Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Crib Toy Review

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Crib Toy Review

In today’s video, I’ll be talking about the
Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother. It’s a very cool product that we happened
to receive as a gift from the Gregory’s, so thank you very much for that. We got this pretty early on when Maddie was
an infant, so I highly recommend this product. This actually helped us a lot with Maddie. It comes with three different parts. It come with your main base unit. It comes with a remote and it comes with a
crib attachment. So this thing, you can actually leave on the
crib, you can remove the main unit. So this unit requires 4 “C” batteries. This remote requires 2 “AAA” batteries. It has two volume modes. It has a low volume and then it has a high
volume. It has 4 different modes of playing music
or sea sounds. And all these little sea animals in here move
during the operation of this. When you first get this product though, I
will have to say, you’ll have a little tab here you will have to pull out and that takes
it out of demo mode, so be sure you do that. It has a crib check button, which is this
one up at the top. It has a pretty much a start switch right
here. This remote does the exact same thing. So this infrared sensor will work at any angle
360 degrees all the way around as long as you have a clear line of sight. The sunlight or other lights may affect the
sensor so just keep that in mind, but when it’s dark, it generally works pretty well. And this is great if it turns off or you need
to turn it back on or if it’s on and you need to turn it off, you just stick your hand in
the room and turn it off. We absolutely love it for that. This was one of our favorite features. It has a low battery indicator here and whenever
the batteries get low, this little light turns red so you don’t have to wonder when this
unit is going to go out. You can also take this off of the crib without
removing the crib attachment. That makes it very handy so you don’t have
to readjust this. So this thing plays music. It plays 10 different classical songs and
it’s more like a medley, so you can turn it on the lights and sound. You can turn it on just the sound. You can turn on sea sounds, which will just
go on and on, and you can turn it on just the sea without the light…there are a lot
of ways to operate this. After 10 minutes or so, the light will go
off, the music will continue. After 20 minutes, the volume will reduce and
after 25 minutes, it will go off and be in stand-by mode. If you want to walk into the room and turn
it on, you just point this at the infrared sensor, push the button and it will start. *Music* *Music Off* All you have to do is
push this button and a light will come on and you can check the crib and then you can
turn it off just like that. Easy Peasy! We’re going to install the crib attachment
first before we even put the main unit on… be sure that this little thing hangs on the top of the crib facing inside because the strap is going to be on the back side of the crib
as you don’t want this near your baby, so all you have to do is snap it in and then
you want to adjust the strap. Once you get that thing installed, all you’re
going to do is just take this base and slide it right down on top. If you ever want to remove this main unit,
all you have to do is hit this little quick release latch right here and slide it straight
out and take it off the crib so you can change the batteries or do whatever you need. *music* *sea sounds* *music* *music off* *music* *music off* *music on* *music off* Crib check light. It fades in and out. Alright thanks for watching my review. I will drop the link in the description below
if you want to check it out. And don’t forget to hit the SUBSCRIBE button,
which is a circle right around here somewhere. And also watch one of our other videos. We look forward to seeing you back. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to check
out this other video by IckedMel. He has a great review on this particular item.


  1. korykory kun says:

    Awesome review!! Really detailed and great quality for a reviews channel 😀

  2. The Journey says:

    Great review so well done! Will help a lot of people

  3. Growing up Alice says:

    Nice review ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. CrimsonStudios says:

    epic thumbnail work!

  5. REMM Family says:

    Even though this product is not relevant to my kids because of my kids ages, I would buy this you for myself just because of this awesome review

  6. FriendshipMaiden says:

    Do you know where i can get just the crib attachment? I dont have that part but i have the main base and the remote.
    My son loves this product.

  7. Mak Lauren says:

    Hey, this is kenzie!!!! I work at the front desk at the Gaylord ? I didn't know this even existed! I think Jentry would like it a lot! Thanks for the awesome review ?

  8. auga says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I was interested in it and am so happy to see it in action. 🙂

  9. monanaeem 246 says:

    Hi there..just found out your channel subscriber.i was actually looking for the reviews on this product and I found yours the best..I am curious if my 13th month old son will need it or not ? since he is not a good sleeper and I always have to play rhymes or something to make him sleep…what would you suggest ? I will appreciate your response in fact anyone's advice who is using this product..regards

  10. ***Dee** * says:

    Wish there were different coloured lights

  11. Chanel Faye says:

    How do u turn the lights off on it so it just plays the Sounds, sometimes the blue light is distracting and it takes longer for my son to fall asleep

  12. Miles is Garcia says:

    I love it I got it again for my new baby

  13. brittany x says:

    I just bought this for my daughter (her name is Madison as well lol whatta kawinkadink!) over the weekend & she seems to like it; so far so good!

    However, the only complaint I do have about this product is that although theres a vast variety of soothing music to choose from; there's only 1 ocean sound available – & in my opinion, its a aggressively loud lol even on the lowest volume. besides that tho, I'm really diggin product & PRRAAY ? it helps Madz to stay asleep thru out the night ???

    thank you for this video, btw!

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