Anderson Business Advisors – Our Number 1 Priority Is Our Clients!

Anderson Business Advisors – Our Number 1 Priority Is Our Clients!

(upbeat music) – I remember a question once, and somebody said “Hey why
should I use Anderson?” Well you could use a
separate financial firm, a separate tax firm,
a separate legal firm, and you could bounce them
around and see if they could ever get on the same page. But when was the last
time they all got together and worked on your benefit? – So at Anderson, what
we’ve learned over the years is that it’s best to combine both the tax and the asset protection,
and the financial planning in one space so the clients
feel like all their needs are being addressed, and
they’re not having to be bounced around through
multiple professionals who do no communicate. At Anderson you’re gonna
get this experience where when you come to
us everything is gonna be handled for you from A to Z. – We design, individualized,
comprehensive plans for each of our clients,
and when you work with us you become part of the Anderson family. – [Man] We form tens of
thousands of business entities every year in all 50 states. – [Woman] We strive to
provide world class service for all of our clients. – [Man] Helping our
clients pass their wealth down to their heirs and beneficiaries is an important part of
what we do here at Anderson. – [Woman] Our team of professionals answer our clients questions,
and walk them through tax planning and asset
protection strategies. – We’ve been around for 20 years, and it’s been quite a
journey to get to the point where we are today, where
we have over 200 employees in offices over three different states, and I can tell you it’s really been driven by our philosophies, and we
wanna make sure our clients understand asset protection, tax planning, and business planning. This is what makes what Anderson
does unique in our space. – A lot of folks are surprised
when they talk to our attorneys and our accountants. We are teachers first, it
doesn’t do us a lot of good if a client is completely in the dark as to why we are doing what we’re doing. We wanna make sure that
clients understand in, and are actually in the drivers seat, driving us towards making
sure that they’re saving as much money as humanly possible. – We make sure that our
clients know how to maintain their records, and execute
the best business practices to stay in compliance. That way we can greatly
minimize the threat of lawsuits and audits. We joke, we laugh, and we
have fun at our seminars but when it comes down
to it we’re very serious about helping our clients become knowledgeable and successful.


  1. touchdownraiders2009 says:

    Excellent video boys. I want to be a client. I love the slow motion walk at the GVR ??

  2. Stupid Storm says:

    I'm in! How do we get started?

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