Amazon accuses Trump of political bias over $10B contract

Amazon accuses Trump of political bias over $10B contract


  1. D J says:

    Who the hell is the spaz

  2. George Ayers says:

    Amazon is irrelevant and useless.

  3. Della Bryant says:

    Time to boycott Amazon!! This is wrong. Apparently, all the folks at the roundtable in the WHITE House has considered every single part of this deal. No stone unturned! I'm sure it's a Fair Process. No doubts! President Trump has the right to choose after all he's the President!

  4. Della Bryant says:

    This could be an attempt coordinated by the Dems since they just announced the Articles of Impeacement this morning.
    Just for the record, I'm totally against of Impeacement!! I'm totally against the Democratic party going after a President that was Duelly Elected by the AMERICAN PEOPLE and if it goes through its obvious to me that they are attempting to undo an election!!

  5. Stephen Daniel says:

    Amazon is a hypocrite

  6. Jeffrey Hutchins says:

    Is it inappropriate for a President to pick winners and losers and have we seen this before ? Yes Solyndra to the tune of $500M tax payer dollars.

  7. Portabote says:

    why the lines???

  8. RANDY WASSUM says:

    Amazon, clearly has ties to china and Russia, Trump did us a favor.puttin puppets.

  9. FishinTeddyBear says:

    You heard the guy say Microsoft was the BEST CHOICE, MORONS!!

  10. Frank Browne says:

    Amazon has become the 4th power of the US Government; Bezos will regret throwing his weight around, I would remind him of what happened to AT and T, broken up because of their greed; I know my money will be spent somewhere else from now on. Amazon has become a threat. Bezos' dreams of controlling our country will NOT happen. When the extent of Amazon's abuse of power is exposed people will make the right decision. It's known Bezos is anti-Trump, he dreams of taking over our country. There limits.

  11. K Ham says:

    Bezos makes this lawsuit public the same day Trump gets House impeachment charges. Money can buy a lot of thins including an impeachment.

  12. madtoytle says:

    bias…..skirting putting money back to american's by not paying taxes!

  13. madtoytle says:

    …..if it was against a fast-food restaurant then bezo would have a case!

  14. Applepie LLY says:

    Amazon, Microsoft, Google… Many tech companies just care about their profits, not American's. They will eat their own consquence! Country doesn't need amazon, microsoft, google. There are many great companies out there! Replace them!

  15. Simon Tide says:

    And Liberals think corporations are right wing.

  16. Emma Rose says:

    Accusing President Trump of "BIAS?" ROTF…LMAO!! POOR POOR…AMAZON! bezos doesn't need the money! bezos…get some respect for Presidential authority!! Now they want FOIA requests….LOL! Go pound sand!! What did barry soreto do? Oh that doesn't matter! LOL! bezos…. ENTITLED? PRETTY MUCH!!

  17. O T says:

    We buy Amazon. A lot….I don't like their politics…so be grateful….

  18. George Edwards says:

    F Amazon and Bezos, I try my hardest not to ever buy anything from them and if for some reason I have to I let my son do it for me so he can get the credit. Oh, make Bezos sell WAPO, he's pushing his agenda far too often there.

  19. TJ Avagliano says:

    I believe Microsoft is way more capable than amazon when it comes to dealing with military technology…

    Amazon could probably get it their faster… but chances are it will be Chinese garbage…

  20. Imperial Grind says:

    Bezos is an android/robot.

  21. Free Country Again says:

    IMO, the USA government (Citizens) should spend less money on our own computer system.

  22. Coffee Thnkr says:

    All the defense computers and all the Medical computers (imaging) are all Microsoft based. And Amazon has got what? It only makes sense that it would be Microsoft

  23. Sandra Claxton says:

    Get real AOC and the demoRats shut them down in NY now they blame Trump for their problems.

  24. GAIL rowland says:

    The Pentagon made the decision to give contract to Microsoft…not Pres. Trump
    So POTUS made a statement…
    free speech is his right

  25. April Millard says:

    Shut the hell up Amazon

  26. Isaac Goldman says:

    Jeff Bozo, Isn't Microsoft big tech? What a entitled sour loser!

  27. BlackGuard says:

    Bezos: Donates to literally anything anti Trump, makes every effort to hamper Trump.
    Trump: Does his job.
    Bezos: Surprised Pikachu

  28. Tuff OleBird says:

    Some of us will never order frm amazon again!!!

