AOC won’t pay her party dues: Democratic source

AOC won’t pay her party dues: Democratic source


  1. homme mort says:

    Call it the squad getting Trump reelected. Hilarious to watch!

  2. Jozef Lak says:

    AOC is just garbage

  3. Hank Bridges says:

    On Google, look up about Cortez wealth and that she used to be a bartender! Her worth after paying her college loan is 0! She isn't married but has a boyfriend, (white).

  4. mjgarrett9885ify says:

    She is getting fund's from outside of her district .

  5. Phillip McKenzie says:

    I wonder if she bought the bag of onions to make herself cry for the cameras at the border fence? 😢.

  6. D. M. says:

    The current idiot and future homeless bag lady screwing everyone over, it's the socialist way.

  7. Charles Huse says:

    I don't understand the problem. The DNC is imploding and AOC is helping to shove that dumpster fire off the cliff without realizing that it's tied to her ankles.
    What was the question again? Do beer and pizza go together? Absolutely.

  8. Paul Meier says:

    She pleasured he daddy George Soros and he gave her all that money, America i am sorry i do not feel sorry for you no longer if this is what you want then this is what you can have. Only thing dumber than AOC and the Squad is the people who support this Bugged eyed mental child and her wicked sisters.

  9. S H says:

    Just another Socialist spending someone else's money! Stalin would be proud.

  10. Hello Tom says:

    If you don’t like trump. I understand. His language sometimes is a little bit stupid. But you can not argue with some of his results. But if your voting for people like aoc and the squad and believing Pocahontas and nutty Bernie your really voting against your own freedom. I’m still slightly undecided with trump. But I will never EVER give my vote to these democrats while they are acting like this

  11. levopotak says:

    4 IQ??

  12. My Name is Gladiator says:

    Time to outlaw political parties altogether.

  13. ECduzitgood says:

    Sounds like a quid pro quo.

  14. Mike D says:

    A future President? lol Talk about desperation! She raised that money because she is annoying Trump rather than what she has done as far as proposing legislation that would benefit Americans rather than banning air travel for most Americans except for herself and the party has shifted to outright one-party socialism!

  15. Joanne Thauberger says:

    This is what you can expect from Socialists. They use you until they get what they want then they overtake you. She is not a politician she is a budding Lennon. All hail the dictator Cortez.

  16. Albert Moore says:

    Expel 'er.

  17. Patriot Chic 33 says:

    She won't last

  18. Pete says:

    deadbeat Cortez will lose her job this November 3 and will be soon forgotten

  19. Betty Alford says:

    But but its supposed to be free

  20. Gypsy Sinclaire says:

    Of course aoc won't pay…she's born free!!

  21. monjiaitaly says:

    This chick thinks she is the next Eva Peron.

  22. Derk Doys says:


  23. antlerman says:

    Newt payed his dues to the RNC.

  24. Gypsy Sinclaire says:

    Aoc won't go with pelosi!just trace the money that's aoc raised!its origin!

  25. Hermawan 88 says:

    Latin Latino XD

  26. Derk Doys says:

    I think she wants to take over McDonalds, playing waitress is her core bussines

  27. AllegedPhilo says:

    What a dumb broad!

  28. Alan Clarke says:

    Still spreading foxes fertilizers

  29. DEL061 says:

    Any bets she has already hidden millions of dollars? How about her fair share in Taxes? How much (if any) is she going to payback taxpayers with?

  30. Sensei McCall says:

    AOC is an absolute waste of oxygen. Has to be the dumbest politician alive!!

  31. Gunner DJ says:

    What happens if she loses reelection ???

  32. Ruben Cruz says:

    Ooo my god I have bills… Nooo way

  33. Ghost of Reagan says:

    Remember the green new deal? She's obviously a genius.

  34. bill smith says:

    President ? WOW

  35. K. W. YoungBlood. says:

    It is very hard to listen to her ranting and raving, SHE IS ANNOYING.

  36. Outrun3571 says:

    This traitor should be in jail

  37. Cool Breeze says:

    Someone needs to let shrek know that donkey went to wrong swamp.

  38. Nick Rotellini says:

    How these morons call her a "future president" is beyond laughable.

  39. Greg S. says:

    The comparison to Lenin is appropriate, but she reminds me more of Hugo Chavez.

  40. Vincent Blanchard says:

    AOC is not a good politician come on people. She's an opportunist, a moron and her "squad" is a bunch of mean girls. No future in politics for people who won't debate because they can't.

  41. Terry Gunzales says:

    AOC should stick to doing porn.

  42. Rob Castel says:

    you silly idiots fight so hard to defend a 2-party system, i suppose three options might short circuit the lot of you

  43. Dial Square says:

    Vote a woman for president? Bad idea. Vote for an angry woman? yeah, good strategy. Vote for a woman without children? Another good strategy,.
    Just wait until that rabid dog goes on her monthly blob, she will take down China with her bare hands

  44. El Mestizo gObLiNo says:

    I would like to see her in a porn

  45. Brian D says:

    AOC future president? Thats a very scary thought

  46. Carol Titus says:

    This is funny!! Did she have a Special seat on the Special Jet that Clinton like fly on? Just a thought

  47. Andre Simmons says:

    Climb the ladder like a champion.

  48. An1212 A says:

    How this circus clown got elected is beyond me.

  49. Bob Ralston says:

    5 billion?

  50. Mile High Jedi says:

    Who would have thought that AOC would be a self serving hypocrite? I'm shocked, shocked I tell you.

  51. plz savethebeez says:

    AOC President..Cough, cough, puke!

  52. Mike Brockway says:

    Like I always say. Poor AOC is just lost without her knee pads and mouthwash.

