Attract High End Clients With Affluent Marketing And A Premium Pricing Strategy

Attract High End Clients With Affluent Marketing And A Premium Pricing Strategy

– You want more
high-end clients? We’re gonna give you three ways to attract more
high-end clients, right now on this episode
of The Dave Lorenzo Daily. (upbeat music) Hi, it’s Dave Lorenzo,
welcome to another edition of The Dave Lorenzo Daily. Today we’re going to focus on how to attract more
high-end clients. That’s right, we’re going
to give you three things you can do right now
to help you attract more high-end clients
to your business. Regardless of whether you
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new sales strategy video. Three ways you can
attract high-end clients. The first thing you need
to do, raise your prices. Just raise your
prices right now. Don’t just take them up 10%,
20%; double your prices. Take them to the top
of the market, why? People believe they
get what they pay for, and if you want
high-end clients, you have to be at the
top of the market. Position yourself
with your price in a premium position
in the market. That will enable
you to invest more in the client
acquisition process, it will enable you to take
your marketing strategies and your sales
strategies upscale. If you normally did breakfast
events at the Holiday Inn, now you can do breakfast
events at the Four Seasons, the Mandarin Oriental,
and the Ritz Carlton. If you normally
advertise on Facebook, now you can advertise on
Facebook Targeted Ads, specific high-end groups, and
you can advertise on Google retargeting only high-end,
affluent customers or high-end B2B customers. When you raise your prices,
it does three things. Number one, it allows you to increase your cost
of client acquisition, so you can take more
high-end strategies and offer more high-end
experiences to people in order to interact with you and create a more
favorable impression. Number two, it allows you to eliminate all
other competitors because there is no
one in the rarefied air where you position yourself. The person who’s
shopping for a Ferrari isn’t also shopping for a Honda, he’s only shopping for the
highest of the high-end and there’s very little
competition up there. The third thing it does is
it gives you confidence. If you sell one product, or
sell your service to one person at double your current rates, you can sell it to 100 people and that confidence will
permeate within you, within your team, and
you will feel like you are the leader
in your industry. Mindset is critical to
selling to the high end, raise your prices. The second thing you need to do in order to attract
high-end clients is to eliminate, eliminate
any doubt in your mind that you belong
there, and that means stop listening to everyone
else in your industry. You’re gonna get criticized for
raising your prices so high, people are gonna sell
against that all day long, but they’re not targeting the
same person you’re targeting. You’re targeting the high end, you’re targeting the top
one to 2% of your industry, so you only need to focus on
what your clients tell you when it comes to the
experience you provide, when it comes to the product
and the service you provide, and when it comes
to your pricing. If your clients believe
you’re worth it, then you are worth it. Ignore everything else
everyone else says, and only listen to your clients. That’s the second strategy
for targeting the high end, only listen to your clients, ignore everyone else
in your industry because they’re all
gonna be haters, they’re all going
to sell against you. The third thing you need to do
to sell to high-end clients, to attract high-end
clients in your business is have a powerful demonstration
of return on investment. You need to have a
powerful demonstration of return on investment,
now this return can be in the form of an experience, it can be in the form
of a financial return, it can be in the
form of a return in a once-in-a-lifetime
unique opportunity. So if you’re selling
diamonds, for example, and you’re at the highest
end of the diamond market, you offer an
experience nobody else can have in your industry. You have a
one-of-a-kind diamond, only that person will
have that diamond. They’ll be able to walk around
for the rest of their life saying they’re the only one
with that specific diamond. If you provide a service
or an experience, if you’re selling
high-end luxury vacations your pitch is that
these people will have a once-in-a-lifetime
return on investment and that will come from
the memories they share from this trip together. Your return on investment
has to be enough not only to convince the client, but more importantly
to convince you. As I said before,
mindset is critical in attracting high-end clients, so you need to be convinced that this return is
powerful and valuable enough for the money people
are investing. I’m Dave Lorenzo and I’ll
see you right back here again tomorrow at The
Dave Lorenzo Daily. Until then I hope you
do this and sell more. (upbeat music)


  1. Dave Lorenzo says:

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  2. DIVINE RETREATS- Yoga & Meditation GURGAON says:

    Awesome tips
    1. Raise the price to raise the value
    2. Ignore all haters and focus on your clients
    3. Prepare a perfect demo for your services which can convince your clients

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