  29. Tuff OleBird says:

    Entitlement is the problem!!!

  30. dale maloney says:

    wow!! trump HATER complaining he did NOT get a PIECE of the PIE! just goes to show you how YOU should act towards this PRESIDENT! GOD BLESS AND KEEP MR TRUMP and FAMILY!! maga! MAGA!!

  31. Frazzled Haloz says:

    Yes we have seen this before.

  32. Jack Steward says:

    More rich sore losers. Boo who.

  33. Teresa Kelley says:

    Amazon if you mess with our President we the People will leave Amazon !!!!!!

  34. L says:

    That's a good one. Amazon owns UTUBE and censor all the conservatives and removed Trumps political ads and they are complaining about Trump not picking them. That's rich.

  35. eva sente says:

    Big Tech allowed china to access all information about us. Big Tech should focus on security of their own. Trump is chief, he can select whoever is qualified, it is his choice!

  36. Cecilia Norris says:

    Give me a break. Freaking Amazon employees were against working for the american military and now they're pissed off for not getting chosen?! Give me a break.

  37. Anthony Gomes says:

    So what if this is bias, Leftist Amazon have been biased for so long. Where was the cry out then?

  38. Decimation1030 says:

    Oh boy here we go. Another "IMPEACHABLE" offense……

  39. waynenevada says:

    Amazon losses.

  40. Patrick Zeising says:

    Bias you say ? are you people crazy or blind?

  41. Doran Maxwell says:

    I use Amazon prime and I like em but I like and………trust… our president more.

  42. Tanja B. says:

    When is enough enough Hey Amazon don't you make enough money already? You greedy company who treats its employees like crab.

  43. donaloizzo says:


  44. Brian Wurch says:

    Time to spy on media. Nadler allowed it. 95% anti Trump, bet they have Russian connections.

  45. Gene Hess says:

    President Just spread money around. working for people.

  46. - Eth says:

    Why does Amazon need anymore money? let other companies make some too

  47. Randal Lawson says:

    I think we the people should be able to choose and I think we the people choose President Trump to be our elected representative

  48. MrJoco69 says:

    Thats what happens to enemy's of the President, there is always a downside when working against him! Amazon deserved this one.

  49. CottageGarden SMITH says:


  50. jmiogo says:

    Bezos is a selfish petty man. All the other big tech names at least pretend to want to improve society. He just wants wealth and power. Such a selfish little man.

  51. Noela Mendoza says:

    Is Amazon with DS are they jealous be Sport in in your business thats microsoft Amazon is just a warehouse that's a big defferent.

  52. arles jaime says:

    amazon is setting everybody up to fail in the next 25 years they will dictate what you can buy and what price your gonna pay you pay period comfortable people feed this monster.

  53. Robert Kurz says:

    Amazon must be run by a bunch of crybabies like the Dumacrat party. BooWoo

  54. SynerG4ce says:

    Owner of the Washington Post accuses Trump of political bias. I'm amazed Bezos cannot afford a mirror, he's clearly never looked in one. Maybe he had to give up all sense of self awareness after his divorce?

  55. catdog says:

    Why do the actor-wankers still ask if Trump's actions are proper? Proper-ness is giving the techies what they feel entitled to. Will Big Tech turn its back on the D.O.D.? Do we want the D.O.D. to depend on Google and/or Amazon, or Microsoft?

  56. Fat Albert says:

    The owner of WaPo is accusing his favorite target of political bias? The hell, you say!

  57. Minnesota Salamander says:

    Jeff Bezos needs to go to his safe space.

  58. Bertmc says:

    Amazon is very dangerous company….

  59. Corn Pop says:

    Too bad, sooooo sad Amazon.

    Bezos on the ropes?

  60. Joseph Schwarzkopf says:

    Million Man March, Patriots unite. July 4, 2020 @ Washington D.C. (District of Corruption). EPIC MUSIC. American Heros invited. Trump needs OUR help to disinfect the sewer. We Worship God, NOT government. We the People want OUR country back! !

  61. Kathy Sanders says:


  62. Kathy Sanders says:


  63. Kathy Sanders says:

    BOYCOTT AT&T and fake news CNN

  64. Kerri says:

    Microsoft is just as crooked as Amazon. God, do any straight up honest corporations exist to handle this. I'm sickened.

