Attracting Wealth Q&A – on Greed, Desire for Wealth

Attracting Wealth Q&A – on Greed, Desire for Wealth

Attracting wealth Q&A on greed, desire for wealth.
(Secret of attracting wealth workshop, August 27, 28 2016) I have a question from Montreal Canada. Mary Atalan “When does declaring and manifesting abundance is not good for example, when does it become greed?” Mary Atalan There is nothing called greed please understand There is nothing called greed! You need to work on your fear of constantly having good, bad, moral, immoral socially accepted, non accepted. These boundaries with which you are struggling. Actually what you need to break is your fears when something will become greed, when it will be immoral. Please understand, I am not saying be immoral, be wrong, I am not saying try to have the whole world under you, no. All I am trying to tell you is you actually have “greedophobia” If I had to kind a new word. Without even having greed phobia about greed. Understand, actually if you have greed you need to work too much. Let us not even bother about that, that is not… Actual problem you have, actual problem you have is greedophobia, attend to that. When really greed comes, I’ll teach you, I’ll appear in front of you and teach you how to go beyond it. No really I’m telling you, when I am appearing in reality ask the real problem questions. Now your real problem is greedophobia, not greed itself. So let’s attend that! When you have greed as a real problem, don’t worry, I’ll be there to answer and guide you and help you. Without even having that problem having greedophobia, many time stops you living, flowering. I tell you At least, everyone who is sitting in front of me all over the world I think now around more than hundred places in.. few thousand people. All of you only have greedophobia, not greed. Let’s stop with that. Don’t try to drill whether greed is good or bad, all that. You don’t have that problem, then why should you bother about it now? Now all you have is greedophobia, fear of greed! Break that. That’s all you need. So have greed, enjoy greed, it’s OK. When that becomes a real problem, I will tell you how to break. Next. “The difficulty in manifesting what we really desire, could it be due to self doubt?” See, self doubt, self hatred… “And also low self esteem? If so, how do we build on that? Because for students it’s extremly important to build the self esteem, I’m a teacher” Now what I am saying Now let me attend two parts of your question. When you are asking is it due to self doubt and the non manifesting, is it due to self doubt, you also asked non manifestation of desires I tell you first statement, desires do not manifest! Only your beliefs manifest! And the reason why your desires do not manifest can be one thousand in that one thousand, self doubt is one because self doubt makes sure even your desire is not completly accepted by you. Many time… “Meaning to say you don’t believe in…” You yourself don’t believe in that completely. If you believe in that completely it will become your perception. “I agree.” It will not be desire anymore. Understand, so self doubt can be one reason, self hatred after sometime, the self doubt develops into self hatred. Oooh what I am… Somebody put a status: who I am is Ramanarshi’s question what the hell I am is my question. I saw it on Facebook. No really Who I am by Ramanarshi Who the hell I am by me. By and by when you are not able to handle self doubt, it gets crystallised in you as a self hatred. “OK” And then self denial. “OK” Anything I want should not happen, I am not qualified for it. “Is that low self esteem Swamiji?” Low self esteem is too sweet word.”OK” You can feel very cute about it, No! The way you define your problem itself should be hurting you deeply! So you wake up, you become ferocious towards yourself. Do not have cute definitions of your problem. Actually one fellow, he was addicted to smoking. He came to me and asked can you give me a solution to get rid of smoking. I was talking to him maybe five, six minutes then I understood his whole mental pattern. I gave him a very simple solution, stop keeping the cigarettes in a beautiful pack. Cover it in the tamil news paper not even english news paper. It’s a low GSM. English news paper is a little high GSM and Tamil news paper is low GSM. I told him pick up the low GSM, cheap the hello magazines or that kind of Tamil news paper. That paper and tie your cigarettes and keep it in your packet. Everyday pick up from that, whenever you smoke you pick up from that and start smoking. Because I saw in his body language, life style, everything he is a very stylish guy. And actually in one week he drop smoking. Because much of it was the pattern of a style then the pattern of enjoying the cigarette. Because he was not able to take out the news paper and pull that cigarette in front of everyone. I tell you much of your problems are you use very cute words to retain it. Do not use cute words. Do not use the terms which give you a kind of a pride. Actually going to a psychiatrist especially a high paid psychiatrist, psychologist becomes a fashion. And actually I saw some of the handbag styles started with medicines means the… tablets. God… Is there no limit to celebrate our sufferings and pain? So please understand low self esteem is too cute word Don’t use. Let it be hurting word as the experience hurts! See, when some experience hurts let the word denoting it also be hurting! So you wake up to the reality! You become ferocious towards yourself. You always try to keep the word very sweet. The word very sweet I say no. That is why I develop the new word called SDHD Self Doubt, Self Hatred, Self Denial. For kids ADHD, for adults SDHD. And let it be very harsh. As that experience is harsh! See I am not saying good experiences, good things you should use a harsh word. When some is hurting let the word be hurting! So we are very clear it is hurting. The low self esteem is a very cut word. All of us feel: oh it is egolessness, peace, love silent type, I am withdrawal, non controversial unhurting smart, cute, hiding in a corner. You understand that cosy, no! When something is hurting, let’s be clear it is hurting. So I’ll better recommend have the Tamil news paper. No that is the example, really! So anything you carry use the right word. And I tell you you will simply work out of it. You will simply be healed. Actually when you are using the right word suddenly you will see you yourself become ferocious towards you. Success is all about you becoming ferocious with yourself. As long as you are cute with you life will be ferocious with you. When you become ferocious with you life will treat you as a cute kid. Then life will treat you cutely. When you think you are too cute and put your thumb into the mouth, life will beat you! And ask you wake up! Wake up! It’s too late! When you stand up being ferocious with yourself, life will treat like a flower, beautifully. That’s all. “Thank you”


  1. Emyaj Nosdrahcir Eniac Sovereign says:

    Indeed Greed comes from fear,
    seeing people worry about the seeking after of materials.
    But in Love we have no greed,
    and the ego is dried up,
    with misunderstanding alongside it.
    When we say we are nought,
    we are made to become potent,
    because we denied our self for the true one on all levels.
    When we say we are nought,
    but the God who works thru us all instead,
    The prevalence of teachers and students,
    the victory and the life of all.

  2. Vignesh Krishnamoorthy says:

    Thank you swamyji. i m really feeling blessed by your words. All the very best for your Good Work.

  3. Shivoham says:

    Swami Ji my intuition has improved so much since doing your Kriyas, I have found completion in many ways and I have chased many of my negative emotions away through kundalini. My manifestation skills are strong now to. Swami Ji thank you so much

  4. Shivoham says:

    The greatest gift God has given to humanity is Swamiji

  5. Deepika Ma says:

    A Perfect sanyasi, wo don't attach to the wealth only can give, this Clicks!

  6. Khadyōta Radharani says:

    Wow, this is amazing!

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