is the jungle of the backyard! Keep in mind at this resort, you can only
have a floating breakfast if you’re staying at a pool suite or a pool villa. Now that we’re staying at a pool villa,
we’re gonna get some really great drone footage, so you’ll see some with the entire
resort. Time to check out the pool! So we’re at the pool right now, we want
a little snack and a drink, so you push this button and they come to you and you can take
your order and the restaurant’s right up there and they bring it down to you. So we just ordered a chicken satay and some
iced teas and now we’re just gonna relax here and enjoy the sunset and lay out a little
bit. And just a heads up that we paid about $300/night
for the pool villa here at the Udaya, yes it’s very, very expensive and you can definitely
find much cheaper accommodations in Bali. However, we wanted a really luxurious experience
and so far it has been absolutely worth it. As for amenities, it’s obviously going to
vary from resort to resort, but we can run through some of the awesome ones they have
here at Udaya. Here we have the restaurant on the resort
that serves Western and traditional Balinese/Indonesian dishes. We ate here on the first night and this place
was amazing, some of the best food we’ve had in Bali, we had at the resort here. This is the gym on site, it’s a pretty small
gym, but if you need a quick workout, this should work. And they also have an option of doing a candlelight
dinner way up here with this beautiful view overlooking all the lush greenery. If you are really trying to go all out, that’s
an option. The workers here are really, really helpful,
really sweet, really friendly and that’s what makes the Udaya so amazing (and other
resorts, too, if they have amazing service). So that’s gonna do it for a tour of our
resort. So we’re actually gonna be staying at a
villa booked through Airbnb in Seminyak so we’re gonna show you there next. Let’s go to Seminyak! Welcome to our villa! So here we have lots of plants. Of course in a villa, you have to have a pool,
so, we got a pool here. Dining table, we got barstools, we got cute
lights, we got a big mirror! And this is the living space and more plants. So this villa here has actually 2 bedrooms,
they’re both identical, so we’re just gonna show you one because they look exactly
the same. They’re both masters, they both have restrooms,
and big closets. Into the room! Woo turned the AC on so it’s cold in here
now. The room, it’s really spacious, it’s really
big. Its sliding door leads you out to the patio
and the outside. And we have a mirror, bed, and the decor is
really cute in here. We have the closet. In here we have the bathroom, it’s pretty
spacious actually. It’s a really big bathroom, you can shower
on the side, go to the bathroom here and a pretty big sink and a ladder for decoration
that you really don’t use. It’s actually a very big living space, you
have your pool chairs and also there’s the outdoor pool shower, which is great after
you’re going swimming, get the chlorine off yourself. I’ll say Bali is the place to shower outside
if you really want to because it’s always warm. It’s your own private villa, you can do
whatever you want, you can be naked! So pretty much this is a villa in Seminyak,
I’ve been looking on Airbnb and tons of places pretty much have a layout like this,
like a pool and the rooms inside with the AC, there’s not really AC in this outside
living space, unless you have like an apartment villa, I guess. That’s a tour of the villa here. It’s pretty spacious, it’s really big,
it’s really nice. I did see a lizard last night, but that’s
how it is, it’s Bali, it’s the jungle! It’s gone now so I think we’re OK. So after both tours, hopefully you can get
a sense of how a villa and resorts are like. I definitely recommend staying at a villa,
maybe even a bigger one, if you have a group of friends just because everyone gets to chill
together in a big communal space to hang out together, whereas in a resort you don’t
really have a big communal space you can hang out privately with your friends. But if you’re a couple, I definitely recommend
staying in a resort. I kinda like the resort better, right? Yeah especially just as a couple. With 2 people, you don’t really need THAT
much space and the rooms are going to be plenty big at a resort anyway. But if we were with friends, we would definitely
love to split this place. We have a 2-bedroom just because it cost the
same as a 1-bedroom and I really liked this place. Yeah, depending on what kind of vacation you’re
going for, or how big your group is or what kind of costs you’re looking for, these
are all things to take in consideration, but in summary, a villa is going to be much bigger,
more spacious, more cost-effective, but you don’t get the service that you get at a
resort, which honestly is a big deal. When you’re here, you’re just texting
someone who’s helping out the owner here and that’s the only service you’ll get. Some hosts will actually check you in and
will have more hospitality. But a lot of places will just have a lockbox
and you’re just good to go, you’re on your own. You’re gonna have probably more amenities,
better service, people helping you, you can call the front desk and ask for an iron, for
them to call you a cab, turndown service, whatever else. So these are all tradeoffs! So no matter where you book, whether it’s
a resort or a villa through Airbnb, you’re gonna have an amazing time. Bali is beautiful, it’s amazing, there’s
so much to do here! So hopefully this is very helpful and gives
you insight on what you should book. Maybe you can narrow it down on either a resort
or narrow down your searches or maybe just do Airbnb villas and you can just narrow down
your search to there so you don’t have to go through everything like we did. Thank you guys so much for watching and if
you haven’t already, SUBSCRIBE for more travel videos coming soon. See ya next time! Bye 🙂


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