Are eye lasers safe? (LASIK review/costs/why doctors prefer glasses) | medical students TV

Are eye lasers safe? (LASIK review/costs/why doctors prefer glasses) | medical students TV

Junsik: you look like Giri boy Director: yeah he so does! hello, This is medical students’ TV, Seryeong Jin During this winter break, I had Lasik laser surgery done to my eyes It’s been about 15 days since I got it done I’ll go over the difference between Lasik and Lasek, And how Lasik surgery is performed. And some of the potential risks. Q. What’s the difference between Lasik and Lasek eye laser surgery? In Lasik, a layer of cornea is sliced and then removed, Simply, top layer of cornea is used to create a flap and then laser around underneath, and then reattach the flap it has an advantage of relatively shorter recovery period but because it’s a surgery that removes a layer of cornea, and then reattaches, you will need to have enough cornea tissue. For those with thin cornea, Lasek was introduced. Lasek surgery involves removing top part of cornea, And lasering it to create a preferable shape. And waiting for it to heal naturally. So the difference is that Lasik, you’re resealing the layer you had so faster recovery, Lasek, a layer of cornea will not be reattached, so longer recovery time will be needed. Lasek could take around 3 weeks or longer to heal appropriately but those with short corneas can have this surgery done and less side affects of dry eyes, and glare/hazy vision I chose Lasik because, firstly, it’s less sore. Surgery being less sore was the biggest reason, And I needed to exersize during the break so wanted minimal visual recovery period. So I chose Lasik over Lasek. A doctor/professional will assess to tell you which surgery would be right for you You should visit a surgeon at least a week before your surgery. I had 12 assessments done. Some of them were refractive index, refractive error, length of cornea, pupil size, visual acuity. Including Intraocular pressure measurement, there were lots of exams done And then you see a specialist. They’ll be like your cornea length is blah and your vision Is minus blah blah, so to make it a 1.0 vision you’ll need to have this amount of cornea removed. And will tell you you have enough tissues for Lasik or That you don’t have enough tissues for Lasek. for me, I went for the full option latest machine, best laser, so the cost ended up being approx. $1330 USD (1550,000 won) Q what does the surgery involve? On the day of surgery, you’ll be reassessed by surgeons before entering the theatre You’ll wear gown, and have like a shower cap around your hair Sterilise and then wait a bit then lie in the operating theatre You’ll see a green dot on the ceiling, The surgeon will tell you to keep looking at the green dot So you keep staring at it, Then they’ll put some numbing drops into your eyes, And press down on your eyes. It doesn’t hurt but You can feel the pressure, and you can see the scalpel slicing the top And from then you’ll see the laser It smells like someones grilling squid And then the nurses will Do a countdown from 5 to 1 Then that’s the operation done! It only took about 2-3 mins per eye After 54321, and then the nurses were like congratulations!! I was like what? It felt like my birthday! And then do the other eye, and they start the countdown again And another episode of congratulating me Not just the nurse next to me, But all the nurses in the room will all congratulate me So the surgery wasn’t that difficult. It wasn’t sore at all Q. Give us a review of the surgery On the day of the surgery, my eyes were sore. Not painful, But felt like there was something in my eyes And every time I blinked, it felt stiff and slightly sore But after a day, it’s almost back to normal And around the next evening, I noticed the difference already So recovery time is essentially only like a day long You can’t sleep for about 12 hours after the operation, And you need to avoid rubbing your eyes or walking into a wall, So they give you goggles to wear to sleep You can’t wash your face for 4 days after surgery, and of course can’t have a shower either It’s just inconvenient for about a week Put some eye drops in every 1-2 hours There’s about 3-4 eye drops so just set couple of alarms throughout the day it’s not too much of an invasive surgery Q Lasik Q&A People say Ophthalmologists all prefer glasses as Lasik can be dangerous Surgery hasn’t been around for long enough I was worried so I asked my professor and other ophthalmologists. And they said, a lot of doctors also get it done too. And it’s actually better to get it done at a younger age, Outcomes are better and recovery time is much shorter My professor is an orthopaedic surgeon, He said because you sweat a lot in theatres, It can be annoying to wear glasses or lenses so a lot of his workmates also got lasik surgery This is Including ophthalmologists. It’s quite a safe operation I also asked if its possible to get it done even if you have glaucoma or cataracts? Because there are techniques available And will get better in future, It’’s currently possible but Will be even safer and easier in future. So those with cataracts/glaucoma shouldn’t worry about that. My eyesight is now around 1.2, 1.2 for both sides. Which can improve or deteriorate depending on how well I look after it I need to regularly use eye drops and take care of it To keep up this vision Some worry about the costs, I received full option including The best machine, and best surgeon available So it was quite expensive for me But there are lots of discounts including year 12 discount, Blood donation, student discounts etc. And you’ll be able to get it for around $900USD (1000,000 won) I’m sure many of you guys may be thinking about this So I did recommend eye laser surgery, Not to advertise the surgery itself or a hospital But I personally found it really satisfying It’s not as invasive, And you shouldn’t worry too much about the risks You guys should think about it more, Do bit of searching yourself and see a specialist Before deciding anything. So this was from Seryeong, thanks for watching! Director: good x3 very good~ Seryeong: I wear this to sleep D-oooooong Heheehehe I’ll take it off before we start (embarrassed)


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