  65. jack meoff says:

    Poor Bezos. Jeff Bezos is a snake in the grass and a demon Democrat supporter. Our president has every right to have Microsoft win the contract. WWG1WGA Trump 2Q2Q

  66. Flotsam & Jetsom says:

    Be VERY Careful Amazon!!! I'd hate to see you Lose Millions of customers!

  67. jgarno100 says:

    This is all about money. Isn’t it?

  68. Sigrunn Chidester says:

    Amazon, aren't they the ones that the workers are lucky if they can go to the bathroom? My understanding is, he does not treat the employees very well. Remember, President Trump looks for the best deals.

  69. Eric Wallentine says:

    Its about time the political bias goes the other direction.

  70. Bubba Ramsey says:

    Bozos is a cry baby and sore loser. Way to go Mr President ?

  71. Thomas Smestead says:

    Hilarious! ????

  72. Jtaylor 2306 says:

    Seriously? Wow… it truly is a disease. It is unprecedented because all the other presidents keep quiet and make the "under the table" deal. Our President does not hide! What you see is what you get.

  73. H Pn says:

    Nah…it's because they are expensive.
    Bid system…entity competes, they always go with the lowest bid.

  74. Bob Griffith says:

    Elections have consequences,, That's an Obama quote,, he at least got that right.. you get em Mr President. When the CEO and head of a huge company buys a media corporation and turns it against you,, he deserves the consequences..

  75. Cynthia Drockton says:

    Bezos is a very selfish man. Don’t trust him.

  76. Shirley Bowers says:

    Trump, the genius businessman and dealmaker gets things done for our Beloved America! Love Trump/Pence. Win 2020!

  77. Alan G. says:

    BS to Amazon anyway, we have more serious problems right now. Didn't you guy's do something bad to him? It's called business. someone loses. Nothing new for ANY of these politicians. Amazon is actually TOO big to start talking trash anyway. Grin and bear it.

  78. rick couture says:

    who wins???? the lawyers

  79. Edward Hill says:

    Trump knows the friendly press when they see them .You made Trump your personal enemy and I personally don't give a darn if you get any govt contracts for anything you can do someone else can do better

  80. Dirshaun says:

    So judging by the comments here, I'd say the people have spoken. Stay in your lane Amazon, and just get my packages to where they go,

  81. Life Of Lucifer's Station Wagon Dragon Of Fun says:

    Wtf does Amazon have to do with getting Defense contracts?!

    What's next, Toys R Us going after Tank and Weapons contracts just because legit manufacturers like Mattel, Fisher and Rockola used to?

  82. YahshuaLovesMe says:

    Bezos gives his money to the Mus.Brohood, Trump did the right thing.

  83. YahshuaLovesMe says:

    shut up Bozos. He is potentially a spy, for MusBrohood.

  84. rpc says:

    At the end of the day, the USG can decide on whoever they want to award the contract to based on the criteria in the SoW and their analysis on who they feel would be best suited to complete the terms of the contract. As long as they have that information readily available, Amazon does not have a case. The USG can award the contract to whoever they deem fit.

  85. Raskolnikov says:

    Bezos says we are not allowed to prefer his competition….haha!

  86. HumanDrillBit says:

    Amazon sucks. They can go pound sand. F them.

  87. Dan Walter says:

    Stop the "at the end of the day"!!!!

  88. Dan Walter says:

    Google is a traitor.

  89. Diane Keil says:

    How is it that amazon pays no tax ?? Who authorized that ???

  90. Renee Elliott says:

    Does Amazon's want to pick a fight with conservatives??? I can cancel my order.

  91. David Polchinski says:

    Bezos should have thought about this before making Trump his enemy

  92. ensign j says:

    Ha ha ha ha maybe WA PO should stop spewing propaganda

  93. Melody says:

    Thats rich considering the biased newspaper owned buy Bezos !

  94. JCP Irish says:

    Why can’t the President choose? Commander in Chief
    Elections have consequences
    Boohoo for Billionaire Bezos ?

  95. JCP Irish says:

    Google ❤️s Chinese communism!

  96. Larry Dugan says:

    Why finance the Washington Post's constant hysterical misrepresentation of facts with government money. Not good for the country!Suck it Bezo!

  97. Guidra Folker says:

    Amazon has enough money. They need to break up this monoply!!!!

  98. J T says:


  99. Jack Parker says:

    No Jedi contract for Amazon these people are un American and they have shown their on American values we have seen their true colors and what they stand for

  100. Austin Bartose says:

    Since when was it illegal to have bias for that? The media is bias everyday

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