  53. Mike Brockway says:

    She would make a great pinata

  54. Mike Brockway says:

    Wasn't hard when George Soros was the only donor

  55. Don Rit says:

    She raised 5 million, but, wants you to know capitalism is bad.
    Why do these people think this bartender is anything other than a bartender?

  56. Mike Brockway says:

    Bernie Sanders does knows he's not going to win he just likes that going on road trips with old AOC we know why he has a big smile on his face all the time. I bet that was a happy heart attack. I never seen someone smiling so much after previous heart attack. At least we know there's something AOC can spread beside Marxist propaganda.

  57. Michael Hensley says:

    “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.” Margaret Thacher

  58. Anti-demo-rat says:

    If she films one of her back room BJ's…and sells it, she can afford to pay her dues!

  59. Toby ! says:

    AOC is finally doing something useful!

  60. angelo diakoloukas says:

    AOC green new deal is , what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine ,

  61. Justin Stojanoski-pearson says:

    Ahh ha ha ha ha

  62. studio88 says:

    The capitalist in the Socialist being exposed. Regardless what anybody says, do people hear her voice? Really, Donald Duck has better composure than AOC, she is not mentally even reach the Adult stage of her life or should I say Socialist Life. A pretender, a mimic at best.

  63. Ronal Rocco says:

    AOC OUT OF CONTROL for a long time.

  64. Linda Stangland says:

    Better watch out she’s got power and if you want that in charge…they are already planning for this country destruction

  65. Lowjack66 says:

    Typical communist.

  66. Leonardo Da Vinci says:

    Fox= propaganda network

  67. HazMatt says:

    She'll more than likely loss her seat after the Census. But she'll never go away.

  68. 10 Minutes to Craps-Roulette Fortune says:

    AOC is the poster child of entitlement. She's a future President? Oh dear Lord help us all.

  69. steve hairston says:

    🖕🖕 AOC.

  70. Jon Gordon says:

    I am a die hard President Trump fan and Conservative. However, I take the same stance when the liberals pull this. If you can't name a source, I am not interested. "Democratic Source" does not work for me. I want any source identified or it should not be used. It's a tactic the left uses and we should not lower ourselves to their depths….

  71. Darwin Dwelle says:

    Occasional Cortex needs to go!!!

  72. BluSteel64 says:

    Who TF would donate to an educated idiot.
    It boggles the mind

  73. j b says:

    Hey, Loco Cortez, you cheapskate you may be waiting a very long time for socialism – for free stuff -and what you want our country to go even further in debt. Please just get out of politics; you very seldom even know what you are talking about and you are always an embarrassment to the female gender.

  74. Paul Green says:

    OMG I stopped this with AOC in full rant, if you do the same and with your minds eye cut her hear short and put a small moustache under her noise…………if she gets into any kind of position of power in the USA may god help you yanks.

  75. frankpaws says:

    Fast forward to 2021. The democrats split into two parties. Moderate Democrats and Specialist Democrats. I'm telling you.

  76. Delores Busher-Miller says:

    Don't have no money, waiting for everything to be free. Typical socialist !
    AOC is one stupid crazzzy itch !!!!

  77. R Fitz says:

    Future President ??? Are you serious pal ?.? ?
    Not in this universe

  78. 12LOOK4 2FAST says:

    I think Democrats use this girl as a distraction. It's a much larger plan.

  79. Walter says:

    Removing Pelosi and putting AOC in is just swapping one Demon for another. The Democrats have become the Party of Hate…even each other.

  80. Geno81 says:

    She makes me nauseous

  81. USA FIRST says:


  82. kevin cosgrove says:

    Olejandra acortez Casio is sexy. Dumb and crazy, but sexy. She'll probably rule the world

  83. paul castle says:

    This is the strategy decided by her handlers , they are the ones that put her there and they are the ones who have all the goods on her .

  84. Duane Dorman says:

    Gee, what a shock. How can anyone be surprised? This is what Democrats do; they whine until they get their way; then they screw everyone else.

  85. thinhhmai says:

    Lock her up!

  86. 920dav says:

    Anyone who would donate to always on crack needs to have their voting rights and take away their drivers license also cause they are dangerous, stupid, and a lying freak. You follow her, you're a moron. Time for a civil war, and time to take back our country. Until republicans wake and realize they are at war with, don't be surprised when this moron is running the US!

  87. Jackoff Richardson says:

    Bahahahahahahahahaha. She is comedy gold.

  88. Dwight Hindle says:

    Angry little woman needs a slap. Big on social media but that’s it. Irrelevant long term.

  89. Anna Howard says:

    She learned fast to be crooked. Lying sack of sh…

  90. Samuel Cantley says:

    A drom can help her out

  91. Veronica Edmonds-Brown says:

    Accepts funds from pharmacy company making puberty blockers for pre teens. In UK we have an incredible number of confused young people who have transgender and now moving back.
    If not paying her party dues then surely she is no longer a party member?

  92. DJ B says:

    She cost New York thousands of jobs… they should push her out of existence

  93. belenda gramacki says:

    A true communist, what else would you expect from her?

  94. Lucky Luchiano says:

    Politician means LIAR and B.S

  95. Travel Demon says:

    And she is as dumb a brick!

  96. sandra martinez says:

    She will never be a president but she sure be a lowlife scumbag

  97. Dave Davis says:

    Go Left, Go Left, Go Left, No Right, Left, Left, Go Left. Not Irony, just Hypocrisy

  98. Basilio Mariano Coleman says:

    Aoc is a traitor. If there is a clear and present danger to this country, it is her. She as president is terrifying .

  99. Jack Hack says:

    love aoc…her stupidity is very entertaining

  100. WizardOfAus says:

    Someone else can pay it
    It’s the socialist way

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