America’s Wealthy Treated Like Jews in Nazi Germany?

America’s Wealthy Treated Like Jews in Nazi Germany?

last week billionaire venture capitalist
Tom Perkins wrote this letter to The Wall Street
Journal sane that the progressive war his words had
the progressive war on the American one percent is a demilitarization to the rich and he compared to twoj Nazi Germany’s
kristallnacht saying quote kristallnacht was unthinkable in 1930 it
is descend at is its descendant progressive radicalism unthinkable now
and then Michelle Malkin jumps in and says Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed Perkins barely
scratched the surface in a war on wealth that has spread under the Obama rainer regime excuse me waited in a war on
wealth from 19th 19 32 I think a night yeah i’d have to go back and look year by
year but today herbert hoover actually began reversing Warren Harding’s tax policies from the
early thirties until the late a teaser the mid-eighties the top tax rate on rich people was well
over 50 percent George W Bush got it down to five
percent and did away with the estate tax
altogether for a year it’s now a twenty-percent the top tax rate on people make their
money through carried interest deduction through carried interest or capital
gains which is how most wealthy people you
know jigger things around to take most of their money if you’re in that income category you
can have a corporation that fronts for you that pays you in stock options are dividends rather
than ordinary income and sleep a maximum 20
percent income tax whereas working people you know if
you’re a if he even by highly-paid working people a heart surgeon a brain surgeon so we might make
actually a million dollars a year they’re gonna pay thirty nine percent
income tax on period no way around it I mean those things you
can do to shelter your income I suppose you could put it and I are raised and
stuff like that but but basically they pay thirty nine
percent but if you’re a capitalist if you make your you know if you if you can so so anyhow
how can we say how can anybody say that there’s a war
on the wealthy when the wealthy are wealthier than a bit than they’ve been since 1929 that more
income is going to the top one percent this since 1929 than any other time
since 1929 and that the Supreme Court has given the
wealthy the right to absolutely by politicians
in a way that was unthinkable in 1929 or at least they didn’t have the
mechanism in the organization and the network in the structure and that were
you know they gave and other I’m sure there were some major
players back then but nothing like now and there’s a war
on the rich Michelle Malkin the deadliest threats
come from Amanda and power in washington who stock bottles a trade against millionaires and
billionaires through class bashing rhetoric and entrepreneur crushing policies well
they pocket the hard-earned money up the achievers trying to buy community it’s high time to shame the
wealth chambers and their crowd enablers silence is complicity K


  1. alec s says:

    there will be a war in the rich if those arrogant rich assholes keep  saying shit like that. How much do they expect people to take? There are some really angry, crazy people out there, if the wrong guy hears this, he might flip out..

  2. Zahir Datoo says:

    Civil War, 20 years.

  3. Zahir Datoo says:

    Its time to rape Michelle Malkin, throw her in a ditch and kill her children.

  4. That Man's an Animal says:

    whoever simultaneously believes they're being persecuted for their wealth AND buys a t-shirt that says 'wealthy' across the front provocatively frankly deserves whatever typa persecution or social shaming they receive by virtue of the fact that the money could be better used in the hands of somebody smarter

  5. visionfirst1970 says:

    What I would like to know Thom is,, Wheres your conviction? How is it possible that when that idiot bush was in charge all the so called "left" were screaming to end the war, stop the tax loop holes for the rich etc etc. now that obummer is in "so called" charge, not a peep though nothing has changed. WTF is going on here?

  6. Donna Graeme says:

    Most of the people with any kind of wealth today are degenerate and corrupt whores and pigs. The more they take, thieve and connive the more they have to take, thieve and connive. Like a sick junkie or gambler, it's a vicious cycle of obscene materialism, narcissism and degenerate greed; and they are mostly otherwise useless inane wastes of oxygen. 

  7. Razor Face says:


  8. Dara Marc Sasmaz says:

    This is the wrong comparison. Do the US people want to kill the wealthy? No, they just want their democracy back. This is more comparable to the french monarchy where the commoners were antagonised by the nobles and monarchs.

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