Aeromexico 787-8 Clase Premier (Business Class) Review

Aeromexico 787-8 Clase Premier (Business Class) Review


  1. Logan Kluting says:

    Awesome video man I recommend Alaska e175

  2. iTripReport says:

    That’s it from me this week, tune in next Thursday for an inaugural flight!

  3. David Abarca says:

    Buenos videos, ve a la terraza Heineken

  4. Francisco Cordova Ibarra says:

    I think is kind of an improve from the croissant they used to give in this routes, also they definitely can make something better than that

  5. Jimmy Salcedo says:

    Nice video!! Yes I wish they did improve their meals!!! I’ve flown on their 787-8 and 787-900 from LAX/MEX/LAX! Loved it

  6. J. Magno MX Emergencies says:

    Loved your video! I flew with a Aeromexico's 737 flight from Merida to Mexico City! I didn't know they had Free WiFi & IFE on its newest planes! Instead when I came back to Merida, it was an Embraer 145 which didn't have the IFE or Free WiFi.
    Would be amazing one day traveling on Aeromexico's 789 Premier Class!
    Fantastic report. Regards!

  7. Josue Solares says:

    I’ll be flying Aeromexico from Cancun to Mexico City to LAX I hope I get one of this seats. I purchased clase premier.

  8. MESH ANNEL MX says:

    Tus tenis Gucci me gustaron que precio tienen ?

  9. MESH ANNEL MX says:

    Y otra pregunta como le haces para viajar tanto en Aeroméxico?😔

  10. Jimmy De Luna says:

    Awesome video, I got the opportunity to fly on their 787-8 KLAX-MMMX in AM+ section. It awesome experience, because it was my first time flying on the Dreamliner. The other Aeromexico's wide bodies I flown, was the DC-10-15 TIJ-GDL-TIJ in the late 80's and the B767-300ER LAX-MEX in the early 90's, aircraft was brand spanking new.

  11. Bill Wang says:

    This is a reskin of the old United first class

  12. Versa46 _ says:

    2:19 i thought Lala had sponsored you lol nice trip report👌

  13. Versa46 _ says:

    I was on a Amx Dreamliner on the Jfk to Mex route and it was really cool I don’t remember if the config was the same but still cool

  14. caldooo says:

    Very nice airplane

  15. Aviation18 says:

    Awesome video!

  16. Corridos Del Año says:

    Bruh te mire en Flightradar24

  17. zachmatt3 says:

    I always love your videos. Nice job.

  18. Martha Guadalupe Padilla Sierra says:

    Porque en el aeropuerto de tijuana hay un 747

  19. Ricky RM says:

    ¡Genial el video!

  20. Luis eduardo Zamora moran says:

    Se equivocó b788

  21. Lawrence Forman says:

    Neat and cool lounge in premier club….

  22. Dennis Gamero says:

    Man you should try Avianca B787-8 or A330-200 business class

  23. umpire says:

    13:54 lol!!

  24. Nicolás Del Campo says:

    Great review! Would love to fly Aeromexico one day

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